Robert Duncan at ICCF-18 (Video)

Many thanks to Ruby Carat at Cold Fusion Now for making available videos of the ICCF-18 conference this summer at the University of Missouri. This video is of Dr. Rob Duncan speaking to the attendees. The first part of the talk covers some technical topics, but during the second half you get a good sense of Duncan’s vision and philosophy, and how he appreciates and the efforts of people in the cold fusion (or ‘anomalous heat effect’ as he refers to the phenomenon) community. He makes the point that it is not just the science that gets funded that is important, and he encourages scientists to follow their curiosity.

We have noted here that Dr. Duncan will be moving from the University of Missouri to Texas Tech next year to be vice president for research there. Let’s hope he continues to advocate for LENR research in the Lone Star State.

  • GreenWin

    From Dr. Duncan’s closing address:

    “I see in these international exchanges (e.g. ENEA Workshop) a pushback against this assumption that if you can’t get it funded it’s not worth pursuing. Far from that; sometimes the most exciting stuff is stuff no one would fund. Never forget that the power of flight came out of a bicycle shop in Dayton Ohio.”

  • Buck

    This looks like a great description of what Robert Duncan will be bringing to Texas Tech.

    • GreenWin

      Texas Tech has made a very smart strategic move. Dr. Duncan will attract extraordinary talent to the new science of LENR. Wonder when old schools with smart strategists will catch on… e.g. Princeton University.

      • Buck

        I agree . . . a very smart decision.

        To be cynical, those which have a focus on ‘Nano’ research will just expand/re-package their existing research to include what Duncan describes. Their endowments will allow them to buy the necessary talent and equipment. Their “Brand” will carry them through the rough water.

        And, as a guess, none will associate with or say ‘LENR’ until a viable commercial product breaks into the national news.

        • Fortyniner

          … and then suddenly everyone will have been at the cutting edge of ‘this exciting new technology’ all along..