Surprise Google Ranking for LENR

It’s a quiet news day on the LENR front, and I hope you won’t mind what might be seen as self-promotion — I don’t mean it that way. I just did a google search for ‘LENR’ and was really surprised that at the top of the page was the article I wrote for a couple of weeks ago:

I don’t think the content was particularly special — basically just an overview of key points in the recent history of LENR, but it does make me wonder about how Google’s ranking algorithm works. I know that is a relatively popular site with a lot of readers in the oil industry, and that is a factor in how Google ranks sites. Maybe it’s because the article is recent, too.

Wikipedia, one of the top 10 sites in the world ranks second with its article on cold fusion — and then there are a number of other sites, mostly familiar to me — E-Cat World is not one of them.

Google’s search algorithm is famously secret, and constantly changing — but it’s interesting to me, especially as a web site publisher how things get ranked. My hope is that people searching for LENR will find accurate and interesting information, so I am pleased that my oilprice article is ranked where it is, but it’s still quite a surprise considering the article was rather basic.

  • Alan DeAngelis

    The folks at Oilprice seem to understand the concept of “argumentum ad verecundiam” , “argument from authority” ( or even better “argument from prestige”). Having the belief that prestigious people cannot be wrong can often mislead you.

    • GreenWin

      Indeed, Bob Park, Garwin, Huizenga, Ballinger, and nearly all hot fusionists – have been wrong and misleading with respect to CF.

    • bachcole

      BUT, an insightful application of intuitive and critical thinking can help one to find value in authorities. For example, I hate the FDA with every fiber of my being. But, when they make a philosophically positive and limited statement, such as patent medicine xyz will lower cholesterol, it is almost ALWAYS true. This does not address the issue of whether xyz is good for your overall health or whether there are some dreadful side effects or not. It also implies that cholesterol matters, which it doesn’t. But, when they make a philosophically negative and unlimited statement, such as eating natural and organic abc will not help your heart, or there are no negative side effects from xyz patent medicine, such statements are meaningless.

      So, let us apply that thinking to hot fusionists and see if it helps. If they had say that in a near vacuum it is impossible to cause two protons to fuse at near room temperature, then they would be correct, wouldn’t they? But, when they say that two protons can never fuse under any circumstances at near room temperature, then they are wrong and we know it. But they will never admit it, just like the FDA. It will be easier to make the hot fusionists look foolish than it is to make the FDA look foolish. And we don’t want anyone going into the afterlife being evil scumbags because it will cause their afterlife to be MOST unfortunate. They need to repent before they die.

  • ecatworld

    Hi, PP — I think the phenomenon has been demonstrated to be a reality, but we are still hoping to see it doing useful work in the real world — that is what counts.

  • Brian Fast

    Frank, congrats on the article in oilprice. Oilprice has been very forthright about LENR to their credit. But honestly, Frank, I find your site to be the best source for LENR news — period. I check your site at least daily with hopes that we will see the breakthrough we are all waiting for. So far the news hasn’t been there. However, I very often find interesting tidbits from Rossi and others. I am sure that when a major breakthrough happens, I will learn about it right here on e-catworld.

    • ecatworld

      Thanks, Brian. I hope one day the news you hope to find will be here.

  • GreenWin

    Very good article that serves this sim nicely. We should not be surprised however as much of the LENR research and patentable results are subject to the arbitrary application of Armed Services Patent Advisory Board’s use of the Invention Secrecy Act. Since most results from LENR experiments and the patents applied for fit criterion outlined by the ISA, inventions from Brillouin, DGT, and Leonardo all can be classified under ISA. This is probable reason for so much secrecy at guv’ment and affiliated facilities. The question remains; who is supervising these classifications for the people? It is the people who empower the Trust of the people, aka “government.” The people are represented in this Trust, by Congress. Who in Congress supervises ISA?

    • Omega Z

      Who watches the Congress?
      And Who Watches the Watchers???

      • Quiet Wine Guy

        Jack Ryan

    • Buck


      It is good to know that a long list of other countries are pursuing LENR technology and are beyond the reach of the ISA, a fact that acts as a countervailing force recognized by those who might make your suggested decision.

      Fortunately, the ISA generally is imposed upon weapon systems and cryptographic inventions.

      • GreenWin

        True, there is LENR experimentation happening in a few, sanctioned? pockets of the West. It is fair to think China and India are beyond ISA reach – yet we have little evidence of commercial LENR there.

