Communication from Aldo Proia of Prometeon

I recently contacted Aldo Proia, CEO of Prometeon SRL, the E-Cat licensee for Italy, inquiring regarding the status of licensees and of his situation in particular. This is his response.

Dear Frank,

I’m glad to hear from you. First of all, I would like to thank you for the hard work of careful popularization accomplished through your blog, which stands out in the world media on this topic.

We can answer officially only about our status, and what I can say is that our license is perfectly valid and we already have many big (and also smaller) well referenced Italian companies – mainly big thermal energy and/or electricity consumers – seriously interested in the E-Cat of industrial size. So, we are waiting patiently the marketing plans to be announced by the new U.S. partner.

Rossi and his new “partner”, when will be ready with the mass-production, will have a network of licensees already active and organized at the commercial level, which represents a great opportunity to rapidly disseminate this incredible new technology in all those countries, such as Italy, where licensees are already present.

I hope I have satisfied your curiosity and I apologize with you for not being able to give now more specific information, that we consider confidential. I would like to take this opportunity to slightly earlier wish you and your readers a Happy Christmas, waiting for a New Year full of news about the E-Cat…

Best regards,

Aldo Proia

  • bachcole

    Weak. Einstein could not have sold his discovery. And he did have to deal with opposition. Watson and Crick could not have imagined how they could have benefited by their discovery. Rossi proved his case with Levi et. al. 2013, and he knows that his benefiting by his discovery will help everyone else, because of the technical complexity. He also knows that he has put in more hours of work in the past 6 years then I put-in in my entire live.

    The history of science is strewn with egregious examples of scientists turning on their fellow scientists and ripping them to pieces. My personal favorite is Alfred Wegener. What’s your personal favorite.

    And the old conscience thingie, cry me a river. EVERYONE dies eventually. Get real about that and stop using that to spread your FUD.

  • Omega Z

    Rossi is building a Product. Not Theory. And It’s still R&D.
    Theory will come latter And It may not even come from him.
    There are already dozens working in this field & likely hundreds involved.
    Why do you not ask them to freely give their Data their withholding & filing patents on. Why do you ask this only from Rossi???

    You may not realize there is a Race Going On. This in fact assures it will come about at the fastest pace possible. There’s money to be made.
    But yes. Give it up. I’m Sure Government can drag the research out for decades until they think it’s time. It’ll always be 20 years away.

    People Dying. Talk to the Government & the people who have suppressed the research of this Technology for 20+ years. And are still holding it up by Their Rules & Regulations.

    But Maybe your just in a hurry to have your own generator in Home.
    Hate to disappoint you, but if you had a Hot-Cat tomorrow, It will still be 5 to 10 years before you can do that in a cost/beneficial way.

    It can be done, but you’ll receive a Rude Awakening when you look in to it. The Economics Just Aren’t There. Refrigerant powered generators. Stirling Engine Generators. Not what there cracked up to be.
    Besides being very expensive, Their Maintenance hogs. And Short life cycle. May have a 10 year life if you cycle them 1/3 on, 2/3rds off. You still need to be hooked to the grid as these will only cover about 25% of your electrical use.

    Before these become economical for in home Electric generating, We’ll need some breakthroughs in Material Sciences. Likely by the time these are available, we will still be waiting on the rest of the technology to get up to catch up. Until then, they will be used at Industrial/commercial scale.

  • Doktor Bob

    I get the tumbleweed feeling here on E-cat world a lot now a days.
    But I was thinking how fast it took Andrea to go from a Water system to a much more efficient Gas System. (The E-cat Vs Hot-Cat) That was very impressing. Considering how little he have announced about his work lately its hard to guess where he could be today but he could really be very far with lots of cool new concept products. Or not.

  • catbauer24

    We must also consider Rossi is where he is at from the generous scientific, open disclosure Focardi, and other researchers, gave him. Without which, he could not have accomplished [what he claims to have]. It has been over two years since the claim, and STILL there is no possibility to replicate his work in a scientific way. Secrets are not science, because they can’t be verified by replication. Unless we take his word the secret partner has… just like John Rohner talking about how his secret worked and could be reproduced.

    Every American would be more than willing to donate $1 to him, expand to Europe and he is an overnight billionaire! No effort needed other than speaking a few sentences so others could replicate his claim, and engineer. No 16hr days, let others more qualified do that, work with them if he wills. Yes, there are others more qualified for that, even if he got lucky discovering one secret recipe. It takes humility (which a narcissist lacks) in order to recognize there are many others with greater skills, who are better equipped / trained to find understanding.

