The Dark Underbelly of Amazing Technology

I have been doing some sobering reading today in regards to the ways that the latest and greatest technology that is emerging is being put to use in nefarious and destructive ways. A leading writer and speaker who is bringing attention to the problems of having advanced technologies in the hands of criminals and terrorists is Marc Goodman, who advises law enforcement agencies, governments and businesses in the areas of security in the light of technological developments.

In a post written last month on the TED blog, Goodman looks in particular at the use of drones by criminals, and provides some examples of how law enforcement is a step behind them in countering some of their current tactics. He writes:

Criminals have also been using drones to circumvent our current security paradigms. Prisons use tall, often electric, fences to isolate criminals for public safety. In Brazil, organized crime gangs used drones to fly cell phones and other contraband right over the fences. Modern security design is failing to keep pace with the flying robots.

Of course it’s not just criminals that are taking on government institutions with drones. In September 2013, members of the Pirate Party in Germany rapidly flew a drone directly towards Chancellor Angela Merkel as she delivered a speech. The stunt was a prank and the drone landed harmlessly a few feet away from her, but what if it had been armed with an explosive device?

Technology itself is neutral, but it provides people with tools to extend their influence for good or ill. We talk a lot about the benefits that new inventions can bring, and we want to see them disseminated far and wide tor the good of all. But Goodman points out that technology can make criminal and terror organizations very powerful and it seems that these days that it is becoming much harder for militaries and law enforcement agencies to counter their new strategies and tactics. It’s almost like a new arms race is underway with each side trying to keep a step ahead of each other.

Goodman speaks a lot about such technologies as mobile communications, drones, biological weapons, robotics, etc. — but has not yet addressed the possible problems that technologies such as the E-Cat could add to the picture. As individuals desire a cheap, powerful distributed energy source to improve quality of life, and enhance individual freedom, we can also see how attractive it would be for organized crime and terrorist groups who want to maintain their own independent energy sources which could extend their power bases.

I almost hate to bring up this topic because the implications are quite disturbing, but I think it is almost certainly an area that will receive wide discussion in the halls of power and media when the time comes that people recognize that LENR is a viable and superior power source. I think that realization will spark major debates in which security issues will be raised. I expect the debate will echo in many ways the current one over cyber security in which revolves around the issues of personal freedom vs. crime fighting. Where it will all end up is impossible to say.

Below is a video of Marc Goodman speaking at a 2012 TED conference on “A vision of crimes in the future.”

  • Frechette

    Thanks for backing up my position.

  • bachcole

    Someone might want to go here, listen, and make comments: I couldn’t stand it for too long. It is best to start at 11:23.

    • ecatworld

      Thanks for posting, Roger. It’s an interesting discussion. The interviewee, Pamela Gay, is well informed, and allows that theoretically LENR could happen, but doesn’t believe that palladium-deuterium mechanism worked, and that Pons and Fleischmann were making some mistakes. She is more interested in the cavitation method.

      Rossi, E-Cat, or Nickel-Hydrogen did not come up.

      • bachcole

        Frank, you have my heartfelt thanks for giving me a synopsis. If I spend 19 months of intense focus trying to decide if something is true or false, I emotionally don’t need an intelligent person telling me that I am wrong once I have made my decision. (:->)

    • Alan DeAngelis

      Should we ignore the isotopic shifts in Tadahiko Mizuno’s palladium cathodes that gave off huge amounts of heat or should we believe Pamela Gay?

      • Alan DeAngelis

        Pardon me. Should we ignore the isotopic shifts in Tadahiko
        Mizuno’s palladium cathodes that gave off huge amounts of heat and believe Pamela Gay?

        Should we believe Tadahiko Mizuno or Pamela Gay?

        • bachcole

          Simple. Believe the person who is actually looking at the phenomena and has a career to lose and not the person who is repeating what other people are saying and who has nothing to lose saying it.

        • GreenWin

          It is rather astonishing the level of cognitive dissonance adopted by orthodox scientists. It’s as though someone made a phone call and warned – any support or discussion of successes in LENR will result in immediate suspension of grant funds. But how will Pamela Gay apply for tenure with her refusal to read or discuss the work of hundreds of CF scientists, Rossi or the Elforsk-Levi paper. It is an embarrassment to Southern Illinois University and all of academia.