        ISA documentation makes clear that nearly any technology e.g. materials, vehicles, power supplies, meteorology, are subject to classification at the whim of… who exactly? And who in Congress is overseeing these classifiers? Further, is a free press demonstrating their daily responsibility to openly report on both these institutions?

        Your last sentence is greatly optimistic, but not unrealistic. The threat of nuclear terrorism could be eliminated by global ban and monitoring of all weapons-capable fission activity. China, India, EU and US would have to agree to a phased transition from fission to renewables with equal access to small and large scale commercial LENR. Reduction to zero of fission-based weapons could gate transfer of advanced LENR applications (e.g. plasma propulsion,) providing demilitarized incentive.

        It’s a big job – bigger than even Jack Ryan. Though, in the hands of Branagh, even a poet can alter the cosmos.

        • Buck


          like you, I don’t see much evidence of commercial LENR development aside from the likes of Rossi, DFG, and Brillouin. However, when taking into consideration that these leaders are closer to taking a Trade Secret path rather than the openness of Patent Protection, it is far more understandable for all others like Toyota, Mitsubishi, ST Micro, India, China, Russia, EU etc. to restrict critical information and provide sufficiently vague descriptions. Of course this is pure speculation; that is the nature of trying to guess if a secret exists and ALL agree that the trade secret of commercial LENR energy production has an extremely high value.

          Regarding the politicos controlling the ISA classification, again I am like you. I hope their decision calculus is neither paranoid nor power-mad in the extreme; that they conclude that LENR solves far more problems that it creates leaving all the better for it; and that the pervasive global pursuit of true science into the natural phenomena of LENR prohibits effectively keeping commercial LENR energy production a secret.

          Regarding my last sentence, I was not clear. i was referring to Oil. I do agree though that the rationale for Nuclear Power goes away with the potential downstream consequences you describe.

          In the end, I vote for poetry as it brings one’s heart into the realm of making decisions. I would argue that one flourishes when one’s heart is included in decisions. One only survives if a Jack Ryan is needed.

          • GreenWin

            Buck, I greatly enjoy your dialog. It is reasoned and tempered by the wisdom of heart AND mind. Of course ISA is restricted to patent applications, which may account for the dearth of LENR apps over the past 23 years (in the US.) Trade Secret is the best path for those seeking protection of their particular LENR IP. There is a certain “Grail” quality given to this technology. It is only so, IMO, because of the predilection of some, to exploit others. A desultory discovery for cosmologists.

            It is just this exploitation that corrupts “the pervasive global pursuit of true science…” And we must not be afraid to name it. Indeed a grade school student can see the preposterous benefit of LENR vs all other energetic resources. Certainly Dr. Bushnell at NASA LaRC has.

            One way to alter human-like consciousness is to entice it with trade. As with Tonto (of Lone Ranger fame), a trade is face-saving and mutually benefits the trading partners. I propose that certain parties be allowed access to advanced LENR (and related physics) – in exchange for the ordered elimination of weapons-capable fissile materials. Fortuitously, LENR radioisotope remediation seems able to expedite such a trade.

            And yes, a heartless cerebral decision is anathema to divine wisdom. A return to the consciousness of aesthetics is a signpost to human survival. As television’s Rod Serling noted, “Look, up ahead there’s a signpost…”

            • Buck

              GW, I appreciate the opportunity to follow LENR and because of what it symbolizes, I endeavor to be an equal to the best here at Frank’s place.

              Following LENR is a challenge. You speak of the ‘Grail’. The apparent challenge of introducing LENR highlights a simple dark perspective of human nature: we exemplify bounded rationality, self-interest, and guile though individually we show these three archetypal characteristics along a broad spectrum. There are those who reported Andrew Fastow’s cheating at business school.

              I agree with your sentiments about trade: it can elevate. And, I do recognize the allure for the idea of trading LENR technology for the sequestration/elimination of fissile materials. However, those states eager for the power of nuclear defense or potentially blackmail will resist. And, that is the rub, the central issue of human fallibility: some
              people are quite simply amoral predators and fight against personal
              enlightenment. This sets the stage for determining a reasonable response. Should all go through their lives with a cocked pistol on their hip, allowing the predator to hide in plain sight. Or, the reverse.

              Finally, I do not believe that is how LENR will actually roll out to the world. However, I’ve been wrong before.

  • Buck

    Very nice. I can easily imagine the owner of a small oil exploration company being handed a copy of your article and then asking for additional follow up information about LENR.

