New Human Translation of Elforsk LENR Report

Below is a new English translated provided to me by dedicated LENR and E-cat supporter from Sweden. The reader has used some of the translation already provided by Pekka Janhunen, Google, and his own work. Many thanks indeed!

Elforsk English 02 (1)

  • Bertuswonkel

    Dear frank. Can the file also be uploaded as an pdf. The site it is now linked too is not working well here on my phone. It keeps on skipping to the last page in stead of going just 1 page. Thx

  • bachcole

    I’m sorry, this report is just too long for me. I don’t really need it since I already know that the E-Cat is real. So, if some of you other people who were NOT the class clown and who were NOT hyperactive with short attention spans before it became popular could just post brief ideas about what the report said, I will appreciate it.


  • Sanjeev

    Has anybody sent it to all those “journalists” (aka lenr noobs) causing havoc on the net?

  • ecatworld

    I just uploaded a second version of the new translation. Page numbering issues have been fixed and I spend some time doing some minor revising of spelling, grammar and punctuation.

    • Omega Z

      So ECW made it into the report. Congrats…

  • Daniel Maris

    I think this is a definite step forwards up the steep incline to the plateau of credibility. Although the report reads like someone high up in Elforsk has interpolated little disclaimers and formal expressions of scepticism, for the me the clincher is this sentence in the conclusion:

    “Which companies will first commercialise the technology remains to be seen, though.”

    Not “can companies commercialise the technology? ” and not “which companies can demonstrate they have a genuine effect” . Assuming a correct translation (thanks to the translator!), I think this sentence means that there is a genuine LENR effect.

    • Pekka Janhunen

      Now double-checking it, the translation seems correct. Except for a small mistake: it speaks of a company in singular, not plural, i.e., it should read: “Which company will first commercialise …”

      In parts, the source text came close to informal, spoken language with short and sometimes incomplete sentences. In the translation I smoothed out some of those features while in other cases I translated them literally. There were about two places where I was unsure about the meaning, one was where “complex” and “complicated” were contrasted.

      • Daniel Maris

        Thanks Pekka – very kind of you to translate!

        That sentence (that you’ve slightly amended) still carries the same implication I think. It appears in the conclusion where a writer normally focusses their thought, ensuring they are communicating what they wish to communicate and choosing their words with special care.

        I don’t think that sentence can mean anything other than LENR exists as a genuine phenomenon and, moreover, constitutes an energy source that can be harnessed – in other words it is simply a matter of time before this energy source becomes a real competitor with other energy sources.

        • bachcole

          LENR is not going to become “a real competitor with other energy sources”. It is going to destroy other energy sources.

          • Daniel Maris

            Overnight? I doubt it. It’s not going to be free as we’ve already seen from the $1.5M price tag on the 1 MW generator.

            But gradually the technology will become cheaper and will be able to compete with coal, gas and wind.

    • it is what innovatros friend told me.
      They say me that any of the companies proposing LENR may win the race, even some really late today…
      compare IBM,google, microsoft,altavista,AOL, osborne,…

  • JonnyB

    I expect it has already been noted but have an article

    What Could be Bigger than Shale — How about LENR?
    Things are moving?

  • Gerrit

    Thank you all !

  • Buck

    Thank you Frank and to the translator. Your effort is greatly appreciated.