    • Alan DeAngelis

      “If they can get you asking the wrong questions, they don’t
      have to worry about answers.”

      Gravity’s Rainbow

      Just what are they fusing at the National Ignition Facility?
      It’s not deuterium-deuterium fusion (the original goal for hot fusion in the
      1950s). It’s deuterium-tritium fusion. The tritium is made from the neutron
      activation of lithium-6 in a conventional nuclear reactor. So, they would still
      need conventional nuclear reactors for NIF to work. Who’s scamming whom?

  • Job001

    The underbelly correlates with monopoly behaviors; IP misuse, lobby government manipulation and excess profit extraction, not to be negative. Limiting parasite cost is always the issue, big smart parasite big control problem.

  • GreenWin

    LENR will introduce the concept of abundance to present and next generations. Without the fear of resource scarcity, and a global rise in standards of living – excuses for wars and conflict (aside from SiriusMan’s pathological power mongers) will diminish. But power mongers have infiltrated society at all levels and their most effective weapon is fear. In particular, fear of entire races of people, present day boogymen, sorcerers and witches. Without these “evil doers” the warbucks traders would have no business. So, even in an abundant society, some will manufacture fear and scarcity in order to retain power.

    Here for example is a peer-reviewed analysis of ultra-high tech composites found at the WTC disaster site:

    In view of the Dark Underbelly of Amazing Tech, this is disturbing.

  • bitplayer

    Contemporary surveillance and computational capability makes it possible to track the daily actions of every single human being on the planet (except for the ones who choose to spend all their time indoors or underground, and with the little flying and crawling micro-robots, I wouldn’t be too sure about those). It just has to be wired up.

    My local toy hobby shop has quad rotor drones with hi def cameras starting at $99. The $500 model did not look like it was designed for the same entertainment value as flying a kite.

    Public safety has a very large constituency. The American West was not settled by sheriffs so much as by the townspeople who hired them.

    “we will not only defend ourselves to the uttermost but will make it very certain that this form of treachery –shall never again endanger us–.” Roosevelt, December 8, 1941. Which is why the US has aircraft carrier battle fleets all over the globe.

    After 9/11 the US doubled down. Which is why we have drones and spy scandals.

    If needed, the US will double down again, even if it means giving up the last stitches of personal privacy, and taking away everyone else’s in the process.

    The issue isn’t privacy, anyway. It’s the fact that governments criminalize too many things and/or act like criminals themselves. If there is total transparency, there will be no where for the criminals, crazies and corrupt government officials to hide.

    The remaining challenge will be to de-fang the government of its archaic, religion-based morality laws.

    As for the nosy neighbors, well, they can turn their heads.

    • Frechette

      Oh please don’t quote FDR. That SOB provoked the Japanese to fire the first shot so that he could enter WWII in Europe through the back door. To add insult to injury he placed the blame for the fiasco on the Navy and Army at Pearl instead of the folks back in Washington who knew of the impending attack but didn’t warn the commanders in the field. Over 2,000 US servicemen were sacrificed yet some court historians today still claim the end justifies the means.

      • bachcole

        Oh, please, you’re killing me. Is this the WWII version there being TPTB (The Powers That Be), a nefarious cabal of meanie heads, who are all powerful and control everything and I am such a victim, poor me.

        • Frechette

          Normally I don’t respond to commentators writing remarkable nonsense. In your case I’ll make an exception: Check out for starters “Day of Deceit” by Robert Stinnett.
          Stinnett was a Signal Intelligence Officer at the time of the attack on Pearl Harbor. The US as well as the UK had broken the Japanese Diplomatic and Naval codes. Washington i.e. FDR was well aware of the impending attack but did not warn the commanders on the ground. Churchill knew in advance of what was coming but it is unclear from the British archives available to historians whether he warned FDR or not. Churchill was ready to sell his soul to drag the US into the European conflict. At the end it cost him the Empire. Prior to Pearl the US although officially neutral was waging an undeclared war against German submarines in the Atlantic. In any case Churchill and FDR were in constant communication even before Churchill became Prime Minister. Read the Tyler Kent Affair and educate yourself.

