The Promise and Burden of the E-Cat

The publication of the 3rd Party E-Cat Test report by Levi et al. earlier this year provided extremely compelling evidence that Andrea Rossi’s E-Cat invention is indeed real, and a revolutionary breakthrough in energy production. More than being a simple confirmation of Andrea Rossi’s claims over the years, it was a demonstration to the public that we have a technology at our disposal which will allow us to move beyond our present economic and political systems which are based on scarcity of resources, to a new reality in which abundance of resources is the norm.

Andrea Rossi has discovered a process in which copious amounts of energy can be produced in a relatively simple way using nickel and hydrogen — two of the most abundant elements on the planet — in a clean and safe way. This discovery heralds the beginning of the end of an era in which the majority of our energy comes from burning of raw materials that are increasingly more difficult to obtain, expensive to purchase, and which pollute the atmosphere when they are consumed.

The Levi report showed that the ‘Rossi Effect’ is a process that produces energy at a magnitude beyond any known chemical reaction. There is reason to consider it a nuclear reaction, and in fact Rossi himself says that Low Energy Nuclear Reaction (LENR) is not an inaccurate label, but still the exact nature of the reaction is unknown.

Nevertheless, what the report shows is that energy production at magnitudes something akin to nuclear reactions in today’s nuclear power stations is possible in laboratory conditions, without dangerous radiation being produced. This is truly revolutionary, especially considering the extremely simple construction of the E-Cat reactor — basically a metal tube containing nickel, hydrogen and an unknown catalyst which reacts when heated and stimulated with some kind of radio frequency.

All the evidence shows that Rossi’s E-Cat has the ability to provide energy in massive quantities extremely cheaply — and this is just based on evidence from an early version of the Hot Cat. As with any technological breakthrough, the early iterations are usually relatively primitive and unrefined. Almost certainly there will be improvements and refinements that will improve the E-Cat’s performance over time.

So what is the significance of all this? In my estimation, it could hardly be more important. If the E-Cat can produce energy at the levels indicated by the Levi test, it means that we now have an energy source that supersedes all others in terms of efficiency and safety — which can provide tremendous social, economic and environmental benefits with far-reaching consequences.

What would be the global consequence of vastly reduced energy costs? It would mean incredible relief for individuals, families, businesses and other organizations that use energy, which in turn would reduce the cost of production of any good or service that has energy as an input — which is pretty much everything. If energy is plentiful and cheap, standards of living will naturally improve. We are seeing breakthroughs in a wide variety of technological fields these days, such as robotics, manufacturing, transportation, computing etc., all of which require energy input — and when the cost of that input is reduced, the efficiency of those products and processes only increases. I consider the discovery of the E-Cat to be a seminal moment in modern history, and one that has the potential to move the planet into an era where scarcity of resources can become largely a thing of the past.

In addition to the challenge of refining the technical performance of the E-Cat, something Andrea Rossi is continually involved in these days, we face the possibly more challenging problem of how to introduce it in a way that is of most benefit to the human race.

Control of E-Cat technology now rests in the hands of Andrea Rossi and his unidentified partner. Rossi himself says that he has turned over the business decisions to the partner while he concentrates on the development of the E-Cat. There is intense interest from many parties in the technical and business operations surrounding the E-Cat, and in order to operate without interference, Rossi and Co. have built an impressive wall of secrecy around their operations, This technology has, and will continue to attract the attention of competitors who want to replicate its secrets, and opponents who feel threatened by it, and naturally, any business entity is going to be concerned with getting a reasonable return on its investment (probably in the millions of dollars so far), so they are very concerned about important information leaking out.

But in addition to securing business success, there rests an incredible burden of responsibility on this group who has in its control a technology that could transform the future of the human race. Once the company has made itself public, and more details about the technology are released, the pressure of that burden will only increase. We can only hope that Rossi and his partners understand the importance of what they have, they hold a key that can unlock the door to a better future for all, and make decisions that will ensure that this technology will be disseminated in a way that will be beneficial not only to themselves, but to everyone.

