Defkalion no Longer In Canada? [Update DGT Responds]

I heard a report over the weekend from someone who had called Defkalion’s office in Canada at the phone number listed on their web site as their “Main Corporate Office” (1 604 683 5555) and that the number was out of commission.I have called that number and got the same message message saying the number is no longer in service — it sounded like a standard telecom message.

So it sounds like Defkalion is no longer operating out of Canada. A response to an email inquiry last month told me that “due to our current reorganization of our R&D centers and the commissioning of a new reactor, we are not in a position to meet and or discuss anything.”

It seems that part of this reorganization is that they have left Vancouver, where they had a laboratory — but to where? If they have left Canada, I would expect that their listing on the Toronto Stock Exchange that DGT’s CEO Alex Xanthoulis probably won’t be happening now. The email said they wouldn’t be giving any more news until mid-January, so I will inquire again then.

UPDATE: Thanks to ECW reader Christopher Calder for forwarding the following E-mail from Defkalion:

“Dear Mr. Calder,

In response to your email of the 17th December 2013.
Firstly we like to thank you for the interest that you have shown in
our company and technology.

Please note that we have not moved out of Vancouver, we have not been
purchased by a larger company, we just have been going through a
reorganization stage. You can expect an official announcement from us
in the near future.

Thanking You
Best Regards &
Seasons Greetings”

  • Christopher Calder

    “On 20th of January 2014 we are starting the final stage to prepare the pre-industrial Hyperion product in our labs in Vancouver and Athens.”

    “Our offices in Vancouver were moved in the same building with our Laboratories in Vancouver with the same telephone numbers.”

    • Guy

      Do you still believe to them?
      They are just taking time.

  • Guy

    DGT office in Vancouver is off, they no longer in Canada.
    They came back to Greece.

    • tombuktu

      what you said this is in opposition to the information that Defkalion gave in the e-mail to Christopher Calder (below).
      They say that they have not moved out of Vancouver.
      What is the source of your information?
      thank you

      • not incompatible claims.
        They may just have moved to another office in Canada.

        They may also have moved part of their activities somewhere else (why not R&D in Greece or Italy, and business in Canada, or…)… journalist was saying they were reopening offices in Greece…
        If you close some activities in canada, but not all, it is logical to rent another place…

        it is also logical to ask the phone company to move the phone line to another place…
        And it seems logical to have few days of “closed line” of the phone company implement move as “closing” then “creating line with number reuse”….

      • Guy

        Direct check.

  • Frechette

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    Read more: Does Germany Owe Greece $95 Billion from World War II? – TIME,8599,2093990,00.html#ixzz2nrb4Rnqz
    The Greeks weaseled their way into the EU by cooking their books. It’s time they get off their backsides and get their fiscal house in order.

    Greek politicians also claimed that the Germans took the gold from the Greek treasury during the war. Only one problem with that myth. The British shipped it out prior to them being booted out by the Nazis. Brits stored it in London. It was returned to Greece after the war.

  • Frechette

    The bulk of the money came from the German Government not the French, the Brits. Some came from the Dutch but they were balking as one can imagine.

  • maybe moving to another office/lab….

    maybe staying in 250b ?

    maybe many things… no LENR reactor publicized for christmas!

  • Christopher Calder

    I just received an email from Defkalion. See below:


    Dear Mr. Calder,

    In response to your email of the 17th December 2013.

    Firstly we like to thank you for the interest that you have shown in our company and technology.

    Please note that we have not moved out of Vancouver, we have not been purchased by a larger company, we just have been going through a reorganization stage. You can expect an official announcement from us in the near future.

    Thanking You

    Best Regards & Seasons Greetings


    Defkalion has a very good design that does not need a chemical catalyst, which means a very long time between nickel fuel changes,…maybe years. Time will tell.

  • Bhlowe

    When I called it rang 4-5 times and
    Went to a simple voicemail for Chris or John (?)
    Not exactly what you’d expect for a multimillion dollar org but fine for a startup. I called from CA, USA.

  • Wonderboy

    Hey guys,

    I’m in Vancouver on Friday. I’ll go to the office and take some pics of the building. You can’t see much on google street view.

