E-Cat World Forum Open

The new E-Cat World Forum is now open.

It is a place where readers can set the agenda and post on topics of interest to them. There are not too many restrictions on subject areas for discussion, so long as the forum rules are followed, which are as follows:

1. No pathoskeptical posting about cold fusion/LENR/E-Cat
2. Be respectful of other posters (no personal insults).
3. No adult content, profanity or offensive.
4. No religious debates.
5. Politics may come up, but avoid heated political arguments.
6. No trolling or spamming — avoid repeated posts on the same topic.

These rules may be added to over time. Offending posts will be deleted, and repeat offending posters may be banned.

The forum uses a third party software program (Vanilla), so you’ll have to create a login if you want to sign up. We had a forum here a while back, but it somehow got messed up when I changed hosting providers. I’m sorry to say that I have had to start from scratch.

I hope the forum might be of some use and interest to ECW readers. It may not be terribly busy as it starts up, but I hope that it will grow in activity over time. I’ll be checking in over there regularly, and look forward to the discussion there.

  • georgehants

    :New Salt Compounds Challenge the Foundation of Chemistry
    “We have learned an important lesson — that even in well-defined systems,
    like sodium chloride, you can find totally new chemistry, and totally new
    and very exciting materials,” Oganov says. “It’s like discovering a new
    continent; now we need to map the land. Current rules cannot cope with this
    new chemistry. We need to invent something that will.”
    http://www.mail-archive.com/[email protected]/msg88116.html

  • Lamont Cranston

    I just looked back to my first Google Alert on Andrea Rossi, the date 10/25/11.
    I’ve lost all the enthusiasm I had for this technology, two years and we still
    can’t say it has been proven to work. No news from GE, Hitachi, or Samsung,
    seems like something that promises this much would bloom if it was real.
    Still hoping, Mikek

    • http://www.lenrnews.eu/lenr-summary-for-policy-makers/ AlainCo

      The Elforsk report (Levi&al) is a confirmation that it work, checked by 7 physicist.
      Measurement are not science, just engineering work by experts.
      Elforsk is clear about that, and this match many scientific and circumstantial evidences.

      The fact that most people are not aware of that, and that many deniers claim without anything serious, and contrary to usual reasoning, that it is not an evidence, is their psychiatric problem, not a scientific fact.

      beside E-cat, LENR is replicated since long according to the scientific method.

      the fact that most academic parrot old unproven claims, ignore most results, and critic without serious backing, is their problems. not a scientific controversy.

      we should not swallow the delusion of uninformed and biased people, even if they are the consensus.

      Moreover it is a well know phenomenon, seen many times in history of science, and there are even models and theories to explain that psychiatric problem…
      Kuhn call it “normal science”
      Benabou call its “Mutual assured Delusion”
      Taleb call that “Academic lecturing birds how to fly” and “History written by the losers [ie: Academic]“.

      no panic, LENR will be accepted 1 year after it is sold in public to a mainstream client, like Wright’s plane technology. We have to wait for sales…

      as someone says :
      “How many confirmation are needed until someone admit it is confirmed?”

      • mytakeis

        very enlightening observations, and I concur sooner than later commercially available product appears!

  • Kevmo

    Thanks for opening the forum. I could use a little bit of perspective about George Miley’s claim getting shot down. No one at Vortex responded.

    http://www.mail-archive.com/[email protected]/msg87874.html

    Miley: Eight Watts for 100 Seconds, Not 300 Watts Continuous

    Kevin O’Malley
    Sat, 14 Dec 2013 15:37:20 -0800

    Whatever happened to this supposedly false claim by Miley?

    Miley: Eight Watts for 100 Seconds, Not 300 Watts Continuous March
    20, 2012 x By Steven B. Krivit



    George Miley, a pioneer in the low-energy nuclear reactions field and an
    emeritus professor at the University of Illinois, made an extraordinary
    claim of excess heat on Oct. 20, 2011, at the World Green Energy Symposium
    in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

    A person who attended the symposium filmed Miley’s presentation and
    uploaded it to YouTube. At 17:57 in this
    Miley states, “At the moment, we can run continuously at levels of a few
    hundred watts.”