Frank Acland

  • GreenWin

    Very well thought out editorial Frank – thanks. If one studies the history of LENR from March 1989 P&F there is a muddied but traceable path to many below radar entities that have pursued the field. Because of this, there are many people who are aware of the anomalous heat effect and its implications; not the least of which is the US Navy’s SPAWAR cold fusion program. It is therefore safe to say it is not just Dr. Rossi and partner who have knowledge applicable to scalable LENR, there are in fact many. The great stride forward was to eliminate the corrosion in USPTO, military, industrial, and especially the hubristic academics who cling to Newtonian law as drowning man to a life raft.

    The introduction of LENR to industry and public will demand disturbing introspection. We will be forced to contend with the selfish, solipsistic behavior of men and their alter egos. We will come to know that humanity has been sorely mismanaged for certain right and very wrong reasons. This is however, IMO a part of evolution itself. And if the illumination of deception and exploitative behavior is somehow a “test” of human resolve… we have excelled and passed the exam, cum laude.

    • GreenWin

      One reason LENR and cold fusion has been so viciously opposed these past 23 years is due to what Dr. Henry Bauer (Prof Emeritus Sciences, Virginia Polytech) terms, the “knowledge monopoly.”

      “A knowledge monopoly is a school of thought whose powers are sufficient
      to crush dissent. Many means are used to reinforce the dominant perspective. If research is to be done, that research must support the dominant perspective. Research that does not support the dominant perspective is seen as incompetent. Since deviant research is suppressed, the dominant perspective’s views appear obvious and unopposed.”

  • Fortyniner

    I’m not much wiser – but the neutrino has been upgraded to a microwave photon anyway.

  • Fortyniner

    I think you may be overstating the difficulties a little. As soon as Rossi came up with the ‘hot cat’ demo unit, it would have become possible to analyse in detail the operating characteristics, experiment with all parameters, apply emission instrumentation and to analyse the reactor ‘ash’. With the facilites available to a large commercial research facility it is likely that information gained will have quickly led to a coherent theory of operation, and from there to computer modelling of the CF system involved, which could then be applied to reactor design.

    Once you have these things, progress is likely to be increasingly rapid, and Rossi’s ‘partner’ may already be a long way down the road to repeatability, control and stable high outputs (well above 2kW). If the results of the second series of 3rd party tests are ever published, then any information provided about the reactor will almost certainly lag behind current R&D by a couple of generations.

    It seems very likely that at least a half dozen parties are now chasing CF in their research facilites, and all of these will be aware that others are doing the same with various systems, and may be making breakthroughs. As most of these entities will be large corporations who have acquired the various ‘start-ups’, and because the stakes are so high, the resources being made available for this task are likely to be very significant and this seeems likely to be reflected in the rate of progress.

    • Omega Z

      I agree Peter
      While a lot of followers under estimate the complexity involved, Fyodor
      Goes to the Opposite end of the Spectrum. And Where did he come up with the 2Kw?? Rossi is working on a 1Kw mouse(Activator of sorts), 10Kw & 100Kw. T-Watch Alert!

      Here’s a bit of info I’ve deciphered.
      A part of that March 31st test outcome & subsequent deliver of the 10Kw H-cat was that the Partner could build an Identical H-cat with the same or better results using Only Rossi’s instructions. No other involvement from Rossi. Tho not publicly Official(No Visible Proof), This would be 3rd party Replication of the E-cat outside Rossi’s control…

  • Omega Z

    Rossi & Levi were Not Associates or Friends. This is just crap that has been spread around the net & Parroted. The evidence for this is available if you look for it. Some of it in Video Interviews.

    Levi came to know Rossi by way of Focardi after the fact.
    Also, Levi has ran many tests early on that weren’t even published because he also thought there had to be errors. He was doing his due diligence.

    I would also note that at least 2 others listed in the report who were involved in early tests also suspected errors. They & Levi started as skeptics.

