Social Media Experiment: E-Cat Thunderclap! [Update — Revised goal met!]

I have been thinking of ways to expand awareness of all that is going on in the world of LENR, and have come across an interesting web service called that I have decided to experiment with.

The idea behind Thunderclap is to use the combined influence of people’s social media presence to amplify an idea. If a thunderclap campaign is successful, a short message and a link will be sent out to all the contacts in all the supporters’ social media contacts at exactly the same time — the idea being that an amplification effect will be achieved. Below is a video that explains how the system works:

I have decided to try out this service by starting a thunderclap campaign to bring some attention the to current state of the E-Cat story. For this campaign to be successful, at least 500 people will need to support it by using either their Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr networks to promote it. If 500 people lend their support by January 15th, a message will go out at 4:00 p.m. UTC on Wednesday, January 15th. If we do not get at least 500 supporters, nothing will happen. If we go beyond 500 people, the thunderclap will have a greater reach.

UPDATE (Jan 9, 2014): I was seeing the writing on the wall — it didn’t look like we were going to make our goal of 500 supporters in time, so I took advantage of the option to edit the appeal, and set the goal downward to 100 supporters — and we had already reached that goal!

What this means is that the Thunderclap WILL go out next Wednesday at 4:00 p.m. UTC, and so far it will reach over 19,000+ people. Even though we have hit the new goal, people can continue sign up, and add to the impact of the Thunderclap.

Thanks very much to all who have supported this project. It remains to be seen what the results of this effort will be, but I think it’s a worthwhile experiment to try.

I have written this post (posted earlier today) that provides a summary of the E-Cat story to date, and a link to this article will be sent out attached to the social media message which reads:

“Keep your eye on the E-Cat — a potentially massive energy breakthrough that could hit the news this year!”

To participate in the campaign, click on the “join this thunderclap button below”, or go here:

  • Doktor Bob

    19 000 Is actually not very much on the internet.

    About 1500 of them are mine (i think) and these people gets spammed with cold fusion news all the time without raising an eyebrow.

    For example many of those Tweets will never be read. I receive about 10 tweets a minute and I read maybe 2 a day.
    I think its an important and interesting experiment but thus far it seems like an inefficient one.

    May I suggest Admin that you write a few personal emails to people you know have huge social networks – a few big fishes might increase the initial outreach?

    Its gonna be interesting to see how this plays out and it was a great idea –
    I hope this will lead to good results

    • ecatworld

      I agree, Bob, 19,000 is not so many on the internet, and social media messages are like water, they flow constantly and many people miss them.

    • V.p.S.

      Well, on social networks the younger generation (< 35) is the one with lots of contacts in friend lists. But as we already know, LENR topic is not that much followed by the young people yet. I think this social experiment indicates this quite well.

  • Doktor Bob

    thats the whole idea with the Thunderclap 🙂
    Coordinated attacks… we create a trend (i suppose) by all posting at the same time

  • Buck

    I regret that I’m one of those throwbacks without Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr.

    • artefact

      You are not alone

    • ecatworld

      Thanks, Buck. Don’t regret it — not a problem at all.

    • bachcole

      Buck, you simple do not suffer from the malady of being shallow. Sometimes I think that shallowness is the only sin.

    • nightcreature3

      At my age, I don’t see the appeal of Facebook or Twitter either so I don’t have an account. And I only got into tumblr because I was curious about some of the blogs.

  • bachcole

    I’m in.

  • Adam Lepczak

    im in

  • Ab Krook

    Dear Frank,
    We all love and appreciate your enthousiasm and dedication to our cause : an efficient proliferation of Rossi’s baby, but please don’t close your eyes for the danger of opening too many eyes in this rather fragile stage…. Serious proliferation of this technologie will probably be disruptive/destructive for all vested interests in oil/gas aka the petroldollar aka the US of A… Funny things happen to people/entities that do things like that… I would like to see Rossi alive and kicking and his secret secure and proliferated – if must be in China – before raising the awareness to one level to high… This baby must – AND WILL (Rossi ‘s no fool) – be secure before it’s sh… hits the fan !!! please !

  • nightcreature3

    I’m IN! Yeeehaaa!!

