Rob Duncan Discusses New Appointment at Texas Tech — and LENR

There’s a very good interview with Robert Duncan in the most recent issue of Infinite Energy magazine in which he discusses his move from the University of Missouri to Vice President of research at Texas Tech University. His new appointment will start in January.

The interviewer, Marianne Macy, was most interested in finding out about Duncan’s work in LENR, and whether it had a bearing on his change of positions. Duncan’s main points are:

  • He took the position because it was a better position with more prospects for promotion for him and his wife. He will be Vice President of Research, and a professor of physics. His wife will be a professor of Medicine.
  • He will remain connected with the University of Missouri’s Sidney Kimmel Institute for Nuclear Renaissance (SKINR) LENR program through a continuing appointment as an adjunct professor, and will continue to work with four faculty-led research groups at the SKINR.
  • He will continue to be involved in campaigning for more public investment in LENR.
  • There was not much discussion of LENR in his interview process with Texas Tech, but he says if the faculty at Texas are interested he may start an LENR research program there.
  • He intends to continue research into the ‘anomalous heat effect’ (his preferred term for LENR), with a view to understanding what causes it. He says that only by rigorously applying the scientific method will we come to figure out what is really going on.

There’s no indication from this interview that Duncan’s involvement in LENR had anything to do with him leaving MU — in fact it sounds like the university was anxious for him to stay — but the offer from Texas Tech was too good for him to refuse.

The full text of the article is available in PDF format at the following link:

  • bachcole

    This particular post by Frank, “Rob Duncan Discusses New Appointment at Texas Tech — and LENR” made it into Google Alerts. Not too shabby.

  • ecatworld
    • Omega Z

      If I Recall correctly, Graham Hubler was involved in this research long ago & kind of shut out for it.
      And Duncan was directly involved in bringing him on board at SKINR.
      Kind of a Hand Picked Successor.

  • Joseph j

    Juan Ontiveros Executive Director at University of Texas at Austin shows up in this video from IDEA They use also district heating and cooling

    • bitplayer

      J. J. Pickle Research Campus, The University of Texas at Austin
      N Burnet Austin, TX 78758

      Looks like about a mile from both the TTU Austin Regional Center and National Instruments.

      Maybe the people in Austin, more than anyone, understand what will happen to the oil industry, and the Texas economy, once LENR breaks out.

      And if you read that to mean “ah, so they’ll suppress it!”, well, hate to say it, but Texas isn’t THAT big.

      • bitplayer

        UT Office of Technology Commercialization
        3925 W Braker Ln #1, Austin, TX 78759

        Just about at the center of the triangle between the TTU regional office, the TU technology center, and National Instruments.

        And a half-mile walk to the North by Northwest Restaurant and Brewery.

        Of course, being located in a hot-bed of academically driven technology entrepreneurship, I’m sure those people have no idea about the existence of each other, nor do they ever get together for lunch.

        • Bernie Koppenhofer

          Follow the money, who is paying for the research and why?

      • Omega Z


        Texas wouldn’t suppress it. They would sell it in tandem with oil/gas.
        It’s all economics.

        Those who would suppress LENR are very few, However, they hold the majority of Power & Control in the World.

        LENR threatens that Power & Control that they Fear losing. Without it, they can’t suppress the free will of the people.

      • Bernie Koppenhofer

        Follow the money, who is paying for the research, why?

        • bitplayer

          Pure speculation, but I would assume there are well-to-do, philanthropic alumni of both TU and TTU who take a long view of the prosperity of the Republic, er, the state, and who are still P.O’d that Silicon Valley happens to be in the Golden State, and who thus are on the look out for ways to maintain the preeminence of Texas over all things, R&D being one of the most important of those ways.

          (disclosure: I married a Texan.)

          • Bernie Koppenhofer

            Right, and I have a bridge in London I would like to sell you.

  • bachcole

    I am in favor of Maximum Income Ratio: But I know that most people can’t see outside the box and/or are too politicized to think clearly.

    • Omega Z

      “Wage’ Ratio”
      “It’s an idea that’s radical in its simplicity.”

      NOT, The Author of this article shows their their lack of knowledge in Life. Either Young or Dumb. Maybe both.

      It is a model that was used in practice in the U.S. up to & partially thru the 80’s. It is a Practice that the Japanese copied. It was seen as a Viable, workable practice. Wages increased according to ones level in the Business. In General, the peek being a Plant/business manager. 6 times the highest payed laborer.

      All this Changed in the mid/late 80’s when Emergence of Mega-merger mania & modern Hi-tech became the new norm. With it came Mega Pay scales beyond the Factory/Business floor.

