To Andrea Rossi’s Partner Company: Roar!

The following is a guest post by Rick Allen. The opinions expressed in guest posts are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of E-Cat World.

To Andrea Rossi’s Partner Company:

I’ve been following the progress and development of Andrea Rossi’s E-Cat technology since it was first publicly demonstrated. The test reports and other evidence I’ve studied has convinced me that his technology (which may now legally belong to you) is not only “authentic” and “real” – but it’s also the only viable solution to the energy crisis. I assume that you are far more aware of this than me.

Very little is actually known about the identity, size, or expertise of your company. However, from what Andrea Rossi and others in the know have indicated, you are an ideal match for his needs. This tells me you are a sizable company with enough personnel to devote multiple teams of scientists and engineers to the development of the energy catalyzer. A technology with the E-Cat’s potential deserves nothing less. While the E-Cat may seem too good to be true it is an absolute reality and possesses qualities which make it an ideal energy source. It is safe, clean, recyclable, uses dirt cheap raw materials, and is relatively simple to manufacture.

The E-Cat has the potential to lower the cost of energy down to almost nothing. A well designed, automated factory could produce millions of reactor cores at a low cost. I cannot imagine a unit capable of powering a home costing more than a high end air conditioning unit. In time, the cost would go down even more.

All this means that E-Cat technology is critical to the future of our civilization. It is not only a solution to the problem of scarce energy resources, but almost a miracle. The idea that a technology could have so many benefits and so few, if any, drawbacks is almost beyond belief. If used appropriately, it could bring about a new age of prosperity and abundance, instead of poverty and scarcity, to our planet.

I view this technology as belonging to a unique category of inventions that are truly paradigm-shifting, with the potential to impact every human life on this planet. For this reason, I think it is in some ways bigger than one individual, one small group, or even one company. The original discovery of ordinary fire was revolutionary, but I expect the E-Cat, the “New Fire,” to spread even more quickly through a world that desperately needs it.

Your company has already shown the foresight and courage to invest time, money, and human resources into  E-Cat technology. I’m sure that the decision was not an easy one, and risks were involved. You should be commended for your choice.

I would like to request that your company makes another brave decision that may involve taking another risk. Please provide additional evidence of the E-Cat to the world.

I’m not asking for the results of the extended, six month long test. Instead, I’m requesting you show indisputable evidence that the technology does work as claimed. For example, perhaps a test of the “Hot Cat” in pure self-sustain mode in which the input power was removed or dramatically reduced, and the output continued to increase for a period of hours – defying conventional scientific thought.

“Why are you asking for this?” you may ask. I know that Andrea Rossi has already released test results that prove the E-Cat works. However, the reality of the technology has not yet penetrated into the collective mind of our species. I think this is for many reasons, including the fact that his enemies have been continuously attempting to discredit him and the technology since the first public demos. This has resulted in the world moving on, ignorant of the reality of the technology, while our civilization continues to cascade into chaos.

My hope is that if your company would release such data, signed off by potentially dozens of your top scientists, it could break through the various barriers that have kept LENR research somewhat obscure and very controversial. If these obstacles can be overcome, then the reality of the “New Fire” could begin sweeping across the world like the “Old Fire” did so long ago. With billions of minds opened to the truth, leaders and governments could start making educated, informed decisions about our future. For example, subsidies being wasted on dead end technologies (compared to LENR) like the oxymoron of “clean coal” and solar power could be cut. Also, billion-dollar hot fusion research could be terminated, and the money could be either saved or redirected. Finally, instead of holding the position that LENR is pseudoscience, universities could begin teaching about the reality of the technology and begin sponsoring research in the field.

By providing indisputable test data backed up by your scientists and engineers, our civilization could start moving forward instead of spinning our wheels in the muck. Obviously, there may be some downside to your company. Once the world knows, beyond a doubt, that the E-Cat is real, there will be increased competition for you. But I like to think that in the TRILLION dollar energy market, there is enough room for many different companies to make a significant profit while making the world a better place at the same.

My request may seem a little out of line with traditional business practices – especially when the primary goal is maximizing profit. I admit that I’m not a businessman, but if I were, I would consider the goodwill value of releasing such information. Perhaps the creation of additional competitors may take a percent or two off the bottom line at some point in the future. But the act of alerting the world to the reality of LENR would be a great act of altruism on the part of your company. Any company can strive to outwit those who would like to produce a similar product. Conversely, it takes an extraordinary organization to make the progress of mankind an additional priority.

I’m not asking your company to give away trade secrets, catalysts, or intellectual property. Instead, I’m simply asking you to speak up and share the reality of this technology with the world.

If the E-Cat had a voice I’m sure it would be shouting. . .

“I’m here. I’m real. I work — please use me!”