          • bachcole

            Yours is the nonsense, written by unbalanced people with psychological problems who want to twist history into making someone, like FDR, the “President”, or the United States of America, look bad.

            • Omega Z

              I agree Roger.
              Most people see the U.S. as always being Powerful, but prior to WW II, Most of the World considered the U.S. to be a 2nd Rate Regional Power. Only a Few Exceptions realized it’s full potential.

              And Exterminating Sub-Human races/nations such as Japan & Hitler tried to practice was not an exception, but a historical Norm retaining only a controllable portion of them to do the biding of the Rulers.

              Give me a Nation of downtrodden Economically suppressed starving people & I can Raise an Army to do my bidding with promises of improving their lot.”Hitler/Stalin”
              Give Me a Nation of high Economic standards & I become just another Fanatic to be locked up.
              LENR Can Change the World mentality…

              • Frechette

                That’s why FDR had Japanese Americans put in concentration camps and seize their property during WWII. Are those the down trodden you’re referring to? Who invented the name Rag Heads, or Gooks or Yellow Peril in conflicts past? In a war the adversary has to be made less than human be they Germans, Japanese, or the other. Depends what side you’re on.

            • Frechette

              Weren’t the communists the ones who smeared people as having psychological problems that refused to follow the Party line?

              • bachcole

                Lots of different political viewpoints have done that. Just because the Communists do that does not mean that your perspective of blaming the USA for WWII is not agenda driven. Just because Mussolini got the trains running on time does not mean that it is not a good thing to get the trains running on time. (:->)

                Anyway, it would have been GROSSLY immoral for FDR to avoid a fight with Hitler and the Japanese militarists.

            • Frechette

              You forgot to accuse me of being unpatriotic

          • Omega Z

            Your Knowledge of History is astounding?

            Japan had been building their Fleet/Military for a dozen years with full intent to confront the U.S.. FDR’s demand that they remove their troops from China & other Countries was a trigger that Japan depended on. Tho they had hoped it would be a little later then when it happened.

            The attack on Pearl was a forgone conclusion & had been in planning for well over a year. This was not just an Airstrike. It’s full scope included a full occupation of Hawaii. The Shuffling/positioning of the Japanese fleet had been ongoing for months. This was Not a last minute Plan as you would imply. Even the U.S. with all it’s capabilities today took a full 6 months to prepare for the Iraq War. It took Far Longer for Japan to plan the attack on Pearl.

            The U.S had broken only a “couple” of more then a dozen of Japanese Codes, But I’ll Give you this. The U.S. Did know it was coming. Only the Date was unknown.

            Note: Few people realize that the Air attack was only the 1st wave. Two obstacles prevented the full Invasion. The U.S Carriers were absent/destroyed at Pearl. Their unknown where about was of Major concern & a likely deterrent to the Invasion Phase.
            2nd. Admiral Yamamoto was of a Samari Honor Code & The Attack started 5 minutes prior to the Official declaration of War. In His Eyes, This was Dishonorable & Ordered a Full withdrawal of his forces.

            But Know this, His Fleet did contain all the necessities for a full invasion had he not considered the attack of a dishonorable start & the Carriers had been destroyed at Pearl. Also Note that a Second Japanese Fleet was only a couple hundred miles behind the Attack Fleet with additional Invasion forces had it taken place. Hawaii would have been the Staging point for the intended West Coast invasion to follow.

            What You & Others don’t seem to understand is This. Prior to Pearl Harbor-
            The U.S. was not some big Bad Azz World Power Spoiling for a Fight. It had serious Passive Tendencies with thoughts of 2 Large Oceans Isolating it from the World War Mongers.

            Britain, Germany, Japan, Russia all thought of the U.S. as a 2nd Rate World power, More a Regional power to be dealt with at a latter date.
            Only a Few People in the World who had spent time living here & some schooled here recognized it’s Full Potential. Hitler for 1 who was upset that Japan had prematurely brought the U.S. to full involvement. He had hoped to have Russia & Britain defeated & a Joint attack of the U.S by Germany & Japan.
            Another was Admiral Yamamoto(The Master Planner of Pearl) who had spent much of his career trying to persuade the Japanese Hierarchy that attacking the U.S was fool hardy.