    There was a 3rd Scientist who also went to 1 of those 1st Tests with the other 2. He could Find Nothing that indicated fraud. Yet after the test said there had to be something wrong because it is impossible. Being skeptical is fine, However-

    Since the test, He has shown zero interest in following up. He has belittled the Elforsk Test & Rossi & those involved. It is easy to criticize from a cozy office. Real Science takes Real Effort. All he has shown me is that His Credentials should be questioned. Are they Real. His actions don’t seem very scientific.

    Note on the 3rd party Elforsk Test.
    What we have seen is just a tiny Snap Shot of the tests. Like 30 pages. Less then 1% of the Total of 1000’s of pages of Data. All accumulated in the test with at least 15 people involved & multiple Universities. It Lists only 7 of these people as they were involved directly throughout the entire test.
    Elforsk Publicly Supports the Findings, Not by the Data that we have privy to, but from all the combined Data. This says a lot more then anything we may think or say.

  • Allan Shura

    Thompson now owns Reuters
    (bought a few years ago) who used to own the Winnepeg
    Free Press where they are based. The richest family
    in Canada reportedly started
    by Lord Thompson with a
    $500 radio station bought in
    the depression. AKA Thompson-
    Southam and Reuters-Thompson.

  • bachcole

    Your deduction is the result of your faint heart. The 3rd party report is proof that the E-Cat is for real. Just because the light goes out again for a while does not mean that there never was light and there never will be light again. You are acting like an intellectual coward. Levi 2013 happened; it is a fact that can’t be erased, no matter how lacking in faith you are in Levi 2013 and your own convictions.

  • Hope4dbest

    Frank, why do you place all the burden on Rossi, when Defkalion has also demonstrated a working LENR protoype?

    • ecatworld

      I base my judgment on evidence that is publicly available. I found the Levi report very convincing, and haven’t see any report of that kind for Defkalion’s reactors.

      So for now, I find the evidence for the E-Cat as more complete and convincing than that for Defkalion. And there is still an unresolved issue involving DGT’s measurements which I hope can get cleared up:

      • right,
        this is the most third party report (whatever maryugo claim).

        Defkalion only have Michael Nelson to support. The proposed data are short (in fact not a problem, no data have value beyond the tester opinion – forget checking data from paper) and the only valuable data is that Nelson felt good cooperation.
        With Rossi/Elforsk the cooperation was much better so rossi win.

        Brillouin have a 3rd party report, but SRI is a partner… not so third party for the conspiracy theoreticians.

        The problem is not the intelligent analysis whether Rossi, Defkalion, Brillouin have working reactors. They all three have something.

        It is how naive people, infected with conspiracy theoreticians, can judge the results.

        beside that, any of the dozen of LENR company, including some silent, can make a breakthrough and surprise everybody, like Defkalion did in Nov 2011 after starting in July 2011…

        Imagine LENR-cars working with Toyota engineers, using a technology better than defkalion… you get it in 6 month.

  • bachcole

    There is one advantage to skeptopaths delaying LENR. When the tsunami hits, it will hit HARDER and more DEVASTATING on their reputations. It is more like people having a picnic lunch on a train track and denying that there is a train coming even though they can feel the tracks vibrating. And oh what fun it will be when the train arrives.

    • it seems that the usual situation is that the victims will be accused, and history rewritten.

      maybe our mission, for next discovery will be to ask that MIT administration, APS, Nature, Science, Huizengha, Cudes, be fired, dismantled and judged, at least for their reputation…

      why not a citizen court of scientific crime. just a theater court, with attorney of the devil, and why not the client… and sentence of shame, with detail of lies, manipulation, anti-science claims, detailed ans made public.

      • bachcole

        Sounds good to me.

      • GreenWin

        Alain, you are not so far from a just scenario. The record of disinformants (aka menialheds) and corrupt behavior is clear. We have names, actions, and unlawful psyops to prove it. There is little the guilty can do but confess their shortcomings (before the reaper arrives.) Unfortunately MIT, in violation of its covenant with the people and educational directive, is amongst the worst of the perpetrators. It behooves MIT the institution, to face these shortcomings with rigorous honesty, and take steps to make amends. And from there to make the administrative changes necessary to again earn a position leading scientific inquiry. To do less, will doom MIT as surely as sea level rise.