You could be the company that becomes the true and recognized voice of cold fusion/LENR as a whole. By giving up a small amount of secrecy, you could help do even more to fan the flames of the New Fire. This is your chance to spread not only good news, but the BEST news since the discovery of electricity, antibiotics, or the internal combustion engine.

The Bible says not to hide your candle so that your light is hidden, but to hold it high for everyone to see. I urge your company to do the same.

Be like the great cats of the earth. Don’t stay concealed in the tall grass of the fields. Emerge and…



Rick Allen

  • Alex MacKaroff

    For Admin
    After one of the upgrades on your site, Google translator stopped translating comments.
    Please eliminate this defect. It is very important for non-English parts of your readers.

  • Omega Z

    Rick- I think they will in due time provide more Info. That time hasn’t come yet. Likely they are deeply involved in better understanding the process so as to develop a marketable/dependable product.

    Exposing to much info early on would be detrimental to their business plan.
    Even if Siemens was Rossi’s Partner, They will have to barrow 100’s of Million maybe even Billions to bring this fully to market. The More Info out there for others to use Equal Market Risk. Money becomes much more expensive to Borrow whether it’s Banks or Private. More Risk means they want a higher return for taking that risk. Having an Edge over competition can be calculated among other variables into lower risk. Cheaper borrowing costs.

    If, Lets say, Siemens is Rossi’s partner, One could well say their worth over a 100 Billion dollars. They make say 8 Billion a year in profits. They can dump Billions into this & bring it to market.

    Alas, It does not work that way. Those Profits are already earmarked to existing investors. Many, as much as 50% or so are pension funds. You can’t tell these people they will not get or at the very least receive a drastically reduced pension check for 2 or 3 years because your dumping most or all the profits into a new project. Regardless the potential. This may be all they have to live on. It would also have an effect on stock prices which also presents a business cost/risk.

    Corporations like Siemens have a set amount of annual R&D funds to work with. Once a product is ready to be taken to market, It is time to start the financing. R&D funds Stop & can’t be used for this. It’s the Law. These Funds are treated differently for tax purposes.

    Those here at ECW & other sites will recall Skeptics saying a Publicly owned Corporation can not be involved without disclosure. Of which I said Wrong. R&D does not require disclosure outside a few need to know individuals.

    Well, When ready to go to market & financing is required, Disclosure does come into play. Certain Investors & Stock holders do have to be informed. This could come in many forms, possibly a Report such as Elforsk publishes periodically & Publicly.

    In most circumstances this goes unnoticed by the masses. Considering the LENR Technology, This is Big. Both Facts, Fiction & Rumors would likely run Rampant as soon as published. So I would expect a public news conference to ensue very shortly after some disclosure of this type. They will wont to control public perceptions.

    • MasterBlaster7

      I don’t think its a Siemens or a GE. Rossi stated that the main CEO of the company was doing direct work on the e-cat. That doesn’t sound like how a mega corp. operates. My money is on a mid-sized firm. Which might be better for the e-cat anyways. A mid-sized firm is still pretty big to the layman….an aircraft carrier if you will. Maybe….an Italian sized aircraft carrier, haha.

      • Omega Z


        I’m not saying with certainty that it’s Siemens, thou still a possibility.
        Siemens has Many CEO’s over different divisions who answer to a Board of directors. Also Rossi didn’t say the CEO was working on the E-cat. Only that he initiated the prototype. Fired it up.

        This is a common Symbolic act when developing a product. Kind of like coming out to press the start button on an automated assembly line for the 1st time. I also imagine this person would spend considerable time keeping tabs on the project due to it’s uniqueness.
        And think about it. If you were the CEO over an Energy Division at Siemens, Would you pass up such an opportunity. Not-

        Of course it could also be Babcock And Wilcox. But I’d bet Siemens. I don’t think it’s G.E. because their still struggling from 08. Of course they do have insider support from the White House.

        • tombuktu

          just search siemens energy in google maps, there is a lot of siemens energy in Florida:

          But if the us military already uses a rossi plant for months/years, there is no way for a non-US-company to be rossis partner, i think.
          the US-military plant is a big mystery to me. if they have it, then they know it works, when they know it works, what is the reason for keeping it secret?
          re-industrialise the US and saving the US hegemony by installing secretly millions of lenr reactors? that does not fit with shale gas boom and destroying the environment with fracking. I don’t understand. Any ideas about the US-Military-Rossi-Plant and why it is so silent from US officials?

          • bachcole

            The US Navy, bless their hearts, love to be number 1. LENR powered ships (that would cost much less than fission powered ships and be much safer) would be a HUGE advantage over the arising Chinese Navy and all other navies in the world.

            When we learn to all get along, then we won’t need these navies. But we will still need the US Navy for what it does best, which is charitable disaster relief.

