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  • HS61AF91

    I think we all ought to send recommendations to the new
    WH website (which has big time interest in energy) to encourage looking into Dr. Rossi’s E-Cat and LENR generally. I submitted the following to
    the site:

    Yeah President Trump!
    New tech in energy is the solution. Get someone on the E-Cat that Doctor Andrea Rossi down in Florida is making. It already has a US Patent on this process that
    produces more energy out than in. It’s called LENR (Low energy nano-scale/nuclear reaction) and it’ll revolutionize energy for the American citizen worker/investor/patriot. If you want to kick start our greatness, as I do, then get somebody on this NOW!
    best regards
    Al S
    CMS, USAF, Ret

  • HS61AF91

    The Dakota pipeline controversy has provided an opportunity to work LENR realities into the commentary, discussing related articles showing up in the Stars and Stripes (active duty military oriented) newspaper the article “Veterans travel to Standing Rock to join protesters, lend aid” By NIKKI WENTLING | STARS AND STRIPES Published: November 28, 2016, comment chain is as follows:


    2 days ago

    It is a shame that our leaders do not see the solution in front of their blinded eyes. 2017 is the year of break-out LENR technology, which will gradually replace the requirement for so much crappy oil flowing out of the ground, burned, and into the air. With this inevitable development, why is there such a desire to lay this extra pipeline, along with all the already existing ones? So much dire, that law enforcement, even from surrounding states, must force its completion?
    Wait a couple of years, and you’ll find this hard fought pipeline will have been overcome by the advent of LENR replacement energy technologies. This is the 21 century, and not the end of the 19-th, where oil-gas began its monopoly. Oil and gas are old, bad for your lungs, and doomed to eventually be used in plastic factories, and replaced in places where transportation fuel, heating homes, and cooking are done by modern means. Talk about not seeing what’s going on in energy generation, just blindly following the dictates of bygone years. Our leaders are abandoning a brighter future, for an obsolete past.



    2 days ago

    I don’t suppose you would share some of your vast LENR technology knowledge? I did look at a few sites myself, I suppose this LENR technology has possibilities. But it still looks “pie in the sky” in today’s world. I am not saying this does not have potetioal, but I could not find any pictures of practical examples of this technology being used.

    As a practical matter, this pipeline will be
    completely finished in two months, all that needs to be done is drill under the Missouri River and test it. I also think we will be using gasoline for quite a few years yet for transportation and such. There is just too much space in this country to be covered to make electric/ alternative power vehicles practical. I live in cold-climate area, and I just don’ttrust an electric vehicle for a cross-country trip in the
    winter. Lots of bad things happen at twenty degrees below zero.


    a day ago

    Happy to, because caring individuals, concerned with the supply of energy, need to be brought up to speed with the near introduction of LRNR-based energy productions. The progress in LENR ‘catilization’ can be gleaned at the site http://www.e-catworld.com/ where enthusiasts comment on this energy sources progress, set backs, successes, and approaching product provision. A one year successful test has already been done, and a US Patent for the device is already in the hands of the Doctore, who’s baby it is. There are some sore-loser venture capitalists being sued for not paying up 98 million promised dollars for the successful test, but you can read all about that in the site above.
    Oil, I know, will always have a significant role in
    producing products, while its use in transport, coal in energy
    production, and gas heating households gradually weans. I pray no human catastrophe takes place, while changing over to LENR as a major provider of energy, along with the other sun-based technologies.





    21 hours ago

    I suppose this whole conversation is “off-topic”, hence the deletion…
    I will try to remember to research LENR further. Thanks for the info.



    an hour ago

    You’re entirely welcome.

