Report: Darden & Chinese Officials Held ‘Signing Ceremony’ for Technology Park With ‘Nickel Reactor New Energy Project’

I really appreciate the work of E-Cat World readers in searching for and bringing important information regarding LENR and the E-Cat forward. Some more interesting information about a recent meeting of Cherokee Investment Partners CEO Tom Darden with Chinese officials has been sent to me by ECW reader Adam Lepczak.
He sent me a link to an article published on the web site titled, ‘Baoding Sino-US Science and Technology Innovation Park project held a signing ceremony.’

Participants in the ceremony which was held on September 16th in Baoding, China are listed in the article (Google translation)

Hebei Province Vice Governor Xu Ning, Provincial Science and Technology Department Director Jia Hongxing, Nierui Ping Baoding Municipal Committee, Mayor Ma Yufeng, U.S. representative Tom Darden Cherokee Fund The Chairman and the Ministry of Science and the responsible personnel attended the ceremony. Provincial Science and Technology Department and Baoding relevant departments attended the signing ceremony. Before the signing ceremony, Xu Ning, vice governor cordially met with U.S. representatives.

The article makes it a little more clear to me about the purpose of this meeting which was the signing of an agreement between Mr. Darden and a number of Chinese officials to establish a ‘Sino-US Science and Technology Innovation Park’, located in the city of Baoding, in Hebei province in eastern China. It seems from the article that the goal is to create a park along the same lines as the Research Triangle park in North Carolina. The article notes that this famous US technology center attracted such companies as IBM, Cisco, and Bayer to set up R&D centers there.

As to what is expected to be in this new park in Baoding, the article states:

“The signing of the Sino-US Science and Technology Innovation Park project located in Baoding, in bringing new CODA electric car project, while the nickel reactor new energy projects, new projects fireproof materials, will greatly promote local technological and economic development.” (emphasis added)

To me, here is another clear reference to the E-Cat, and another strong piece of evidence that confirms the link between Cherokee and Andrea Rossi. Tom Darden’s connections with the North Carolina educational, technological and industrial communities will most likely be very helpful in getting this park established in China — and having a base in China from which the E-Cat can be developed and proliferated.

It’s interesting that there have been no press releases from Cherokee or Industrial Heat LLC about what would appear to be a major milestone for either company here — and no coverage of the event in the western press. Even without the E-Cat ingredient the establishment of such a project would appear to be very newsworthy. With a ‘nickel reactor new energy project’ thrown into the mix, if confirmed, this is (in my opinion) explosive news!

  • greggoble
  • greggoble

    Nothing but the facts… NASA, the DoE, and the DoD all have a clearly stated mission to maintain US technological advantage.

    Now for another example in support of my belief that a low level Manhattan project has been part of the LENR strategy of the US government.

    Future Strategic Issues/Future Warfare [Circa 2025] Dennis Bushnell – NASA – LENR

    LENR, ZPE, Graphene, Nanotechnology, Robotics,Virtual IT, Supercomputers, Artificial Intelligence, and Bioengineering; all these arts of science and advanced technologies are of interest in this document. Everyone working in these scientific fields should review this document, envision the solution proposed by Dennis Bushnell, bring the issues forward in public forums, and work together to create a world where people do not feel the need to go to war.

  • Gordon Docherty

    The wisdom of producing in China is that… China is not going to ignore its own patents / copyrights. So, the “China will copy it” argument just evaporates. Smart move!

    • Gordon Docherty

      It also shows what a joke the patents system in the West really is. In this New World Order (BRIC and now, apparently, MINT), the West’s patents system just kills innovation.

  • bachcole

    Here is an Italian article at: It has a picture of the big blue container.