            And Contrary to what we see around us today, The World has Actually been in a Historically Peaceful Period since the End of WW II. Learn Your History.

            • bachcole

              Freshette is not interesting in learning history. He/she is interested only in blaming America for of the world’s ills. I guess he/she had a rough time in middle school.

            • Frechette

              You obviously didn’t read Stinnet’s book “Day of Deceit” . Ignorance is bliss.
              As expected not a single reference to back up your claims. Your screed reads like a typical regurgitation of what US court historians have been brainwashing the public with since end of WWII.

              Maybe the reference “Freedom Betrayed: Herbert Hoover’s History of the Second World War and Its Aftermath” Edited by historian George Nash will help unless of course you persist in maintaining your state of ignorance.

              In the summer of 1941 Japan found itself in the following situation:

              Bogged down in a four year war in China she could neither win nor end, having moved into French Indochina, Japan saw herself as near the end of her tether.

              Inside the government was a powerful faction led by Prime Minister Prince Fumimaro Konoye that desperately did not want a war with the United States.

              The “pro-Anglo-Saxon” camp included the navy, whose officers had fought alongside the U.S. and Royal navies in World War I, while the war party was centered on the army, Gen. Hideki Tojo and Foreign Minister Yosuke Matsuoka, a bitter anti-American.

              On July 18, 1941, Konoye ousted Matsuoka, replacing him with the “pro-Anglo-Saxon” Adm. Teijiro Toyoda.

              The U.S. response: On July 25, we froze all Japanese assets in the United States, ending all exports and imports, and denying Japan the oil upon which the nation and empire depended.

              Stunned, Konoye still pursued his peace policy by winning secret support from the navy and army to meet FDR on the U.S. side of the Pacific to hear and respond to U.S. demands.

              U.S. Ambassador Joseph Grew implored Washington not to ignore Konoye’s offer, that the prince had convinced him an agreement could be reached on Japanese withdrawal from Indochina and South and Central China. Out of fear of Mao’s armies and Stalin’s Russia, Tokyo wanted to hold a buffer in North China.

              On Aug. 28, Japan’s ambassador in Washington presented FDR a personal letter from Konoye imploring him to meet.

              Tokyo begged us to keep Konoye’s offer secret, as the revelation of a Japanese prime minister’s offering to cross the Pacific to talk to an American president could imperil his government.

              On Sept. 3, the Konoye letter was leaked to the Herald-Tribune.

              On Sept. 6, Konoye met again at a three-hour dinner with Grew to tell him Japan now agreed with the four principles the Americans were demanding as the basis for peace. No response.

              On Sept. 29, Grew sent what Hoover describes as a “prayer” to the president not to let this chance for peace pass by.

              On Sept. 30, Grew wrote Washington, “Konoye’s warship is ready waiting to take him to Honolulu, Alaska or anyplace designated by the president.”

              No response. On Oct. 16, Konoye’s cabinet fell.

              In November, the U.S. intercepted two new offers from Tokyo: a Plan A for an end to the China war and occupation of Indochina and, if that were rejected, a Plan B, a modus vivendi where neither side would make any new move. When presented, these, too, were rejected out of hand.

              At a Nov. 25 meeting of FDR’s war council, Secretary of War Henry Stimson’s notes speak of the prevailing consensus: “The question was how we should maneuver them (the Japanese) into … firing the first shot without allowing too much danger to ourselves.”

              “We can wipe the Japanese off the map in three months,” wrote Navy Secretary Frank Knox.

              As Grew had predicted, Japan, a “hara-kiri nation,” proved more likely to fling herself into national suicide for honor than to allow herself to be humiliated

              Out of the war that arose from the refusal to meet Prince Konoye came scores of thousands of U.S. dead, Hiroshima, Nagasaki, the fall of China to Mao Zedong, U.S. wars in Korea and Vietnam, and the rise of a new arrogant China that shows little respect for the great superpower of yesterday.

