Nichenergy Sends Documents to Potential Protium srl. Investors

I received some documents from Francesco Piantelli’s Nichenergy company regarding Protium srl., a new company set up to allow the public to invest in his technology. The document states that Nichenergy “has an agreement with an important multinational company that has significantly financed the latest activities”, and mentions there will be a 50% split of proceeds between NE and this partner.

Potential investors are not able to directly invest in Nichenergy, but are now being invited to consider investing in Protium srl., which will receive 20% of the income that Nichenergy will earn from European Community area. Investment funding received by Protium will be used for “the advancement of lab activities.”

Regarding investors, the documents states that “The possibility to share the ownership among many subjects (today more than 15) is very beneficial for the company, in particular it allows Protium to find inside the company the skills required for the research and the future industrialization of the products.”

The document states explicitly that the company does not yet have a product ready for market, and people willing to participate in Protium will be able to help complete the research that will allow for the creation of a finished product. Once that goal has been reached, “we will proceed in the choosing of the industrial partners (primarily among Protium partners) for the large scale production and the following distribution.”

Interested persons are invited to make contact for further information at: [email protected]

Below is supportive documentation published here with permission of Roy Virgilio of Nichenergy obtained by email today.

Piantelli document.pdf by ecatworld

  • jousterusa

    This indeed is an “iffy” investment. I don’t think that anyone has yet pointed out that dozens of magazines, from Wired to US News & World Report, and prominent Website like and Foreign, have waxed eloquent about the E-Cat and LENR/CF over the past year, but nothing has materialized in a public, tangible way to to justify their optimism, and I suspect many are feeling that they have gone out on a limb that may soon collapse under its own weight. That is a terrible feeling for an editor – i.e., that he has wasted space on an inverntion that may or may not emerge – after the huge collapse of the Pons-Fleischmann story embarrassed so many reporters and editors around the world. It’s way past time for someone to produce a working, useful LENR/CF device. (P.S.: I am one of those editors.)

    • bachcole

      With respect, it is exactly because of this attitude that you expressed why it is taking what seems to us to be a long time. I am not sure that it can be helped, given the risk and given the rewards. Since I have nothing to lose, it is easy for me to sit here and type the words “have faith”. But since the 2013 Levi report is true (along with a bunch of other evidence), and since it is true that people like money and like to give service, I am confident that LENR is going to happen. The existence of darkness does not prove that there is no light.

    • SiriusMan

      So you seem to be implying that Rossi’s 3rd party test from May was fraudulent? Otherwise, does that demonstration not qualify as a ‘working, useful LENR/CF’ device? Sure, that prototype was not yet ready to deploy for commercial energy generation, but that is exactly what Rossi claims his industrial partner is now working towards.

      I get annoyed when people make vague but negative claims about LENR, but do not bother to specify exactly where they see the problem in the story. If you see fraud, then say so.

      I agree it is frustrating that no large company has yet come forward and acknowledged direct involvement in LENR commercialization, but that is a different problem to the whole thing being one big hoax.

      Also, the issue of ‘wasted space’ in a publication is kind of redundant when we are living in the online era.

      • GreenWin

        jouster is a typical skepto with agenda. Feed no troll. 🙂

  • bachcole

    Frank, you made the Big Time with your article on Google News using “LENR” as the search string. Congratulations!

    • GreenWin

      Good article Frank. Hope more than the usual supporters read it. OilPrice is one of the very few publications allowed to cover LENR today. Hopefully we can return to the pre-October 2011 political atmosphere when mainstream media was able to write about this astonishing energy solution.

      • ecatworld

        I have found to be a good source of energy industry news, and James Stafford, the editor, seems very interested in LENR. He’s interviewed Rossi, and run a number of other articles on LENR.

        I don’t think it’s a matter of them being ‘allowed’ to talk about LENR — it’s an independently run site with a genuine interest in the topic.

        • bachcole

          Frank, I just ignore the “allowed” comments from our several paranoids; their comments are otherwise excellent and insightful. (:->) Let us just be grateful that one major publication “allowed” YOU to publish your viewpoint. (:->)

  • Miles

    So where is the final product if they want investment? No product = No mullahs.

    • Daniel Maris

      No moolahs even.

    • kasom

      I agrre with you, but what do you think about the critics that type about 1,000 and more letters a day (like M.Y and aliases) into differnt forums to fight LENR.

      You can find these on the letter graveyards over at ecn and elsewhere. That can’t be a hobbv, but who pays for????

      Is’nt that merely a proof, that someone expects to be hurt by LENR proof ????????????

      • bachcole

        kasom, it is certainly not proof. There are all kinds of mental illnesses that would cause people to be PA. {Persistent A$$holes}. I think that it is definitely one of those data points that we hear so much about. But it could fit with a shill picture or an insanity picture (or both, I suppose).