  • mcloki

    You risk being told you’re crying wolf. Just keep reporting that facts , doing the legwork that you have been. When it happens it will happen quickly. Fans cannot “Break the News” so to speak about LENR. News has to Break the News. So when Bruilouinn or Rossi do have a press conference then will be the time to act. When the third party report happens it becomes an article in science digests. Just let i happen. the risk of overhype is too large otherwise.

    • US_Citizen71

      As someone who works in advertising I disagree. Anything that gets the information out and puts the subjects of LENR, ECats, Nickel Hydrogen Fusion, etc…, in front of people will act like brand recognition and help with spreading the information in the long run. This is the principle on which the Hollywood saying of “There is no such thing as bad publicity” is based on.

    • V.p.S.

      It is not about breaking the news, it’s just about spreading the word. For such a disruptive, but also controversial technology like LENR it would hardly take one Rossi press conference to break the news. There are still too much sceptics and disbelievers out there and accepting and understanding the impact of the technology would take much longer time. I would surely not organize some demos to gain more visibility for LENR, but starting nearly an effortless campaign on Thunderclap is certainly a good idea.

    • Omega Z

      It’s about Raising awareness. And it contains a Caveat.
      I don’t see an Issue….

      Keep your eye on the E-Cat — a potentially massive energy breakthrough that “could hit the news this year!”

      • ecatworld

        Right, OZ

        This is a message to try and build awareness and interest — trying not to oversell, thus the caveats.

  • Bertuswonkel

    Nice idea Frank but i don’t think this is going to work.
    I have already given up on social media, there is much more interesting stuff to read.
    In my experience, most people cannot be bothered with interesting facts or science.
    People are mostly interested in other people, what they do and how this compares to their own lives.
    Maybe i am a bit pessimistic, but informing people on social about this is not going to have any real effect since most people don’t really care.
    How many times i have heard, yeah yeah, talk to me again when you have something that works and i can buy. Otherwise shut up, all this science talk makes my head hurt and god forbid if i actually have to think hard about something which i don’t fully understand. Most people are willing to hear you out, be very very seldom do i get an email, call, app or anything asking for additional information.
    We need to influence those who make decisions about funding, politics, media ect. not the average person for who LENR is much to difficult to understand.

    • ecatworld

      You might be right, Bertus, — this is really an experiment to see what happens and what the effect may be.

      • Bertuswonkel

        Experiments are always a good thing to do! With a bit of luck they are entertaining and interesting to read about. My hypothesis for this little experiments is.
        The additional outreach i.e. people reseeding the message outside the core group will be limited. Based on nothing solid, i dare to say at best 10% of the people who read the message will resend it. So, if your are able to get 500 people to join up, you will have around 120 000 people in the fist group. Initially 12.000 people will resend the massage, then 1200, then 120 then, 12, This means that the additional outreach of the Clap will be 13.400 additional people who receive the massage.
        Not sure if this is solid reasoning though, the multiplier effect could be larger. .
        I expect you to prove me wrong with some solid data on the experiment!
        Good luck.

        • ecatworld

          Thanks, Bertus — interesting analysis, and you may well be on target there. I really don’t know what to expect, but it will be interesting to see the results. If it seems to be successful we could try it again later as a way to try and spread important news or information. If it’s a flop, well we don’t have to do it again!

      • NT

        Ya just never know with experiments, but for sure “nothing ventured, nothing gained”. I like your spunk Frank…

    • Omega Z

      I agree with your view of peoples reaction in General, But- It’s about awareness.

      Even if all they see is the “E-cat” tag and go about their business as usual,
      It will stick somewhere in their memory.

      From that point on, ANY thing that appears in the Media that triggers that memory at a latter date will get their attention & Curiosity will prompt them to take a closer look. The seed has been planted.

    • bachcole

      I wish I did not agree with you. Social media is so shallow that I don’t even know who is a “friend” on my FB site. I use it only to register and login to comment sections of news articles. Otherwise I just ignore social media. It is both too complicated and too shallow.

      But it doubt if it hurts to try.

  • V.p.S.

    If this will work out with 500 target, the E-Cat supporters network can consider itself as a large corporation or brand according to Thunderclap 🙂
    I just thought that starting with a less ambitious target of 250 could be more a safe play. But now let’s see!

    • ecatworld

      Yes, we shall see — just hit the 50 mark, 10 per cent of the way.

  • NT

    Done, good luck Frank…JerryT

    • ecatworld

      Thanks, Jerry!

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