Patent Application for Brazilian Gravity Machine Published

A few weeks ago we featured the unusually massive ‘gravity machine’ that was being built in Brazil by RAR Energia Ltd., a Brazilian company.

Now the patent application for this machine, invented by Renato Ribeiro, has been published by the United States Patent Office.

Here’s the summary:

the objective of the present invention is to create a system to produce energy as well as the equipment necessary only using the planet’s gravity as source of energy. To achieve the objective above, we developed a conception of different types of motions made up of a crankshaft and mechanical bars making up assemblies. Furthermore, these assemblies were placed side by side. In this case there is a 45 degrees lag between them. The movements of each assembly are combined and synchronized. Finally, each assembly has a bar on which a fixed weight is supported. This bar is supported on the positive or neutral bars through mobile locks that are placed or removed at the appropriate time.

The conclusion is written in rather grandiose language — not what I would expect to find in a patent application:

The industrial application of this equipment is broad and unlimited. The entire world seeks a source of producing energy without pollutants or heat that can destroy the atmosphere. A few days ago, the US president mentioned in his inaugural speech that the US will have the main goal of producing energy with renewable resources. He still has no idea that we will be able to produce energy with resources eternally available at any quantity, at any place or time, without noise, pollution or heat. This invention will certainly promote an industrial and world revolution in the coming decades.

I still classify this as a head scratcher — there is no report that the machine has run yet, but there are extensive pictures found at RAR Energia’s web site. I know that some have said that this is digital imaging fakery, but I’m not convinced of that yet. The full of the patent can be read here.

  • Stephen Paul Goodfellow

    “Show me”

  • Hope4dbest

    What doesn’t make sense is that someone would spend hundreds of thousands of dollars in that machine but that not have a cell phone to record it working.

    • Omega Z

      This is not new. Many others have attempted this for centuries.
      This Guy is supposed to have built smaller versions that work. Likely they have video, but prefer to keep it under wraps at the present.

      Note that I don’t know if this Device will work, but I believe these types of devices are possible. It’s a matter of someone stumbling across the right arrangements, conditions & taking advantage of Nature’s secrets.

      That Said, If this device works, Will it work once they try do draw power from it Because as soon as you try to draw energy from a generator or alternator, they pull down. So basically, this device needs to produce a lot more torque then is necessary just to keep it turning.

      I Maybe wrong, But I thought I read where this device will produce 30Kw. Size for size & pound for pound, E-cat beats this hands down.

      I also believe Magnetic Motors are possible for various personal reasons/experiences, But as in the above device, Until better scientific measurement devices are created, Likely will happen by stumbling upon it.

      Even if you should build “1” that worked, there is near zero likelihood that you could replicate it. To many uncontrollable variables, the biggest being Every single Magnet has it’s own unique fields & strength.

      And that’s the Key, Controlling the Magnetic Fields & Strength.
      A device that can Project Precision, Real-time, 3D, Holographic image of those fields would go a long ways in building such a project. Being able to manufacture magnets under these conditions would also be very desirable.
      One could then learn to Control & Build the fields as desired.
      With a Real-time Imager & Nano-scale Manufacturing, A Magnetic motor becomes realistically possible.

      Science is also trying to develop Monopole Magnets. A Research project a while back said they had developed such a particle that for all intents & purposes was mono. The opposite pole was so weak as to be consider negligible. I believe if 1 pole can just be drastically reduced in strength from the other would produce very positive results.

  • Sanjeev

    It looks like a second application, it mentions the first one dated Apr 2012. Found this strange text in this one:

    “FIG. 1 shows the complete assembly of
    the force testing equipment, where I could prove the existence of a
    force other than gravity, and could capture this force and make it
    available through a torque on the crankshaft.”

    So the claim is not of an engine driven entirely by gravity. Although the patent says otherwise at many places. Overall a very strange patent from the language pov also.

  • Tom59

    So it seems the application for a perpetum motion machine was accepted – curious to see if a patent will be granted. I also have a drawer full of such ideas…