              If you would know the history that made our world, spend a week with Mr. Hoover’s book.
              This outline of Hoover’s book was published on the net not long ago by Patrick Buchanan. He has written several books on WWII. What have you done?
              My point is that FDR wanted to go to war in Europe. He had promised as much to Churchill prior to him actually becoming Prime Minister. Ref: Tyler Kent Affair. Kent was working in the US Embassy in London as a cypher clerk and read the diplomatic traffic between FDR and Churchill. That in itself was enough to have FDR impeached had it become public. Kent was arrested by the British prior to him blowing the whistle just as the current Snowden. After his arrest he had a secret trial in the UK and ended up in prison till the end of the war. Although Kent was part of the diplomatic staff he was not afforded diplomatic immunity.
              To keep his promise to Churchill FDR had a problem in that the US public was in no mood to fight a war in Europe. FDR needed to change public opinion by provoking Hitler to fire the first shot. He ordered US Navy war ships to attack German submarines in the Atlantic as well as reporting their location to the British Navy this at a time when the US was officially neutral. Hitler didn’t take the bait. What to do? Japan was Germany’s ally so he provoked the Japanese to fire the first shot thereby getting into the European war by the back door.
              You claim there has been peace since WWII. yet you conveniently forget 40 years of Eastern European occupation by the USSR, the Korean war, Vietnam, the fall of China, not to mention the Cold War. The genesis for this was FDR’s bankrupt foreign policy starting with the lie that US boys would not be sent overseas. A promise he made during his election campaign.

              • bachcole

                Freshette, although our relationship has been warming, there is no way that I am going to read the longest comment I have ever seen in a blog saying that my current paradigm is wrong.

                This illustrates why people aren’t turning onto LENR+ in droves. There is no freaking conspiracy, or at least no significant conspiracy. People are NOT going to study even a few hours something that will potentially disrupt their paradigm. It has got to be burned fingers and/or Home Depot sales for most people. I believe that it was 49er who said that they could learn to love LENR+ in 5 to 8 hours. This is not going to happen for most people. I probably wouldn’t study something for 5 hours that was within my paradigm.

                So, your typing is not wasted, Freshette. I hope that you are not hurt and angry. It nicely illustrates why the E-Cat has not yet taken off.

      • GreenWin

        Here is Joseph McDonald’s story about Ft. Shafter Information Center radar spotting the air raid nearly an hour before it got to Pearl:

        • Frechette

          Thank you for the link.

        • bachcole

          So what?!?! And the dude sent the message and the guy receiving the message was told by his commander that it was probably the wing coming in from Seattle so don’t worry about it. Coming from Seattle would not have been very far off from coming from the Japanese Fleet. Radar and that station was brand new. People on the ground weren’t expecting anything. That is why it was called a surprise attack. Perspective and expectation is everything.

          But some people want to rewrite history to satisfy their own agendas, which are usually psychological agendas.

  • Private Citizen

    Yes, every coin has two sides. It is rational and reasonable to discuss the dark side of LENR, although there are those in this forum calling for the head of anyone who ever dares doubt or disparage.

    LENR can do great good, bringing benefits of low cost energy to the masses. Given an energy source orders of magnitude more concentrated than dynamite, someone is bound to find a way to exploit that for harm. Those whose rational bias cannot tolerate this fact will convince themselves otherwise.

    That said, we use plenty of very dangerous technologies right now, with a tolerable level of abuse. I’m more inclined to picture myself with a nice little HotCat space heater/water heater this chilly morning than picture the tech being so well understood and simple that small time terrorists can exploit a pure self-sustaining reaction to extort entire cities (how scalable is LENR, why stop a 5 grams of powder?). Sure, the worst it can do at present is melt a pipe. When understood, it will be fully optimized.

    The dark side is worth considering–and mitigating if possible.

    Looking forward to the 2014 ride.

    • roseland67

      Private Citizen,

      The “coin”, like most stories, actually has 3 sides,
      his side, her side and somewhere in the middle of them usually, the truth.