    Yes, there is definitive proof of narcissism.
    He calls it “The Rossi Effect” instead of giving credit to Focardi (or any other researcher). At most, “The Rossi Recipe”, let’s not make the claim he has discovered LENR, most definitely not (just a recipe). If he ‘discovered’ LENR, that means there was never any ‘anomalous heat effect’ witnessed by other researchers in countless experiments. Otherwise, they might be first to name the effect. Actually it has a name: LENR.

    • Omega Z

      No Offense Cat, The world don’t work that way. I WISH it did. Everyone kicking in a buck isn’t a new Idea. Rossi would die Broke.
      If Rossi opened up on this, those who actually followed up on it and found it worked, would immediately set out to develop their own technique. They & the Universities where they do their research would immediately patent their own Technique & license or sell it.

      The Corporations would use what they develop over Rossi’s because Patents give them protection of their investments. Which would be very substantial.

      If Rossi were then to develop another technique to patent, they would crush him. For a realty check, just peer into the situation between Apple, Samsung, Google, Etc.. This is on the surface. Beneath is far worse.

  • Bruce Williams

    This has to be one of the MOST stupidest things I have ever read in my life.I deign not to write further.

  • Omega Z

    I see a man who spends 12 to 16 hour days, working thru weekends & holidays & investing all he has trying to perfect a product for the betterment of society.
    You Do realize this is not ready for market Right.

    Also I wonder why do you not ask the same of all the others involved in this endeavor. Why do you not ask Your Government & Scientific Society why they have tried to stop/delay this research for 20 years..

    I could also ask why “YOU” haven’t spent your life & resources studying & developing such a Device. “Given the gravity of energy demand and need in the world you canno’t stop and wonder”

    I Have to Tell ya- When I Read Posts such as Yours, I can only think- Your Lucky It’s Rossi developing this.
    Because If it were “ME”, I would have to ask myself if you even deserve it. Or Should I abandon it. You really come across as a selfish me, me, me…

    • catbauer24

      “I see a man who spends 12 to 16 hour days…”

      This is what someone “at war” must do to conquer the competition, as that is Rossi’s stated goal, and his words exactly (“at war”). Extrapolate what one may from his words and actions, they are clear in that regard.

  • Buck

    It is his style of communication. I know this from unanswered requests for clarification of fact versus opinion.

  • mo

    Westinghouse “is”? Westinghouse “was” is more familiar to me afaik the name went trough many owners such as Siemens and Toyota but who are they today? Sorry, but i am from germany here is only a small company of this name with less than 500 people.

  • Daniel Maris

    Westinghouse did seem to have some peripheral involvement in cold fusion research back in the 90s.

    (This experiment seemed to be reasonable positive about the P-F phenomena.

    Have they been keeping watch?

  • Anomalies

    Westinghouse is Rossi partner

    • Buck

      Opinion, conjecture, rumor, or fact?

    • ecatworld

      I let this comment stand, but maybe I shouldn’t have. An anonymous post like this with no corroborating information cannot be taken very seriously at all.

      • Buck

        It puts you in the tough position of expecting and deciding whether some burden of proof is met when someone anonymous or known present conjecture as fact. I think it an appropriate line to draw.

        It is a line that divides titillating entertainment and an honest discussion with trading clearly stated facts and opinions.

      • Omega Z


        Westinghouse has been bought, sold, divested & molested into many pieces over time & many of those who bought parts of it retained the Westinghouse name as part of theirs.

        Siemens purchased Westinghouse Electric Corporation’s power generation unit in 1997.
        Siemens Westinghouse Power Corporation (SWPC). Manufacturing operations are carried out at Siemens facilities in Charlotte, NC and Germany.

        Note: Siemens involvement is speculation. No Hard Facts. Tho Interesting…

        • ecatworld

          Interesting, OZ — thanks.

          In this speculative environment wrt the Partner, I don’t mind if people make educated guesses about who might be involved — so long as they state they are guessing.

          In the future, if someone anonymously states they know who the partner is as a fact, without providing anything to back up their statement, I will delete the post. There’s too much room for mischief otherwise.

          • Bruce Williams

            Frank , you are absolutely right.

        • bachcole

          As far as I can remember, there are no soft/social facts to connect Siemens with Rossi, facts like, “We saw the CTO of SWPC at one of Rossi’s demos.” or something like that. All we have is pure speculation. And Siemens having a factory in North Carolina and Rossi passing through North Carolina is an example of pure speculation.

          • Omega Z

            There are a couple soft connections Rossi/Siemens, but I think that was just Prior to you becoming a regular here at ECW.

