Huge ‘Gravity Engine’ Under Construction in Illinois (Brazilian Model)

We have mentioned before here the curious case of the massive device described as a gravity engine that has apparently been built at a facility in Porte Alegra, Brazil by a company called Rarenergia. The company has posted a lot of pictures of the machine in various stages of construction on their web site, and there has been some speculation about whether they were fake — some kind of sophisticated computer graphics project.

To me, that is becoming a less plausible scenario as new photos on the site show a new machine being constructed at the site of a soybean processing plant owned by a Brazilian company called Incobrasa Industries in Gilman, Illinois. Here’s one example — there are many pictures on the site:

Gilman Gravity Engine

The new pictures from Illinois seem to be authentic to me — right down to the November weather here in the Midwest. For complete authentication, however I suppose it would be necessary for someone to drive by the plant at this location.

Assuming then, that the pictures are authentic, it makes you wonder what all this means. Obviously there has been a large amount money put into this project, and one would expect that no rational person would make such an investment in this machine unless they were sure that it was going to work. We have no report on whether machine built in Brazil has been operated yet. I’m not convinced that even if a gravity engine like this works that it would be a significant technology in terms of efficient energy production — but just the fact that a gravity motor could work in any degree would be very surprising from a scientific perspective.

  • Sandy

    The powers that be have decided that the Rarenergia engine will become operational in the United States before Rossi’s E-Cat becomes a commercially viable reality. The powers that be believe that it is politically necessary for unlimited clean energy to be implemented by some means other than cold fusion in order to cover up the fact that those powers have suppressed cold fusion technology for more than twenty years.

    In the history of humankind, cold fusion technology will be relegated to second place in the race to discover and implement a means of generating limitless, clean energy. That “second place” finish will prevent most people recognizing the elite conspiracy that has keep most of us enslaved to the energy sources that the elites own and control and profit from.

    We have been maliciously manipulated, for decades and for the benefit of the 1 percent, but now there is a welcoming light at the end of this dark tunnel. Humanity will soon emerge into a world of justice and utopian prosperity. And, at long last, the 1 percent will stop propagandizing us and exploiting us. Their wars will end and we will be allowed to live in peace. We will have the life, liberty and happiness that our forefathers hoped we would have.

  • Daniel Maris

    I think the idea of a real PM machine would be that you were drawing energy from the environment e.g. from gravitons or electromagnetic particles effortlessly (or with no net effort), which is not quite the same as saying something for “nothing” i.e. the something is coming from something. We are of course bathed in the four forces of nature. It’s not really any different in principle from nuclear power. You could call nuclear power getting something for nothing – you have to have certain materials in the right position. That could (in theory at least) be the case with this machine, though I would doubt it.

  • Omega Z

    IF You think this is Impossible, Then You have already Failed.

    If this works, It only proves it Possible. Then the question is whether it’s Economical or Practical.

    IF this Fails, It merely Proves this method has failed. It does not indicate it is impossible.

  • US_Citizen71

    That is not perpetual motion, but I think you already knew that.

  • US_Citizen71
  • Iggy Dalrymple

    It appears to be an equatorial coriolis transwomtifier. I predict it will
    only work when astraddle the equator (on vernal or autumnal equinox).

  • Matt

    The site goes on and off occasionally.

  • Fripw

    I live fairly close to Gilman but haven’t made the hour trip. I did very from google street view that the background buildings from the pictures indeed exist. Google shows a junk yard where the new construction is located. Of course the Google map is probably years out of date.

    • Hope4dbest

      Please, pretty please drive there and check it out!

    • Omega Z

      Google maps are continuously updated, but it’s a slow process & I have read that much of Google can be 3 years out of date. More in some areas.

    • Daniel Maris

      Come on Frip – make that trip!!!

  • Tom59

    Could be a project of a local design or marketing University or tourist office. They are starting to make it into the news and create free energy for the region.

  • Enduser

    Can you imagine how much energy is lost through the friction of all that multitude of joints?

  • US_Citizen71

    Looking at several of the pictures in PhotoShop at high magnification there are no obvious traits of composite imagery, such as differing resolutions or abrupt transitions, but if created at high resolution and and then scaled down much of those artifacts can be hidden. The lighting all seems consistent with the visible and implied sources. So I would say they are likely real pictures of something.

    Assuming they are truthful and it does continuously put out 30kw of rotational energy once started, it will take quite some time to recoup the capital invested to build it. At $.10 a kWh, that is only $26,280 per continuous year of operation. I would think you’d likely be looking at decades just to get the construction costs back. If the bearings need lubrication or replacement the payback time would increase. From an energy perspective i’m not sure how long it would have to run to equal the energy needed to produce all the steel required, centuries?

    Scientifically it would be interesting but from from an energy or investment perspective I would say it is a train wreck if it works.

    • Omega Z

      This is a prototype.
      Likely there would be improvement. Units that would pay back in 20 years on a 50 year life-cycle. Geography will play in also.

      I could see it being competitive with Wind & Solar, but hard pressed to compete with Fossil Energy. But then, TPTB Want to Eliminate Fossil Energy.

      From that perspective it has serious possibilities. Note also I have seen Graphs with Electricity averaging .40 to .60 cents per Kwh in the future And if the Cap & Trade crowd get their way, rising to a Dollar. Possibly more..

