Abstracts Published for Japanese Cold Fusion Conference on Dec. 7-8

The 14th Meeting of Japan Cold Fusion Research Society will be held at the Tokyo Institute of Technology on December 7-8 at the Tokyo Institute of Technology, and abstracts of the papers to be presented have been published.

There seems to be quite an active community of cold fusion researchers in Japan; there are many names of presenters that I am not familiar with, but one stood out to me. Among the published abstracts is an article titled “Transmutation of Palladium and Nickel Isotopes” by Norman D. Cook of the Department of Informatics, Kansai University, Osaka. The reason for this is that Norman Cook’s work has been highly praised by Andrea Rossi.

On one occasion Rossi wrote:

As it will turn out when the scientific principle of our effect will be made public, the E-Cat respects perfectly the well known Physics laws and most accredited theories. I mean: there is no need of any “new physics”, everything is well contained in the well known Physics: therefore of course, as I said, the E-Cat is a cousin of the Schroedinger cat! Read the last edition of the book of Norman D. Cook…

His book, which is Rossi’s favorite nuclear physics book, Models of the Atomic Nucleus is available for free download here.

Fortunately the abstracts for the conference are available in English, but I would expect the conference would be conducted in Japanese. I’m not sure if we have many Japanese readers of ECW, but if anyone is going to be at the conference and would like to write a report, I’d be happy to publish it here.

  • greggoble

    As Dennis Bushnell states, “this is not a narrow band set of physical phenomenon.”

    So many players in the race to move from cutting edge research to advanced engineering of LENR Energy.

    Each may just have a unique device, I doubt many patent wars will take place.

    Heartening to see open source players as well, Three have more funding for cold fusion research than MIT.

  • Alan DeAngelis

    Is Norman D. Cook’s model similar to Linus Pauling’s
    “Close-Packed Spheron Model” of the atomic nucleus?

    • Job001

      Pauling’s model improved on most models including liquid drop or gas phase(which naturally fail to predict fission results) for prediction of asymmetry, as I understand.
      Cook’s spin and isospin nucleon lattice cleavage model seems to improve asymmetry and symmetry results. The report references the main nucleon models including Paulings’s Spheron model.

      • Alan DeAngelis

        Thanks Job001. I see it. Page 71.

  • Omega Z

    So I must be mistaken.
    Some of his posts left me with the impression he had residence there.
    Does maybe he have Relatives there that he visits from time to time??

  • GreenWin

    It is encouraging to note the growing number of Japanese Universities and companies now engaged in serious LENR research. According to the Journal Yano E Plus (Issue No. 068) published by Yano Economics Research Institute ”Trends in Research into the Cold Fusion
    by Namiki ( in Japanese.) Translated TOC pages 6-1 through 6-11 by Sengakut, via AlainCo:

    6-1. Iwate University
    6-2. Osaka University
    6-3. Cold Fusion Research Laboratory (Dr. Hideo Kozima)
    6-4. Chubu Electric Power Co., Inc. Applied Energy Research Institute
    6-5. Technova Inc. (Toyota)
    6-6. Tokyo Institute of Technology reactor engineering research
    6-7. Tohoku University electron beam Science, Center
    6-8. Toyota Central Research Institute
    6-9. Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation Basic Research Laboratories
    6-10. Hokkaido University Energy Materials Interdisciplinary Research Center
    6-11. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.

    It would be good to get a full translation of this article! Chuba Electric Power is Japan’s third largest electric utility with annual revenue of $23B from 193 generating stations (32GW) including stations in Australia, Thailand, and Canada. The interest in LENR from major utilities like Doosan Heavy, Ansaldo Energia, Vattenfall AB, and NRG Energy, indicates that some electric companies will be successful in the transition from fossil/fission fuels to LENR.

    • Buck

      Very nice summation. I would have missed the importance of Chuba’s presence.

  • Marc Ellenbroek


    I guess the article of Jean-Paul Biberian could have a special heading on this site for comment. It contains quite interesting topics. see link http://www.iscmns.org/CMNS/JCMNS-Vol12.pdf

    • bachcole

      Very impressive. Of course, I can barely understand much of what they say. But I believe them. (:->)

  • Lou Pagnucco

    The proceedings of previous conferences (JCF4 – JCF13) have been published in English and are available at URL: http://jcfrs.org/proc_jcf.html
    I assume the proceedings of the current one, JCF14, will be there soon.

    • ecatworld

      Thanks very much, Lou!

  • Omega Z


    Maybe check with Jed Rothwell of Vortex
    I believe he lives in Japan. I can’t see him passing this up if it’s within a reasonable distance & he’s was aware of it. Unless of course it’s on a different Island & he can’t swim. 🙂

  • bachcole

    Kim joining Cyclone is VERY interesting to me. How could this happen if both Kim and Cyclone did not agree about LENR? I think that this is very big news.

    • SapientAtomicStructure

      Where are you seeing this information?

      • Gerrit

        Press release on http://www.cyclonepower.com

        We discussed it in another thread here on ecatworld

      • bachcole

        I searched for “Kim Cyclone” and this landed on top: http://www.marketwatch.com/story/cyclone-power-technologies-adds-renowned-nuclear-physicist-dr-yeong-kim-to-its-technical-advisory-team-2013-12-03?reflink=MW_news_stmp This article in itself should cause skeptopaths to tremble. I notice that this is in the WALL STREET JOURNAL. Is anyone listening?!?!?

        • Gerrit

          skeptopaths are not able to let any new information influence their preset opinion.

          They will not tremble, because they will not perceive this information as noteworthy.

          Even if Nature would publish a paper on successful replications they would dismiss Nature for “not being anymore what it used to be” and claim “thorough peer review ought to keep this out of the scientific literature” There is simply no way these people can ever change.

          Luckily there are many sane scientists who used to know little about cold fusion, but are now looking into it with more care.

  • Alan DeAngelis

    Tadahiko Mizuno is one of the chairmen. He’s one of LENR’s
    early pioneers. His wonderful book “Nuclear Transmutation:The Reality of Cold
    Fusion” is a wonderful account of his replication of F&P’s early work. He
    did his amazing work in a closet sized lab with a leaking roof.


    • Doktor Bob

      Tadahiko is brilliant.
      There is over 100 people on youtube who have replicated his old “Mizuno Reactors”

  • Daniel Maris

    Good to see the Mitsubishi name – got to lend some credibility.

  • bitplayer

    Sweet document, Frank!