Rossi: Preparing Next Generation of E-Cat Developers

There was a time when Andrea Rossi was the only person on the earth who knew the secrets of the E-Cat. He talked about having documents containing those secrets deposited with his attorneys that could be opened in the event of his untimely demise to keep his knowledge from disappearing.

Things have changed completely now, it seems. Rossi says he has sold his IP to the new American partner and now he is talking about transmitting his knowledge to a new generation of researchers. I asked him on the Journal of Nuclear Physics if, in addition to doing R & D on the E-Cat, if his chief scientist duties involved any kind of training program.

Rossi responded: “Yes, I am teaching all I can to the persons that in the next future will have to make better than I did. I am discovering that I like teaching.”

I’m glad to hear it. The more widely the information is disseminated the better, I think. It’s likely that with more people involved, new insights will be gathered and greater refinement of the technology can take place. They say that good leaders are always preparing their own replacements, and maybe that was part of the agreement when Rossi signed on with the new partner.

  • Buck

    Frank, you indicate that Rossi has sold his IP to his Partner. Does your research show that Rossi is prepared to go out on his own if his Partner chooses by whatever means to effectively withhold the LENR technology from the market?

    • ecatworld

      I’ve asked him this question, and Rossi’s reply is basically that he and the partner are on the same wavelength and share the same philosophy, which involves bringing this technology to the world to make energy less expensive and widely available. We have to wait and see what their plans for this are.

  • Marc Ellenbroek

    I hope you are right Frank. Rossi’s knowhow in the hands of a company (probably governed by the ‘capital’) does not guarantee the spread of knowledge. I would have preferred that Rossi had put his knowledge at a safe place on the web that would be published if something happens to him.