Nickel-Hydrogen Cold Fusion Question Posted at StackExchange

There’s a question been posted on the StackExchange Q & A site regarding cold fusion which I see has already been getting some attention here. The question is, “Is there any reproducible tested evidence for Ni-H cold fusion?”

The author of the question does not seem to be in doubt about palladium-deuterium cold fusion, but is specifically asking about nickel-hydrogen systems. The work of Rossi is dismissed — (“for sure a scam”), so any reference to his work will apparently not satisfy the questioner.

The question of whether Rossi is credible has been dealt with so much here and elsewhere that I don’t know how useful it would be to flood the site with the many evidences we have in the E-Cat’s favor. Also, the question pertains to “reproducible tested evidence”, which does not really apply to Rossi’s work, since he is working largely in secret.

I suppose mentioning the work of Piantelli might be useful as he was really the pioneer in Ni-H LENR research. Also Brillouin work with Ni-H.

AlainCo has already responded there, and I thought I’d mention the question here in case anyone else would like to comment.

  • Alan DeAngelis

    What’s wrong with this picture? Let’s not forget that Rossi
    has been the tip of the LENR spear. If it weren’t for Rossi we would still be hearing
    “Please, may I have a cup of tea?”

  • GreenWin

    In reply to this question poster “user34083” provides links to nanoplasmonic research which is an orthodoxy-approved area of science today. The papers linked cover laser-stimulated nanoparticles suspended in liquids – and accelerated alpha-decay of U232. These experiments require very high power laser energy and might be a productive avenue for DOE troubled research facilities like NIF. Since NIF has failed to come close to fusion ignition – maybe they can help develop a nanoplasmonic solution to nuclear waste remediation. LENR is likely a component of nanoplasmonics and perhaps even the “plasmon polaritons” that NASA’s LaRC is studying and licensing for commercial use.

  • bachcole

    I don’t mind if Ron Maimon thinks that Rossi is “for sure a scam”. He is paying attention and he believes in cold fusion. So as soon as Rossi or anyone else breaks out he will be cheering and telling everyone about it.

  • davidw

    im sorry whoever wrote the article, but honestly… if there was any reproducible evidence .. it would have been copied by about 10,000 different companies by now and it would be all over the news mate.sorry if i came across harsh.

    • Freethinker

      I don’t think you come across as harsh. I do think you come across as being uninformed. Evidence for LENR is commonplace these days, including Ni-H systems.

    • Christina

      Suppose you discovered some great invention, worked on it for decades, sweated over it by trying 1,000’s of versions of your experiment, and finally getting positive results which have to be rigorously tested by other scientists.

      After discovering that if you apply for a patent other countries’ scientists could take your patents, reproduce your work for a lot less cost than you can produce it, and make your E-Cat more cheaply than you can, would you patent it or publish anything about it?

      You’d probably decide that no one will find out anything about it until it’s on store shelves or until enough companies have bought enough of your product so that you can be assured that you can get paid for all the work you did all those years, and more importantly, the company though which they are sold can protect the patent and let you improve them.

      Sir, unless you’re willing to do your job in a third world country for working for pay per day that you now get for an hour, please don’t call the man greedy. Mr. Rossi apparently simply wants to protect his E-Cat and support his family.

      Yes, he may eventually be filthy rich, but how many people can make energy from water and nickel?

      Have a good day and may God bless you.

      • GreenWin

        Christina, thank you for your comment. Trolls and pathoskeps attempt to denigrate Dr. Rossi at every turn. “Greed” is wholly inappropriate with respect to E-Cat as the Doctor has probably refused to accept buy out offers from the nefarious PTB. In fact you illuminate the only tact Rossi could take to protect the opportunity for LENR success. That is, to refuse offers to control the IP until it is fully at work in an industrial/commercial setting.

        That this approach will also reward the inventor for his labor and intellect is fitting and fair. In a society that allows corporate entities to patent human genes (requiring essentially ZERO invention) why should anyone, except PTB shills, protest the Doctor’s ability to garner remuneration for his efforts??

        The loudest outcry against LENR arrives from nuke village shills who represent Big Science investment in human misunderstanding of matter; e.g. hot fusionists who have taken $250B in taxpayer (human labor) funds and delivered ZERO useful energy to the planet. Dr. Rossi deserves a rich reward for his courage and tenacity; funds that will predictably fund some form of charitable trust to benefit humanity.

    • bachcole

      My read on davidw is that he is also disparaging LENR, not just Rossi and LENR+. Given that assumption, I would say that your, davidw, lack of research is not our problem. You can start here: Otherwise, STFU.

  • GreenWin

    Not long after P&F announced, Thermacore and Randell Mills received a patent for a nickel hydrogen based “Electrolytic Heater.” Subsequent confirmation of this Ni/H reaction were carried out by Rowan University – however the Thermacore patent expired with no commercial development. Here is a very good overview of the Ni/H evolution from Chavascience:

  • Omega Z

    UNIBO had their own NI/H program that had positive Excess heat results.
    They even obtained temps in the 1000`C range.
    Their problem was not being able to scale up COP to a useful point.
    They were in the process of mostly discontinuing their work When Rossi approached Focardi.
    I think this all gets lost in the Mix with Rossi’s E-cat.
    It becomes a little complicated to separate UNIBO’s ending & Rossi’s appearing.

    Piantelli, UNIBO, & Rossi all have 1 thing in common in their NI/H developments….
    All Involved Focardi at some point…

    • Bernie Koppenhofer

      And Focardi said Rossi had something special.

  • bachcole

    You might check out my comment at: I am quite proud of it. (:->) I invite you to add your own comment. If you want to spread the word, this is how I do it.

    • BroKeeper

      The new Temple of Doom; while the LENR high priest holds the oil industry’s beating heart in his hands and the remainder is lowered into the infernal fiery pits from which it came.

  • Gordon Docherty

    Here is a link to a paper from October 13th 2013 for the ICCF-18 conference, co-authored by :

    Prof. Yeong E. Kim, Department of Physics, Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana 47907, USA,
    John Hadjichristos, Defkalion Green Technologies Corporation, 1140 Homer Street, Suite 250, Vancouver BC V682X6, Canada

    Abstract: Experimental results for anomalous heat effect and super magnetic field observed for hydrogen-Nickel systems are described. Theoretical analysis and reaction mechanisms are presented using theory of Boson cluster state nuclear fusion (BCSNF) based on the optical theorem formulation. Observed excess heat generation and anomalously large magnetic field are explained by theoretical descriptions based on nano-scale explosions (“Bosenova”) and proton supper currents.

  • Gerrit

    The question was asked on November 11, 2012 by Ron Maimon, so it is quite dated.

    I have the impression that Ron Maimon is a very qualified thinker, but unfortunately we don’t hear so much from him.

    I assume that the apparent dismissal of Rossi’s work was an attempt to steer the conversation towards scientific evidence instead of scam/no scam discussions.