  • Elvis Concept

    It’s difficult to imagine a darker underbelly than our current energy industry. The destruction of the environment, the polluting of the oceans, the rising of the oceans, the money made from filling my gas tank that goes to support worldwide terrorism and covert religious wars in the middle east. That underbelly is about as dark as it gets.

  • bachcole

    Which just happen to be the exact same laws, “suggestions”, and pointers from Hinduism, Buddhism, Zoroastrianism, Sufism, Jainism, Sikhism, etc. etc. etc. What a co-incidence!!!

    • Fortyniner

      Unfortunately the psychopathic mind typically rejects all external ‘rules’ including religious tenets, in favour of personal gratification. This tends to confer a social advantage in that they are not limited as others are by any constraints on their behaviour, other than the need to avoid retaliatory actions.

  • bachcole

    One would think that someone with the handle “AstralProjectee” would be a hairy-fairy unicorn thinking politically correct lefty. I guess not. I agree with your most excellent grasp of reality, AstralProjectee. There is one terrorist tsunami in this world that dwarfs all other terrorist groups and movements. I need not mention it’s name because we all know what it is, even if some of us are trying hard to deny it. And it’s members commit acts of horrible terrorism in the name of it’s religion.

    • Bernie Koppenhofer

      Republican Party? (: (:

      • bachcole

        Clarity of thought.

    • AstralProjectee

      bachcole: “One would think that someone with the handle “AstralProjectee” would be a hairy-fairy unicorn thinking politically correct lefty. I guess not.”

      Hahaha I wouldn’t fit into one one particular group with my beliefs which are very spiritual, yet still very practical. Thanks for noticing.

      BTW for the record sake “if I see a unicorn in the astral or my dreams I will know that my mind created it, and it’s not real” 😉

      And BTW I I like airy-fairy better than “hairy-fairy” 😉

      Other than that I am glad to see that I am not the only here that sees it the way I do.

      And to throw a monkey wrench into the whole thing lets start by legalizing drugs and taking the power out of the terrorists groups. 🙂


      • AstralProjectee

        OK maybe just some drugs to start. 😉

  • bachcole

    Remember, Frank, Marc Goodman is going to emphasize the negative (1) because his nose is rubbed in evil every day because of his career choice, and (2) because emphasizing the negative enhances the importance of his career choice and thus potentially his income.

    • ecatworld

      Of course those points should be noted — and I don’t think you should hold back any potentially beneficial technology because of the fear of negative consequences. But we should also be aware of the downsides and explore ways about how they can be dealt with.

  • bachcole

    As I have said NUMEROUS times on this and other forums, LENR will reduce the amount of suffering based upon the non-fulfillment of real needs, and it will increase the suffering based upon the expansion of desires. And with regard to human nature, it will do exactly ZIP to improve it. It will, however, give breathing space for people to contemplate the fact that their own “human nature” will become more loving, considerate, responsible, wise, and happy if they will but work at it in concert with well known spiritual principles and spiritual personages.

  • Fortyniner

    The mis-use (and in some case the ‘proper’ use) of flying drones will easily be countered by directed EMP weapons, and these will be developed and deployed wherever problems develop (such as at borders and any other defended perimeters). Of course, they will also be used by criminals wishing to bring down drone aircraft carrying anything of value (although for small drone vehicles a shotgun might do almost as well!). I would imagine that many militaries are currently developing high powered EMP weapons designed to bring down spy drones and automated/remote weapons platforms.

    Other developments that could threaten state power but can’t be directly physically countered, such as nuclear fission, explosives and personal firearms, are usually controlled by prohibition and physical enforcement, and I would expect to see a similar approach applied to various potentially disruptive technologies such as domestic cold fusion, high powered lasers, sonic and EMP neurological weapons, and similar.

    This kind of development-countermeasure pairing has been going on forever and will continue to do so for the forseeable future. Depending on the nature of political power (all too frequently in the hands of psychopaths as Siriusman has mentioned) enforcement of such prohibitions may not be in the interests of the population, but rather, directed towards maintenance of centralised power. One of my book recommendations in the previous thread (Pavane, Keith Roberts) seems quite aposite in this respect.

