Rossi and Co. Happy to Lie Low

The recent rash of ‘no-news’ news regarding the sale of the 1 MW reactors that has made its way to various sites on the web has not elicited any response from Andrea Rossi. I’m sure I was not the only one to alert him to the rush of publicity (most of it negative), but he has said nothing about it on the Journal of Nuclear Physics — or elsewhere that I can find.

In the past some have accused Rossi of being somewhat flamboyant and attention-seeking, but there’s no evidence of that kind of behavior these days. I think at present he would be perfectly happy to be ignored by the world, and even if he is being harshly criticized he seems to have no desire to defend himself.

He does still respond to questions on the JONP, but is very adept at providing minimal levels of information. In response to a question recently of why there is so little attention from the media he responded:

As a matter of fact, we at the moment are very conservative when it turns to give information. This justifies the lack of attention regarding our work. This period for us is a validaton and R&D time, and we think the less we talk, the better is, until the work of validation is completed.
When it will be time to talk, either regarding commercial issues or technological and scientific issues, our specialists will talk, whatever the news, positive or negative as such news might be.

I asked for some details regarding what the roll-out might involve, I received the following:

Do you mean that you will be publishing:

1. The results of your internal testing (positive or negative)? A. Yes.

2. A report about the current status of your technology, and the future plans for commercializing the E-Cat? A. I do not deal with commercial issues, being the chief scientist, not the commercial director; I suppose our commercial director will make a press conference.

3. When this report is published, will we finally learn the identity of your new partner? A. this does not depend on me, but my supposition is yes.

Rossi often reminds readers that he is now just the chief scientist for the new enterprise, so he’s no longer in the driver’s seat. Being a team player and a disciplined person, and most likely bound by strict confidentiality agreements, he is not going to be leaking information in an unauthorized manner. When we look to him to give us news and information now, we are really barking up the wrong tree — but so far he’s the only tree we know about to bark up!

  • Gerrit

    I just made an experiment. I walked into an online chat and gently started to discuss cold fusion.

    It’s amazing what people think about it.

    Main message: It’s impossible, because … … … it’s impossible

    • fortyniner

      Pavlov would certainly have been impressed by how conditioned responses can bypass reasoning.

  • jousterusa

    “Through a process known as thermionic conversion, heat energy—such as light from the sun or heat from burned fossil fuels—can be converted into electricity with very high efficiency. Because of its promise, researchers have been trying for more than half a century to develop a practical thermionic generator, with little luck. That luck may soon change, thanks to a new design—dubbed a thermoelectronic generator—described in AIP Publishing’s Journal of Renewable and Sustainable Energy (JRSE). ”
    This is exactly what Rossi needs to turn his issues into a major triumph. I hope he seizes the opportunity!

  • jousterusa

    You certainly put the best possible construction on the lack of useful information from AR, but even that is unlikely to quell the growing skepticism exemplified by the latest Forbes article, which posited incorrectly that he is seeking investors, when in fact he says he is not.
    Even when there is no real news, it’s still important to keep one’s name and product in the public eye. As the months and years go by, however, people are going to expect to see a useful product. I hope they will have their expectations rewarded soon.

    • Daniel Maris

      But at the same time there seems to be gathering momentum from other firms. Can it really be the case that we have here a multi-scam involving large numbers of high grade scientists who are either rogues or dupes? That seems to be stretching credulity. And if that is the case, then you are back to the likelihood that Rossi, who worked closely with Focardi, has something.

      • blanco69

        I totally agree Daniel. A large scale multi-scam would mean that there would be a large number of people who would have to be simultaneously duped first by Rossi and then again by DGT. However, I still find Rossi’s current behaviour very strange.
        Together with prof Focardi you make what could be the biggest single discovery/invention since man discovers fire. You’re understandably bursting with enthusiasm as you start to uncover one aspect after another that means this thing keeps getting better and better.
        Then you hand the whole thing over to a large corporate entity and take a job as science officer giving up control of everything you’ve just discovered.
        Then someone asks you if there may be a report published on the status of this miracle. You say something like,’ S’pose, maybe. It’s got nothing to do with me!’
        Well I”m sorry Mr Rossi. It’s got everything to do with you!
        It’s this behaviour that is stretching my credulity to the limit at the moment.

        • bachcole

          “a report published on the status of this miracle” is the key problem. There is already a report that says that it is for real. The status would not be a formal report, and it is just Rossi keeping his mouth shut. You are showing faint heartedness. We know that it is real. We know human nature, in this case the intense desire to make loads of money and the slightly less intense desire to serve people. Therefore, it will happen. Stop waiting for Rossi to make you feel secure. Just because it is dark now and then does not mean that the lights won’t go on again.