            • GreenWin

              LOL Rog…

              • bachcole

                Many lives were saved after the 2004 Tsunami by the US Navy. Many people have been rescued from pirates by the US Navy. My take on the head dudes in the US Navy is that they want to be charitable whenever possible and be relevant in non-war situations. It is childish and hate-filled and ignorant to think that these people are monsters and like to hurt people. It is the politicians who send them off to hurt people. If you are going to cast aspersions, make sure you have the right targets, our beloved politicians who are NEVER in harms way.

                • GreenWin

                  Rog, I STRONGLY support the charitable work of all armed forces units! I have written positively about U.S. Navy’s Office of Community Outreach and The Naval International Cooperative Opportunities in Science and Technology Program (NICOP). It delighted me to see this a primary mission. Not just politicians, but their puppet masters, dream up conflicts that endanger men and women in military service.

                  And if you look at the Nick Pope link I posted to Fortyniner above – human military is utterly outclassed by ET’s tech – so doing charitable work may be our best defense. 🙂

              • BroKeeper

                Yes, but GreenWin loves the ST green ladies. 🙂

            • Omega Z


              Think Star Trek, Navies Next Frontier.

          • Omega Z

            The Military customer is possibly the NRL (Navel Research Laboratories).
            It’s Military, Starts with “N”, & Another LENR researcher accused them of sharing some proprietary information of his project with Rossi’s project. According to this person, His & Rossi’s E-cat were being studied at the same NRL facility.

            Siemens: Not an American company. TRUE But many Americans think so.
            It’s a matter of POV. It’s Origin is Germany But today is an International Corp.
            It has it’s own U.S. Stock ticker, Though International- It’s Single largest footprint is in the U.S., And they want to increase that presence much more.
            So, It is hard to Rule them Out. Especially do to Rossi having Multiple contacts with them. One in which Siemens may have come to Rossi facility for Turbine discussions. Don’t recall where this info came from other then it was Not Rossi. That’s why it stands out to me.

            Depending on how you Google Siemens, The link you provide comes up short. There are many more. Many in the Energy sector.

            1 is like a 30 minutes from Rossi. Employees- About 3K
            Another within an Hour. Employees- About 5K

            This is just some of the Soft Evidence, But Intriguing. No Smoking Gun, But a hint of sulfur in the Air 🙂

            • US_Citizen71

              For me the biggest evidence for the Navy being the customer is their 1MW defensive laser program. It is going forward into implementation. A ship will need a minimum of 2 one fore and one aft to provide 360 degrees of coverage. That is 2MW of power they have to get from some where. They are being retrofitted to current ships. Ships do not have 2MW of spare power at general quarters going full speed. My guess is they are planning on supplementing current power systems with Hotcats. The Navy has been studying cold fusion/LENR for close to 20 years, the Navy brass are in the best position of anyone in our government to take Rossi seriously. They won’t care exactly why it works only that it does.

              • bachcole

                I prefer the rail gun that the Navy is also developing and also needs a lot of energy. It warms the very heart of my inner 6 year old boy. Clouds don’t bother it, the punch is truly magnificent, and it tends to run very quiet. It is actually one of those guns that my inner adult hopes will never be used in anger. (:->)

    • GreenWin

      Though not the US partner, let’s not forget the Swedish ($22B revenue) energy giant VATTENFALL. They are one third of the Elforsk R&D consortium. And they have the Levi-Elforsk E-Cat validation in hand.

  • SiriusMan

    Seriously guys, could this be the public unveiling of the E-Cat being built before our eyes?

    If it is indeed a floating data center, the question remains as to how the thing will be powered? We already know Google has a modular data center that fits inside a shipping container. Each module uses 250 kW.

    This barge is made up of 63 containers, so we are looking at several MW of power required at least.

    Where will that electricity come from? A (thick) cable run to an on-shore generator? Why build the data center on a barge in that case?

    Otherwise if the generator is on-board, what fuel does it use? It doesn’t seem to be Google’s style to plan for a ship of diesel to sail in each morning and re-fuel the thing.

    …and if they are simply building a seawater-cooled data center, why all the extreme secrecy? Is that the soft of secret you need government employees to sign NDAs for?

    • Omega Z

      Their are 4 of them. 2 on each coast.

      Dun Dun-Dun Dun.
      This is how it always begins. Located on each coast. Sitting Silently.
      All of a sudden the sides open up.
      Controlled from Ships in orbit.

      Yes, there are 4. Numbered in Binary. 1,2,3,4

    • Andrew

      Well didn’t Rossi visit Connecticut was this where he was setting up shop?..?..

      • Omega Z

        Rossi was in the Boston Area, but wouldn’t give any info as to why. He did visit a couple universities while there. I also wonder if at that time he visited the Siemens VC (Venture Capitol Arm located near there.. Shortly after he implied a cash influx which also led up to the I Believe March 31st customer test deadline. Juuust Speculating.