      I doubt this Swiss initiative will have a lot of impact, Other then Individual perspectives & a short feel good moment. The Number of people receiving grotesque pay are actually very few, So the financial impact would barely be noticeable If at all to Joe Average..

      The Real Problem is how these Corporations are Structured.
      Most of the Exec’s/CEO’s base pay isn’t that extreme. Most of it comes from Bonuses/Stock options Etc..(To the Tune of 10’s of Millions) Reducing their base will just be offset with these. In most cases, these extra’s are determined by a board of Directors. The Average shareholder has little or no say. Who they invest thru (XYZ Investment Firm) vote for them as proxy & if large enough even have a representative on the Board. And Not necessarily looking out for the average investor.

      And the Elephants in the room are the Warren Buffets of the World.
      If Buffet buys Billions in stock(A Large percentage of shares) in your Corporation, They have a lot of say & sway over the CEO. Many CEO’s will do as told Even if detrimental to the long term viability of said Corporation. All for a Quick Cash Return. (Quick can equate to several years). In Return, They will see to it that you receive Very Healthy Bonuses & Perks(Their on the Board)) Ignoring them can see you displaced/Replaced out the door in disgrace.

      As to the Above- You can see how just a few 100 People (Bilderberg Group) can Control the World. Not ALL at Once, but Very Large segments of it.

      It is Not the Northrop/Military/Boeing’s or Big Oil & Corporations. They are Just Tools to use.
      If You Really Want to Break Their Strangle Hold on Society, You Need to Regulate THEM, The Elephants. Maybe by way of how many shares they can hold in anyone 1 Corporation or Company. To a scale that greatly reduces their Direct influence. Preferably to Zero.

      If they Wish to own a major stake in a Business, It should be 100%. Then they can be held fully liable for any shenanigans they pull rather then pushing the blame off on the pawns.
      In This Manor, You do not prevent anyone from financially benefiting from their Personal Work Efforts, But you Greatly restrain there Power & Control over the Average Individuals Life.

      An Additive step after Regulating the Super Rich would be allow individual share holders to vote on all pay & Bonus packages. It is after all, Their returns being shelled out.

      As Pointed out, Presently they can only control portions of Society. If some type of restraint isn’t initiated, this could change to all portions all the time.

      • bachcole

        The benefits have NOTHING to do with the redistribution of wealth. It has EVERYTHING to do with what you dismiss as “feel good”. Waking up worrying about the mortgage, being afraid to live in certain neighborhoods, being afraid to take mass transit, being alienated from large and important segments of society, all of these anxiety based feelings and more are destroying our society from the inside out. The research is in. For me the matter is settled: large income disparity (NOT any income disparity) is harming the United States of America. I believe that it is behind just about every social ill that we have. My wife, not a politically astute person, is terrified to live in poorer neighborhoods in the USA, yet she was born and raised in poverty the likes of which most Americans cannot even imagine. Yet Loribelle tells me that they were happy, that people were decent to each other, even though people went without food now and then.

        • Omega Z

          Maybe 1 or both of us misread the posts. Maybe I’ll revisit it when I’m not tired. Maybe I did a poor job of my post.
          Anyway, The Swiss Voters may have a “Feel Good” moment if they pass this law, But it will not make much difference when the dust settles.

          • bachcole

            Like I said, the benefit of wealth redistribution is very doubtful. But the benefit of mass attitude readjustment of everyone knowing day by day that we are all in this together and that labor needs management and management needs labor will help everyone.

            • Omega Z


              In your view of wealth redistribution, of which I also have, I Agree.
              But, I also see Economics, the economy itself as a form of wealth redistribution tho be it by work for pay. Not forced upon.

              As to CEO’s, There are CEO’s that earn what they get for doing their job looking out for their investors. Then there are those who get there bonuses looking out for just a few super investors which is not there Job.

              An Example of where I’m coming from:
              Carl Icahn bought a huge interest in Apple.(Billions A full 1%) He has been pressuring Cook, Apples CEO to do certain things that He believes would increase Apple’s share prices along with Dumping a large portion of it’s cash reserves into dividends. In return, he would no doubt see that Cook got a raise & a big bonus thru influence on Board of Directors.

              Icahn makes a big return in dividends & profits from higher stock prices of which he would quietly make an Exit. The fact this may be very detrimental to Apple & the Majority of other investors & it’s employees a couple years down the road matter’s not to Icahn. Likely, he chose Apple as a target because he see’s a weakness in Apple, No Major Tech coming & major headwinds from competition. More Easily manipulated. He’s a Parasite.