    • GreenWin

      High resolution radar will provide ample scanning of drone airspace… Until drones go stealth. Then more gadgetry will counter stealth and aerospace industry will remain busy. Since a vast majority of people imprisoned are for drug-related crimes – a review of success/failure of the “war on drugs” would help IMO.

  • bachcole

    Human beings have a dark underbelly, and so they will use whatever technology that is available to do their nefarious deeds. These evil doers won’t stop until (1) we stop them, or (2) they realize that they are mostly hurting themselves in the final analysis.

  • Christopher Calder

    Drones would be a great way to smuggle drugs. That use is much more credible than using drones to deliver packages.

    • bachcole

      It is such a great way to smuggle drugs that I would not be the least bit surprised if it started being done a few years ago.

  • AstralProjectee

    Man Frank I brought up this same issue with you a long time ago, and you didn’t want me to say anything. Only difference is that I used the word term Muslim extremists, you use the word terrorists. But whatever same thing in the real world. Even I agreed at the time that any terrorist activity would could be a greater threat with such a technology. You said something like I didn’t want e-catworld becoming political, or religious, or something like that. But my premise was still the same as yours here.

    We all make mistakes.


    • ecatworld

      Yes, I don’t want to get into religion bashing here.

  • BroKeeper

    Can society ever be safe from negative spirit possessing high tech devices? Is LENR completely nuclear safe? Perhaps, but do we know all we can about LENR and its imitations?

    Things to consider: Size of catalyst. How small can particle size be achieved to maximum surface area for particle reactions? What best combinations of hydrogen/deuterium gas per metallic isotopes have yet to be explored? What PSI and pulse compressions, electromagnetic or supersonic, have yet to be tested to create maximum efficiency?
    Are we sure all maximized variables coupled with very high runaway heat spikes would not bring it to criticality or high radioactivity? (I’m sure Rossi is considering everything.)

    Does this mean we should not pursue high COP LENR devices? No (as if we can exercise a
    choice), but it is imperative to understand the consequences from such society changing technologies. Many historical devices have improved quality of life but the same have cost tens of millions of lives. We often conclude LENR is relatively safe now – yes, for now, but it may come to the morbid judgment of ratios of life-saving verses life-taking scenarios we are willing to accept?
    We must remind ourselves knowledge is not wisdom.

    • Brokeeper

      imitations = limitations. (I miss the spelling checker) 🙂

  • Karl

    The many gowernments in the world are obviously the ones leading the game of creating weapons from new innovations. Other conventional criminals are just coming shortly after. Almoust any device innovated by humans can be used as a weapon agains fellow humans by criminal minds. It is although quite silly to ever imagine that lenr would be more dangerous than fisson technology or in fact any energy system from from a security aspect to my mind. However, any such honest comparison should of course be welcome.

    • Kim

      Need to look at the reason to design a weapon. We build weapons when we live
      in a paradigm of scarcity. We build weapons to protect precieved value and the obligatory believe systems that compliment them.

      How do you end scarcity?
      by introducing free energy systems.

      We need a new paradigm of nothing to protect by inducing abundance!

      This paradigm shift is happening now.


      • SiriusMan

        …but what if abundance is not enough for some people? What if there is a small fraction of the population who are driven by a desire to dominate other people? Their definition of ‘enough’ is a only achieved by amassing significantly more power/wealth that that of other people around them. We know a certain percentage of the population fits the ‘psychopath’ profile. It is well recognized that these people are over-represented in positions that involve money & power (Wall St bankers anyone…are they ever satisfied with their wealth?).

        As much as I would love to believe that LENR will take society into some sort of utopia, I realistically understand it must be accompanied by removing the means by which people with anti-social behavioural patterns can rise to positions of influence & power. I have no idea how or when that will happen.

  • Marc Ellenbroek

    It took the humans only three years to prove that fission worked in a first reactor and then produce an atomic bomb (1942-1945). I am sure they can do that quicker when LENR is proven. Maybe that is the reason LENR is being denied?

  • Bernie Koppenhofer

    Admin……good article, thanks. By the way I am enjoying you new site…