    • bachcole

      I vote for datacenter, but speculation about how it will be powered is interesting.

    • Fortyniner

      Apparently there may be two of them:

      If (just for fun) we go with the idea that the power source is to be LENR, then floating installations built by a large corporation would make a lot of sense. They would have enough ‘influence’ to do things that smaller concerns might find impossible, and the fact they are offshore might make certification of novel power sources easier (jurisdiction would probably be quite confused and unfocused).

      On the technical side – as for many other types of power station, the sea make a great thermal sink which would be necessary for most types or electrical conversion system. E.g., if stirling engines are used to turn alternators, the ‘cold’ end could be continuously cooled by pumped seawater. Circulating seawater could also be used to take waste heat away from the servers quite efficiently.

      • bachcole

        And think of the possibility that such a large company like Google will think along the lines of “We can spend only $x for electricity, while our competitors have to continue to spend $10x for electricity. That is a huge competitive advantage, so we ain’t going to tell anyone how we do it.” (:->) And so the secret spreads slowly and quietly, and it doesn’t get shouted from the roof tops.

      • GreenWin

        Peter, I count roughly 21×6 containers. Let’s say 125 containers @ 1MW or 1.25GW of E-Cat heat energy. If there is a combined cycle steam turbine involved they can convert about 33% to electrical energy. Rounding down for offline units, maintenance etc. we could see ~300MWe coming from each barge. Enough to run a district CHP system. Treasure Island is a brand new residential community… GOG: Google Off Grid?

        Now OT: if you’ve not seen Nick Pope – British Ministry of Defense – here he is on Disclosure.

        • Omega Z

          In the Gizmodo Link-
          the barge is four-stories-tall, 63 containers in all that have been hollowed out creating big rooms inside with a door at each end

        • GreenWin

          Er, I am WAY wrong on calc. 125 MW @ 30% maybe 36MW which MAY be enough for a small district CHP… Also could be indoor pickle ball courts.

          • US_Citizen71

            Remember Rossi commenting on the new Hotcat version of the 1MW plant would be a cylinder slightly larger than a 55gal barrel with 100 cores inside. You could fit a couple thousand of those barrels on a platform like that. So having a half dozen containers being power systems and the rest being data center could possible.

    • Patrik

      A data center with sea water all around….I really doubt it. For example, what about service technicians entering the barge in a heavy storm? It is much easier to put a data center in a place with a cold climate if cooling is the issue. Facebook has done it.

      • bachcole

        I thought the same thing, but I does not have to be the High Seas. But if it is put in a lake or estuary, then the reduction in certification and safety problems doesn’t happen.

      • Omega Z

        Floating Data Centers are not out of the Question.
        The U.S. Military already has them.
        They can be shipped anywhere in the world at will & set offshore.
        Easy to defend & Generators require less fuel as seawater is used for cooling & You don’t have to be wired to use them

        Google may or may not own these. No ones talking.
        Could be a Google project where they can be used Here or 1 of many places in the world where service isn’t presently available Or it could be a Google-Government project.

        Lot of If’s even if we new who owns them.

    • Jostein Johansen

      I think you may be on to something, but I doubt its a data center. Why not a large power plant filled with e-cats, and Google is the secret company?

      Placing a large amount of e-cats on a barge could once and for all prove that it works.

      • bachcole

        But what would they do with all of the energy. Perhaps the ultimate destination for the containers is somewhere on land. But they are welded together. Inquiring minds are confused but curious about this.

        • Omega Z

          Floating Data Centers are not out of the Question.
          The U.S. Military already has them.

  • Linda

    A noble effort, I thought, right up to the Bible quote.

    We’ll see what happens.

    • bachcole

      I don’t suppose that you have heard of Brer Rabbit and the Tar Baby. You are just as hung up on the Bible hating it as someone who is loving it.

    • Linda

      Superstition has no place in science.

      • bachcole

        Perhaps. I noticed the quote also, but I didn’t try to beat the tar baby to death like you are. (:->) You are just as attached to the Bible with your bible-hatred as someone who loves the Bible.

      • Iggy Dalrymple

        I bet Rossi would give Linda a resounding thumbs-down.

        • Buck


        • Iggy Dalrymple

          “God used beautiful mathematics in creating the world.” – Paul Dirac

          • Bento

            I hope you understand Dirac was an attheïst, aswell as Einstein and many others, they use the word “god” in a different context than mentioned by Allen.
            It’s the god of Spinoza
            “quiquid est in deo est et nihil sine deo esse neque concipi potest”
            god is nature

            • Iggy Dalrymple

              Thanks for explaining that when Dirac and Einstein said “God”, they meant “notGod”.