    then the article “Veterans plan to be human shields for Dakota pipeline protesters” By LYNDA V. MAPES | The Seattle Times (Tribune News Service) | Published: December 3, 2016 enabled me to comment as follows:


    an hour ago

    The tone and tenure of this article forces me to comment. Is this additional pipeline a matter of serious life or death in a national security perspective? No way I can see. Citizens will get their energy with or without it. Yet the thousands of peaceful protesters, confronting para militarized law enforcement elements defending the (pipeline) layers, have a different perspective. Obviously they do deem,
    with their bodies, that this is for them a life or death stance. Why otherwise, are sane people braving wind, snow, freezing water, governors denying emergency services, and the non lethal persuasive measures law enforcement employs to defend the layers’ business. Those vets coming out in solidarity, put their lives on the line in active duty, to defend just this kind of public expression. The Governors, Sheriffs, Police Chiefs, and federal decision makers (executive and legislative) need to determine if sacrifice of lives, and rights, is justified, in order to have the pipeline complete. Weigh human safety against the necessity of pipeline completion, and if you come down on the side of yet another oil conduit, you all need to think some more about it.. How many and varied new technologies are bursting onto the scene, not least the LENR reality, which should weigh in decisions putting pipes before people. The healing of internal strife requires some bold decisions, and just ‘road blocking’ ways and means to healing, is not one of them.

    that’s all for now, folks. Just another nudge in bringing LENR into a public/military service personnel (active and retired) awarness.

  • HS61AF91

    there is still so much lack of knowledge about LENR, here’s the latest comments from Stars & Stripes article

    NASA’s new space plane is getting ready to take flight
    By Christian Davenport
    The Washington Post
    Published: July 31, 2016


    a day ago

    By 2019 “LENR technology” will be so advanced in the public view, not
    secretly, that economical resupply and manning of space will be an
    acknowledged reality.

    Allan Morton


    a day ago

    Unfortunately, evidence shows that LENR technology is a scam. Read this article: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wik


    Allan Morton

    a minute ago

    Your evidence just plain academic defensiveness. Wikipedia indeed.
    All those grants given on premises of current nuclear theories; has to
    be defended, or those academicians will be out of jobs. Kindly, please
    acquaint yourself with the progress faithfully documented in E-Cat
    World. Recognize that MIT, NASA, and the US Navy are moving ahead with
    LENR applications. Don’t fall into the academic trap that all has
    already been discovered about nuclear reactions, and nothing more will
    come. That’s just not true. And thank you for the link. It is
    disheartening such little of LENR history and current status is provided
    by the preeminent internet knowledge source.

    • about academic opposition, I have moved about the motivs.

      Academic have no opposition agains new ideas, they love it as long as it create opportunities of research.

      Some old ape often are quite negative, but this is not a generality… there is always people to be enthusiastic about crazy ideas… This happened initially with cold fusion, and even in physics, and sure in engineering.

      what they dislike is however when you endanger their own research line. then they have no forgiveness for anything.

      try to endanger the hotfusion budget as did Fleishmann&Pons, and those who earn their bread from plasma fusion will hate you instantly.

      try to propose a theory that is cheaper to test and make dark matter experiments useless, and many physicist and astrophysicist will hate you.

      try to say that…. is worng to those who earn bilion of funding because they work on … and they will call you flat earther, block your publications, make campaign in media, call the government and the Pope to destroy you.

      • HS61AF91

        You are so right, Alain, thank you. Understand that stepping on the toes of established and funded academia is worse than being fried alive. Also without those open to new ideas and discoveries, we’d still be in the stone age!

      • EmTee

        That sounds very clear, so if we want LENR research, we should point to the “new” phenomenons and ask questions how to explain them, but we should strictly avoid, trying to “sell” an new technology making the old useless.

  • HS61AF91

    A good match for e-Cats, the article “This Desk-Size Turbine Produces Electricity from Carbon Dioxide and Can Power 10,000 Homes!” wherein;
    ” … General Electric (GE) Global Research has just announced the development of a prototype turbine which converts carbon dioxide into electricity. … ” ilicited a comment from me:

    All those growing flora things would not waste CO2, they’d be busy
    eating it and exhaling oxygen into our atmosphere, and its a cold day
    when the sun don’t shine, and some other means of dry ice super heating
    needs to take place. Got an idea for you. Instead of battling with the
    clouds, buy and install Dr. Rossi’s energy catalyzers (e-Cats), which
    are now proven, and now in production, to produce 6 times the energy
    than the input energy that kick-starts the process. The conversion of
    heat into electricity, using these newfangled turbines, then becomes a
    winner for all, since the e-Cats produce no fossil fuel type pollution,
    and no nuclear plant type dangerous radiation. Read all about it here,
    where apparently unscrupulous VC sponsors are trying to dodge some payments. See: ‘Cold Fusion (LENR) Verified – Inventor Sues Industrial Heat, LLC.’