  • Pekka Janhunen

    I feel uneasy about the transmutation signals because they seem to be so strong. Although there is no absolute scale, it looks as if signals of Ca, K, etc. are not much weaker than Ni, on specific locations. Perhaps LENR produces ionising radiation which makes free radicals out of always existing passing-by contaminants which causes them to stick to the surface at the spot. A bit similar to what happens inside a plasma-enhanced chemical vapour deposition reactor, but with LENR as the ionisation source.

  • bachcole

    I don’t see that the proposal is anything close to being dishonest. I just see that Protium is so far behind that I don’t think that it is a good investment. Just to invest in an LENR company does not mean that you are going to get any money back if Rossi, Defkalion, and Brillouin crush your company. If you like to invest in an LENR company because you want to promote LENR research, then I think that this would be a good “investment”, since you can’t invest in Rossi, Defkalion, and Brillouin. But as far as making money, I can’t see this as a good investment.

    • Allan Shura

      This is the problem of an arms length passive investment. Many venture
      capital companies will take well over 90% of the return and demand to
      take over management for promising inventions and innovative start up
      proponents and principals.
      We can see a return with a specific product if the economics are there. Rossi talked of 5 MW for $500 or so heating device and this is far more economical that available sources. Of couse the cost
      of production will be much less and this is the typical return for manufacturers not the aftermarket utility.
      Simularly in the housing market rental return is seen as the return on investment and prices of property are not part of the focus for prudent investors versus speculation.

      • Omega Z


        I’ve read a couple Articles by Old Venture Capitalists Snipping at the New Younger Generation VC’s.

        The Old timers had a strong tendency & willingness to take Bigger High Stakes Risk very early in the process. Things that could take years to complete development & come to market if at all.

        They Complain that the new generation is very Risk Averse usually interested in projects that are mostly complete & ready for market.
        And still want the 90% of the return Much as your post spells out. More of a Banker Mentality then VC.

        So to Recap-The Older VC’s justify their wants by the High Risk they took. The Younger VC’s Have the same wants, but little or none of the High Risk.
        Of Course with Any VC, Beware, They’ll try to take it all.
        Lonnie Johnson of JTEC can attest to this. A Big Concern.

        • Allan Shura

          There will always be opportunities. Mangagement by objectives focuses on goals. What has to be decided is
          if the goal of providing solutions to scarcity and our
          energy problems out weighs the maximum return or
          nothing dilemma. The maximum return is not always
          a simple model. It might not be as it seems.

          • AlainCo

            I’ve discussed of management methods with an expert (historian of military strategies… used by the way for management method innovation).

            He warned me about management by objective.

            He propose something inspired by some maverick military units (like strategic comando (SAS), some WW2 german units).
            The management by intention.
            the idea is that the HQ inform as far as possible elite commando about the situation, the real goals and stakes , and propose them a mission. The commando try to do what is said, of what seems better depending on the local situation, eventually disobeying, or ignoring orders.

            In companies, this is done by “Senior Fellow” executives who are protected from the HQ with a huge autonomy and blind trust.
            Today this is harder and harder to let Senior Fellow really autonomous… HQ try to put their nose in everything…

            see what happened to Spawar…

        • AlainCo

          I have discussed with people trying to get funded by VC.
          they says that LENr is treated like a mature technology, and CV ask “industrial grade” test results before funding development with many millions.

          People in the domain however feel that they should more proposed shorter funding bellow the million, but considered as bootstrap capital.

          it is crazy because on finance people have sanctified the risk as the only way to make money, but it seems they prefer the casino style of risk, from the real-life risk.

  • Bernie Koppenhofer

    Why does this picture keep popping up in my head, which no one else can apparently duplicate?

    • Pekka Janhunen

      The man who makes water boil and steel melt; thus far the one and only.

    • Frechette

      Every time I hear the name Sheldon Adelson I reach for my side arm.

  • Sanjeev

    I do not find this report very impressive overall. The dates range from 1995-2008, does that mean that there is no progress there since last 5 years ? Will this encourage anyone to invest a few million on them?

    None of the graph shows output power or energy, I see only temperatures (May be I missed it). The temperature shows anomaly surely, as they show a rise with decrease of input power. But this does not demonstrate a feasible technology which can produce usable power. Another very interesting thing is the spectrum and emission of particles, indicating a nuclear process. However it says nothing about whether a product is possible, which will be the main question any investor would ask.

    The secret partner thing kind of throws cold water on everything, making it look like a carrot in front of a donkey. Every lenr player seems to like it and its irritating if you ask me. I was expecting a big bang with Piantelli finally winning the race. I guess we all need to wait a bit more.