    I can easily imagine one of the owners of an ancillary oil/gas/coal service company being handed a copy of your article and then asking for additional follow up information about LENR.

    And, I can easily imagine an investment analyst type focusing on oil/gas/coal industry being told of your article from friends or google and then following through looking for additional information about LENR.

    IMO, you hit a home run and brought three runs in . . . at least.

    Congratulations Frank.

    • ecatworld

      Thanks, Buck

  • Daniel Maris

    Well deserved Frank – excellent article.

    • ecatworld

      Thanks, Daniel

  • Casey

    From J-O-N-P


    Dr Rossi:

    I am reading “” : it appears they are using the technology you patented twenty years ago !

    What do you think?


    Andrea Rossi

    Duke Nukem:

    I am very pleased to see that the tech I patented in 1977 ( obviously the patent is expired) is still used, this fact makes all the enormous problems I got in that period of my life ( see “”) have not been useless. I am delighted to see successful epigones.

    Warm Regards,


    • Omega Z

      Thanks Casey

      Many who bad mouth Rossi ignore the Fact that Petrol Dragon actually worked. Even those who will admit it talk of only 5% efficiency. Where in reality the Percentage depended a lot on the source being converted. Some up to 30% to 40%.

      Rossi’s Dragon issues was stepping on the wrong Interests & politics. Few even realize that Rossi’s Dragon technology is not only involved in Bio-Fuels, but even used by Big Oil today. By improving on his beginnings, They can now even revert used motor oils & others to near it’s Virgin form. Thus being totally reusable for multiple products from scratch.

      They also bash him for the Military research on the Thermal Electric converter & them not working. 1st, The Military Chose Rossi & contracted with Leonardo(Rossi was 1 of 4 partners) among others including a University for that Study. Of which was to determine it’s feasibility, efficiency, & If cost effective.
      They Omit that the Device Rossi built & independently verified by the Military did work at 17% stable. That the others farmed out to 2 different manufactures of Which Rossi was not a part of did not. That the Issue was of Material purity & Manufacturing processes.

      What Rossi developed worked. That the rest of the program had problems of which Materials & Manufacturing needed time to improve. Done today, It would likely work & considering advances made since then likely better ways to accomplish it.

      NOTE: Maybe 3D printing would be an effective way to bring the Thermal Electric converters of high efficiency & reasonable costs to market.

      • US_Citizen71

        I remember reading the original write up on Petro Dragon in Popular Science and thinking that there was no way this guy was going to live out the year. It worked alright and would have been extremely useful and efficient way to deal with all the food and agricultural waste we produced in in the US at the time. When he got stepped on I wasn’t so suprised.

        • Daniel Maris

          As in parts of the USA (still? – ceratinly in the past), the mafia control waste management in parts of Italy. It’s not surprising they put the heat on him, although it does seem that Rossi launched his technology way too early.

          The armed forces report on Rossi’s thermoelectric converters was perfectly respectful of Rossi’s involvement. No hint of fraud or malpractice.

          • US_Citizen71

            Is the US the mob used their control of the waste management industry more to launder money than to make money through extortion. I thought at the time he was in more danger from the oil industry. At the time we thought we could bury all of our waste. The thousands of tons of daily restaurant and food production waste wasn’t composted at all. That waste would have been the ideal feedstock for petrol dragon.

          • Casey

            We have to understand that armed forces are in need to know, not only what is working but also what for sure is not working.
            That is the reason they give to private businesses. to do the investigation and R&D.

  • bachcole

    The fact that the article is basic tells us that you aren’t just preaching to the choir. This is extremely good news.

  • Bruce Williams

    Frank, as I said last week, your article was really good and merits the attention it has received. Congratulations and keep up the good work.

  • US_Citizen71

    Best way to check placement in Google is with Incognito mode in chrome or the comparable in Firefox and Explorer. Checking all three I still see your article listed above the Wiki page on my system.

  • Manuel Cruz

    Google ranks pages differently for each IP/user, maybe you get it ranked higher because you visited that article page earlier.

    • bachcole

      Good idea, Manuel, but I got the same thing searching ‘LENR’ with Startpage, another search engine. Perhaps Startpage runs on top of Google.

  • Nixter

    Google can give results based upon your recent searches from your local computer skewing the results.

    Looking at Google trends here;

    There you can see trends in graph form

  • Iggy Dalrymple

    Congrats, Frank. You’re the ‘go to’ journalist for LENR.

    • ecatworld

      Thanks, Iggy