OT: Your Favorite Sites

It’s the weekend, and for a bit of a change I thought it might be interesting and fun to ask ECW readers about some of the haunts they like to frequent online. There are millions of sites out there, many good ones that we never hear about.
I find ECW readers to be some of the most interesting folks out there and I am sure you all have favorite places you go online to learn about the things you are interested in. Some might even be more educational than E-Cat World!

For me, outside of checking the usual LENR sites, I’m a big news consumer, and sites that I find useful for finding out about interesting things going on in the world are Google News (I have a number of custom news categories built in to my interface), Slashdot (I get the resource newsletter in my inbox which is a handy way to catch up), and to keep up with world and UK news I often check the BBC news site.

So please let us know of some sites you think others here find useful and interesting and tell us why we should pay a visit.

  • Krish

    e-catworld.com – to keep abreast of ECat & LENR developments

    quantumenigma.com – for fascinating historical development of today’s physics and its paradoxes

    ted.com – for creative presentations on multivarious topics

    huffingtonpsot.com – for news

  • Gordon Docherty

    For those interested in what’s going on in Japan, as seen through the highly illuminating perspective of Widom-Larsen, the following is well worth viewing:


    – Lattice Energy LLC is yet another contender in the “LENR ring” (or should that be surface plasmons).

    (slide show from October 31st, 2013)

    Again, we see the same theme emerging: production of heavy electrons (e-*), then Ultra Low Momentum Neutrons (ULMNs) within surface plasmons (areas of coherent vibration) and capture of the ULMNs by nearby nucleii (usually hydorgen nucleii in hydrogen-loaded lattices) – ULMNs have large wave functions and so are much more likely to come into contact with nearby nucleii, and with no Coloumb barrier to worry about….

    Now, the mechanism described by Larsen in the slide show, whilst likely the dominant mechanism in many cases, is probably not the only mechanism.

    What we do see, however, are coherence, IR energy absorption, formation of heavy electrons and then ULMNs, ULMN capture and then decay: some direct fusion enabled through local lattice coherence is also likely present, however: in fact, it is probably the ratio of these activities that distinguishes the various LENR flavors seen…

    Aside from the W-L mechanism, Slides 16 to 19, and their references to Aikido (Cool) collective many-body weak interactions and Taekwando (Hot) few-body strong interactions help frame LENR in the wider nuclear context, and why LENR is green, while other forms are red.

    Finally, for pure emotional content, if you take away nothing else, slide 2 should leave a lasting impression on why LENR is right for us and right for the world.

  • nightcreature3

    For me it’s


    and , incidentally, I’ve noticed a recent update on


  • Iggy Dalrymple

    I have become e-catatonic.

  • Sylvie
  • Buck

    The number of bookmarked sites kept on my navigation sidebar is far too large to list here with topics ranging from mainstream to narrow focus resources like Consciousness or Jung on Mindful Meditation. The following are just a starting point, like the morning cup of tea.


  • lkelemen

    I often check the Facebook group Cold Fusion, LENR and Andrea Rossi

  • invient

    Nakedcapitalism.com for financial news

    reddit.com for the subreddits that deal with my political beliefs, as well as some news items which seem to pop up there first, as well as cyrptocurrencies like bitcoin (specifically freicoin).

    I am also into http://www.shadowstats.com/ I got from my brother in law who is a financial analyst.

  • Fibb

    glad you asked… I spend all day, everyday at theeestory.com

    if you think LENR is a melodrama… you ain’t seen nothing yet… and so while you wait for revolutionary technology news in the Energy Production field… why not grab some popcorn and check out what’s happening in the cutting edge Energy Storage area. It’s all sooooo controversial and titillating …..and we follow LENR there too…. a bit.

    This thread might wet your appetite. http://theeestory.ning.com/forum/topics/serializing-the-pr

    The latest news is particularly interesting….

  • GreenWin
  • Ryan

    I generally partake of these science sites.

    I have a number of other sites I go to for science news but these generally have the broader spectrum of stuff that is in development and could have a major impact on society.

  • Christina

    I like http://www.buildtheenterprise.org. I think we should build that ship as a movable platform in space. After lenr is everywhere, it won’t be so expensive to use it or to get to and from space.

  • Fortyniner

    ‘Before It’s News’. It’s a bit like the now defunct Sunday Sport – full of outrageous nonsense, unwarranted conspiracy theories and too much religiosity for my taste, but amongst all the junk there is real information to be had that doesn’t appear elsewhere for some time (as the name of the site implies). Requires very active filtering but the effort is often rewarded.


  • artefact

    Telepolis, a German internet magazin since 1995. They informed about LENR in 2004 with 6 articles.
    That made it easier for me to realise what Rossi talked about in early 2011.

    What got stick in my head was the their series of the “global brain”
    It is available in English also.
    From bacteria to terraforming the cosmos:

  • artefact

    It reminds me why LENR is so necessary

    • Fortyniner

      Agreed. How all this can be kept out of the public awareness is testament to just how absolutely the MSM has been captured by money interests. The absence of any significant coverage of LENR can’t come as much of a surprise to anyone who is aware of what is really happening at Fukushima, as opposed to what the MSM tell us (or rather, fail to tell us).

      • GreenWin

        The corruption of MSM increasingly looks like the, exploitative work of certain non-human intelligences. This particular microcosm does not reflect human values or mores – IMO.

    • GreenWin

      Even climate guru Dave Suzuki says Japan government and TEPCO “lying through their teeth” re Fukushima. Question how does MSM bow and scrape on climate, yet utterly ignore the expanding disaster of Fukushima??? MIET, mil/ind/et complex??