              “I want to know how God created this world. I’m not interested in this or that phenomenon, in the spectrum of this or that element. I want to know His thoughts; the rest are details.”
              — From E. Salaman, “A Talk With Einstein,” The Listener 54 (1955), pp. 370-371

              So you’re saying that Einstein misspoke and should have said, “I want to know how Nature created this world……..I want to know Nature’s thoughts;…”

        • bachcole

          For sure, at least about her approach to God.

        • Udi

          Well I am a man (at least last time I checked), and I certainly don’t need religion for anything.
          I have enough common sense and intelligence to decide how to act and what’s the most moral thing to do.
          Don’t need some 3,000 year old guide book which was written by fanatics to tell me what to do.

          I do realize that many people need this guide book due to lack of what we might call “an inner compass”.
          So let them use it…

      • bitplayer

        Perhaps, but would you say that culture has no place in science? If so, you might read the latest edition of Science which devotes 18 pages to the communication culture of science.

        And is the Bible not culture?

        “To every thing, there is a season.”

        • Bento

          not with a capital ‘b’

    • Rick Allen

      What’s wrong with Bible quote? If I included a quote from Darwin’s papers, the Koran, or Star Trek, would you have a problem?

      • Iggy Dalrymple

        Speaking of Darwin…
        “The question of whether there exists a Creator and Ruler of the Universe has been answered in the affirmative by some of the highest intellects that have ever existed.” – Charles Darwin

      • bachcole

        She’s so stuck on her anger about religion that she is missing all of the good in the Bible.

    • Omega Z

      You put down belief,
      Yet willingly, Eagerly wait to dine at his table.

      I’m saying that Rossi has stated many times!
      That he believes in God.
      And in Fact, Believes Gods hand is guiding his work.
      Yet you willingly, Eagerly wait to buy or benefit from his E-cat.

      Many Scientists, Physicists Etc, Are starting to suspect, & some convinced that there appears to be a Great Cosmic Consciousness in the Universe.
      All knowing & everywhere at once. Sound Familiar.

      What Actually Exists may be far beyond or primitive minds to truly comprehend at this time, But 1 should keep an open mind. A Closed mind ends all communication. Never to learn anymore.

      • bachcole

        I often play at my computer late into the night. I turn off my computer to go to bed, and it is completely dark. I can’t see anything. But I have faith that the wall is just there, the banister is just there, the light switch is just over there and I start to walk. I have to get to these points via faith. In the same way, I have seen the 2013 Levi report, so I have faith until the next bit of “solid” evidence comes out.

        I have had experiences with G0D/Higher Consciousness. So also have other people, friends, strangers, historical figures, Plato, Jesus, Lao Tsu, Buddha, et. al. I keep the faith that I will get eventually to the next bit of evidence. I don’t give up and stomp my foot and pout and say that my experiences and that of so many other people are just fantasies and all is darkness.

        Right this instant, my love for my doggies is my evidence for Higher Consciousness. I see G0D in my dog, via my love for her. It helps that she is so adorable. Every young child is evidence for G0D, their sweetness and adorableness. I see G0D everywhere.

        • Omega Z

          OT: to bachcole
          Hey Roger

          Yes, We have a Boston Terror. 🙂 The Larger size
          One of my Major interruptions on the computer.
          She’s Always coming up under my arm wanting up on my lap. She thinks she’s a lap dog. Every time I start to type she buts my arm with her head.
          Sometimes I just have to stop & play with her a while or she wont let me alone.
          She can be more persistent then a psychoskep. But unlike them, I’d sure miss her if she were gone.

          As to a Higher Consciousness, It’s ones choice/right to believe as they want.
          When I was Young, Like many I had (If then Why Issues) with it, Then as I got older, I became aware of what “Having Free Will” was all about. And the Consequences there of. My Why Issues disappeared. All that is Wrong is from our own actions/choices which derive from it. Free will is a Gift with potentially dire consequences for bad choices. I Find it very symbolic to a Parent letting a child start making their own decisions. We Hope we prepared them well.

  • bachcole
  • asey

    This is from China Daily

    Scientists see the light with ‘smart window’

    Researchers at Shanghai University say they have invented the first “smart window” that can save energy and generate electricity.

    Up until now, smart windows and solar cells could not be combined into one device. But scientists have made a breakthrough thanks to a new vanadium dioxide film.

    “A VO2 film can respond to the environmental temperature to intelligently regulate infrared transmittance while maintaining visible transparency, and this special optical property makes it an attractive material for thermochromic smart windows,” said professor Gao Yanfeng at Shanghai University’s School of Materials Science and Technology.

    VO2, a crystalline powder, undergoes a reversible metal-semiconductor transition at a critical temperature of 68 C. It is insulating and transparent to infrared light below that temperature, but becomes metallic and reflective to infrared light above the temperature.

    “Its characteristic of being transparent to infrared at low temperatures and resistant to high temperatures can make the rooms mild in winter and cool in summer, so people can rely less on air conditioning,” Gao said.