        At least in the USA, there will be legislative and political hearings to single out the corruptive effect of knowledge monopoly and Eisenhower’s warning of dangerous, MIC influence. The pork barrel fueling of scientific elitism will be pared. The myth of material rationalism will be tempered with archaic wisdom and new respect for consciousness that imbues and co-creates our universe.

        • Just a key point, where I disagree with most, but I follow taleb :

          The MIC is innocent!

          the problem is the impossible to critics ACADEMICS!

          the militaries did their job, and much job (SPAWAR,DoD,NRL) and also their sidekick (CEA lower species, BARC…).

          The industrialists did their job : Shell, Amoco,Toyota,Mitsubishi,NI,STMicro,…

          the horrific denialist are ACADEMIC !!!

          ONLY ACADEMIC !!!

          no oils conspiracy, just ACADEMIC !
          not even ITER and NIF and Tokamak… they are not powerful enough…

          WHY ?

          because they are paid in funding, honors, prize,publication when they are followed, cited, respecting their own criterias, when they are following, when they are peer-reviewed, when the peer-review…

          is is a self-evaluated community. and gigantic data incest.
          It is a bit like Finance, without mainstreet to remind them reality.

          MIT is just Goldman Sachs of science.
          they never lose! at worst they will make short sales of Huizenga, and buy options on Celani.

          • GreenWin

            OK. I agree. Academics have been the worst perps in this whole charade. However DOE, and various branches of the federal government have kept the attack on CF well supported. For example, when will DOE come clean on pressure from contractors to contain LENR? Why has DOE/Navy given the people’s CF patent to NSTech (a private partnership of defense/energy cos?) When will this taxpayer funded research benefit the people??

  • bachcole

    “Over the past year we have read/heard/derived nothing new from Rossi.” That is a big, fat, freaking lie. We got the MOST important news ever from/about Rossi, the 3rd party May 2013 report of 3 tests. Just because you are faint of heart and impatient does not mean that I need to read the rest of your post.

  • bachcole

    Christina, you are making a show of your religious devotion and it is becoming annoying even to me. It is ego to make a show of one’s devotion to the Infinite, sort of a contradiction.

    • BroKeeper

      Roger, Really?! Come on.

      • bachcole

        Yes, really. Being a lover of God, it is embarrassing to see other people make a show of it OR try to convert others.

        • BroKeeper

          did you get to know about God – osmosis?

          • bachcole

            Our society is saturated with references to the One and Only Being. I am glad for this since no one can miss it, and it undoubtedly irritates atheists. (:->)

            • BroKeeper

              Brother E-Catters, the problem is not in your set … Bzzzzzzzz…) (:->)

  • BroKeeper

    Awesome insight Christina!
    I hope to discuss this God given healing device this December with the director of “Caring Partners International – Evangelism through medicine”; one of many potential charitable organizations perfect in distributing this social/medical miracle device.

  • roseland67

    It’s an Op Ed piece.
    The promise is well known there is absolutely no down side to LENR,
    (Other than for the status quo).
    Ramp it up, scale it up, implement it.

  • Fortyniner

    (1) Rothschild banking group, which owns Reuters, which in turn
    owns the AP. Ownership is muddied through the use of 2 proxies, the “Reuters Trust” and the “British and Regional Newspaper Group” respectively. Pretty much all the world’s ‘news’ goes through these controlled channels, so they are at the apex of the media pyramid.

    (2) Six corporations: Time Warner, Walt Disney, Viacom, News Corp., CBS Corporation and NBC Universal. There may be some higher-level ownerships of these corporations that is not publicly disclosed – this would explain the consistancy of the mass media disinformation on topics such as Fukushima and AGW, and mysterious ‘news blackouts’ on subjects such as LENR.

