On the 1 MW Plant Page at Ecat.com

A number of people have contacted me today about a web page on ecat.com that lists the 1 MW low temperature E-Cat plant for sale (http://ecat.com/ecat-products/ecat-1-mw). This page has been picked up by the Next Big Future, and Extreme Tech web sites today, but in actuality this page in not new. If you use the WayBack Machine at the Internet Archive you will see that this page has been on the ecat.com web site for over a year now. If you check this link — http://web.archive.org/web/20120218214118/http://ecat.com/ecat-products/ecat-1-mw — you will see that the page has been around in various versions of the site going back to early 2012.

I’m not sure why these web sites have decided to run with the story today, but I thought it was important to give some perspective about it. As far as I know, no one yet outside Rossi’s inner circle has been able to purchase one of these plants. Rossi has said that only two of them have been sold — one to the current customer which was shipped to the US, one to the early military customer.

  • Tim

    I hope this thing is legitimate. Then Western countries can eliminate their dependence on OPEC, and the Middle East can cease being of strategic importance to us and revert to camel herding to make a living.

  • V.p.S.

    Any leaks from the Swedish E-Cat licensee HydroFusion about its pilot customer? The installation was scheduled for late fall this year and there was a rumor that the customer was found very soon after the announcement. So either it’s gonna be a very secret sales project for HydroFusion not going public until some big news from Rossi, or this story is gonna end the same way as with the German licensee.

  • lafar6502

    Here’s few comments from the ‘hacker news’ website, documenting fundamental flaws in the 1MW product description. Basically, according to the specs, the device can produce max 200 kW of power, while consuming… hold your breath… 200 kW input from the grid. So it’s nothing but a huge and expensive electric heater.

    by lafar6502 1 day ago | link | parent | on: Andrea Rossi has started commercializing ECAT nucl…

    As stated in technical parameters: the water pump output is 30-1500 liters/hour, it means max 0.4 liter per second. Assuming it raises the temperature of water by 40 degrees K, the energy output per second is 4200J/kgK 0.5kg * 40K = 84000 Joules/sec = 84 kW. Assuming it draws 167kW, it’s much worse than any electric water heater.

    replygus_massa 1 day ago | link
    Nice finding!

    But let’s be optimistic! If we pick the maximum range in the technical specification [1] and suppose that the temperature difference were 120°C then it would only generate 0.21MW [2]. Just in case, I checked and at 4Bar, the boiling point of water is 144°C [3], so the device is not producing vapor, only hot water.

    [1] http://ecat.com/ecat-products/ecat-1-mw/ecat-1mw-technical-d

    [2] http://www.wolframalpha.com/input/?i=1500+kg%2Fhr+*+1+cal%2F

    [3] http://www.engineeringtoolbox.com/boiling-point-water-d_926….

    1 point by lafar6502 1 day ago | link
    And nowhere near the claimed 1MW… Am I wrong or they didn’t even bother to do the math properly?


    • ricwerme

      The devices in the tests produced steam. The description at ecat.com says “ECAT 1 MW Plant is a Heat Plant with 1 MW of thermal output through a normal pressure warm water/steam outlet.”

      I suspect the pump “4 bar” rating means the maximum pressure difference between input and output, not that its output is always 4 bar above the input. Just like all the other devices that can produce a selectable output parameter.

      • ricwerme

        Oops – forgot a detail. In one test that produced steam, it was severely criticized because the steam might have had water droplets in it. That was addressed in a second test where the output was hot water.

        Isn’t all this kind of a moot point? While a source of 100 degree heat is all well and good for many major processes, the Hot CAT with its high pressure steam will (assuming it all works out, a big if) be what replaces global electricity production and distribution.

        • lafar6502

          I’m just trying to save some fool $1.5M. A source of 100 degree heat can be bought much cheaper in a local home depot, and is just as effective as the ‘ecat’. Numbers don’t lie, people do.

  • Mark

    Wait a minute…I thought that Rossi sold something like 10 plants to the first, secret customer. I also thought that someone let it slip, a while back, that the first customer was The United States Naval Research Laboratory. I was actually kind of surprised that more people didn’t report on it, but it slipped when everyone was all worked up about the “Hot Cat” so I suppose it is understandable.

    • ecatworld

      The last time I interviewed Rossi he said that only one plant had been sent to the secret military customer. I don’t think anyone has ever confirmed who that customer is.

      • Mark

        I swear I remember a comment of him saying that the military customer bought a bunch of them…I’ll look back over the archives and see if I can find it. I’ll post the link to it, here, if I find it, and if that is okay with you.

        • ecatworld

          Yes, Mark, please do. I know there was talk about the military customer ordering up to 13 at one point, but I am not sure of the source of that. But I think Rossi said only one was ever delivered.

  • mcloki

    thanks for the clarification. I got it as a google alert. So I thought it was new.

    • ecatworld

      Yes, I’ve noticed that Google Alerts can send old links, and ignore new stories sometimes. You’d think being Google, they’d have all that under control …

      • mcloki

        Ha ha. You put to much faith in the company. They may make billions but it’s a bit of luck really.