    • ecatworld

      The informational document does say, “Attached to this document is a brief summary, non-exhaustive, of the scientific evidences of the existence and the repeatability of the nuclear phenomenon obtained in Piantelli’s lab.”

      They acknowledge they don’t yet have a marketable product, and the investment they are seeking is intended go towards the effort of creating one.

      • Sanjeev

        Yes, I see that its very clear, there is no product. Its absolutely ok to ask for investments to develop a product. My comment was from the point of view of an investor. How confident an ordinary person or co. would feel to invest there. Given the image of cold fusion in public mind, it needs a leap of faith.

        Without named witnesses and independent party replications, the “evidence” is just a claim. I personally do not doubt them, but someone can raise these questions. They are promising a share in profit, its not only R&D.

    • artefact

      I read somewhere that he stopped (rested) research arround 2008 and began again in 2012 or something like that.

      • Omega Z

        Actually, Piantelli & Focardi quit. More or Less.
        They hit a Roadblock. Rossi’s results reinvigorated Piantelli to resume his work. It is just an indication that they gave up to soon.
        Note that UNIBO also had Major involvement in the field & also hit a roadblock. They were stopping their work when Rossi hit the scene.

        Nope, I’m not bad mouthing him or any of the others. They have all contributed in some way or another. Rossi merely stumbled across something by determination & Trial & error. According to Focardi, Rossi tried something that no others had thought of or would have thought of. Something apparently way out of the ordinary.
        As this is how most major breaks come about. If determined enough & you’ve tried all the Logical, You turn to what may be considered Illogical.

        Duncan by way of CBS(60 minutes) found what appeared to be excess heat where there shouldn’t be. The Scientist in him wanted to know why.

        Duncan more or less said that Science isn’t about the expected results, but the unexpected results and this should be followed up on.
        This is where new knowledge comes from. What you didn’t know or expect.

        • bachcole

          I happen to know for a fact that the secret catalyst is peanut butter. Really.


          • Omega Z

            Peanut Allergies.
            No E-cat for you. 🙂

  • Chris I

    Even if I was willing to put in some venture captial, this Protium thing just doesn’t seem convincing. Further to doubts about the financial sense of putting in capital to something that will only get a part of a part of profits, now they talk about an unspecified 50% partner. That doesn’t sound right when proposing to investors.

  • Marc Ellenbroek

    Yesterday I received an email from nicHenergy (as they call themselves, good name!) which should provide their progress in the field, as claimed. All the information seems quite dated. It did not adequately show the progress they made recently. I have asked them to provide more proven information if thy really want to raise serious money. Did anyone also receive this information and do you agree with my complaint?

    • Fortyniner

      This seems consistant with the idea that a number of the ‘big boys’ have been quietly getting into the game by acquiring start-up technology, and are restricting the flow of information from their sponsored protĂ©gĂ©s. It seems highly likely that there may be a number of others ‘out there’ that we have not heard anything at all about, because they were taken over before they began to use blogs to attract investment.

      • bitplayer

        Which raises the distinction between suppressing CF entirely and releasing it in a way that is optimal for big energy.

        Now I’m actually unhappier, because while the former is in my view impossible, the latter is all too likely.

        Even though there may finally be too many holes to plug, they can slow the process down considerably by buying out the start-ups.

        • bitplayer

          Which increases the stakes for those willing to bet that CF will relieve AWG if AWG does happen to exist.

        • AlainCo

          You think right.
          This is where our job as citizen is.
          The initiative to support small lean and agile actors, like LENR-cities maye help small maverick companies to block that scenario.
          Big corsp have money but the move slowly. If small startup start to cut their business share faster than they can block it, to advenace in pack and not alone, they will be forced to follow and compete, and not allowed to block innovation untill they can controll all…
          Experience is that if the small entities go fast, and collaborate (coopetition and mutual assured development), they will force the bigplayers to follow…
          if they battle each others, of try to esteblish a monopoly, they will be eaten.

          I see a very good news that Defkalion, Rossi, Brillouin, Nichenergy, try to compete… but at one moment they will have to coopete to block the big corps, staying in competition but agreeing on some sharing, and non aggression.

    • tombuktu

      I also received the information today and I agree with you. To less information to spend money on.

      I think it is only a teaser and more information will only be given to serious investors. It would be nice to know who is the “important multinational company”. I would like to know who is with me in that boat.

  • Mr. Moho

    I think the most interesting graph is on slide 8. It shows what I think are a calibration curve and an “activated” temperature curve. At about 1-2W of input power the temperature delta on the activated curve is over 275°C, when it previously required (under inactivated conditions) 70W. This is a clearly anomalous heating effect.