Elforsk Takes Lead in Preparing for LENR

The extensive report just published about LENR by the Swedish energy research organization Elforsk raises an important question. Why should Elforsk, when there is still so much doubt and skepticism about LENR in the mainstream of academia and the media, spend so much time and effort chronicling the history and current developments in the LENR field?

To my mind the answer seems to be that Elforsk must be at least reasonably convinced that there is something behind the LENR phenomenon to write a report like this. Certainly they do not set out to prove the case for LENR, and they pepper the report with the caveat that this all could be wishful thinking, but still they have done groundbreaking work in their industry here, and no doubt this report will spread to others in the utility industry beyond the borders of Sweden.

In fact Vattenfall, the giant Swedish power company which employs Margaretha Engström, one of the researchers who wrote the report, operates in Denmark, France, Germany, The Netherlands and the UK — and it is highly possible that this report is being studied at the highest levels within the company. Certainly if more positive news comes out when the current E-Cat tests are finally reported the news will spread throughout the company and beyond.

The report does a very thorough job of documenting a wide range of research and activity in the field of LENR, and could now be considered one of the most important reviews of the LENR literature that has been published to date. I do hope that at some point a complete translation in English is available.

It is wise for Elforsk to be non committal regarding LENR. If something goes wrong, they have cover, and they don’t want to be seen as pumping something that many people in their industry see as impossible, or fraudulant. But the publication of a report taking LENR very seriously puts them in a strong position of leadership in the energy industry, and may give them some advantage in working out commercial deals with Rossi and Co. if and when the E-Cat is ready for commercialization.

  • dickyaesta

    The ECAT 1MW plant is now available on the market. http://ecat.com/ecat-products/ecat-1-mw Update of Rossi’s own website. Delivery time 4 month !!!!

    Saludos from Spain, snowing slightly. Need my ‘ecat-small’ as soon as possible

  • Sanjeev

    Its only a study on the current status of lenr, not a verification or collection of evidences via interviews, visits etc.
    Its a kind of public report which is not meant for taking a big decision based on it.

    • bachcole

      It is however an indication that very heavy hitters who are very concerned about their reputations are saying that they believe that LENR is a serious possibility for real energy for the world.

  • stefan

    I found this interesting piece of email conversation on the energikatalysatorn.se see the post close to the end at by Snobben.


    Basically it’s a post about an email conversion with Essen about the current testing. He affirms that Rossi have been at Uppsala and that no test have yet been done, just that they are planning and discussing. Also it becomes clear how pressing the internet crowd are on the minds of the involved people. The harsh atmosphere really affects these people and make them cautious. It looks like Rossi is very far from taking an exit out of this and my impression is that all information is in coherency to what we ‘ve heard this autumn.

    • ecatworld

      My understanding is that the 3rd party testing is taking place in the US — also the internal testing by Rossi & Co.

      • stefan

        This as also affirmed in that email conversation with Essen. Probably they was just preparing for the tests in Uppsala.


  • GreenWin

    keen, a 50 page report on the science of LENR from a multinational energy company could hardly interview “each company executive and scientist.” Interpreting the summary requires vision and skill and doing one’s own homework. Others will not do it for you.

  • GreenWin

    “Coordinating the various platforms on which we execute part of our
    R&D project portfolio with partners. Examples of such platforms or
    partnerships are cooperation with universities, KicInnoEnergy, and
    R&D executed by branch organizations as the Swedish Elforsk. Each
    platform has specific strengths, and depending on the goals of the
    specific project, Strategic Innovation will assist in finding the
    appropriate platform.”
    Vattenfall R&D Strategic Innovation – Vattenfall AB | SE-169 92 Stockholm

  • Bernie Koppenhofer

    Does anyone have a clue about where Rossi is working?

  • bachcole

    I thought that I was the first to invent the word “skeptopath” and it’s conjugations. So since I was bored this early morning thanks to some brownies and cookies and cream ice cream that gave me a bad case of insomnia, I thought that I would check to see if my copyright was protected. I didn’t want anyone to steal my trade secrets. So I searched for “skeptopathy” and found this most excellent article by someone who invented the term first in 1994: http://skeptopathy.com/wp/?p=69 I thought that you-all might like to read it.

