LENR Cars CEO Responds to Investor Questions

A few weeks ago we covered the LENR Cars pitch to be selected as a finalist in the Future Energy contest from Ultra Light Startups. The application process involves the ability to respond to questions from potential investors, and LENR Cars CEO Nicolas Chauvin has provided some additional information about his company in responses posted here.

When asked about whether LENR Cars has built a prototype LENR system, Chauvin responds:

“Yes, We have built 3 prototypes of 2 different kinds:
– 1 with an electrolytic process where hydrogen is extracted from water
– 2 with gaseous hydrogen at low pressure (30 psi)

We are currently building a third type of design based on nickel nano-powder and hydrogen at medium pressure (150 psi).

Currently, we can produce between 10-15 Watt from the reaction for more than one month in a continuous and stable manner.
With the new design, we expect to scale the power up between 500W and 1kW.

We are also collaborating with other teams in the US that have similar or better results. And we are sharing some ideas.”

Also, when asked about customers LENR Cars has consulted for, he says there are 5 that customers that have paid for consulting services in the LENR field:

– “Confidential”: a large European industrial company (under NDA, we cannot mention them).
– SIG: a Swiss utility company
– Moravsky Vyzkum: a Czech high tech robotics and energy company
– Quantum Heat: a partner company developing this technology in collaboration with us
– Transaltec: a Swiss company organizing conferences

Below is a short video pitch from Nicolas Chauvin for the Future Energy contest.

  • Bob Greenyer

    To clarify a few points as far as the MFMP is concerned, there maybe some supposition or lost in translation issues here so we wish to be very clear.

    1. We will not sign an NDA that prevents us from publishing our experiments.
    2. We will not sign an NDA that locks out technology developed as part of the MFMPs collaborative efforts.
    3. The Steel and Glass cells are owned and fully paid for by the MFMP, donations of its members time and money.
    4. We have not paid for consulting services from LENR CARS, Nicolas Chauvin has generously donated time and resources to help construct and operate the S&G cells on behalf of the project.
    5. We have seen repeatable results.
    6. We are diligently and scientifically working on remaining outstanding questions.

    We will summarise our results over the weekend which will include some exciting news from Celani that supports the level of apparent results we have seen.

  • bachcole

    I can’t tell if they have a working LENR+ device or if this is all future-ware. Same with everything else.

  • tombuktu

    Does that mean that they are developing an own lenr-device instead of using one of the upcoming devices?

    • Omega Z

      They are working with Francesco Celani who is also associated with quantum heat among others.

      • Sanjeev

        Perhaps he is talking about the Celani setup which produces up to 20W excess ?
        If it were their own, it would have solved the problem for quantumheat/mfmp by now.

        • Daniel Maris

          You need about 30,000 watts to run a car I think…rather puts it in perspective: 29,980 to go.

  • Mr. Moho

    How come that whenever experimenters “go confidential” they manage to achieve positive results?
    Wasn’t Chauvin once a member of the quantumheat.org team?

    Currently, we can produce between 10-15 Watt from the reaction for more than one month in a continuous and stable manner.

    With the new design, we expect to scale the power up between 500W and 1kW.

    Do the guys at quantumheat.org need to “go confidential” too to finally achieve positive results?
    Are they not allowed to obtain the knowledge needed to make working LENR devices because of their openness?

    • Gerrit

      Obviously you haven’t had the experience of working in a tech company. When discussing future possible joint development, the first thing that comes on the table is an NDA.

      You should conclude the other way around that those companies that didn’t need to sign an NDA probably didn’t go into detail.

  • Gerrit

    That is the pay off we have earned for voting LENR cars to #1 position. Thank you all and enjoy

    • Fortyniner

      The have apparently successfully confirmed LENR in some prototype setups – but they seem to have a long way to go for a usable power unit. Rossi, Brillouin and possibly DGT are light years ahead but of course have all disappeared into nda-land. When LENR Cars briefly announce their partnership with some corporate giant, then go silent, we’ll know that they have managed to develop something useful too.

      • tombuktu

        check out N.Chauvin at ICCF18 :http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZRm1N1LPibY
        One of the slides shows the cooperating partners.Defkalion, Leonardo,Celani are shown.
        I think they will use the technology of one of their cooperatiing partners.

      • Conrad Goodger

        You won’t need many watts to run an electric car. As long as its constantly recharging your battery, hey and stable…

        • I’ve computed that peak power of a car was about 50kW, but probably 10kW was enough…

          question is how much is consumed by a travel of 10h on the highway