            They Discussed what Turbines would best match the E-cat & supposedly visited Rossi’s facilities in order to obtain visual information for this. A couple people contacted some Siemens Offices, but the only response was that they could not comment on it or the specific Office contacted didn’t have any information, but could have been thru a different division.

            At a Latter date when someone brought it up to Rossi again, He just said they were still looking into matching it up.

            People Contacting Siemens, NI & others is supposed to have caused problems & I don’t doubt that it did. It disrupts Regular day to day Business & the Bottom Line is- None of these want to be Directly connected to this Technology until they can roll out a working Electrically Generating System eliminating all doubts. They All remember F&P very well & the Publicity nightmare.

    • LukeDC

      Can this be backed by any factual information?

    • Fortyniner

      I find it very difficult to reconcile Rossi’s claim of shared idealistic objectives, with a corporate engineering outfit like Westinghouse – or for that matter any of the various subsidiaries and hived-off rumps such as Westinghouse Nuclear. Philanthropy is not generally any part of the business model of such organisations.

      • Omega Z


        Westinghouse has been sold of in pieces that are no longer associated. Siemens bought a portion of their Electrical Power company, but not the Nuclear Power portion. Another portion was Owned by General Motors & Part by White consolidated Industries(Appliances-Frigidaire, Tappen, Etc. Their Electronics division(TV’s Etc..) was Purchased/Owned by a TV Network.(CBS) And Many more such situations. Many Retained or Licensed the rights to use the Westinghouse name. (FUBAR)

        But None of what exists today is related to one another. It’s unusual as most of the time, a name is hung on to for a period of time for it’s recognition, But eventual is phased out.

        The Only Original part I’m aware of is it’s Nuclear Power Plant building division.

        • Fortyniner

          Yes, the main nuclear part (as was), Westinghouse Electric Company LLC, is controlled by Toshiba, and I understand that some fabrication facilities went to Hitachi. Westinghouse Nuclear still seems to be owned by the core company, Westinghouse (now principally makers of domestic electrical stuff) and still offers two reactor designs as well as providing fuel and other services. I wonder where the billions in liability for decommissioning of Westinghouse reactors and spent fuel processing went during the process of the break-up??

          • Omega Z

            Good Question on the Funds.
            That is supposed to be held in a Trust.
            Kind of like U.S. Social Security,
            So It’s all gone- invested in the U.S. National Debt.
            But That’s OK, When they need to give/pay it back they can just raise our income taxes to pay back the Social Security taxes they spent.
            No Problem.
            WAIT, What?????
            Screwed—- 🙁

  • bachcole

    somerandomobserver, does it make you feel morally superior to be able to declare (with very little evidence or wisdom) that someone else is “a selfish evil person”. If Rossi has a ton of money, then society benefits by having a wildly successful person be very influential. I would call this Financial Darwinism, and I will stand by it. Not every rich person is someone that we want having a lot of influence. But every self-made rich person is someone we want having a lot of influence.

    I bet that you don’t apply the standards in your comment above to Steve Jobs.

    Your scheme of just giving things away has been tried and failed. There is no development of the product beyond the basics. I want to see Rossi or his successor rich enough and ambitious enough to get LENR+ into trains, planes, and automobiles. It takes a lot of capital to be able to do this. Who best to do this than Rossi himself? Success should be rewarded not just with money but with the opportunity to develop and expand the use of his product. If every Tom, Dick, and Harry knows how to heat his house, who is going to have the capital to develop other uses?

    • Gerrit

      What somerandomobserver does not understand is that the real selfish evil persons are the ones that have been dismissing cold fusion results from the Fleischmann-Pons era onwards until today.

      • catbauer24

        Do understand, those you speak of would do everything in their will to keep the recipe secret. And if by some miracle, they could do it as well as Rossi.

  • Buck

    rational conjecture.

  • Gerrit

    Why did Proia write “partner” with quotation marks ?

    Is the relation of Rossi with his partner not so much a partnership, but more an ownership ?

    What other possibilities could lead to putting quotation marks around “partner” ?

    • Omega Z

      The Partner owns E-cat, Lock/Stock & Barrel. Along with Future Advancements. They hold full responsibility of it’s Manufacturing & Marketing. Rossi is just the Chief Scientist.

      Rossi had Preset Terms/Conditions for the sale of his technology.
      NOTE: Rossi’s Present partner was Not the Only One interested in Rossi’s E-cat. Merely the One who accepted most in entirety Rossi’s terms.