    Posted by Sylvie Coyaud on December 13, 2013
    PARK OF BUFFALO – On the advice of e.sodato , the park is about to
    acquire a blue container to Cold fusion thanks to the contribution of
    the readers, primus inter pares one named Leopold.
    lets you know that on a former site of Hydro -Fusion you can finally
    book – how to write some well-informed – an E -cat made ​​of 106 e- cat.
    purchased by secret shoppers in 2011, sailed from Ferrara in April for
    the U.S. and announced on the market in a year in 2012, only $ 1.5
    million, $ 500,000 ahead of the rest in annual installments of $ 300
    thousand .
    News coolest suggest that the Park will get away with much less :
    1 . From June Hydrofusion still looking for a customer pilot to whom deliver the E -cat for free;
    2 . One
    of the licensees for Germany – also representative of the drive energy
    from the vacuum – asked back its stake to invest it in a business
    alternative medicine
    3 . On the weekly Der Spiegel a well known physicist puts the reactor in the ” Kategorie Scharlatanerie ” [German for “charlatan category];
    4 . Forbes , Tim Worstall writes
    am sure that the e -cat Rossi does not work as advertised … To
    convince me is the simple fact that if Rossi had a source of cheap
    energy , you would not need investments.
    fact, the inventor enough , grid electricity produced by the E- cat ”
    stand alone” to make a million dollars , as he intended to do the park ,
    and save millions of children to buy some ‘ apartment in Florida. Instead, he had to resort to an industrial partner.
    5 . Elforsk
    , the Swedish Agency for research and development in the energy field ,
    has published a review of the results obtained with the cold fusion
    since 1989 , with no ” check the veracity of science ,” concludes with
    this question:
    These results are the consequence of measurement errors and illusory hopes ?
    6 . Customers
    will Elforsk unanimously answered yes , because the agency announced
    that ” is considering how to monitor developments ” , instead of
    attending the race as in 2013 , with 20 thousand euro invested by a
    client for an initial inspection of the performance of the E -cat that was to continue for another six months starting this fall.
    If the application is in short supply , the price must necessarily fall , he reasoned Park . For
    the blue container will the licensee Italian offer he can not refuse: €
    200 thousand that he had paid at the beginning of 2012 for the license.
    Since January, therefore, the annual subscription to Science Today goes to 2 euro for readers not Leopold and 40 000 for others.
    Image Credit :

  • bachcole

    Searched for a bunch of phrases like “Brillouin Energy Corporation” and “Robert George” by first translating them into Korean. Just like Professors Frank and Mr. Moho showed the way. I came up with exactly zip. That proves nothing. I think that I will have better luck with Swedish.

  • bachcole

    Frank, while you are waiting for the Pulitzer, perhaps you should update


  • BroKeeper

    Whatever country gets the drop on the first E-Cats won’t matter much even in the short term. Once the press releases the report its value will begin to be realized. The capitalistic/entrepreneurial spirit will obtain its natural equilibrium state within the global markets. E-Cat factories will start rolling when companies begin seeing the bottom line in net profits. No worries.

    • bachcole

      Thank you for that comment, Brokeeper. I have been saying this for days but everyone keeps worrying about the “E-Cat Gap”. I am hoping that the Chinese Premier jumps up and down (Nikita K. was too fat to jump up and down) pounding the rostrum with his shoe screaming “Now we’re going to bury you capitalist running dogs with our communist E-Cats!!!” Just as long as he makes it clear that LENR+ is real. That is all that I care about.

      Two aircraft carriers are belligerently facing each other (I should probably not mention that the ChiComs are working on an aircraft carrier; I don’t want to start people worrying.). One aircraft carrier is powered by E-Cats, set-sail by a navy that has never had an aircraft carrier before, has very few satellites for support. The other aircraft carrier is powered by conventional nuclear, is the most powerful weapon in the history of the world, is set-sail by the most powerful navy in the history of the world, and has satellite support up the wazoo. Which one is going to win?

      I don’t find the ChiComs to come even close to the Soviets in belligerency. Yes, there is Tibet, but other than that, the Chinese culture is not very imperialistic. All of their belligerency other than Tibet in the past 50 years has been devoted towards protecting and obtaining oil, and even that has been pretty mild compared with another great power I could mention. And the E-Cat will erase the need to protect oil tanker sea lanes or to obtain oil overseas.

      • BroKeeper

        Thanks Roger. As long as we don’t have a standoff like that during the Cuban missle crises. That was some scary times, but if you stand up against a big “Bear” with enough power it will run. I’m not sure what a mythical dragon will do, maybe shoot mythical fire.

  • theBuckWheat

    China is a black hole for proprietary intellectual property. Just try to get a contract enforced there when important people are on the China side of the transaction. Not going to happen.

    • Daniel Maris

      Well I agree with the overall point. But we don’t really know what the deal is about. It might be that the Technology Park will be the location for manufacture of E Cat casings and distribution of the end product (which will be assembled in the USA).

      • jkc

        Many peripheral conventional things are best to manufacture and R&D in China e.g pumps, turbine, heat exchanger…

        • NT


  • Chris I

    This could be great news but for the moment I’m keeping an ounce of margin, I can’t read the ideograms by myself.

    Looking up that provincial governor with Google, one of the results is labelled as potentially harmful; oddly, it’s on port 8080 which is often used by web developers. Another result talks about the same event but searching for the word nickel in it has no outcome. Over here, it’s high time for bed…

  • LuFong

    Doesn’t anybody think it odd that Tom Darden and his private equity firm Cherokee Investment Partners are willing to “come out” in China, even establishing a store front in the new technology park so to speak, but remain completely silent in the US?

