What’s Google Floating? (T-Shirt Contest!)

There is growing speculation about what Google might be constructing on barges that are floating near Treasure Island in the San Francisco Bay. There are also reports of similar structures being built off the coasts of Oregon and Connecticut.
USA Today is reporting that the US Coast Guard has visited the structure in the Bay, and that they have signed a non-disclosure agreement based on ‘commercial confidentiality’, so will not say what they have seen there. (It seems a bit odd that a private corporation would be able to bind a government agency to secrecy — but that’s another story).

Here’s a news report about the structure from San Francisco’s KPIX TV station.

I’ve seen some here speculate that perhaps this could be a floating power station, powered by E-Cats. I have my doubts about that, since it seems the E-Cat still seems to be very much in the R & D phase. Some suspect these structures could be floating data centers, and the news report above speculates maybe they are floating retail facilities to sell Google Glass products.

The fact is that no one had been able to find out yet what is going on — but it’s a very curious state of affairs, and I expect interest will grow the longer the mystery remains unsolved.

For a bit of fun, I will donate an E-Cat World T-Shirt to the first person who guesses correctly about what these structures are. Write your answer below and when the curtain is lifted we will check and see who the first person was to get it right!

  • artefact

    Google’s Secret Revealed: Barge To Offer High-End Showrooms, Party Deck
    (to market Google Glass and other gadgets to invitation-only clients, multiple sources told KPIX 5)


  • US_Citizen71

    What about a prototype floating energy self sufficient apartment complex? With Ecats to provide power and desalinated water. Space to build housing is in short supply near coasts a floating complex solves that. Many people live on boats in Asia, so why not.

  • hereandthere

    putting together several years of bits and pieces of info…. demonstration of prototype datacenter using bloom energy fuel cells and Lenr.

  • cx

    Rumors is now that its a showroom 4 Google X projects. Could still mean ecats j/king


    • eyedoc

      Pretty funny that BCDC is going to force the issue, and unless its an exclusively maritime need/use (which it isn’t) , it won’t be issued permits…..PFffffFT!! on Google

  • Matre

    My guess: Desalination plant powered by e-cats.

    • GreenWin

      Matre – this is a wonderful guess. If you were to add a small steam turbine the desal could utilize the 70% waste heat/steam not converted to electricity. If the barge uses even 75 1MW low temp E-Cats – it could produce ~30MWe and XM^3 desalinated water per day depending on the desal method (e.g. multi-stage flash.)

      • Hope4dbest

        It makes more sense to build a desalination plant on the shore and extend a tube to the ocean, than building a desalination tube on a barge and extend a tube for the produced fresh water to the shore. Building on land is always less expensive than building a barge.

  • pg

    OT from 22 passi:The “front” of LENR research headed by Professor Francesco Piantelli has returned to give news of him after several months of silence. He did it two days ago, a mailing list of known energeticambiente forum to which they had entered anyone interested in receiving news about share holding linked to LERN Piantelli reactors. Two days ago the above mailing list were sent an information document (with an attached depth technical), which traces the history and takes stock of the results achieved to date by the research and Piantelli – shows setting the Group’s corporate formed to finance the continuation – announcing the opportunity for everyone to become investors and partners

    • Sanjeev

      What does that mean in plain English?

  • Hope4dbest

    The problem with data centers is that they produce a lot of heat. Ecats produce heat. Ergo, the last thing that Google wants in a data center is Ecats.

    • Fortyniner

      A seawater cooling system would cope easily with waste heat from both servers and a power generating system (of whatever kind).

  • SiriusMan

    Well, we have lots of speculation (data center, Google glass showroom etc), but we also have one solid lead:

    Executive Director Larry Goldzband of the Bay Conservation and Development Commission, the official who communicated with attorneys representing the project, said they told him they planned on “using the vessel as a tool to teach about technology.”


    I think a floating LENR power plant would be an awesome way to ‘teach’ the public about its potential. As mentioned earlier, it could potentially side-step regulation governing the development of a new nuclear energy facility. It also avoids the ‘not in my backyard’ issue in terms of its physical location.