      The Partner to be also had Preconditions. Aside from the Successful March 31st test, They had to be able to build for/by themselves at Their facilities, An E-cat that could Equal or Exceed the results of Rossi’s E-cat.
      With No Help from Rossi or his people, Other then Rossi’s Instructions.
      This in turn being an Independent Replication & Validation of the E-cat without the need for an Outside Entity(Possible leaks).

      The Continued R&D likely covers, Safety, Durability, Stability, COP Refinements & Likely even it’s stability when Energy is drained from it for heat/steam production. My Guess would be to stay within a Range of plus/minus 5% or so. Regardless, it would have to be very close to existing tech if they’re considering drop in replacement.

      • Buck

        OZ, Rossi declared in his blog he had a specific condition: if his “partner” did not introduce the LENR product, Rossi had the ability to walk away with his invention and move forward without hindrance. Rossi did not indicate what the conditions were, e.g. timeframes etc.

        Rossi understands from prior experience what enemies are willing to do to foil his inventions.

        • Fortyniner

          In practice I suspect that eventuality would be pretty fraught. The current partner (for want of a better term) might have to allow Rossi to walk off with whatever he brought to the deal, but it seems pretty doubtful that they would let him take any of the advancements and improvements developed in house.

          In law, the copyright of anything developed by an employee normally remains the property of the employer, and this would be in direct contradiction of whatever clauses Rossi had inserted in his contract. Of course Rossi would know all about these improvements and if he left, would take this knowledge and any notes he has made, with him.

          I would foresee a legal battle in which corporate lawyers are set against an individual with limited resources, and the outcome is not too difficult to guess. The fact is that the partner has the IP, for better or worse, and that particular genie can’t be stuffed back into its bottle even if Rossi picks up his ball and flounces off.

          • Buck

            49r, I agree . . . the situation could boil up to possibly being antagonistic by the fact of and cause of the split.

            I can only speculate on what Rossi’s conditions of the joining/partnering might have been.

            Also, it is important to keep in mind that we don’t know if Rossi is an employee of the ‘partner’. To my understanding, that is speculation.

    • Christina

      Hi Gerrit,

      Possibly because of whatever grammatical custom for quotation marks is prevalent in Italy. Perhaps he is just indicating that the word “partner” is not natural to Italian speech even for the Italian word meaning “partner.”

      Mr. Proia’s use could be as simple as that because grammatical rules for quotation marks are different in different countries. Not an expert on this, I am just an immigrant who was a child when she came and notice this when my parents used quotations. But because I’m not or Italian origin I can’t positively tell you exactly what it could mean grammatically to Mr. Proia.

      Have a good day and may God bless you.

      • Omega Z


        Dead On. In Italian, Quotes/punctuation can totally change a statement.
        Even a misspelled word can make things unintelligible when translated.

  • LENR G

    Possible follow-up questions admin could ask Mr. Proia that he might be able to answer.

    * Do you know the identity of Rossi’s US Partner?

    * Has Rossi’s partner communicated with you either directly or indirectly?

    * If the answer to those two questions is no, do you have any reason at all to believe that Rossi is working with a US partner beyond Rossi’s assertions?

    * Without telling us any details, has Rossi and/or his partner indicated a specific time table for revealing the technology, the partner’s identity and/or E-Cat products to the world? Or are you just waiting indefinitely like the rest of us?

    * Has there been any attempt to revise or clarify your license agreement with Rossi since he partnered with the US company? It seems like the legal obligation should have transferred to the partner and some contractual changes necessary.

    * Can you provide the contractual terms of your license agreement? What money was transferred to Leonardo Corp? What percentage of the sales revenue does Prometeon get to keep?

    * How often do you communicate with Rossi? Has he kept you in the loop since his new partnership was formed? Are you given any privileged communication at all from Rossi and his partner beyond the public statements that we all get?

    * Can you characterize your level of confidence in E-Cat technology? Is your confidence based solely on Rossi’s word and public information (like the Arxiv paper from Essen, et al) or do you have inside information that bolsters your confidence? For example, did you have your own scientists or engineers independently validate the device for you before you entered into the license agreement?

    * Do you have any knowledge of, visibility into or access to the two current validation attempts supposedly underway (one by the partner and one by independent universities)?

    • Omega Z

      Most of these questions have been asked before by others & usually falls behind Confidential/NDA.

  • Gerrit

    It makes it easier to understand (assume) why Neumann’s German licence was revoked. He probably didn’t have the right potential customers lined up.

    Prometeon has serious companies lined up. I assume Hydro Fusion has serious companies lined (Sweden anyone?).

    Distributors that can’t show that they have suitable companies on their list are being let go.

    • artefact

      I agree and thanks to Aldo Proia for answering.