  • HS61AF91

    Comment I made to the Stars&Stripes article “US conspiracy charges put spotlight on China nuclear champion” By Stephen Stapczynski, Bloomberg, Published: April 15, 2016

    All this hullabaloo about new nuclear reactors and the back and forth of accusations is about to be washed down the drain. The billions planned to be spent are about to be spent on humanity’s betterment, vice these radiating facilities. I’m referring to the proven, tested and verified advent
    of the ‘energy catalyzer’ the e-Cat developed by its inventor, Dr.
    Andrea Rossi of Lenardo Corp, and licensed to the firm Industrial
    Heat (IH), of North Carolina. For a nearly a year-long test,
    agreed between Rossi and IH, a 1MW producing e-Cat provided at least
    6 times more energy out, than went in, with no carbon or radiation
    emissions. Now that the test is over and IH needs to fork over a cool
    89 million per agreement, they balk, and is getting sued for that.
    Nevertheless, when you put in like170kW or less, and get out a cool
    1MW; it’s pretty obvious the thing works. This astounding piece of
    technology, so new that academic physicists mostly look down upon its
    reality, compares to the way the scientific world initially looked at
    the Wright Brothers and their ‘crazy’ airplane, until it flew;
    repeatedly. Where are the main stream media’s uptake on this
    development, that is about to blast it’s way into the energy market?
    You guessed it if you thought current producer interests are holding
    their bought-and-paid-for media back from spreading the word.
    Investigative reporters in the MSM are a dying breed.

    hope it helps get news about e-Cat generated some more!

  • HS61AF91

    Not one to give up advertizing E-Cat advent for the readers of the Stars&Stripes military Newspaper, I had this exchange with a concerned engineer in comment to the article:

    “Kerry: Climate change, food security key to global stability” appearing on 17 October 2015, from AP:

    ” …The stability of the world is directly linked to climate change
    and its impact on food security for billions of people, U.S. Secretary
    of State John Kerry said on Saturday. … ” You might recall the culprit
    in some small part is fossil fuel residue, industrial smog, and the
    unsafe environment around many urban centers in the world. The answer is
    moving away from energy generation using oil, coal, gas and their
    derivatives. Rather embrace the new technologies such as LENR, Plasma
    exploitation, etc., to generate the energy necessary for healthy
    civilization on this orb of ours. The stumbling block is that these new
    technologies are nearly free and profit can not come from them, as is
    now derived from oil/coal/gas based sources.

    from Concerned to me.

    2 hours ago

    LENR stands for Low Energy Nuclear Reactions, (or sometimes Lattice
    Enabled Nanoscale Reactions — also Cold Fusion) and has not been
    successfully reproduced and validated through any certified lab. There
    are many people working on it, but earlier this year I met with a
    certified calibration lab in Austin Texas, and they told me that every
    experiment that claims success at their own labs have failed when they
    attempted to reproduce their results at the certified testing lab in
    Austin. Therefore, no one can claim these new technologies are nearly
    free, you can only say they are “promising” technologies on which 100’s
    of people are still working and “hoping for success” after nearly 30
    years of research (since 1986).
    Kerry must know that the increased
    CO2 has resulted in nearly a 17% increase in food production over the
    last 30 years. Greenhouses that raise food, actually double or triple
    the amount of CO2 to speed up growth and increase the quantify of food
    produced. Therefore, the benefit gained in food production far
    outweighs any downsides due to increased CO2.