    A monthlong experiment at a house in Hefei, capital of Anhui province, in the summer revealed the smart window saves 50 percent of electricity through a reduction in air conditioning, he said.

    Traditionally designed energy-saving windows, such as electrochromic, thermochromic and gasochromic, typically function by exterior stimuli involving either an electric field, heat stimulus or a gas.

    “It’s impossible to alter the optical performance, which involves intelligently passing or blocking solar energy in response to environmental changes,” Gao said.

    The other core technology of the VO2-based smart window is that it involves the solar cells but makes the glass still totally transparent.

    Their solution is to place the solar cells around the glass panel and make use of the distribution of VO2 particles scattered in the glass to transmit the incident light to the cells.

    “The generated electricity will mainly be used for emergency lighting, and experiments showed the generated output from a 5-square-meter smart window can reach 35 watts,” Gao said.

    Experts said building-energy consumption accounts for nearly one-third of all social energy consumption, and demand is high for new energy-saving building materials.

    All provinces and municipalities have their requirements for the energy conservation of building glass, and most of the products are qualified in terms of light transmittance and reflectivity.

    “Compared to common glass, which works as a protective screen, smart windows will work better regarding thermal insulation,” said Zhang Shaosen, an expert of building glass working with Tongji Architectural Design.

    “If such products are introduced in the market with large-scale applications, it will help reduce the energy costs of heating, cooling and lighting, and will cut down the emissions of carbon dioxide,” he said.

    Wang Xin, vice-dean of the United Nations Environment Programme at the Tongji Institute of Environment for Sustainable Development, said the designers of the windows should also consider the angle of the installation.

    “The best angle to install such windows is certainly not vertical, because that will reduce the efficiency of absorbing sunlight,” he said.

  • bachcole

    There is some software out there called ColdFusion. I wonder what those people are going to do when the real cold fusion goes big time and everyone on the planet is excited about it.

    • US_Citizen71

      It is an old Adobe product running on Java that is rarely used any more. I doubt it sees an up surge in use.

  • JJE


    AR has no interest in providing evidence. Indeed, until there is no evidence that LENR is a reality, all the possible concurents will not engage in the development of devices. This leaves all the time to AR to develop and improve the e-cat and get ahead over rivals.


    • Rick Allen

      It also is bad for the world if they keep the evidence to themselves. I think that the existence of robust Cold Fusion is something everyone has a right to know about. They should not give away their IP, but releasing some test data could help put the world in the right direction.

  • GreenWin

    Rick, good letter and appeal. It’s plain that Dr. Rossi has sold a major stake (some level of rights) to his E-Cat and process, and the buyer/partner wants to work under non-disclosure and minimal attention. This is a smart decision due to the very high probability of industrial espionage. Not just the potential for theft of E-Cat IP – but IMO the far more real threat of sabotage. The corrupt cabal leading fission/fossil energy is not unlike other organized crime syndicates. They will spend and do what’s necessary to silence or terminate competition. Especially from a low cost source of energy.

    French123 is shilbait – Elforsk and partners involvement with E-Cat prove it enough of a threat to warrant deep-seated fears in the cabal.

    • Rick Allen

      I know lots of suppression and sabotage has taken place in the past with Cold Fusion and other technologies. However, I get the feeling the likelihood of it happening today is less. What we have to worry about more are psudo-skeptics, posing as scientists and researchers, telling the world this technology doesn’t work. They have manipuIated the media into thinking all cold fusion research is snake oil. Because of this the E-Cat is mostly ignored.

      • GreenWin

        Rick, you are right. There are many more people coming forward today to “pushback” against the tyranny of these phony “scientists.” The mainstream “media” is a collection of sock puppets following orders. Happily there is a vibrant, young alternative media growing (e.g. and the internet dialog cannot be stopped. Cold fusion is just one of many stunning disclosures coming to human consciousness.

    • Omega Z


      Quite a long time back, Cures pretty much confirms your post.
      He likened it to a James Bond movie going on behind the scenes.
      Joked about righting a tell all book when all the dust settles. I Actually would look forward to such a book.

      Cures also stated that 1 of the 1st things Rossi’s new Partner suggested to him was to cut certain people out of his circle of acquaintances & Friends, Even people with some involvement with the work And that Rossi obliged never looking back.

      And according to some of Cure Posts, He still has friendly conversations with Rossi by phone/E-mail, But nothing of serious discussion on the project. Also if Rossi & he did discuss something of consequence he would Not disclose it. This last part was probably posted to keep people from asking. Guess maybe Cures is 1 of those cut out of the circle. Loose lips.

  • French123

    Unfortunately, there is another explanation: This secret company does not exist.
    It would be very sad, I hope I am wrong.
    However, i guess I just dare to express here what a lot of people are starting to think.

