UN, World Bank Push to ‘Provide Clean, Efficient and Sustainable Energy for All’ by 2030

A press release issued yesterday by United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon and World Bank Group President Jim Yong Kim outlined a campaign headed by UN and the World Bank to encourage financing to extend modern energy services to everyone in the world by 2030.

They are calling for:

A concerted effort by governments, international agencies, civil society and private sector to mobilize financing to deliver universal access to modern energy services such as lighting, clean cooking solutions and power for productive purposes in developing countries, as well as scaled-up energy efficiency, especially in the world’s highest-energy consuming countries.

World Bank President Kim said that to achieve this goal, $600-800 billion per year would need to be committed to the various projects that would be funded. He also stated that the World Bank would not commit any resources to nuclear power, but would focus on wind, solar, geothermal and hydro as clean energy sources, and by pushing for greater energy efficiency.

This is a very different approach than that being advocated by proponents of nuclear power like Bill Gates, James Hansen and many others who say that it is the only available technology that can realistically meet our energy needs without producing greenhouse gases.

Until a more powerful, efficient, and clean alternative is available, I find it hard to see how the funding that is proposed here will be forthcoming. Of course, many readers here will be hoping that before too long, LENR will be considered by leaders around the world as an obvious choice for providing cheap and clean energy to those areas that are in most need of it. If and when the E-Cat (or similar) arrives on the scene and is recognized widely as a viable energy source I would expect all the projections and calculations of bodies like the UN, the World Bank and others to change significantly, making their goals of energy for all seem much more attainable.

  • GreenWin

    It is a lofty goal. IMO, driven entirely by Sten Bergman’s notification of the UN and World Bank that E-Cat verifications by Elforsk/Vattenfall provide a revolutionary new source of energy. Bergman and Margaretha Engstrom wrote the Elforsk LENR study. Bergman is a World Bank energy specialist.

    However, efforts to concentrate funding in and through a single source such as UN, World Bank, or international aid agency is doomed. Rather, thousands of large and small businesses incentivised to produce low cost, small scale solutions focused on emergent nations, communities – would do better. We have had enough banking schemes loaning development funds, then calling the loans to contain or manipulate politics.

    One major environmental benefit to electrifying emergent nations with Distributed Energy Resources is the avoidance of massive centralized generation projects. Giant wind or solar “farms,” hydro-electric projects, habitat damaging HV transmission lines, towers, substations, transformers, aerial and buried local grid wiring, etc. ALL can be avoided. DERs, like cellular telecoms, leap over centralized grids, focusing on district, village or residential CHP co-generation.

    Gates Foundation might just change its view on their traveling wave reactor, once convinced that LENR is a FAR cleaner, less costly solution. It is good that Mr. Bergman is making these two entities (World Bank & UN) aware of the LENR renaissance. A suggested first step is for their partnership to fund an international R&D center to expand understanding of LENR science and seed small business & non-profit applications with their knowledge.

  • Omega Z

    $600 to $800 Billion a YEAR,
    All to be provided/financed by the 1st World of which All are teetering on the verge of Bankruptcy.

    To provide Energy by Green Sources that Aren’t even Financially sustainable for the 1st World itself.

    All these People are out of touch with reality.
    I guess the 1st World can provide all this to 3rd World & developing Countries While we all move back into our caves. But even that would require more then 15 years.

    I don’t have an Issue with the Lofty Idea. But to accomplish this in 15 years even with LENR is not rational thinking.
    The Next Time these People pass thru the Scanners at the U.S. Airports, they should check to see if they have a Brain & if So, Is It Functioning.

    • Peter Shwartz

      He, he, he

    • Alan DeAngelis

      $600 to $800 Billion a YEAR! What’s the word I’m looking
      for? It’s right on the tip of my tongue. It starts with a B. Ah yes, it’s

  • Peter Shwartz

    New world spud money (carbon tax) not easily forthcoming eh,