    from mw to Concerned

    7 minutes ago

    Many thanks for your concerned reply. Allow me to update some of your
    points. Dr. Andrea Rossi has put his e-Cat (LENR technology) through a
    continuous nearly one year of operation, providing heat to a undisclosed
    customer. Sometime in Spring, the allotted testing time will be done,
    and the efficiency determined by how much the e-Cat lowered the
    customer’s costs. Patent on the device was granted by the US patent
    office on 25 August 2015. The object now is to certify UL safety of the
    e-Cat, and start production in a ‘robot factory’ setting. Like the
    Wright Brothers, who were loudly disparaged for trying to fly a
    heavier-than-air craft, only to have those esteemed disparages eat their
    words, so the e-Cat will make heat, while; ” … every [LENR]
    experiment that claims success at their own labs have failed when they
    attempted to reproduce their results at the certified testing lab in
    Austin. … ” Russia, India, China, and Japan all have government funded
    LENR research, now in progress. Please consult e-Cat World on the
    internet to get a feel for the amazing work, and speculations by
    enthusiasts on LENR’s method of producing heat with mere grams of common
    substances, for a cheap energy producer. Unfortunately fuel extraction
    from the ground produces the terrible damage, the CO2 results in its
    burning, after the fracking, strip mining, oil shale processes have
    devastated the surroundings. When these e-Cat devices become common, at
    an inexpensive and attractive price, I might add, then the struggle to
    get out from under the energy industry’s controls begin.

  • Mytakeis

    not one to give up on advancing a grain of knowledge of LENR for my fellow military members, once again, comment attached to the ‘growing oil and gas rush’ in the Arctic, I wrote:

    ” … As China and Russia boost their military presence in the
    resource-rich far north, U.S. intelligence agencies are scrambling … ”
    Sounds daunting, something to spend taxpayer dollars to understand,
    with all options on the table, for all that energy producing oil and gas
    resource. Forget not an officially approved US patent on 25 August,
    provides for the production of energy without oil, gas, coal, plant
    product, or radiating atomic energy, at nearly no cost. EU also granted a
    similar patent. And on top of that Russia, China, and India all have
    government sponsored research going into its development. We are not
    even in the ‘free energy’ race! Nor is the EU. Instead we spend taxes on
    understanding the Arctic. Only private funds develop this resource in
    the USA. Our government needs to spend time and money on getting this
    product out to consumers of energy. Think of the possibilities of life
    without energy costs, and ‘unlimited’ availability.

    comment on to US builds up Arctic spy network as Russia, China increase presence By Brian Bennett and W.J. Hennigan, Tribune Washington Bureau (Tribune News Service) Published: September 7, 2015

  • Mytakeis

    In continuing injections of LENR hints into military commentary I offer this, a comment in Stars and Stripes of 28 May:

    “…defeat prompted Carter to make the startlingly frank public
    assessment last weekend that the Iraqis lacked “the will to fight.”…”
    and we seem to lack the will to leave them to their own devices. We
    destroyed/conquered one Iraq, with terrible human losses, mismanaged
    money, vain search for WMDs, and lots of destruction. Do we now act as
    though we owe or own the new one? Disparaging their ‘will to fight,’
    does our government take exception to their not appreciating all the
    blessings we’ve bestowed? Rather than fight, tuck in shirttails and
    hightail it outta there, because of our past relationship with their
    country? Seems like it. Sunnis, Shiites, Kurds, and Hebrews; swaying
    under Saudi, Iranian, Kurdistani, and Israeli pressures, makes one
    wonder what we are doing there, to begin with. Oil has long since
    relinquished its pedestal, as a national security interest. Near free
    energy (LENR, the E-cat) is about to pop its welcome head up, and
    fossilize fossil fuels.

  • mytakeis

    There is an Energy Security Summit coming up in Germany:

    “This focuses, in particular, on the geopolitical and geostrategic

    dimensions of energy security. It brings together decision-makers from the political realm
    and from industry as well as academics, scientists and civil
    society representatives. The third Energy Security Summit will be
    held on 6 and 7 May 2015 in Berlin.”


    Some advocates of LENR/E-cat might know participants (not yet named) from
    countries partial to new energy sources, who can bring LENR up, if
    encouraged to do so. I myself have no contact with such, however in
    the community that has grown around this topic, there may be persons
    so situated. Anyway, this may be an opportunity to broach the subject
    to people who can decide the course of research/development/funding
    and LENR awareness in the general public.