    • blanco69

      Yes, at least you’ll get a decent cup of coffee at the place downstairs. If you’re up for some detective work, ask the waiter if he’s seen any guys in white lab coats throwing plates around.

  • Bhlowe

    The phone number is back in service. Do not panic.

  • Frechette

    Look at the Greek government dept. That tells the whole story. Why should German tax payers be required to retire at age 67 yet Greeks retire at age 52. I’ve visited Greece. Folks sit around all day playing cards and drinking.

    • TheTruthIsOutThere

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  • Frechette

    War reparations to Greece were paid back in the 1950s. Both parties signed on the dotted line. End of story. Get your history straight before writing remarkable nonsense.

  • Omega Z

    All we can do is wait for more info.

    However, If you want to have some Fun Speculation—
    1. The TAR sands Companies bought them out, Thus much cheaper Extraction of Oil & protecting their future oil sales.
    2. OPEC- Nuff Said.
    3. World Governments protecting their Tax Revenues.
    4. CERN- Protecting their Theories.
    5. Hot Fusionists with your Tax Dollars. With LENR out of the way they can get more.
    6. My Favorite- IRAN, They want to use it’s Energy to stabilize the Multi-verse or Multiple Dimensions. Seems when they Launch a Monkey into space, they tend to get a different one back. Size, Color, Species– 🙂

    • Iggy Dalrymple

      1. Got mired in a Tar Baby.

    • Fortyniner

      The Iranian monkeys are probably from parallel universes, due to minor phase variations in the dilithium crystals of their gravitic drives.

  • E_man

    What about Peter Gluck or Mats Lewan opions about DGT?

    I do not want to bombard them, but may be they will answer to Frank ?!

  • NCkhawk

    They still have not paid their web page bill – the docs link under “Technology” all lead to an “Account Suspended” message. Its been that way for months. They may be done for.

  • Curbina

    I hope is not what I think it is: not money to even pay for the phone service.

  • Johnny English

    The linkedin status of John hadjicristos and the italian lot at Mose
    still remains firmly defkalion.. Surprising since if it was all bullshit
    the players would do themselves a favor cleaning Defkaion off of any
    linkedin profile they might have. Although tensions were so tight in
    Canada its surprising Hadjicristos is still there. Praxon was
    hemorrhaging money, Not helped by the cyprus money grab. I suspect the
    tech is valid, but the business plan is not. Sociopaths don’t listen to
    sound advice. They just take advantage of our good nature.

  • CanadaMiss

    I believe I read somewhere that the Greek government offered them incentives to move back. That was probably the reason they moved to Canada to begin with.

    • Frechette

      Greek government incentives indirectly paid for by the German tax payer.

      • fritz194

        … better than german tax payers finance german weapons bought from greece ;-)))

        • Frechette

          You can’t be serious. What Greek weapons?

      • Stanny Demesmaker

        The bailout of greece had everything to to with the bailout ot the german banks, nothing with helping the greek people.

        • Frechette

          The bailout had everything to do with too much Greek government dept. Wealthy Greeks not paying taxes by making use of loop holes and declaring their real income.

          • Stanny Demesmaker

            Where did that loaned money come from? From mostly german and french banks. They should have done a big debt jubilee. If you loan someone money who can’t pay it back, that’s also your problem.
            The point I wanted to make was they had to bailout greece, to bailout their banks. 90 % of the bailout money went to rich investors.They could care less of the greek people.

            • Frechette

              Greece should never have been let in the EU. The Greek Government cooked the books with the help of Goldman Sachs to make its financial state look better than it actually was. If a corporation pulled such a fraud the officers of the company would be jailed.
              Greece hasn’t had a balanced budget since the 1800s.
              The banks that loaned them money took a big hit, somewhere around 50 cents on the dollar.
              Last I heard just the other day is that the Greek government will need another injection of capital from the EU. That means transfer of money from the EU members to Greece. The original EU Maastrich Treaty was not negotiated to be a Transfer Union.
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  • Christopher Calder

    Or, they could have just gotten a new phone number.

    • Tovima journalist found they were reopening their offices in Greece…
      Maybe they get back home…

      or it is bad news, or merging, or moving to Shangaï, or to Rio…