              This goes on all the time & is Legal as far as I know, but there should be obstacles emplaced to minimize this. It is basically wealth redistribution in reverse by coercion & bribery at others expense. It’s yet to be seen if Cook will bend or do his Job.

              Note that many in the Corporate World are aware of these few having undue Influence & believe the only way to fix it is to take All These Corporations back to Private ownership. I hope they are wrong & that there are other ways to address the situation.

              Also Note, that these few are those we have to fear of Gaining overly control of the LENR technology.

              Just to Add, I have zero problem with people getting rich as long as it’s earned & ethical. Same for Corporations. It is these few Parasites that are of concern.

    • Bernie Koppenhofer

      Ha, Ha, Try to pass that in the Republican controlled House!

      • bachcole

        You are absolutely right, er correct. The Right thinks that if the individual is “king”, then all will be right (excuse the pun) with society. And the Left thinks that if society is “king”, then all will be right with the individual. This is simplistic thinking that just ain’t so.

        • Bernie Koppenhofer

          I agree, the solution is compromise.

          • bachcole

            So, I think that Maximum Income Ratio is far superior to Minimum Wage, just as the Fair Tax is far superior to the Income Tax. If we are going to have social engineering, then let it be things that are efficient and engineer for more jobs and a more vigorous economy.

  • bitplayer

    TTU Austin Regional Center
    10000 Research Blvd #250, Austin, TX 78759

    National Instruments
    11500 N Mopac Expwy Austin, TX 78759-3504

    1.75 miles apart

    • bachcole

      bitplayer, you just hit a home run with the bases full!!!!!!

    • Bernie Koppenhofer

      Are they eating lunch with the powers supplying the money?

  • Bernie Koppenhofer

    I smell a rat, one of the most outspoken, credible proponents of LENR buried in a Texas U, as a “Vice President of Research, and a professor of physics.”

    • bachcole

      And I smell a bottle of sandalwood. Knowing that he was an LENR freakazoid, they gave him an huge amount of power at a school that is on fire about research and technology. Plus, they liked his out of the box interests so much that they hired his wife. I would hardly call that buried. I would more likely call that trying to get on board the train to glory.

      • Bernie Koppenhofer

        We shall see, if we hear a lot from Dr. Duncan about LENR, you are right, if we hear nothing…………buried.

        PS What is a “freakazoid”?

        • bachcole

          I am a freakazoid about LENR, raw milk, complementary and alternative medicine, homeopathy, and smaller government. And now Maximum Income Ratio. I am interested in these subjects. I put time and energy and money if I had any into these subjects. They are an obsession for me.

  • LCD

    Still, that’s unexpected. You would think once “LENR comes out” he could write his own ticket per say. The move signals at least in part that mainstream LENR in his mind is not afoot.

  • bachcole

    There is absolutely, positively no way that TTU does not know about Duncan’s involvement in LENR. They would have vetted him all of the way down to the color of his socks. There is absolutely, positively no way that they could think that LENR or cold fusion would be pathological science. This is good news.

    You better believe that some professors at TTU won’t suddenly become openly interested in LENR. This appointment of Duncan to a high mucky-muck position at TTU would be like the New York Times would have a big, above the fold headline “Cold Fusion is Real” would be for the world. Thinking about, talking about, and investigating LENR on the TTU campus will suddenly become much more socially acceptable.

    • Zedshort

      Such a New York Times headline would be greeted with a resounding, “What’s Cold Fuzion?” But you are correct about the rest.

      • atanguy

        New York Times having a big, above the fold headline:
        “Cold Fusion is Real”
        Great! What if we take one page of advertisement in the NYT with this title?
        This will stir-up some interest no?
        Anybody for it?

        Frank can you organize the collect to finance it?

        • ecatworld

          It will cost around $140,000 — it would be better, I think, if we could get the NYT to run the headline for free.

  • Miles

    “The company, based in Berlin Adlershof, on the eastern outskirts of the capital, is developing 10MW-sized battery parks, using battery systems that it says can stabilise the grid faster, cheaper and with greater precision that conventional generation”

    The FAST PACE of Technology stops for no one. It might be Christmas 2075 before the e-Cat comes out.

  • GreenWin

    It seems probable that the Texas Tech NanoTechnology Center and their plasmonics projects are a likely place for Dr. Duncan to focus on LENR. The fact that TT has a NanoTech Center indicates their interest in this new field of research. I would imagine the university is especially interested in IP and patents deriving from this program – e.g. in semiconductor engineering, materials, and plasmonics.