Happy New Year to ECW Readers — Let’s Party!

I’d like to wish all E-Cat World readers a very happy new year! Thanks so much for visiting the site over the years — we’ll be heading into our 4th year of operation here in 2014, and I’ve enjoyed every minute of taking care of the site.

To usher in what I hope will be a good year for the LENR cause let’s kick off the year with a party over on LENRConnect! We may not have food or drink — but the chat room will be open for people to meet and greet, either privately, or in the main chat room.

I’ll be home most of day (US time), and I’ll be checking the chat room regularly, so if you’re around when I’m online I’d be delighted to meet you over there. If you are not yet signed up for LENRConnect, it’s an easy registration process.

  • greggoble

    Clean Low Energy Nuclear Reactions

    Popularly Known as Cold Fusion Energy

    Now that LENR energy is about to be old news, many wonder about the
    greatest and most intriguing cold fusion energy anomaly ever, “How did this become the
    greatest scientific discovery of humanity and why was it trashed and continuously labeled as junk and pseudo science, even up to the time of it entering, and blowing away, the energy marketplace? –gbgoble1/1/14”

    Why was the science of “cold fusion” trashed, labeled as junk? How did it emerge fully developed as space planes and Boeing 747’s out of DARPA and NASA before any mainstream radio, newsprint, or T.V. reporting coverage?

    Historical investigators will certainly turn up the answers to these questions. After all, this is the information age.

    • Pekka Janhunen

      We indeed call it information age, but maybe it’s atomic age.