    In the US, Industrial Heating LLC has even purchased a 1MW plant and has installed it in a factory where the 1MW plant has probably been operating now for at least 6 months. Why the secrecy in the US and not China? The factories for producing 1MW plants are also right here in the US. It makes no sense to me.

    • Bitplayr

      I think the idea of factories for producing 1 MW plants in the US has evaporated as having been an idea but never really implemented.

      I’m not aware of a confirmation that industrial he has installed a 1 MW plant.

      It is puzzling why the agreements in China were made public.

      My guess is that they had reached a stage with the Chinese partners where it was time to go forward and the relevant practice in China would be to make a public announcement.

      But there could still be no particular advantage to letting the “cat” out of the bag any further than it is at this time.

      • ecatworld

        If it wasn’t for Mr. Fabiani listing Industrial Heat LLC on his Linkedin profile, it’s likely that no one would have made any connection between Cherokee and the E-Cat — Tom Darden could have gone to China and done his business, and most likely no one following Rossi would have paid any attention.

      • LuFong

        Well Rossi has indicated that the plant is going into operation at a Customer of his partner. After that nothing has been said.

        Also remember Industrial Heat LLC owns the worldwide manufacturing license. Strange that they would be shopping this in China.

        • Mr. Moho

          Also remember Industrial Heat LLC owns the worldwide manufacturing license.

          I don’t recall reading this anywhere. Source?

    • bachcole

      Simple. The USA is an unfree society. There is the danger of the government shutting them down if they garner too much attention. In China, the government many be more oppressive in general, but since the government has already given their seal of approval, Darden et. al. will be able to get more done than in the USA where our “best” scientists have already said that it won’t heat a cup of tea. We aren’t as brave as we think that we are, and consequently we are not as free and we like to think that we are. Everyone has a freaking opinion about everything, even when they have no clue about what is actually going on.

      • theBuckWheat

        China is far more “unfree” in different ways. A country’s business climate must be taken in its totality. One factor that weight heavily against China is the extent to which its courts protect intellectual property compared to the US or Europe.

      • Zeddicus Zul Zorander

        I sort of agree on this. Politics in a way are much more complicated here then in China where a dictatorial government can take a decision and then there are no more obstacles.

        You can argue what “unfree” means, but we are not nearly as free as we think we are. Previous episodes of the NSA soap series should have proven that by now.
        Also, in the US and most western countries Cold Fusion aka LENR is sort of denied, whereas in China, once the government decides it’s real, it’s real.

        I also agree on the last sentence 🙂

      • LuFong

        Rossi is on the record saying he has not had any difficulty from the US advancing his E-Cat. Remember he sold the first one to the US Navy and has worked with other US companies. I don’t buy that the US is inhospitable to E-Cats. Remember his partner is a US company. The US is still unmatched as a place for technological development and full of good scientists making fortunes exploiting technology.

        • bitplayer

          The US is still unmatched in political shenanigans, which are riven with energy interests, and a legal system that resembles a piranha tank. You can’t put up a jungle gym without two years of regulatory approval and input from three dozen stakeholder groups. I mean, this is NU-KU-LAR stuff we’re talkin’ about here!!! I think there’s just enough risk of getting balled up in all that to motivate Darden et al to choose to start elsewhere.

        • Private Citizen

          China also has billions invested in oil all over the world, plus billions in coal and nuclear plants & nuke fuels. Certainly there will be powerful vested interests there to be harmed by LENR as well.

          China being strongly militaristic, as well, would likely want to use the tech for secret weapons before letting it go public, as would the US military industrial complex.

          Perhaps China is a touch more desperate, and if it is even possible, capitalistically greedier, than the US. If so, these speculations of open adoption might pan out.

          • bitplayer

            On the other side of the equation, the Chinese communist regime is facing the threat of major public protests due to air pollution from coal fired plants, is paying through the nose for Middle Eastern oil, and is risking war in the South China Sea as it attempts to secure more hydrocarbon resources there. Maybe they’d like an alternative.

            • bachcole

              “paying through the nose for Middle Eastern oil” pun intended?

        • bachcole

          LuFong, for sure the US government is OK with Rossi et. al. playing physicist. But they, the government, wouldn’t be caught dead paying for it because it is tin foil stuff. At least that is how they see it.