    • Doktor Bob

      Keanu Reeves? Is that you?

      • Fortyniner

        A reference to the Matrix films in some way I assume? Otherwise I’m afraid that one went through me like a neutrino…

        • GreenWin

          At the time of Gutenberg, the Holy Roman Church attempted to control the printing press. Monks and Bishops were appalled to think even a peasant could read the Word of God. But then, the Church also disliked the telescope, the Heliocentric planetary system, and still, family planning by contraception.

  • Fortyniner

    “It’s easier to think of less appetising motives for the fact that this process has stalled.”

    Yes indeed.

    Seen from the POV of a stakeholder at the top of the energy food chain, what would be your logical reaction when you become aware that several start-up concerns seem to be (once again) on the track of a new and superior energy source that could obliterate your business and income within a decade, and that one at least is operating with as much publicity as he can gather?

    Assuming that you are completely ruthless and amoral (which is how you climbed to the top in the dog eat dog world of corporate control), and thinking strategically, you might consider hiring people to remove the ‘problem’ – even knowing that other such ‘moles’ will inevitably pop up quite soon. However you will also be aware that the economically accessible fossil fuels on which your business depends are running out much faster than most people assume, and that one more Fukushima (or an escalation there) will mean the end of nuclear fission, no matter how tight your control of the mainstream media may be. This means that a replacement energy source will be urgently required in the relatively near future, so the re-emergence of cold fusion could be seen as convenient, if a tad premature – just as long as it can be bought under control.

    Assuming also that you have a bottomless pit of money available to further the interests of your corporation, the answer must be very simple and completely obvious. You simply buy up these inventors and their business start-ups for whatever amount is necessary, as and when they demonstrate any degree of success, convincing any idealists that your company’s intention is to bring this new power source to humanity as quickly as possible.

    Once you have control, you close down the flow of information, while you extract the secrets and develop the technology in house, while telling your new employees whatever they want to hear. At the same time you plan your actual course of introduction in a way that will dovetail with the controlled winding down of your existing energy sources. And if this grand plan involves several decades – then so be it.

    It’s actually quite difficult to see how things could pan out in any other way, given the total disruption of trillion-dollar corporations that would result if the technology ever becomes widely available. They are threatened, but they can neutralise the threat and even benefit enormously from it, simply by using their incredible wealth. So what’s to stop them doing just that?

    • the probme is that it is not so.

      Big corps is run by executives. individually they know that if they talk of cold fusion they will be toasted, so they shut up and start to believe and enforce the general delusion.

      That is what Benabou explain as the Mutual Assured Delusion

      the boss at the top would be the only one not afraid to dissent, but he is not a teachnical guy and would sure read wikipravda before firing the crasy executive who talk of cold fusion…

      Counter example: Truchard is an entrepreneur who could hear his Big science boss, Concezzi…

      this is why in some organization, like IBM, ST Micro, Navy,Toyota, Mitsubishi, there are “protected people” who can be crazy without the boss being alowed to fire them… some say “tenure” some say “senior fellow”…

      the problem is that the company will never allow other executive to obey the senior fellow… they will have a small budget, some freedom, and no power.

    • bachcole

      There is another, non-paranoid, non-disaster scenario, one that all of us here have been imagining all along, one that is the usual behavior of the rich and why they are rich and why they remain rich. They could figure out what companies and what industries will benefit by LENR, and then buy into those companies and industries. Like Alcoa. Hey, if I could think of that I see no reason why they couldn’t think of that. This way it is a win-win situation, rather than a lose-eventually-lose situation. Or are rich people just such meanie heads and evil-doers that they can’t envision win-win situations.

      • Fortyniner

        The individuals I was referring to are (as I explicitly said) not the CEOs of the various corporations, but the heads of the banking houses and similar financial institutions that own or control the mega-corporations. They are people who don’t leave things to chance – they rig the game strategically in any way they can in order to obtain the results they want (more wealth, more power).

