MFMP Tease about Gamma

The Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project’s website has been a bit quiet recently and I’ve been wondering what those guys have been up to. Well, it seems they have something they feel is significant to share based on a teaser post and video they have just put up on their site.

In the post they say:

“we have been working on something, following the evidence of a series of events that were there and then were not – but we are now confident to talk about why we wish to follow that evidence and how we intend to do it. It will mean a few months of experiments on both sides of the pond.

If it proves fruitful and not a dead end, then we will have a table top demonstration of LENR and potentially, the hoped for results could point to how we can light the New Fire together, with understanding of what is going on and why.”

The video is titled Gamma: Up and Coming and the Youtube comment from the team states:

“Doing what we can, if we are lucky and what we have seen evidence holds up to closer scrutiny, the next few months could be critical for the history of the New Fire”

It’s all a bit vague from what is posted here, but apparently there is more to come.

  • Lexi Mize

    Bob, it’s delightful that you’re even present on this site responding to posts. Thanks. I’m sure we all look forward to whatever results you all at the MFMP produce no matter how long it may take to produce them.
    “Nullius in verba”

    • Bob Greenyer

      Thanks Lexi,

      We have learnt so much from our followers and avoided many mistakes because of the support from more established and experienced scientists. Without being open, we would never have made the progress we have – even if it feels like 2 steps forward, 1 step back sometimes, despite periodic frustration that I am sure any experimentalists would experience, we have all learned a lot and had fun doing it.

  • GreenWin

    Great work Bob! Please pass along to teams on both continents.

    • Bob Greenyer

      Mathieu did the bulk of the work on this, with cells constructed by him and HUG and funded by the project participants and you guys. They’ll catch your comment for sure.

  • Adam Lepczak

    The official blog post about gamma is here, and IMO it deserves a whole new article:
    Great job MFMP!

  • Timar

    Ha, the folks who have donated to the MFMP do know more by now ;-P

    Thanks a lot for all the effort. That’s really thrilling news!

  • artefact

    Thank you MFMP!

  • Bob Greenyer

    We would like to add, that if verified, the basis for this announcement might explain why it may be difficult for Rossi to obtain permission for a domestic reactor, and why a commercial reactor is easier.

    • Adam Lepczak

      Bob – so by now, in light of new advancements and after talking with Prof. Celani, are you and your team convinced that Andrea Rossi is 100% legitimate?

      • Bob Greenyer

        We will be better able to answer those questions in a few months if following the evidence proves fruitful

  • ebevogon

    “the next few months could be critical for the history of the New Fire”. So far, after work of nearly one year, the Memorial Project didn’t succeed to offer a proof of a measurable lenr effect. Some doubtful hints, some unclear evidence, that’s all. If this does not change within the next few months there will come up the necessary discussion whether this project failed completely.

    • Bob Greenyer

      We have been performing our work publicly for well over a year now for the common good. We are being exacting and thorough and if anyone can suggest better, they have a direct line to do so.

      If we can show that a certain technology or approach produces something, however small, then we have succeeded.

      If we show it does not yield anything, we have also succeeded, the project is about establishing truth, whatever that may be. This is science.

      To date we have worked through most of the major criticisms of the apparent excess heat with calibrations, then controls, opaque cells and as said in the video above, we are working hard in the US to establish the reality or not of the last major question, the Langmuir effect.

      Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof, not just a soundbite here and there. The EU cells seamed to produce excess heat for well over 30 days consistently in the order of the claims made by Celani until we ran other experiments last week.

      Right now we are very encouraged by something else they gave evidence of and today we will release information on that, we had to be reasonably confident that it might be real as it is an extraordinary claim and we wanted to have an idea and plan for how to follow the evidence and be able to share the results, whatever they may be, publicly.

      • ebevogon

        Of course I can agree with you that it may be considered it as a success if you can show that “it does not yield anything”. But it would not be the success you looked for. Please understand that critical scientists (I am scientist) can not be content with expressions like “encouraged”, “evidence” for a long period. You need your time and you have it, But after some time we need reproducible facts, and if they do not come, you will have to ask yourselves, and others will ask you, whether it makes sense to continue. Please notice that in my contribution there are several ifs.

        • Bob Greenyer

          We have verified that the resistance of Celani wire goes down when exposed to H2 as per his claims. This has been repeatable. It is confirmed by resistance changes and also by experiments specifically showing a large reduction in gas pressure in relation to resistance established in suitable experiments.