  • Bernie Koppenhofer

    We told Rossi about Cyclone two years ago, somebody did not follow up! They are now researching LENR for their steam engine.

    • Brian Fast

      Your link puzzles me. I get to a login screen.

      • Bernie Koppenhofer

        Sorry, apparently you have to register to get their news releases, this is basically what they said,”Cyclone Power Technologies Adds Renowned Nuclear Physicist, Dr. Yeong Kim, to its Technical Advisory Team”. They are researching LENR to use with their steam engine.

  • artefact

    The test by the third party (seems to be the swedish university again) you probably refer to started fall this year (pressumably) and will take at least 6 month. I guess we will not hear befor March maybe in May or later about the results.

  • Casey

    In 2014 as Rossi say.:)

  • avi

    how do you know that he selling real products, and how is it possible to check it? thanks

    • artefact

      Even though many news outlets are writing articles at the moment about the start of the 1MW plant distribution, The only one who gets their hands on them are companys Rossi trusts to act confidential and fullfill several more criteria.
      That will not change until his “partner” comes out of the dark after the ongoing tests.
      So if you want to know if he sells real producs you have to wait because you will not be able to get one at the moment or you read about the tests that Rossi gave semi public in the past. Each of them was interesting (boiling water hours after switching of, generating heat with no input power etc.) though not fully convincing by themself. After that read the 3rd party ELFORSK test

    • Daniel Maris

      Elforsk seem to be taking him seriously. With all their resources, they are better able to judge this than occasional contributors here are. So I am happy to be guided by them. They don’t assign Rossi complete credibility but they seem inclined towards credibility.

      • bachcole

        I am sure that Elforsk in their report is trying to appear reasonable and not wildly and fanatically enthusiastic (like us geese). They would be very close to and talk to the Levi 2013 testers, and I am sure that there is, behind the scene, a range of conviction from wildly and fanatically enthusiastic to convinced to seriously interested.

        • from my corporate experience, I agree.
          Given the blacklisting, the hate against LENR, it is not possible for anyone supporting LENR in public not to be deeply sure of what he claims, and deeply afraid to be ridiculed, fired, busted by a horde of dishonest nay-believers like Pomp&Eriksson.

          It happen to me too, when I decided to make my coming out on Linked-in (see Low Energy Nuclear Reaction, and Cold Fusion e-cat groups).

          I’m a tech executive, but clearly my corp is not aware, and continue funding consensual activities.

  • Brian Fast

    An unfortunate article title, “Rossi and Co. Happy to Lie …” I am sure that to some extent he does. Unlike many, I presume that to a great extent he doesn’t. I think “lay low” would be less, well Freudian.

  • Stanny Demesmaker

    I miss the days of “Rossi says”.

    • bachcole

      I never thought that I would miss those days. (:->)

    • GreenWin

      Looks like Dr. Rossi has played his part well, steering his technology into a well funded partnership that appears to be buying back marketing equity from licensees at a premium. With Dr. Kim now consulting through a major fossil investment entity, Energy Trust – the fossil boys are being put on notice. This next months will be VERY entertaining IMO.

  • Gerrit

    upcoming March 23 will be the 25th anniversary of the Fleischmann-Pons announcement

    In just over 3 months there will be a few “science” stories about that.
    We can’t rely on the “science” writers to get the facts right.

    Maybe we all join hands and compile a short collection of factually correct statements about cold fusion.

    It will be much easier to respond to news stories if we can just link to or copy paste in the appropriate short explanation.

    Who wants to join ?

    • ecatworld

      Thanks for the reminder of that date, Gerrit. I will note that Gerrit has started a group on LENRConnect for the purpose of gathering statements about cold fusion. Go here to join: (free to sign up)

      • Bertus Wonkel

        Good idea. I am currently working on a website about LENR. Nothing special, just a well referenced and factual information page about LENR. It is intended to point people who what to know more to some good papers and also introduce the subject to layman.

        I have already collected and read a good number of papers. Currently i am going trough some dreamweaver tutorials to be able to make a website. It would be great if people would be willing to help out a bit. It is my first go at a website so i can use some advice.

        Furthermore, i would love to see some suggestions for papers to include. What do you think is the most solid experimental evidence published as a peer reviewed paper?

        • Gerrit

          Hi Bertus,

          I will help you with content.
          I hope other can help too.

        • bitplayer
        • bitplayer

          Re Dreamweaver…WordPress plus the Altahualpa theme might give you everything you need, and save a lot of construction time

        • Marc Ellenbroek

          I bellieve the following link provides a good historical overview, including what LENR is:
          It is not for laymen though.

        • US_Citizen71

          Here is a good reference site:

          I code almost daily and use DreamWeaver as my editor and I still occasionally use the W3Schools site as a reference. Good place to learn and it is free.