          Today I edited an article in Wickedpedia on a controversial subject so unknown that I am not even going to tell you guys what the subject was. (an indication of unfreedom) It was farther-out than even homeopathy; much farther-out. The subject concerned health. I have made many changes in the past to Wickedpedia: additions, subtractions, alterations, typo-corrections. The additional sentence that I wrote today disappeared in less than 1 hour. That is one example of what I mean by unfree.

          In China, of course, I would fear that the secret police might come to my door. In the USA, I have no such fear. So this is the land of the free? and the home of the brave? Certainly not the brave; certainly freer than most countries, but not free enough for me.

      • bitplayer

        Up until now I haven’t give much truck to the idea that the gummint could/would slow the e-Cat down, but the China move by Darden gives credit to the possibility. Playing the odds, it probably is safer and faster to do it in China first. Sure will get the US off the dime.

    • Daniel Maris

      Yes, I think it’s odd. My guess is that Darden and co. are true believers in AGW and want to achieve an historic turn around in China’s carbon emissions, using the E Cat.

      I think for the future of the E Cat the question of where is that 1 MW E Cat, and how has it been operating is absolutely crucial! If only we knew where it was and how it’s been performing, assuming of course it does exist. Teh fact that Darden and co. have put in $12 million suggests that they do have some convincing evidence – but we don’t.

      • LuFong

        Remember as far as we know Industrial Heating as the worldwide manufacturing license. Sales are a different matters. This seems to indicate to me that Darden was there to establish and E-Cat factory which is odd given Rossi’s distrust of Chna.

        Also we only know that $12 million has been invested in the form of stocks/bonds/equity in Industrial Heat LLC. This is not necesarrly the same as the investment by the owners of the Industrial Heat, LLC. LLC’s are very difficult to figure out financing.

        • Daniel Maris

          I agree it’s definitely v. difficult to “follow the money” when you are talking about companies that may be part of larger groups of companies.

          However, it does look like some sort of funding has been released for development of a nickel energy project.

          I don’t think the E Cat will be completely produced in China. That’s my view. I think they will be involved in producing parts but final assembly will be in the USA.

          • NT

            IMO, I think they are/will be following pretty close to the Apple Computer business model in China and the world for that matter – that successful business model has made Apple Computer one of the richest and most successful companies in the world – simple eh!

        • bitplayer

          Good point about the $12M, that that is only the publicly visible money. BTW, I haven’t received my prospectus on that one…

        • bachcole

          I confess that it seems unlikely that Rossi would allow a Communist government to get a hold of his secrets.

  • Omega Z

    No Offense intended, But, Many make assumptions based on the Info spoon feed to “us” by the Media.

    No doubt, LENR technology or it’s aftermarket components will be built all over the World. I’ve said before, This is TO BIG for any one Corporation. It will involve many. Update; TO BIG for any one Nation. It’s that big a task.
    It’s also Globalization. A Variation of Mutually Assured Destruction.(MAD)
    New Definition- Mutually Assured Dependency. The Intent of which is to force Countries to work out their problems non Militarily. Much more complex then this, but a simple Example of how it would work.
    I’m Mad at you. I cut off your Food.- Well fine. I cut off your water used to grow that food.
    Regardless which side pulls the trigger, Both suffer equal consequence. We Both Starve. Nuff Said…

    This China Connection. CLUE: “to establish a ‘Sino-US Science and Technology Innovation Park”… U.S. Tax dollars at work. This has been taking place for years.

    You won’t read this on the Front Page News or anywhere else as a Leading News story in the MSM. This Info is like back page/Obit sections. It’s what promotes Conspiracy Theories, But if there is a Conspiracy Factor, It is only in the Fact it isn’t Broadly Reported or Publicized. The Info Is Readily Available. You just have to look close & pay close attention.

    Research by French, Italian, Chinese, Russia, Etc Energy Agencies, ITER(U.S has helped finance a Russian Version of this), & Mitsubishi, Toyota Research. All have benefited from U.S. Research Funds in part. Very Few Americans(Or most of the World) are aware of this & it’s not even part of the Billion$ spent every year as Foreign Aid. This all falls under Science Research. A different Budget Item.

    Note: The U.S. Provides $15 Billion a year to China in foreign aid for the poor. I’m only aware of this because a Politician brought it up. As in Why are we borrowing Money From China to Give To China. Why not let them spend it themselves & leave us out of it. Good Point. Simple. Our World is not what we’re led to believe.