  • mytakeis

    OK so the Stars and Stripes finally had
    the courage to print a energy story: “New Cold War: US, Russia
    fight over Europe’s energy future” and I just had to comment like
    this: Gyrations, gyrations, lamenting the toll, but energy is not
    only oil, gas, or coal. When will it dawn on political brains, that
    little time for this hegemony of fossil fuel remains. The Saudis are
    selling everything they can, because a new form of energy near free
    they know is at hand. So bumbling bureaucracies hang on to oil as
    gold, and none recognize yet the E-cat (energy catalyzer) that soon
    will be sold. With the advent of near free energy now withing range,
    the vital interests of countries surely will change. What’s more, no
    more cause for more war.

  • mytakeis

    This comment, in the end encouraging mention of the E-cat in the president’s State of the Union Address, may be a little too political, and if so I apologize. However since I commented on an article titled; “Terrorism, cybersecurity likely to supersede military topics in State of the Union.” in the Stars and Stripes newspaper, I share it here:

    So we have a dreaming president about to address a do-nothing congress
    to state vague ideas which US citizens have been programmed to ignore
    once again. When this country runs out of borrowed money, when shale
    drilling contaminates the drinking water, when the food we eat is
    modified to poisonous quality, and when the policeman of the world sits
    back and realizes this gun has no powder, maybe the time for dreaming,
    doing nothing, and brainwashing the public will end. This land will get
    something done for itself. Intervening in the rest of the world is
    ludicrous, when you can not take care to spread the rewards of liberty
    and self advancement within you own citizenry. Terrorism, cybersecurity,
    military… Yawn, where my series, sports, and entertainment videos? On
    the other hand, – a Real good State of the Union push that people would
    embrace is to give ’em near free energy, to thrive and survive. It is
    already demonstrated/replicated, but the government remains unmotivated.
    E-cat, (energy catalyzer) people – it’s here. Where’s the enthusiasm
    for it? Lost in the Lobby.

  • georgehants

    :New Salt Compounds Challenge the Foundation of Chemistry
    “We have learned an important lesson — that even in well-defined systems,
    like sodium chloride, you can find totally new chemistry, and totally new
    and very exciting materials,” Oganov says. “It’s like discovering a new
    continent; now we need to map the land. Current rules cannot cope with this
    new chemistry. We need to invent something that will.”
    http:[email protected]/msg88116.html

  • Lamont Cranston

    I just looked back to my first Google Alert on Andrea Rossi, the date 10/25/11.
    I’ve lost all the enthusiasm I had for this technology, two years and we still
    can’t say it has been proven to work. No news from GE, Hitachi, or Samsung,
    seems like something that promises this much would bloom if it was real.
    Still hoping, Mikek

    • Hum,
      The Elforsk report (Levi&al) is a confirmation that it work, checked by 7 physicist.
      Measurement are not science, just engineering work by experts.
      Elforsk is clear about that, and this match many scientific and circumstantial evidences.

      The fact that most people are not aware of that, and that many deniers claim without anything serious, and contrary to usual reasoning, that it is not an evidence, is their psychiatric problem, not a scientific fact.

      beside E-cat, LENR is replicated since long according to the scientific method.

      the fact that most academic parrot old unproven claims, ignore most results, and critic without serious backing, is their problems. not a scientific controversy.

      we should not swallow the delusion of uninformed and biased people, even if they are the consensus.

      Moreover it is a well know phenomenon, seen many times in history of science, and there are even models and theories to explain that psychiatric problem…
      Kuhn call it “normal science”
      Benabou call its “Mutual assured Delusion”
      Taleb call that “Academic lecturing birds how to fly” and “History written by the losers [ie: Academic]”.

      no panic, LENR will be accepted 1 year after it is sold in public to a mainstream client, like Wright’s plane technology. We have to wait for sales…

      as someone says :
      “How many confirmation are needed until someone admit it is confirmed?”

      • mytakeis

        very enlightening observations, and I concur sooner than later commercially available product appears!

  • Kevmo

    Thanks for opening the forum. I could use a little bit of perspective about George Miley’s claim getting shot down. No one at Vortex responded.

    http:[email protected]/msg87874.html

    Miley: Eight Watts for 100 Seconds, Not 300 Watts Continuous

    Kevin O’Malley
    Sat, 14 Dec 2013 15:37:20 -0800

    Whatever happened to this supposedly false claim by Miley?

