Hans Blix Pushes Thorium as Future Nuclear Fuel

The BBC is reporting that former UN weapons inspector and Swedish foreign minister Hans Blix is urging nuclear scientists to explore the use of thorium as a nuclear fuel in place of uranium that is used in todays nuclear plants.

Blix told the BBC, “I’m a lawyer not a scientist but in my opinion we should be trying our best to develop the use of thorium. I realise there are many obstacles to be overcome but the benefits would be great. I am told that thorium will be safer in reactors – and it is almost impossible to make a bomb out of thorium. These are very major factors as the world looks for future energy supplies.”

Thorium is a much more plentiful fuel than uranium and nuclear waste from thorium reactors is radioactive for a much shorter time than conventional nuclear waste (estimated to be only 400-500 years).

There is currently testing of thorium rods taking place at Thor Energy in Norway, and there are also thorium initiatives underway in India and China.

Any transition from uranium to thorium nuclear plants would be long and expensive, and I certainly hope that influential people like Mr. Blix will soon see the sense in looking at nickel-hydrogen LENR as a far cheaper and safer alternative to thorium. Maybe good news from his fellow Swedish energy leaders at Elforsk and Vattenfall will get his attention and he could help alert nuclear scientist of the significance of the E-Cat.






  • Emma

    Hans Blixt is not the Swedish foreign minister. That is Carl Bildt.

  • Christopher Calder

    The Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactor is the best fission technology I know of and is relatively low in cost and very safe. If LENR really works as promised, it will be even cheaper and less difficult to implement. The LFTR may be developed in China, but probably not in the USA. The Department of Energy requires the payment of billions of dollars to certify a new nuclear power plant type. The red tape is just too costly for companies to be interested in the USA. China does things quickly by command, so there is no problem.

  • GreenWin

    BBC = status quo. “‘Without exception, [thorium reactors] have never been commercially
    viable, nor do any of the intended new designs even remotely seem to be
    viable. Like all nuclear power production they rely on extensive
    taxpayer subsidies…”