    Another Point. Everyone talks of the Military Complex. I have a different View, But from Others points of View, Do you Really think they would let China have an unfair advantage in Technology? NOT…

    People Assume China wants to be the #1 Power in the World. They have far more problems then the rest of Us. They don’t need nor want the headaches that come being #1.
    #1 gets Little Credit for things that turn out Good, And All the Blame for anything that goes wrong. Even when they had absolutely nothing to do with nothing.
    Right, Wrong has nothing to do with this. It’s just part of the Human Psyche. As in your the Leader. You should have known & done something.

    NO. What China wants & have pretty much said. THEY want to be a very close #2. Nearly all the Advantages, Benefits & Power without all the Baggage of being #1. Decades from now, This could change, But not at this time.

    And a Final note: China, Like Most of the World, Is facing a Manpower Shortage in the next couple decades. They Recently Relaxed the 1 child agenda.

  • bitplayer

    Guess we’ll just have to settle for whatever junk Brillouin’s S. Korean partner decides to make. Sure hope it’s not as bad as all this Samsung equipment we’ve imported.

  • bitplayer

    What we keep calling “countries” consists of geographies, populations and states. States consist of regimes, interest groups and citizens (overlapping with populations). Citizens for the most part have little effect on what happens, and even regimes are made of smaller and smaller units of interest groups.

    In the good old US of A, there is one interest group that far outweighs all others: big business.

    When the American big business gets “interested” in LENR, which it will very shortly, then the game will be on with respect to “American” competition with “China”.

    And American big business will naturally do a lot of its LENR-related business with Chinese big business.

    World without end…

  • Donk970

    Unfortunately because the United States is in the terminal stages of Capitalism, someone else will lead the way on this. The US government is so inundated with special interests lobbying to kill anything that might compete with established interests like oil, coal and hot fusion research that they won’t move on LENR until it’s far too late.

    • bitplayer

      “the United States is in the terminal stages of Capitalism”
      > stumbling along with feeble last gasps like cloud computing, advanced manufacturing and fracking?

      “they won’t move on”
      > Who is “they”? I’m having trouble connecting the dots between lobbyists and leg irons.

    • Zeddicus Zul Zorander

      Politics and business interests are way too much entangled. That is true for a lot of governments in this world. It is a real problem and takes much away from a democracy.

    • “Unfortunately because the United States is in the terminal stages of Fascism”
      This is correct.

  • bachcole

    Notice in this story where the research is taking place and the ethnicity of the person doing the research:

    • bitplayer

      Tar Heel?

      • bachcole

        Daughter is.

  • psi2u2

    Nice sleuthing Frank. This does indeed look like a real feather in your cap not to mention explosive news that is currently flying under the radar.

    • ecatworld

      I really can’t take credit for most of it, psi — we have a super sleuths who have posted key data here, which allow us to join the dots.

      • psi2u2

        Well, feathers all around then for the caps of all the sleuths. Let’s hear it for collaborative online journalism!

  • Rolls Canhardly

    This article states ‘the foundations of chemistry have been shattered’, with things happening that defy traditional laws when elements are formed under pressure.. I wonder if this finding has any relevance to the e-cat, where elements are placed under pressure as well.

    • bitplayer

      Caught my interest, too. Good for shaking the over-confidence of LENR-deniers, however, the article is about chemistry, i.e. what happens among electron shells surrounding nuclei of atoms, where LENR is (we presume) about interactions between nuclei of atoms.

    • Pekka Janhunen

      The result didn’t look revolutionary, I got the impression that they exaggerated to get media attention. While perhaps the compounds studied were novel (this I don’t know), it is not surprising that pressure affects chemistry.

  • malkom700

    It is very probably, that the government is afraid of three things. One is the interests of monopolies, the second thing is the creation of temporary but huge social problems, the third is the reduction in tax revenue. The third problem is easy to solve, be appropriately taxed also individual equipment, such as boilers.

    • GreenWin

      Or government learns to live within its means.

    • Omega Z

      There are probably those in Government who are concerned with lost tax revenues from fossil fuels. These would be Vision impaired, short sighted Individuals.

      Tax Revenues Lost in 1 segment are offset by Gains in other segments. And as GDP increases, So do Tax revenues.
      But I do understand the Problem. We have Politicians who can’t see outside the Box.
      In the U.S., Every household who Benefits from gaining a Job is approximately an $80,000 Positive to the Government. That’s the savings in Household Welfare cost plus Income taxes now collected from that household. Caveat-This is based on average as in reality it’s dependent on the Economic quality of said Job. If it’s a minimum wage Job, the positives decline.