        Of course they will move their assets into areas that will profit from cheap power and at the same time dispose of liabilities by whatever means are available, but at the same time, wherever they are able to control the development and introduction of cold fusion and bring it under monopoly control – they will also do this.

        What needs to be understood (as others have said in this thread) is that the people concerned – the people who organise the Bilderberg meetings, constitute the ‘Fed’ and operate through fronts such as the Trilateral Commission and the EC – do not have the slightest interest in the wellbeing of outsiders, only in the implementation of their plans (and of course their own gain) regardless of the cost to others. This has been a classic positive feedback loop for well over a century – the ever increasing wealth of a tiny minority leads to ever increasing power, which in turn is used to steal even more wealth which results in even greater power. There are no checks on this system, so it grows unhindered, leading to the present absurd levels of centralisation and political control. This isn’t paranoia, it is reality.–the-capitalist-network-that-runs-the-world.html#.UpMblCfTR-I

        • bachcole

          Do you inherit this kind of paranoia/hatred of banks from your parents? Bankers also can and do sell high and buy low. They just do it better than other people.

          • Fortyniner

            You are becoming a litle too personal again, Roger. I can only suggest you follow the links and educate yourself before commenting.

            • bachcole

              I don’t intend to hurt nor be too personal. I just can’t find any other explanation why you would always see conspiracies, especially when there are other explanations that make more sense financially and which do not impute evil to people we don’t even know.

              • Fortyniner

                Just a couple more links that might help, then I’ll drop this discussion.



                Just 5 years ago the bankers went t*ts up to the tune of trillions. Rather than pay the price of extreme incompetence, the political control available to the top levels of the banking cartels allowed them to recover most of these losses from Western taxpayers (a considerable proportion of which was immediately swallowed up as ‘bonuses’) and the system is now in the process of repeating this theft but on a grander scale.

                I’ll leave you to decide whether this behaviour supports the idea of either superior skills or high moral standards among bankers.

                • bachcole

                  “superior skills or high moral standards among bankers” is not the issue. You are letting your anger cloud your judgment. The issue is whether they suppress technology or even can suppress technology or whether they sell high and buy low.

  • Karl

    A fine and well written article Frank. The Levi et al report
    finally proves it far beyond any doubts and it is virtually a crime (or
    stupidity), that the majority of (tax funded) Universities of the world does
    not hurry up arranging funds, speed up research to solve remaining issues.

    We can say that a tremendous responsibility lays on those in
    the frontline, Rossi et al. I am sure many of them feels it and it is part of
    their engagement like many of us following the evolvement of CF/LENR. I can
    understand Rossi acting as the clever innovator he is. Most ground breaking discoveries
    are also best to grow in small groups at least in early stages but this time is
    passed now with all evidences.

    There are certainly obstacles for any new idea and in this
    case there are unreasonable difficult but Rossi seems to have been clever enough
    to pass most as the first one. He deserves respect for it and the road he has chosen.
    It seems difficult to judge exactly where he and his friend(s) are at the moment
    with the project but I think it is reasonable to imagine he need to have come
    far enough before being fully exposed to the market forces, “copying” it.

    One of the difficulties with patents and how it works nowadays
    is that these are mostly powerful of you have the financial muscles to prevent
    them. This patents is now a tool to being traded among the already established
    international corporations with muscles to “kill off” any new innovative idea
    coming from small guys.

    It would of course be valuable if information and more exact
    knowhow would be released by now to have many more people aware of the
    potential to start real movements, expand funding etc. Because of the patent
    difficulties, easy copy situation etc., perhaps an open source could finally be
    an approach for CF/LENR?

    However, about what many of us feel being a snail process – if
    there is someone to blame, I would say it is not Rossi and other research groups
    who seems to fight hard to be funded in various ways but still an fairly
    limited levels.

    In regards to obstacles, the ones to blame are likely those with
    a short-sighted economic interest to prevent information coming out in full
    blow in the media. Perhaps it is managed by those who think they are losing
    control if the majority of humans can heat, feed, house and travel independent
    at very limited costs even without dangerous radiation or creation of greenhouse
    gases. Energy is money. Who can stop it in the long run?

