Dr. Yeong E. Kim to Consult Cyclone Power Technologies on LENR

Thanks to ECW reader Iggy Dalrymple for bringing the following press release to my attention. Cyclone Power Technologies is a company that is developing the Cyclone Engine which it describes as “a Rankine Cycle heat regenerative external combustion engine, otherwise known as a “Schoell Cycle” engine. It creates mechanical energy by heating and cooling water in a closed-loop, piston-based engine system.”

Dr. Kim is known in the LENR community as a collaborator with Defkalion Green Technologies, and has recently written a paper on the Defkalion theory along with DGT chief technology officer John Hadjichristos.

Cyclone Power Technologies Adds Renowned Nuclear Physicist,
Dr. Yeong Kim, to its Technical Advisory Team

POMPANO BEACH, FL, December 3, 2013. Cyclone Power Technologies Inc. (OTCQB: CYPW), developer of the all-fuel, clean-tech Cyclone Engine, announced today that it has added to its technical consulting and advisory team Dr. Yeong E. Kim, professor and Group Leader of the Nuclear and Many-Body Theory Group at Purdue University.

Dr. Kim is a nuclear physicist who has authored or co-authored over 200 scientific journal publications during his career. He received his Ph.D. in 1963 from the University of California, Berkeley, followed by a postdoctoral position at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. Dr. Kim is currently Director of Purdue Center for Sensing Science and Technology (CSST), Group Leader of Purdue Nuclear and Many-Body Theory Group, and Professor of Physics at Purdue University. His main area of research has been theoretical nuclear physics, including the practical achievability of low energy nuclear reactions (LENR), or cold fusion. Dr. Kim has published widely on this subject, as well as condensed matter physics, atomic, molecular and optical physics, nuclear astrophysics, and quantum statistical mechanics. Since 1978, he served on advisory committees for numerous government agencies and international conferences covering diverse topics of nuclear physics. He has been a Fellow of the American Physical Society since 1977.

Dr. Kim stated: “I am very pleased to join Cyclone’s team. A growing percentage of the scientific community today is accepting evidence of anomalous heat effects occurring within low energy nuclear reactions. I believe this acceptance will speed-up experimentation in this field, with the goal of better understanding and controlling these reactions. If that is accomplished, I see the Cyclone Engine as being a major component in the next phase of product commercialization.”


  • Bruce M

    Vengeance Power vs Cyclone Power.

    I wonder who would win! I think vengeance power would be stronger for LENR.

  • Bernie Koppenhofer

    Watch out folks, I have been a Cyclone stockholder for over two years, they tend to exaggerate their relationships for public relations, stock promotional purposes.

    • Omega Z


      Agreed, This doesn’t provide enough info for investment purposes, Tho it appears for less then $100 you could have a couple thousand shares & hope it’s a sleeper like Intel was in the mid/late 70’s.

      More info is needed & obtainable should they want serious people to pay attention to it. They could build a steam-boiler with LENR output measurable capabilities & hook-it up. Following is useful data that could be provided.
      Efficiency/Conversion– 30% minimum is needed to be Viable.
      Projected Unit Costs should it be mass produced.
      Longevity. There’s approximately 8700 hours in a year. 20 year average minimum goal.
      Maintenance. Should be less then once per year Minimum.

      More Data would be nice, but I would consider the above to be a minimum necessary for One to be able to perform the Math to determine whether it was worth following up on.

      Seriously, If it calculates higher then 40 cents per Kilowatt hour, We might as well go for Solar.

      • Bernie Koppenhofer

        Good analysis, thanks, on the buying stock side we cannot not forget, it is not the price, it is the shares outstanding, in Cyclone’s case, 231 MILLION!

  • Buck

    Hador, you sound optimistic about Cyclone Power, it’s engine and it’s future.

    Let us hope for positive results.

  • GreenWin

    The Wall Street Journal has picked up the story. This will further enlighten the mainstream business people. LENR except for its technical development for commercial products is now fully out of the hands of USPTO, academic publishing, and consensus-bound “scientists.”


    • Buck

      One point I noticed is that LENR is coming in through the back door, so to speak. Cyclone Power is the main news item and LENR is only spoken of in regard to the details of Dr. Kim. Interesting, IMO.

    • Daniel Maris

      Wow – that’s significant. There seem to be a lot of little but significant things happening recently. It’s odd, because we have less news on the E Cat but we seem to be hearing about more mainstream attention to LENR. Is this indicative of big business having now concluded the LENR phenomenon is real and capable of being used as an energy source?