  • LukeDC

    I’m sorry but I have to pipe in here. Australia is in the Southern Hemisphere and the only issue that we suffer from is overindulgence. I’m fairly certain the last time I turned the light on there was electricity and the last time I went to the doctor I didn’t have to pay.
    Also someone might like to tell Toyota and GM that it would be a good idea to build cars in the Southern Hemisphere. Lol

  • jousterusa

    I have posted about this development on CNN:

    • Daniel Maris

      Excellent! Let’s hope these latest developments get LENR a higher profile.

    • bachcole

      jousterusa, I left a positive comment. (:->)

    • GreenWin

      “LENR stands for Low Energy Nuclear Reactions, a form of the
      once-discredited “cold fusion” process stifled by academics (see links
      below) in 1989 and subsequently, but avidly followed by US Navy and
      other military research programs.”
      Not just academics. Government itself, e.g. DOE stifled this technology.

      This report carries the “Not vetted by CNN” disclaimer. Why publish then?

  • jousterusa

    You’re on the right path there, Christina. AsI am told, the Chinese require that any US company doing business in China sell a controlling interest in the China-side operation to Chinese nationals. That could obviously lead to a compromise of the proprietary catalyst Rossi developed. As for your belief that oil companies “involved” with Western nations could not be trusted to develop the E-Cat responsibly, that will only remain true for as long as it takes to learn that the Chinese have gained a competitive edge due to energy savings, and are using less foreign oil because they are building LENR-based hybrids. I’m afraid that as you say, many companies do put their loyalty to profit and to shareholders well ahead of their loyalty to nations. You can never rely on the patriotism of a multinational company to accomplish anything.

  • jousterusa

    The story and this tidbit: “….LENR power sources could produce the greatest transformation of the battlefield for U.S. forces since the transition from horsepower to gasoline power” from the Defense Intelligence Agency are incompatible. Would the DIA and the rest of government permit such an advance to fall into Chinese hands before it is in US hands? That is not my reading of the historical evidence.

    • bachcole

      You are assuming that everyone at the DIA knows and believes what everyone else at the DIA knows and believes.

    • Karl

      Why do you refer LENR developments to the battlefield? Humans have a chance to concentrate on how to use innovations coming out from LENR/Cold Fusion for the prosperity of us all.

      • jousterusa

        I was quoting the Defense Intelligence Agency report, not expressing a personal preference. However, so far as we know – and it may have been a rumor, or a lie – the only E-Cat sold commercially went to the US military to supply heat for remote areas of Afghanistan where our soldiers are operating. I don’t think of it as something for the battlefield, either, and in most of their report, the DIA doesn’t either. But anything with the specs of the E-Cat probably has a vast array of potential uses, including military applications, so it’s prudent to note those, I think.

    • bitplayer

      Sputnik. We caught up.

      • bachcole

        Someone just has to awaken the sleeping giant.

    • bitplayer

      It’s just a better battery. Still have to have equipment to put the battery in.

  • Iggy Dalrymple

    The “China Connection” could build a fire under the US Patent Office. After all, China has already granted a patent to Brillouin. Rossi’s tacit message could be, either issue me a patent or I will go with China and swamp the market with gazillions of cheap eCats.

  • Daniel Maris

    I’d just like to take the time to thank Frank for progressing this story over the Christmas period when lots of other sites and commentators were sleeping on the job. 🙂

    My judgement for what it’s worth is that this has been the most important development since the original Rossi tests. The fact we haven’t heard a peep out of Rossi or Cherokee on the subject yet may be significant. No doubt a lot of discussions will take place from Monday onwards as key personnel are in circulation again. It will interesting to see whether they pursue a policy of continued silence or decide to go public on the basis that denial is untenable and may have unwelcome political consequences (given the China connection, which will raise suspicions in some American quarters).

    • ecatworld

      Thanks, Daniel!

  • bachcole

    Your self-cultural bias is showing. (:->)

    • Christina

      Maybe, but truth is truth.

      I am proud of my Catholic bias as Catholicism comes from Jesus of Nazareth and the Holy Spirit and is world wide and has everywhere improved the lives of people simply because of what it teaches: love one another and belief in God where the word “belief” means doing that which God commanded: love God and love one another by following God’s commandments. This belief has started school, hospitals, orphanages, and brought on modern times because everyone build on the civilization begun by the Catholic Church after the Imperial Rome fell.

      In this time and place with the E-Cat almost available it is a cop out to keep saying that we need birth control and abortion; what we need is viable farming and building techniques to make life comfortable for everyone and what we also need is to explore this solar system ( looking for more of the elements on the periodic table so we can use them to fertilize the farms we establish in buildings to avoid pests and provide ample food, clothing, and shelter for everyone everywhere.

      Have a great day and may God bless you and yours.