    I’m still optimistic and think truths will finally prevail because
    it has and will happen much thanks to the still small but growing community engaged
    to back this field, because “if you spit on a stone repeatedly it will finally become

  • Marc Ellenbroek

    Frank seems convinced that E-Cat will be the winner of this huge develpment called LENR. I believe that others like Defkalion and Brillouin should not be ignored. Those two may even have an advantage, because they seem to control the LENR proces using electromagnetic waves (like a plasma). But who knows where Rossi and his partners are up to these days. Let us all hope and pray that LENR comes on the market soon for the good of the World.

  • The question is why, despite huge evidence, all is ignored.

    We should not forget that we are living an a psychiatric asylum, at least the elite of science and their mindguards.

    Can you realize that despite the evidence, there are still NO COVERAGE AT ALL in mainstream and scientific news.

    every day I have to lecture scientists and mindguards about data more recent than 1989.

    I can understand that 90% dishonest people say e-cat is 10% chance real only… but they say 0%… cautious people could say that two hypothesis are possible… but nobody rational could RULE-OUT e-cat reality..

    it is psychiatry, groupthink, absolute lack of honesty of mainstream science and mindguards.

    and absolute cowardliness of most media.

    It is a shame. it is a tragedy. it is a planet danger.

    • Pekka Janhunen

      – “Against stupidity, even gods fight in vain.” (F. Schiller)
      – “Crowd behaviour is heavily influenced by the loss of responsibility of
      the individual and the impression of universality of behaviour, both of
      which increase with the size of the crowd…” (wikipedia/Crowd_psychology)

      However, there is some reason to be concerned about the “gap”: the time from E-cat’s wide recognition until energy made by it is widely available. The gap might contain some societal turbulence whose amplitude and form is hard to predict. Maybe crowd stupidity is also crowd wisdom in the sense that it acts to postpone the onset of the gap, while not (directly) pushing forward its ending.

  • Giuliano Bettini

    “But in addition to
    securing business success, there rests an incredible burden of responsibility
    on this group who has in its control a technology that could transform the
    future of the human race. They hold a key that has the potential to open a door
    into a new era of prosperity and abundance. Once the company has made itself
    public, and more details about the technology are released, the pressure of
    that burden will only increase. We can only hope that Rossi and his partners
    understand the importance of what they have, they hold a key that can unlock
    the door to a better future for all, and make decisions that will ensure that
    this technology will be disseminated in a way that will be beneficial not only
    to themselves, but to everyone.”

    We HOPE?
    That’s a movie. That’s science fiction.

    “Da qualche parte c’è un gruppo di persone che sta lavorando
    ad una pietra filosofale, che potrebbe cambiare il futuro dell’Umanità.
    Eccetera eccetera. Noi speriamo che il loro lavoro vada a buon fine”.

    Ma siamo matti? Tutto questo può essere piacevole da
    leggere, ma non ha nessun senso. Aspettiamo con speranza l’esito del lavoro di
    un gruppo di persone che, se ha successo, cambia il futuro dell’Umanità?? Questa
    può essere la trama di un film di fantascienza. Potrebbe avere un successo
    maggiore della saga del “Signore degli Anelli”. Due sono i casi.

    Caso 1: queste considerazioni di Frank Acland sono esagerate.
    Allora ciò che sta avvenendo può avere un senso.

    Caso 2: qualcuno ha in mano un tubo di metallo che può
    cambiare la Storia dell’Umanità? E noi lo lasciamo fare ? E noi SPERIAMO? Allora
    vuol dire che io non me ne ero accorto, e vivo in un Film.

  • Bruce Williams

    An excellent article Frank, I have sent it to the Science Editor of an important UK newspaper.

    • Giuliano Bettini

      Just so.

  • Buck

    Just a favor Frank. Stop it . . . your killing us with your good, provacative reporting. 😉