Defkalion Announcement on Reactor Development, Office Locations

Defkalion Green Technologies has posted an announcement on their web site which addresses the situation about their recent vacation of office space in Vancouver, Canada:

Defkalion has completed the first phase of R&D for the basic reactor.

On 20th of January 2014 we are starting the final stage to prepare the pre-industrial Hyperion product in our labs in Vancouver and Athens.

They also explained that their offices have moved to the same premises as their lab in Vancouver. Following are their official addresses and phone number.

Athens, Greece:

Syggrou Av & Ymittou 2-4, Palaio Faliro, 17564, Athens, Greece
Tel. +302109479260

Vancouver, Canada:

Suite 204, 2389 Health Sciences Mall (UBC)
Vancouver, B.C.
V6T 1Z3
Tel: +1 604 683 5555

  • Marc Ellenbroek

    Hope they are spaking the throuth. The more compeating companies, the more likeky LENR becomes reality soon. Let 2014 be the year of LENR!

    • Doktor Bob

      Cfn will soon release goody news about new competition. Seemed relevant

  • Sandy

    Google Maps “Street View” shows that the “Donald Rix Building”, located at 2389 Health Sciences Mall, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, is 4 stories tall. A sign in front of the building indicates that Suite 201 is occupied by the “Sauder School of Business”. So it is plausible that the building contains a “Suite 204”.

    • Charles

      Yes. Good looking building.

  • roseland67

    “starting the final stage to prepare the pre-industrial Hyperion”??

    What the heck does this mean?
    So many qualifiers covering their 6, this could be 10 years before anything is seen.

    • Fortyniner

      I would assume the phrase “pre-industrial Hyperion” to mean final development of a production prototype – a hand-assembled version of what they plan to mass produce. This would be a normal process that precedes setting up of production lines, during which a design is finalised and all CAD, programmed instruction sets and automation software required for production are prepared.

      • roseland67

        “Starting” “Final” “Prepare” “Pre”
        If you were an investor, and you saw this press release, what would your reaction be?
        Judging by this very cryptic press release, I would not be surprised if December, 2014 comes and goes
        and Defkalion has released nothing except more press releases
        suggesting they might be releasing something.
        As far as competitors, it appears Rossi has got nothing to worry about.

        • Fortyniner

          I agree that such announcements are ‘vapourware’ until proven otherwise, but I wouldn’t dismiss DGT quite yet. Much the same accusations and predictions were aimed at Rossi, until the Levi report vindicated his claims about the ‘hot cat’.

        • Kevmo

          As far as competitors, it appears Rossi has got nothing to worry about.
          ***Especially since DGT basically stole Rossi’s work and have generated zero progress since he cut them off.

  • E_man