    • Rick Allen

      Cures has confirmed it does exist and is a great match.

      • Mikke

        And who exactly is Cures?

        • ecatworld

          Cures is Domenico Fioravanti, an engineer who worked with Rossi, and who acted as the agent for the military organization that bought the first ecat plant.
          He posts on the cobraf forum (Italian)

    • Fortyniner

      “I just dare to express here what a lot of people are starting to think.” Interesting — I think you must be the first telepath who has posted here, so congratulations on that.

      Sadly, your second sentence gives the impression of what has been termed a ‘concern troll’ – someone attempting to use a crude form of camouflage to deliver their attack in a forum where shills are discouraged. This has become a rather hackneyed and formulaic style of trolling, and is somewhat obvious when used without subtlety, so back to the handbook for some fresh ideas maybe…

      • bachcole

        Thank you, 49er. I knew that something was wrong with that post, but I didn’t feel like figuring it out.

  • Private Citizen

    Surely the $billions that will instantly flow into any company which proves its LENR tech is real should be incentive enough for convincing proof to have been offered long ago. Creative minds easily can imagine ways to allow truly independent testing without revealing the IP. Perhaps releasing a detailed patent app would not only protect the IP, but spur investment, for one.

    It is as if Rossi and his investors don’t want the $billions. Their slow-roll strategy is bewildering and frustrating.

    • Omega Z

      Having a Product doesn’t Instantly make you $Billions.
      Having a marketable product & selling lots of them make $Billions in time.

      Presently, They would be trying to get a handle on it & understanding whats going on internally so that they can Produce such a Product. This takes Time & LOTS of Cash.

      If Rossi’s Partner is someone like Siemens & has over a dozen Experts, Technicians, Physicists, Engineers, Etc.. Working on this, I would venture a Guess that it is costing them $25,000 dollars a day or more. Not including the high cost of the Lab & Equipment needed. If this all stared in April this year, Likely they have already spent well over 10 Million. And if they are actually in the process of setting up/designing a manufacturing facility, This would be pocket change.

      Venturing a Business Guess, I would Guess that this endeavor will be a Money Pit For Several Years before any actual Profit is made.
      Before you can make $Billions, You need to Invest many more $Billions

      I Seriously Realize if you don’t have much, working paycheck to paycheck, A $Million dollars is a lot of money, But, In the Business World, that is chump change. It can cost you that much for a just Burger Franchise plus $200K to $300K a year in Franchise fees. All so you can Flip Burgers.

      From time to time, I see someone post, “If I had a $Million dollars I’d be set for Life.” I smile, Chuckle, I think, He’s Naive. Only a very disciplined Scrooge could be set for life with a Million Dollars. Or Over 60, not expecting to see his 70th.

      • bachcole

        [very disciplined Scrooge] Did you call me? (:->) 6% interest, sort of conservative, if you can’t live off of $60,000 per year, there is something wrong with you.

        • Omega Z

          Ah, But Roger
          The 1st thing most people do is buy a Big new house & expensive car er cars a boat Because, I got a million dollars I can afford it. And they deserve a cruise vacation Etc, Etc.

          After a Year, If not sooner, they start to freak. they need another million, their nearly broke. And Sadly, this is not the exception but the norm. A very large portion of Big Lottery winners, As in 10 million plus are broke or bankrupt within 5 years. Most people aren’t good at handling money.

          Me- I can make a Nickle squeak. Maybe I’m on to something. I’m going to start looking for excess heat. Dang. No Hydrogen. I wonder if Personally made methane will work. 🙂

          • bachcole

            There are always limits. If one does not put limits upon one’s self, then reality will put limits on one. (:->)

      • Private Citizen

        Having a proven world-changing technology which turns inexpensive hydrogen into valuable energy would indeed spur $billions in investment for the business partner. They don’t need a product, they need only show realistic promise to make their money. Were I the CEO, my strategy would be get rich now, get even richer later–not wait for someone else to scoop up those investment dollars first.

        • bachcole

          There is something self-justifying about financial success. If you are the first guy to earn $100 billion, doesn’t this mean that you have the most economic and social wisdom. Of course, it is not a perfect system, but I think that it beats being really successful at telling lies to sheeple who wish that things were different from how they are. And it is not an excuse for not being charitable. And it is not an excuse to ignore other kinds of wisdom. Like Bill Gates is a health retard, even if he is occasionally the richest man in the world. But if I want business or economic advice, I am not going to go to some person (guess who) skilled at lying to sheeple; I am going to go to the guy who knows out to make businesses happen successfully, like Warren Buffett.

      • Udi

        Spending $10 million on such a technology is really nothing.
        The potential for profit is almost limitless, certainly in the 10s of billions.
        And companies spend billions on far less world changing ventures, for example Google spent $1.6 billion on YouTube, and $1 Billion on Waze.