    • Gerrit

      “[A skeptopath] is a true-believer in the status quo”

      good writing – thanks for the link

      • skeptopath or true believers can be right, or wrong, but sure their opinion is not based on evidence.

        some people, kindly reacted to my doubt about papp engine, saying that I should be more open mind…
        People have to know I am not open mind the usual way. I just admit evidence, when my prejudice disagree. LENR is real without doubt… no less than round earth or relativity.

  • Omega Z

    Question would be?
    Why has Elforsk done a followup on their Original article about the 3rd party test.
    There would be no need for this. They cold remain silent if they so choose. Allowing others to thunk as they may.

    And As for their cautionary approach, This could easily be explained as At this time, There is not a System Generating Electricity from it. None we’re aware of anyway. There are always possible Problems & speaking to soon could be bad should these problems present themselves. So Caution is a necessity.

    Considering it Elaborates on many others being involved, this could be there way of telling their Members to be aware. It may just be a matter of time before a breakout. Be prepared.

    I would Note: That the current tests have been in progress long enough that they would have had some kind of Status Update/Report. Hence, Some need to send a message to it’s members.

    What is the message???
    We here are probably to close to see the intended message. We’re too Biased. Also, many of us are Language Challenged. Could be there are issues harnessing the H-cat to be useful at this time.
    But Then, I return to my Original Question. Why this report.

    • Buck

      OZ, your questions point out that this Elforsk LENR report is very significant.

      To get some clarification, I emailed Mats Lewan for his perspective. I shared his response on another thread, but I share it again as it does an excellent job of responding to your questions. IMO, Mats’ response suggests that a respected member of TPTB in the energy generation & distribution establishment has said in diplomatic language: “LENR is here, get prepared.” Considering that one of Elforsk’s clients, $22B Vattenfall, operates in Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Netherlands, Sweden, United Kingdom, and is expanding into the Baltic states that says a great deal.

      Here is his response, quoted verbatim:

      Elforsk is the common R&D entity of the Swedish power industry. Its reports are often public, as this one. Anyone can download the report here: http://elforsk.se/Rapporter/?rid=13_90_

      However, I suppose the motive for doing and publishing the report is that the Swedish power industry identifies a need to follow this development and be prepared in case the technology leads to commercial products that might have an impact on the power industry. In that way it could also be seen as a kind of opinion statement, saying that members of the power industry but also people in general should be open to what
      may come out of LENR.

      Kind Regards

      Mats Lewan

  • bachcole

    I understand that Elforsk MUST seem reasonable. If people seem to behave outside of the bounds of reasonableness, then they lose credibility with most people. The believers here at e-catworld.com seem to almost worship Rossi and the E-Cat, and that causes us to appear to be unreasonable and thus not credible to most people. Those most people don’t realize that one day they also will be behaving in unreasonable ways with regard to Rossi and LENR+.

  • Daniel Maris

    No message?

  • Christopher Calder

    Brillouin Energy Corporation has a nickel-hydrogen gas LENR reactor design that may be better than both Rossi’s and Defkalion’s reactors. Brillouin’s nickel-water device, on the other hand, seems like a waste of time to me. I hope Brillouin gets funding quickly. Their ideas owe allot to both Rossi and Defkalion. I think they have a real handle on the underlying atomic reactions that occur during LENR. I also suspect that lawsuits will be a big part of the future of LENR once the cash starts rolling in by the truckload.

    • GreenWin

      Lawsuits in huge product categories do little to stop production. At best they shift revenue from one pioneer to another – expanding jobs. What is far more interesting is who next (after Vattenfall/Elforsk) will publicly climb aboard the LENR train? With such a gigantic market opening up, only politics or threats would keep the capitalists away. I would guess that Mitsubishi Heavy will enter the nuclear waste fray with enhanced LENR neutron flux system. And Doosan Heavy, (owners of Ansaldo Energia) will produce a district level CHP system for light industry e.g. Wal-Mart stores.