  • bachcole

    KA-BOOM!!! It is explosive. My read is that the Chinese are setting up a technology park and LENR+ a la the E-Cat will be the focus, rather than the integrated chip as in Silicon Valley. So, will it be called Nickel Valley, or Nickel Village?

    • Iggy Dalrymple

      Saint NICKel

  • bfast

    Christina, “taking the E-Cat to China does smack of treason”
    Hmmm. ‘Truth is that reverse engineering will be taken on with less earnest with proper agreements than it will be if the US tries to somehow “own” this technology.

  • greggoble

    Telling tale, I for one find evidence that developments in LENR energy are farther advanced than the DOD or DOE has allowed any to tell of. Classified is certainly a controlling issue in regards to LENR developments.

    From the Defense Intelligence Agency report, in regards to cold fusion stating, “….LENR power sources could produce the greatest transformation of the battlefield for U.S. forces since the transition from horsepower to gasoline power.”…

    Also the LENR Boeing 747 being developed since 2011 through NASA, yet the NASA LENR disclosure was not until last year.

    Cold Fusion LENR Powered Boeing 747
    May 2012 NASA Contract NNL08AA16B – NNL11AA00T – Subsonic Ultra Green Aircraft Research – Phase II N+4 Advanced Concept Development

    “Even though we do not know the specific cost of the LENR itself, we assumed a cost of jet fuel at $4/gallon and weight based aircraft cost. We were able to calculate cost per mile for the LENR equipped aircraft compared to a conventional aircraft (Figure 3.2). Looking at the plots, one could select a point where the projected cost per mile is 33% less than a conventionally powered aircraft.”

    3.0 LENR Requirements Analysis …pg 24
    Figure 3.1 – Potential Heat Engines for LENR Systems 25
    Figure 3.2 – Parametric LENR and Heat Engine Performance Parameters ……………….pg 25
    6.2.3 Low Energy Nuclear Reactor Technologies ……pg 82
    Table 6.3 – LENR Technologies Success Criteria …….pg 86
    Also pgs 15, 18, 19, 20, and 21.

    These are the 39 folks who have been involved in this since May, 2011

    Bradley, Marty (Boeing)
    Daggett, David (Boeing)
    Droney, Christopher(Boeing)
    Hoisington, Zachary (Boeing)
    Kirby, Michelle (GT)
    Murrow, Kurt (GE)
    Ran, Hongjun (GT)
    Nam, Teawoo (GT)
    Tai, Jimmy (GT)
    Hammel, Jeff (GE)
    Perullo, Chris (GT)
    Guynn, Mark (NASA)
    Olson, Erik (NASA)
    Leavitt, Larry (NASA)
    Allen, Timothy (Boeing)
    Cotes, Dwaine (Boeing)
    Guo, Yueping (Boeing)
    Foist, Brian (Boeing)
    Rawdon, Blaine (Boeing)
    Wakayama, Sean (Boeing)
    Dallara, Emily (Boeing)
    Kowalski, Ed (Boeing)
    Wat, Joe (Boeing)
    Robbana, Ismail (Boeing)
    Barmichev, Sergey (Boeing)
    Fink, Larry (Boeing)
    Sankrithi, Mithra (Boeing)
    White, Edward (Boeing)
    Gowda, Srini (GE)
    Brown, Gerald (NASA)
    Wahls, Richard (NASA)
    Wells, Doug (NASA)
    Jeffries, Rhett (FAA)
    Felder, James (NASA)
    Schetz, Joe (VT)
    Burley, Casey (NASA)
    Sequiera, Christopher (FAA)
    Martin, John (NASA)
    Kapania, Rakesh (VT)

    Also the Genie reactor technology out of SPAWAR, two patents filed in Europe, and the U.S. in 2009 and 2007. This important LENR technology still has not been presented by them to the scientific community, or the people of the U.S., nor to the nuclear commissions of the world who are struggling with spent fuel issues. Publication of these patents was delayed till 2013, leading me to believe that they were ‘classified’.

    System and Method for Generating Particles – US8419919 B1
    United States Navy Patent Cold Fusion LENR Energy
    Publication number – US8419919 B1
    Publication type – Grant
    Application number – 11/859,499
    Publication date – Apr 16, 2013
    Filing date – Sep 21, 2007
    Inventors; Pamela A. Boss, Frank E. Gordon, Stanislaw Szpak, Lawrence Parker Galloway Forsley

    and this “sister” patent

    The Genie Reactor Patent

    Global Energy Corporation

    “We’re generation five,” Dr. Khim told the Variety during an exclusive interview, “and first of all this is a brand new concept.” He said safety is the first consideration, and that cannot be ensured by building higher walls around reactors, as Japan saw last year with Fukushima.