    • georgehants

      A stupid man’s report of what a clever man says can never be
      accurate, because he unconsciously translates what he hears into
      something he can understand.

      Bertrand Russell

      • Omega Z

        Hey George- Long time no see. How you doing?

        • Fortyniner

          Nice to hear from you again, George. There is some movement so I hope you’ll ‘stick around’ as our American colleagues say (so I’m told).

          • Greenwin

            Agree with Fortyniner (Peter R incognito) George. To ‘stick around’ – an idiom meaning “to stay in one place awhile.” Figurative sense of “to remain permanently in mind” is attested from
            c.1300. Transitive sense of “to fasten (something) in place” is attested
            from late 13c. Stick out “project” is recorded from 1560s. Slang stick around “remain” is from 1912.

        • georgehants

          Thanks guys, still lurking in the undergrowth reading some great comments from many.
          Hi Peter have you noticed how Greenwins comments have become more, well, artistic almost lyrical.
          Either the wine is flowing or he has found something I would like to sample. Ha.
          Why global warming science is nothing but fraud.

      • I don’t think it is mostly a question of intelligence, but of prejudices.

        As benabou says there can be multiple equilibria of social cognition.
        Kuhn says some paradigm can be “incommensurable”.

        I see that when you try to convince someone locked in a given belief.
        People filter what they see, judge some evidence as acceptabel, some as unacceptable, and given that biased set, take a decision which is rational.
        no hope to convince someone if you cannot eithe change his “filtering” (what you quote well), or find a blackswan evidence which pass through his prejudice filter.
        for anti-LENr no scientific evidence is acceptable, no non -nature/science journal is reliable, no industrial test is acceptable, no public statement by non-MIT/Harwell/caltech is meaningfull…
        only solution are impossible events like Nature/Science/MIT/harwell/Caltech supporting LENR (as said by Pam Mosier Boss in latest paper on peer review, ), or at last a crowd of happy client with some big name…
        not one, but a crowd, and even…

  • Iggy Dalrymple

    Great video of Jay Leno and his Doble steam car. Built in 1925, Leno says it’s the most advanced steam car ever built.


  • Buck

    I sent an email to Cyclone Power asking for clarification about Nick Connor. If I get an answer, I will pass it along.

  • Iggy Dalrymple

    Video of new simplified version(3 cylinder) in operation. The large box is the burner/boiler built by Phoenix Power Group.


  • Veblin

    The Wall Street Journal – Market Watch.

    Cyclone Power Technologies Adds Renowned Nuclear Physicist, Dr. Yeong Kim, to its Technical Advisory Team.

  • Babble

    I have stated at least twice on this board that the e-cat (high temp) might be a great match for the Cyclone engine to generate power. This is an exciting development and could lead to great pairing of technologies.

    • Joseph J

      With a stock price of 0.039 we can buy the company.
      I wonder how they gonna pay Dr. Yeong E. Kim.


      • Iggy Dalrymple

        I’ll bet they pay Kim with stock or options, if so, it’s a testament to the viability of the product.

        If there was ever a time to buy Cyclone, it’s now. My cost basis is double the current price. It’s highly speculative, but it’s apparently close to commercialization. I may buy more and sell some to offset other gains. $40 for 1,000 shares.

  • GreenWin

    Nic Conner at Indiana Energy Trust LLC has a vision of how to convert LENR heat to work for spinning a genset. The New York City based Energy Trust describes themselves:

    “The principals of Energy Trust LLC manage three oil and gas private equity funds, Energy Trust Partners LP, Energy Trust Partners II LP and Energy Trust Partners III LP (together, the “Energy Trust Partners funds”), with aggregate commitments of $875 million. These funds focus on the upstream sector of the oil and gas business, and seek to invest with experienced management teams with proven records of success in exploration, development, and property acquisitions.”

    More (former fossil) people climbing aboard the fast moving LENR ship. Good.

    • GreenWin

      Looks like Nick is going to be a “go-to” consultant for fossil execs on what’s going on in LENR. I would expect Hagelstein, Miley, McKubre, Storms, etc will all be head hunted by fossils anxious to have a direct line on the technology that overshadows their own. The UK might not miss the boat entirely.