    *New Energy Times * spoke with Miley in December and learned that his data
    showed a peak of eight Watts of excess heat over a period of 100 seconds.
    Apparently Miley misspoke.


    *Miley:* We don’t have that in there. We’re still working on that. I don’t
    want to discuss that yet.

    [I asked the question to him a second time to make sure we were not
    misunderstanding each other. I got the same answer. I told Miley that it
    seemed inconsistent. In his e-mail, he said he had shown the data in his
    slides; now I learned that the data was not in the slides.]

    *Miley: *All we want to disclose at this time is what is in the slides.

    *Krivit: * But during your video presentation, you said you could run
    continuously at several hundred watts.

    *Miley: * That is correct, but I didn’t show the data for it.

    *Krivit: * And you have the data for that which you can show?

    *Miley: * I don’t want to show it, but let me explain this experiment.

    *Krivit: * Well, you have a major inconsistency here.


    *Krivit: * So what power does that come to?

    *Miley: * That’s 8 Watts. But this was not our run that demonstrates the
    energy. That’s why this slide is labeled “triggering an excess-heat

    [Slide 19 is actually labeled "Preliminary Excess-Heat Measurement Using
    Our Gas-Loading Calorimetry System"]

    *Krivit: * People have asked me about your claims of several hundred watts
    of excess heat. What am I supposed to tell them?

    *Miley: * Tell them that I haven’t disclosed the data and I won’t until I
    publish it in a reviewed journal and I’ve finished all the experiments. If
    I disclose it now, I’m doing it prematurely because we haven’t finished all
    the experiments.

    *Krivit: * But it sounds like a take-back because you got people all
    excited with these news stories about you getting hundreds of Watts of
    excess heat and now you’re saying this. It doesn’t sound like you’re being
    fair to people.

  • barty

    Hi Frank,

    good idea to set up a forum. But why don’t you use a normal forum software like phpbb or vbulletin (or similar free alternatives)?

    The current forum software (the plugin for wordpress) is very bad…

    greetings barty

    • barty

      As a good alternative, you could get in contact with Alain from lenr-forum.com.
      Maybe it’s possible to arrange a partnership, and you could be administrator in that forum?

      So you don’t have any technical server work and can use the forum.

    • ecatworld

      Hi Barty — Thanks for your suggestions. I’ve worked a bit with vbulletin and phpbb in the past, and have decided to go with Vanilla because I like it better. I find it easier to work with and it fits well into the existing site. Really it’s a personal preference thing.

      Best wishes, Frank

  • ecatworld

    Hi AP — I said no religious debates — i.e. arguing about religion. Religion does come up incidentally here from time to time, and I don’t see that as a problem. However, I have been on sites where people spend hours attacking someone else’s religious point of view. This would also encompass things like theist vs. atheist debates, or intelligent design vs. evolution. This is not the site for that kind of argument.

    • AstralProjectee

      OK Frank, that helps clear that up. That seems like a much different tone than above in your post. Though I am still staying away from those forums.


      • AstralProjectee

        That was funny BroKeeper. Personally speaking, I might debate religion, but I’m not going to turn it into some long pointless argument.

    • BroKeeper

      Two things you should never argue about: politics and religion. Two things are certain: death and taxes.
      So by all means don’t ever bring up the Republican view of the federal budget. Oooops there I go again. (I hear the sound of Frank cutting my wires)

  • Daniel Maris

    Good idea. No doubt I will get round to registering in due course. In the meantime RAR Energia have some more recent photos from earlier this week at the Illinois plant (scroll all the way down):


    • mytakeis

      Rudyard Kipling would have loved to tell the story of this ENGINE!