US Department of Energy Calls for LENR Proposals (Among others)

The US Department of Energy has issued a call for innovative energy project as part Advanced Research Projects Agency for Energy (ARPA-E) funding opportunity. Applicants can see the parameters of the project in this document. The kinds of projects ARPA-E is looking for are described as follows:

ARPA-E exists to support transformational, rather than incremental research. Technologies develop along learning curves (Figure 1). Following the creation of a technology, refinements to that technology and the economies of scale that accrue as manufacturing and widespread distribution develop drive technology down that learning curve until meaningful improvements accrue only slowly. While this incremental improvement of technology is important to the ultimate success of a technology in the marketplace, ARPA-E exists to fund transformational research – i.e., research that creates fundamentally new learning curves rather than moving existing technologies down their learning curves.

Among the many types of energy projects that are suggested is a category called: “nuclear fuel cycles, hybrid fission-fusion reactors,” and in that category is listed “low energy nuclear reactions”. Maybe this is a small sign that US Government officials are beginning to recognize that there could be merit in LENR.

Further discussion and analysis of this development can be found in articles at Forbes, and New Energy Times

  • Fortyniner

    ‘ “nuclear fuel cycles, hybrid fission-fusion reactors,” and in that category is listed “low energy nuclear reactions” ‘

    It’s interesting that every one of these terms applies to GEC’s GeNiE reactor – a hybrid CF/fission reactor that is designed to ‘close’ the nuclear fuel cycle by utilising various nuclear wastes and low-activity byproducts as fuel. This section of the invitation could almost be purpose-made for it.

    • GreenWin

      The SPAWAR patent issued to US Navy/JWK which underlies the GeNiE reactor should be licensed to FAR MORE than GEC and the dodgy NNSA. There are many organizations and businesses that would benefit greatly from this patent. In particular, nuke waste remediation businesses. And Lord knows we desperately need to find a way of mitigating the 70,000 TONS of homeless radioactive waste in the US alone!

      • Fortyniner

        I suppose that a cynical person might see a mechanism being constructed that would allow US taxpayer money to be showered on the people who have been gifted the patents on this particular form of cold fusion. The benefits (chiefly remediation of waste) might still become available – but the cost will be a multiple of what it might have been if the various leeches had not been introduced into the process.

        It probably also means that here in the UK we’ll be stuck with a generation of dangerous ‘modular’ plutonium burners from Westinghouse and Hitachi, in order to reduce the huge plutonium stockpiles that several generations of mor*nic politicians have brought into being.

        • GreenWin

          Power always rests in the people. Should enough people learn there is a clean, abundant energy-producing technology that can also transmute nuke waste – they might shed their sheeple coats. Patent “gifts” of public technology requires a full house cleaning at the USPTO (and the speciously applied “Patent Secrecy Act.”)

          I think it fair that government inventors be given some order of preference in the award of patent licenses e.g. Nirvana Power – provided they demonstrate continuing public benefit.

  • Alan DeAngelis

    “Lost time is never found again.”
    Benjamin Franklin

  • drjohngalan

    The end of the Forbes article states: “LENR technology has suffered from confusion with Stanley Pons and Martin Fleischmann‘s “cold fusion” experiment, which has largely been dismissed by the scientific community.”

    This, in a strange way, is probably one of the most positive statements I have seen on cold fusion, having followed the saga from its introduction. It is beginning to position LENR as “acceptable” science by airbrushing out the starting point so roundly (and unfairly) criticised by the scientific establishment since 1989.

    To quote Max Planck, “A new scientific truth does not triumph by convincing its opponents and making them see the light, but rather because its opponents eventually die, and a new generation grows up that is familiar with it.”

    Sad that the man brave enough to initiate the whole thing has died also, but I am sure he knew that he had revealed a truly world-changing phenomenon that might one day transform the lives of millions.

    • GreenWin

      It is a sad indictment of the fiefdom that attempted to bury the positive result of Pons & Fleischmann’s work. Attempting to whitewash the truth with this “LENR is not cold fusion” rubric provides further indictment. Rigorous honesty does not allow weasels.

  • Omega Z

    I had posted a while back that I read a report where a little known department at the D.O.E. had been doing Their Own dabbling in LENR.
    Other posters asked for a link & name of the department at the time, but I couldn’t locate it.

    My opinion is they became involved due to NASA, And a few researchers known to us having done presentations at recent conferences the last couple years. I would note that they twisted their presentations to make it more palatable as in Less CF & more something New. Thus allowing the D.O.E. an opening to check it out.
    Give the D.O.E. Time, They’ll say they new it all along….

  • Alex
    • Omega Z

      Gibbs, I Mean-Jeff McMahon should be careful what he contributes to Forbes.
      He could find himself having artistic disagreements with them.

      • Fortyniner

        I think his job is safe. The article closes by specifically dismissing P&F ‘cold fusion’, and the linked article at exclusively emphasises Widom-Larsen theory (which of course is emphatically NOTHING TO DO WITH COLD FUSION).

        This will be the simple party line by which the establishment hopes to avoid any barrage of rotten eggs despite its deep and obviously unrepentent guilt, while adroitly turning about so that it can assemble what it hopes will be another huge gravy train to replace hot fusion.

        People at the top have decided the time is right to profit from cold fusion, and the entire lackey network of politicians, media hacks, shills, academics and grant seekers must now learn to dance to a new tune. It would be good if a few of the more vociferous tools of the previous false paradigm were to be publicly sacrificed, but its much more likely that a new ‘history’ of the past 30 years will simply be repeated over and over until no-one can remember the reality.

        • GreenWin

          Ha! Thank you for provision of morning mirth Peter! Forbes has become the mouthpiece for the lackeys indeed. But, with the continued collapse of their media control mechanism, it is unlikely they can erase the prodigious evidence of cold fusion.

          Agreed, a few public hangings of the principles responsible for the real “Scientific Fiasco of the Century” would help clear the air. And perhaps encourage more honesty going forward.

  • Adam Lepczak

    Late enough? If Chinese will implement LENR tech before US, that will amount to a high treason IMO.

  • GreenWin

    Did I miss where DOE mentions LENR?? Did not see it in the PDF.

    • Buck

      look on pg 7 box 3.6 in the diagram

      • GreenWin

        Found it Buck THX. Under “Chemical.” DOE would like nothing better than to have a face-saving excuse for past behavior. Calling LENR “Chemical” is… comical IMO. But, more power to Ernie Moniz for realizing either get with the program or… left in the dust.

        Several of the Swedes involved in E-Cat testing have proposed a chemonuclear foundation for the reaction.

  • Buck

    IMO, this seems a potential fit for the MFMP team. $500k would go a long way.

    • GreenWin

      What with DOE attempting to dismiss P&F and cold fusion it is doubtful they would smile on a project called the Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project. But you are correct. It is appropriate for this team to be funded by DOE or actually, the American people, who if they knew the tale, would be outraged at the sandbagging of LENR development.