    It would be funny if Defkalion was partnering with Google on this….I think Defkalion’s website needs a bit of work. Maybe Google has a few guys who can help out with that…

  • Sanjeev

    Seasteading is a revolutionary concept, it means end of govs, taxes, visas and spying…

    I’m glad that Google is implementing it. It will be powered by wind and waves (that’s what I read somewhere). Both wind and waves are abundant in ocean and if they float it towards north, no cooling costs either. Of course, in near future it can be powered by LENR.
    Very interesting anyway.

    • Fortyniner

      I think I would expect something a bit more seaworthy than a barge loaded with containers (high centre of gravity) if these things are intended to leave the shoreline, let alone territorial waters. As container ships get ever larger, there must be plenty of smaller ones knocking around that would make much safer ‘seasteading’ vessels.

      My guess would be something along the lines suggested by SiriusMan, but I doubt that anyone would try for a full-fledged cold fusion power station right off the bat – a data centre utilising novel power systems (possibly LENR) seems untuitively more likely. If such an installation (or even several at once) were made accessible to the press and public representatives on a particular day, it might be a little difficult for the MSM to maintain the current information embargo. In fact it would be a day for the history books.

      I say that with some hesitation though, as they (MSM) collectively seem able to hoodwink the public about Fukushima and the nuclear fallout now falling with the rain over the US and Canada, the apparently terminal sickness of most of the Pacific Ocean, and the incredible dangers of the fuel rod transfers scheduled to start on Nov 8th at Daiitchi R4 (these operations, if they go wrong, have the potential to render Japan uninhabitable and to release radiation many times greater than the sum total released by humans so far). If they can cover up things of this magnitude then there seem to be few limits on what they can ‘disappear’ from the public gaze.

      • GreenWin

        A playboy’s car wreck is far better soporific than a headline that reveals how economically damaging old school fission is: “Tepco has lost $27 billion since the disaster at the plant
        north of Tokyo and faces massive liabilities as it decommissions
        the facility, compensates evacuees and pays for decontamination
        of an area nearly the size of Connecticut.”
        Reuters, Oct 29, 13

        • Fortyniner

          “The Brits are crazy,” Claudia Roth, incoming deputy speaker of the
          German Bundestag and former head of the Green party, said in an
          interview with the Guardian. “How can one build new nuclear plants when
          all the world understood, or should have understood, that Fukushima was
          not an exception but a part of the industry.”


          It’s not the Brits who are insane – it’s the corrupt Bilderberger-controlled politicians that have insinuated themselves into the driver’s seat here.

  • Iggy Dalrymple

    Year-end closeout on used containers.

  • Linda

    What if it was a sweat-shop for foreign workers to work for Google outside the 200 mile limit without green cards or the need to comply with US Labour laws?

    What would you say about that?

    • Barry

      Heh heh heh

    • Linda

      You watch. That’s what it will be. Tragic but true, you read it here first.

      BTW: My t-shirt size is ‘S’. But don’t send it to me, give it to a deserving American ex-Google worker in the Bay Area. They’re gonna need it more than me.

  • Kirk
    • AlainCo

      I think you are right…

      I was dreaming of that


      but I think it will be V2.0 only.

      NB: Kresenn start an initiative for funding basic research .

    • Gordon Docherty

      If the intention is to place it in international waters, then I hope it’s torpedo proof… heck, wouldn’t even need to be a torpedo, just need to jam the wave mechanism (if the report is true)… or even just a wave that was rather too big… nice idea though this is, it is rather ignoring the world we currently live in

  • artefact

    Well.. as admin said: floating retail facilities to sell (advertise) Google Glass products 🙂

  • Barry

    I got a hunch, can I vote?

  • Jay

    A cruise ship for Google employees that includes a traveling circus, an aquarium, water slides, roller coasters, and an all-you-can-eat sushi buffet

    • pg

      made me laugh

  • AlainCo

    They attended Brillouin meeting… why not a Brillouin… hum, they seems not ready….

    Defkalion datacenter is a possibility

  • theGurruu

    It is datacenter or mobile wireless 4G cellular base powered by Defkalion Hyperions

  • Enrique Ferreyra

    I only see the post because my mind read (wet) t-shirt contest. bah