      • Fortyniner

        Germany in particular has more to gain than many European counties as the pioneer in phasing out nuclear fission. Their ‘renewables’ drive is laudable but they are currently importing increasing amounts of cheap US coal (as are many other EC states) to keep the lights on, and they urgently need a better answer.

        My guess would be Siemens, or a German consortium with which Siemens is associated, such as RWE.

        • Omega Z

          Maybe Siemens is already taking the Bull by the Horns.
          Rossi had contact with them in Europe(Turbine matching & Consults) & they have an Energy focused facility in Sweden. Maybe this is where the 3rd party test is taking place. Rossi was seen there recently.

          A Post by Cures some time ago- Outing of potential collaborators/Partners caused many problems with unwanted attention for names dropped by Rossi. These were few, but Siemens was 1 of those few names dropped. NI was another, but not a likely manufacturing partner. People calling them, e-mailing them Etc… And the Partner discussed this with Rossi along with Dropping certain people from his circle due to these name dropping/Info leak concerns. Cures & 22passi were cut from the circle in Nov/Dec of 2012.

          At 1 point, It appeared Rossi fell back into Financial difficulties, But shortly after went to Boston. Then it was moving on to the Very Important March 31st test and A Deal/Partnership formed.

          Siemens has a Large Venture Capitol Office in the Boston Area.
          Rossi made several trips to Charlotte North Carolina, but similar to the Boston Trip, Rossi would divulge nothing about why he was there.

          Charlotte, North Carolina, Siemens has Major Operations there, 1 Plant doubled in size(Another 500K sq-ft.) to handle Turbine manufacturing. In fact they produce everything there in a 1 stop Generating facility. Gas Turbines, Generators, Co-Generating systems, All in a single Combined facility. Didn’t Rossi say something to the Effect that the partner was working with Co-Generating technology & the H-cat would fit right in.

          And Now, It appears Rossi is working out of Miami, Again Siemens has a major (Energy Focused) presence in the Area. 1 within 30 minute or less drive, the other only slightly more, Less then an hour. Both with 1000’s of employees. Any Equipment Rossi should need would be available almost immediately or within a couple hours as this is the equipment that Siemens would already have available. If not where Rossi is at, At a Facility near by as these are things they would already have in use.

          Just Speculation on my part, But Siemens fills many of Rossi’s statements including Childhood Cancer treatment facilities & Research around the World & they even have in house promotions/donations. And to a very small degree, they sell Energy similar to Ansaldo Energia.

          Babcock and Wilcox is also a possibility, but I can’t find anything Major near Miami. They also don’t fit the criteria Rossi has mentioned nearly as well.

          • Fortyniner

            Very interesting insights. Thanks.

            • Omega Z

              Thanks Peter.

              It’s all speculation, but I base it on a lot of pieces of information, timelines & a lot of digging. I’ve learned a lot about the reasons for Google issues & have been able to extract much more from some of Cures posts & a few others which aren’t always very clear to begin with. You know, when it’s posted philosophically or intentionally unclear. A single misspelled word/punctuation on ones part can completely change what is said. It’s a Tedious task, so I do it sparingly.

              All Said- I personally have concluded that in the past, Rossi has had certain arrangements in the works that have fallen thru due to unwanted attention. Tho some of this is Rossi own fault for leaking information whether from enthusiasm/hints or a slip of the tongue.

              I Note the Essen posts on another thread where those involved with the 3rd party tests have been silent because of unwanted backlash from speaking out on the Net. Which verifies that the Trolls & Psychoskeps have had a serious negative effect.

  • Bernie Koppenhofer

    Rossi’s answer to James Brower’s question on JNP is what impresses me about Rossi, his use of his multidisciplined, thought process to solve problems, as compared to his scientific critics.

  • Buck

    Frank, I am in agreement with your assessment.

    I also think that the Elforsk report suggests that the likes of Vattenfall will be one of those firms which signs up for Rossi’s 1MW E-Cat when it becomes available.