    “You have to change the basic science of nuclear power,” Khim explained. “We’ve been working with the U.S. Navy for about 22 years and the basic science phase is now over. Now we’re going into commercial development, which the Navy is not going to do.” But Khim says the science has been repeatedly duplicated by the Navy, and has been proven, recognized and published.

    Officials of the Navy on Guam, including Capt. John V. Heckmann Jr., CO of Naval Facilities and a professional engineer, attended the GEC briefing.

    The GEC board of directors, Khim says, includes some well-known Washington D.C. Players, including former Secretary of Defense Frank Carlucci, former Congressman and Secretary of Transportation Norman Mineta, and former U.S. Congressman Tom Davis, among others.”

    To top it all off, we have Space Works developing LENR powered spaceplanes, under a NASA contract in 2009.

    Seems Langley has had LENR energy long before announcing. Bushnell announced it last year.

    Advanced Propulsion System Concept Studies
    Customer: NASA LaRC
    Duration: 6 months
    Date: 2009-2010

    SpaceWorks conducted separate vehicle design studies evaluating the potential impact of two advanced propulsion system concepts under consideration by NASA Langley Research Center:

    • The first concept was an expendable multistage rocket vehicle which utilized an advanced Air-Augmented Rocket (AAR) engine. The effect of various rocket thrust augmentation ratios were identified the resulting vehicle design where compared against a traditional expendable rocket concept

    • The second concept leverage Low Energy Nuclear Reactions (LENR), a new form of energy generation being studied at NASA LaRC, to determine how to utilize an LENR-based propulsion system for space access. For this activity, two LENR-based rocket engine propulsion performance models where developed jointly by SpaceWorks and LaRC personnel.

  • deleo77

    Even if China is a big beneficiary of this, I think it is important to restate that Industrial Heat is an American company, with heavy investment from an American investment firm. Darden is American, and I believe Rossi considers himself a dual citizen of Italy and America. To me Industrial Heat having a deep presence in China is no different than GM or GE having a deep presence in China. It’s just a standard course of business these days. What it could mean is that a lot or manufacturing jobs will go there and not to the U.S. But the ship has kind of already sailed on that one.

    But counter that with the thought that China is the world’s manufacturing center and if the e-cat is to succeed as an industrial product it needs to do it in China first and foremost. The U.S. has almost unlimited shale gas to power the nation’s industrial plants. It’s not a perfect source of energy, but it gets the job done on a lot of levels. The U.S. could be using shale gas for years. China doesn’t have those types of reserves. They need to find a way to get off of coal.

    • NT

      How about Apple computer – not much USA discussion about them being treasonous. apple seems to do pretty well with their secrets and manufacturing in China. Why not treat the e-cats with the same type of business plan?

  • GreenWin

    In another angle on Chinese energy, a recent report from Navigant Research indicates the international banking system is ending funding of coal-fired power plants (with or without CCS.) But…

    “…three-quarters of the 1,200 proposed coal plants in the world, according to the World Resources Institute,
    are in China and India – countries that have historically not relied on
    international funding for big new infrastructure projects…”

    Clearly, a non-fossil/fission, clean energy source able to energize without debilitating health consequences is key to these nations. To that end we hope a Chinese/US technology park will help introduce all manner of alternatives to China. Both India and China are in a position to leap over fossil/fission grids and transmission systems (as cellular has obviated telephone landlines.) But the CCP is a minority rule government that embraces centralization. Will they have the political will to embrace distributed energy – empowering the individual and communities?

    • ecatworld

      I think that would depend on how distributed they allow it to be. They may want to allow LENR only in larger official power stations.

      • Allan Shura

        Not in the public interest. Look at all those freezing the dark with power outages in
        sub zero weather in eastern North America now not to mention the high cost of grid
        conventional power.

        • Fortyniner

          Do you honestly believe that governments take decisions based on the best interests of the people they ‘serve’? Isn’t it rather more likely that politicians will respond positively to lobbying and personal interest?

    • Bernie Koppenhofer

      Yes, it is in the Wests (US) own best interest that China and India have alternatives to the Coal fired plants they are planning, thus the “back door” sharing of LENR tech.

  • Mr. Moho

    The following news article in Chinese is very relevant to this story too. It came out a couple months after the one you linked:

    It’s about Baoding mayor Ma Yufeng and his delegation visiting the Research Triangle Park in Raleigh, North Carolina, to further discuss the Technology Park project in Baoding with several companies, including Cherokee.