    Miley: Eight Watts for 100 Seconds, Not 300 Watts Continuous March
    20, 2012 x By Steven B. Krivit



    George Miley, a pioneer in the low-energy nuclear reactions field and an
    emeritus professor at the University of Illinois, made an extraordinary
    claim of excess heat on Oct. 20, 2011, at the World Green Energy Symposium
    in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

    A person who attended the symposium filmed Miley’s presentation and
    uploaded it to YouTube. At 17:57 in this
    Miley states, “At the moment, we can run continuously at levels of a few
    hundred watts.”

    *New Energy Times * spoke with Miley in December and learned that his data
    showed a peak of eight Watts of excess heat over a period of 100 seconds.
    Apparently Miley misspoke.


    *Miley:* We don’t have that in there. We’re still working on that. I don’t
    want to discuss that yet.

    [I asked the question to him a second time to make sure we were not
    misunderstanding each other. I got the same answer. I told Miley that it
    seemed inconsistent. In his e-mail, he said he had shown the data in his
    slides; now I learned that the data was not in the slides.]

    *Miley: *All we want to disclose at this time is what is in the slides.

    *Krivit: * But during your video presentation, you said you could run
    continuously at several hundred watts.

    *Miley: * That is correct, but I didn’t show the data for it.

    *Krivit: * And you have the data for that which you can show?

    *Miley: * I don’t want to show it, but let me explain this experiment.

    *Krivit: * Well, you have a major inconsistency here.


    *Krivit: * So what power does that come to?

    *Miley: * That’s 8 Watts. But this was not our run that demonstrates the
    energy. That’s why this slide is labeled “triggering an excess-heat

    [Slide 19 is actually labeled “Preliminary Excess-Heat Measurement Using
    Our Gas-Loading Calorimetry System”]

    *Krivit: * People have asked me about your claims of several hundred watts
    of excess heat. What am I supposed to tell them?

    *Miley: * Tell them that I haven’t disclosed the data and I won’t until I
    publish it in a reviewed journal and I’ve finished all the experiments. If
    I disclose it now, I’m doing it prematurely because we haven’t finished all
    the experiments.

    *Krivit: * But it sounds like a take-back because you got people all
    excited with these news stories about you getting hundreds of Watts of
    excess heat and now you’re saying this. It doesn’t sound like you’re being
    fair to people.

  • barty

    Hi Frank,

    good idea to set up a forum. But why don’t you use a normal forum software like phpbb or vbulletin (or similar free alternatives)?

    The current forum software (the plugin for wordpress) is very bad…

    greetings barty

    • barty

      As a good alternative, you could get in contact with Alain from lenr-forum.com.
      Maybe it’s possible to arrange a partnership, and you could be administrator in that forum?

      So you don’t have any technical server work and can use the forum.

    • ecatworld

      Hi Barty — Thanks for your suggestions. I’ve worked a bit with vbulletin and phpbb in the past, and have decided to go with Vanilla because I like it better. I find it easier to work with and it fits well into the existing site. Really it’s a personal preference thing.

      Best wishes, Frank

  • ecatworld

    Hi AP — I said no religious debates — i.e. arguing about religion. Religion does come up incidentally here from time to time, and I don’t see that as a problem. However, I have been on sites where people spend hours attacking someone else’s religious point of view. This would also encompass things like theist vs. atheist debates, or intelligent design vs. evolution. This is not the site for that kind of argument.

    • AstralProjectee

      OK Frank, that helps clear that up. That seems like a much different tone than above in your post. Though I am still staying away from those forums.


      • AstralProjectee

        That was funny BroKeeper. Personally speaking, I might debate religion, but I’m not going to turn it into some long pointless argument.

    • BroKeeper

      Two things you should never argue about: politics and religion. Two things are certain: death and taxes.
      So by all means don’t ever bring up the Republican view of the federal budget. Oooops there I go again. (I hear the sound of Frank cutting my wires)

  • Daniel Maris

    Good idea. No doubt I will get round to registering in due course. In the meantime RAR Energia have some more recent photos from earlier this week at the Illinois plant (scroll all the way down):


    • mytakeis

      Rudyard Kipling would have loved to tell the story of this ENGINE!