      And Bottom Line. Even Fossil Energy along with Nuke will end eventually. Reaching a point where it just becomes unavailable due to scarcity or cost & with present use & future demand increases, all but Natural Gas could hit that point within a Century or less. No issue’s with them planning ahead rather then waiting till conditions becoming Dire. Of Course if LENR comes to market, I see little future for them. NOTE: That they are in an Energy intensive business(Drying & Processing Grains). Likely their Primary reason for interest in this.

      • US_Citizen71

        I agree that we shouldn’t wait for the last moment to find new sources of energy. I would even back a plan to genetically engineer 5 ton hamsters to run in giant wheels attached to generators, that lived off of photosynthesis, dorritos and cocaine if I thought it was possible. I’m just not convinced that their device could be upscaled enough to be useful for municipal or even industrial power generation. There are physical limitations on how big you can build something. Then their is the whole violating the laws of physics thing. Every perpetual motion machine runs down eventually and they are claiming perpetual motion plus. I’ll happily eat my words if it works but I can’t even begin to imagine how it could. With LENR there at least is an identifiable source for the energy, hydrogen appears to be transformed into energy by an unidentified process. With gravity you have a one direction force that won’t differ in strength measurably from the top to the bottom of the device. Tapping into a potential difference seems like the only possible way it could work. I know that mathematically a difference between the ground and 20 feet above the ground can be proven for the strength of gravity but I really doubt that even with all the mass the device has that potential nears 30kW.

  • HarryD

    Gravity assisted (!) engine okay, gravity driven…. nah, don’t think so 😉

  • Mr. Moho

    As is stands this is a genuine variation of the mechanical perpetual motion engine that has been attempted countless times in the past few centuries, from small to large scale (even larger than this… thing), without a single success.

    Even though more odd-looking photos have been provided I still think this is an elaborate hoax (I won’t go as far as saying it’s a full-fledged sc*m yet) which makes extensive and clever use of industry-standard 3dCG tricks.

    It’s interesting to note that although their latest installation is USA-based, no description or explanation in English at all is provided on their website.

    • Fortyniner

      The problem (in addition to the fact that no viable mechanical perpetual motion machine has ever been built despite thousands of attempts) is that there is no point of entry for adding energy to the system.

      Setups involving spinning magnets or EM fields etc. might just conceivably produce a new ‘effect’ that could allow some unknown ambient field to transfer energy into what would then be an open system on the input side, but mechanical contraptions involving wheels, levers and cams must always be closed systems on the input side. There is simply nothing in the entire train of movement that is not totally predictable, and no way that the whole can be any greater than the sum of the parts.

      The balance of probability does seem to overwhelmingly favour computer generated imagery – but to what end, who knows.

    • Omega Z

      I don’t know of any that ever worked, but I would never say impossible. They may have found the secret(Strange place to build it?? Maybe Gravity Lines?) to make it work. Even if it does, it will have to prove itself once they start drawing Juice from it.

      From My understanding, this is an In house Project, so if it was a scam, it would be a scam on themselves. Regardless, We should know 1 way or they other by spring. Then, If it works, will it be cost affective at the present time.

      • Daniel Maris

        It doesn’t look cost effective as it is only supposed to produce 30Kws…

        Fascinating stuff – we will.

        Personally I was intrigued by the machines with magnets to give the up push on a wheel. Someone claimed that the magnet was not bringing any energy to the table (literally!) as someone had to put it there to create the potential energy. I didn’t find that a very convincing argument. Maybe they are right, but I am not sure how that works.

        People with a scientific education can be surprisingly stupid at times – I once had an argument with one such person who was claiming you could never make use of the wind turbulence off a moving vehicle to capture energy and return it to the vehicle (i.e. whether it was possible in principle), They denied it was, and just kept referring to engine efficiency. I eventually gave them the example of a boat. The bow wave off a boat is no different from any other wave and could be captured by a wave energy machine on the shore – minutes or even hours after the boat passed by. If you had mini wave energy machines attached to the boat, they could capture energy from the bow wave and feed it back to the boat. Anyway, that discussion made me realise how close-minded some people can be.

  • Fortyniner

    Admin – the link to Rarenergia doesn’t work. This is the correct one:

    RAR are claiming that the first installation works, but have not (AFAIK) released any proof of this claim. Someone needs to take a look at the Illinois site to confirm this is not a raytraced image superimposed on photos of a perfectly normal industrial shed being erected for some other purpose, although admittedly it all looks OK.

    September 10, 2013 announcement by RAR:

    “Final pieces and weights of our motor, moved by the power of gravity, can be assembled in many positions, forming different but similar forms. We tested the final part, in several assembly variations. The motor worked in all versions, varying between larger and smaller power or torque. We chose one of the models to conclude the assembling of the equipment, and we posted more pictures.”

    • ecatworld

      Hi 49er — I just discovered that the site has gone down. It’s done this before, too. They have a single page with an increasing number of large pictures which can take a while to load.

      I agree — it would be good to have someone in the area drive by and see what’s going on. It’s about 8 hours from where I live, so not really a trip I could do just out of curiosity.

    • ecatworld

      Site back up now

      • Daniel Maris

        Site down now!

        • ecatworld

          It’s back up for me, now.

          • Daniel Maris

            Yes back up now.