    • Buck

      GW, I saw the NYC based Energy Trust LLC website, but I don’t see the relationship to Nic Connor of Indiana. His name does not appear on their management team listing.

      • GreenWin

        Buck, I too am not sure. Seems reasonable to think Nick of Marks Sattin in London, found Dr. Kim in Indiana at Purdue University and put them together with Cyclone Power. Team Steam of Cyclone is trying to set the land “steam” speed record (>148MPH) with a steam powered racer. Good way to capture attention for new technology. http://www.uslandsteamrecord.com/

  • Buck

    Fantastic! Another reassuring step towards LENR implementation. I enjoyed reading the Cyclone Power website’s description of the developmental plans for various sizes of engines. They are already working with the military with one of these engine models.

    I can easily imagine Dr. Kim showing the following ragone plot as an example of the benefit of shifting from fossil fuels to a LENR energy source, and then explaining that the Military has already been testing/experimenting with the LENR phenomena. A huge leap in efficiency.

    • is it related to Defkalion “R&D reorganization”?
      Is simply Cyclone Power a partner ? or more ?

      • Buck

        I am unaware of any partnering, formal or informal, between Cyclone Power and any other LENR development effort.

        • ecatworld

          I know in the past that that people have discussed the use of the Cyclone Engine with LENR systems, and it has been suggested to Andrea Rossi in the past. Here’s one post on the JONP by Iggy:

          “Dear Dr Rossi,

          A number of posters, including me, have mentioned the Cyclone Engine to you. I notice that it requires 3,200 psi and about 650°C. Can your Hot-Cat meet that criteria? The Cyclone is compact, efficient, and includes a condenser. You are correct about it being in the development stage but Cyclone has recently contracted with the US Defense Department to provide steam engines to be used as auxiliary power units on tanks and other large equipment. I know that presently you’re concentrating your Hot-Cat efforts on large industrial applications but the Cyclone seems to fit your future needs for powering trucks, tractors, boats, gen-sets, etc.

          Iggy Dalrymple”

          • Buck

            Thank you Frank.

            Do you know who is the “Nic Connor of Indiana” that Cyclone Power is referencing?

          • NT

            Has there ever been any response, posted anywhere, from Rossi on this?

            • Omega Z

              Rossi is aware, but if it’s not off the shelf production ready, He has little interest in it.
              I agree with Rossi position. He doesn’t need to be bogged down trying to make someone else’s product work with the E-cat, Especially when it isn’t market ready. That’s for that Entity to deal with.

              Also, there are many unknowns about the Cyclone to be answered.
              Even if it works, it needs to meet certain criteria to be Economically viable.
              Fact:: I can can produce Electricity with the E-cat right now whether Hot or Low temp Cat.
              Using a simple TEG device. But it isn’t viable. Neither Cheap or efficient enough.

      • drew nerd

        Defkalion had hired Kim. Cyclone wanted to partner with Defkalion. Kim is a step toward this overunity partnership. Follow the shares …

    • GreenWin

      Curious that Forbes, a business and finance journal, has assigned a cub reporter whose expertise is in mining and mineral brokerage, to fill the shoes of fired Mark Gibbs. Scooped over and again by the alternative press and online blogs – not a very good recommendation for anyone thinking of buying the creaky ole rag. They desperately need NEW Management!!

      • Buck

        After reading Worstall’s piece, I think Forbes is not a ‘traditional investigative news’ business oriented publication. It is publication aimed strictly at a particular target audience, with an editorial agenda driven by pleasing, IMO, the narrow minded self-promoting target profile. That is why reading Worstall and his responses to criticisms of his ignorance is so tortuous.

        I am guessing Steve Forbes is looking for someone who wants to buy into the ‘influence’ business, who is aligned with the plutocrats and oligarchs, and who is looking to project their own ego/power. Someone like Rupert Murdoch.

        • GreenWin

          You could be right. Seems a shame for Steve to dump his namesake instead of hiring real journalists to cover the LENR story. A couple Pulitzers would bring him a lot better price for the rag.

          • Omega Z

            If they should get it sold, about 60% of it goes to a Hollywood crowd who kind of rescued them a few years ago.

  • artefact


    On the cyclonepower page is also a press release:


    “We would also like to thank Nick Connor of The Energy Trust LLC of Indiana for his vision and hard work in bringing us together”

    • Gerrit

      I noticed that too.

      • Buck

        ??? Who is Nick Connor? Google is not pulling up any good leads.