          We have seen significant excess over calibration and controls and in each case where it has been seen, sometimes for weeks, it is always in favour of the active cell. The control cells have not shown extra power output in their favour in a similar way. In the EU calibrated active and control cells, the loading took 6 days (between 15 and 22.5W) with output essentially input. Then we had excess for over 30days, with excess often over 5% an consistently well clear of zero with much higher input power. The input power, environment and gas pressure the same. These findings are consistent with several of our experiments, for instance, the dual cells in the US started exhibiting signs of excess heat at around the same input power and the yield is normally of the same order. These findings are in-line with Celani’s claims.

          David Kidwell from the Naval Research Laboratories has a challenge for us about Langmuir effect. This question and those surrounding IR transmission were addressed in the Steel and Glass cells – which again showed output similar to our other findings. We are just about to receive new wires to test in those cells and are looking to secure the resources to re-run them openly, taking on board suggestions for that experiment. If this produces similar results to the 2nd run, we will have better confidence in the findings. Lastly – we are specifically running tests in the US to establish if the Langmuir effect is even worth considering in the Borosilicate cells.

          We would prefer 5% in ten experiments than 50% in 1.

          This announcement is NOT about excess heat, it is about something we have seen repeatedly and we are preparing to test it with more accuracy in multiple locations.

  • wayne

    I have not looked at it, but knowing MFMP, I bet it says at the bottom “Please send us money”. I think Andrea Rossi is a genius, but still think these guys are a professional Charity.

    • Bob Greenyer

      I have just spent the last 10 unpaid days working with Mathieu and the team doing research, designing experiments and preparing this announcement. Additionally, it personally cost me around £140 in transport and food, which I am not expecting to get back. So I guess you are right, we are giving to the project from our other professional income.

      • Mark

        Many of us appreciate what you are doing

        • Bob Greenyer

          Thanks loads Mark, Mathieu is making huge sacrifices in France, I have immense respect for him.

        • James Thomas

          I second that, Mark.

          Anyone who has “looked”, and has followed the MFMP team over the last year, knows the tremendous effort in time and money they freely supply. I can only image that it has cost them many, many times the amount of donations they have received.

          Where Rossi is secretive and shares nothing in order to gain maximum personal profit, these guys are completely open and give
          of themselves day after day in hopes of contributing to a healthier environment for all.

          It’s clear for me who I admire most.

          • Bob Greenyer

            Thanks James, I know that will mean a lot to the team.

    • Zeddicus Zul Zorander

      I think the guys at MFMP are true scientists. Going against mainstream and established science to prove or disprove an new phenomenon that challenges our understanding of nature. This is what science should be all about.

      The hard results of course takes longer to achieve, but you must be absolutely sure to announce to the world a new open source LENR reactor. Imagine if they where not totally thorough what the reaction of the established science community would be. They would be slaughtered and LENR would recieve a huge setback.

      To achieve the above they do so at great personal and financial cost and for that they have my eternal gratitude, regardless of the outcome.

      I have donated to them before and will do so again.


      • Bob Greenyer

        It is really nice that someone can be so lucid about the challenges of being real about the science we are doing. We have no careers to lose or shareholders to please, so we are able to just say things as we see them, for better or worse. We do feel we are getting closer to an end point and greater understanding of the main focus of this first year or so of experiments and we are keen to establish the facts in this case and move forward with this or other technology as time and energy permits.

        Thank you for your support, it motivates us.

        • Zeddicus Zul Zorander

          Many people shout on the internet and are adamant that “things” should change or be done. Not many people actually do something and at that in a way that is subject to the positive and sometimes negative criticism of open science. I should think and hope that the positive outweighs the negative, but the impact on your families must be great. I don’t think everyone understands the decision to do something and then spending years of your lives achieving that goal. Just because you think it should be done.

          I will keep on supporting MFMP and would like to thank you and the team (including the very active posters) personally for the great work you all do. I expect you will rewarded for your efforts whatever the outcome. One reward is already there: The thanks and respect of many, if not all on this site.

          Looking forward to the new developments!

  • maozhijie

    hope they can get the goal.

    • Bob Greenyer

      Thanks, really appreciated, we do too!

      • clovis ray

        hi, BOB,
        I am so encouraged, to hear you guys are still on the trail, and your learning a lot, you will be rewarded for your hard work, so hang in there, your doing fine.
        You know there is not a lot of people that knows hardly anything at all about lenr,
        but you do,—lol,