        • Omega Z

          Your right. It’s chump change.
          But at this point it would be R&D.
          R&D is an annually budgeted Fund to cover all R&D within the Corporations Calender year for all projects. Contrary to public perceptions, Corporations don’t have tons of money laying around. Even should they have Billions counted as Cash Flow like Apple, All that money is tied up in investments.Extracted only as needed. Including weekly payrolls.

          As to date, as far as we know, The E-cat has been used to produce Zero Energy. Personally, I think it works, but leave the caveat that there may be unknown Issues.
          What say, Once you start to extract heat to produce Energy, It kills the reaction. It’s value becomes very marginalized. With COP=6, Even the hot water is only a marginal product.

          So any who would POP a Billion for this before proven would be a Fool & His Money. There are Corporations that it could be said don’t appear that smart, But few if any would do something so foolish.

          Note: Even if it’s in the low millions or 10’s of, People are counting. Explanations will be required regardless what the End result is. Even if it’s out of the Ball Park, 10’s or 100’s of Billions to be made.

  • Buck

    Rick, very good letter.

  • Bernie Koppenhofer

    Rick: All of us following this amazing new invention share your frustration; why not announce it to the world? I am beginning to think it is for one reason, “the powers that be” think: It is simply too disruptive.

    • Rick Allen

      That is a possibility, but I don’t think it is likely. The world is in a situation where we need a new energy source immediately. A hot fusion power plant is 30 years away and solar power will not address all our needs. Even if cold fusion was accepted as real tommorow, oil companies would stay in business for a long time. But the amount of fossil fuels used for fuel would drop. There will be some disruption – my guess is that all solar and wind power stocks would crash – but civilization won’t end. Civilization may end if we don’t get a new source of power.

      • Omega Z

        I don’t think wind & solar will crash. It will still be used for a long time.
        It will however come to a screeching halt in new developments.
        The Same with Nuclear & Coal plant construction tho slower to halt.
        Simply because you need energy during the decades long intermediate period.

      • Bernie Koppenhofer

        By disruptive I mean if LENR is announced as a reality, no one will know the real value of the trillions of dollars of fossil fuel assets. Just this one among many LENR disruptions , could cause a huge recession/depression.

    • Pekka Janhunen

      But TTPB is Alngo-Saoxn ditey wihle Rsosi is Iaatlin and Clahotic. (Sacrmelbd to fool the feltir.)

  • Pekka Janhunen

    AR & co are following an independent testing programme. It takes time because one needs long-term testing to prove commercial viability. I don’t know what they could do better at the moment.

    • Rick Allen

      Did I say they should post data showing the e-cat worked for 6 months? No, I am saying they should post data from one of the early tests they performed that proved the cat produces excess heat. I am NOT asking them to prove the advantages of there product. I’m just asking them to share their evidence that Cold Fusion is indeed a reality.

      • Pekka Janhunen

        They already did that: the so-called Penon report a little over one year ago. Nevertheless the more detailed, more rigorous and more independent Levi et al. report supersedes it.

  • Karl

    I agree, a very good summary and appeal.

  • US_Citizen71

    I completely agree with the sentiment of the article, but any company worth investing in wouldn’t tip it’s hand until it is ready to take over the market and crush the would be competition. I believe we will hear from them before summer, but not until they have a product to market and ample test data to prove their product does what they claim. Patience is a virtue and unfortunately we all need to be saintly for a while longer.

    • Donk970

      I absolutely agree. In this kind of endeavor the ability to keep secrets and not talk is a virtue. Whoever AR’s partner is they will talk when they have a product ready to ship and not before. Something interesting to think about though is how many other companies are out there working on their own products in secret. My feeling is that there could be dozens and they are all keeping silent in the hopes that they can beat everyone else to market. The interesting thing with LENR is that there are likely many paths to excess energy and because of this no single company will be able to control the market. That’s what will make this revolutionary.

    • Rick Allen

      I am NOT asking them to prove their product. I’m not asking them to prove how long it will work or how much power it will produce. I just want them to share their evidence that the E-Cat produces excess power. They obviously have proof that Cold Fusion is real. I just want them to share it.

    • NT

      iphone anyone…

  • BroKeeper

    Could you hyperlink this on JoNP as an appeal for Andrea Rossi to present it to his
    partner, whether it has an affect or not. It could plant a seed to their consciousness?

    • ecatworld

      I think it would be spammed on the JONP — but I will send privately.

    • asey

      BroKeeper. Rossi many times repeated, that he can say nothing more that was already said.
      So it will be spammed on the JONP.

  • bachcole

    The Bible also says, “Do not cast your pearls before swine.” I am not sure about the swine part. A business bible could say, “Do not cast your pearls before the competition.”

    I doubt if this appeal is going to do any good. I wish it would; I wish that said secret company would do exactly what Rick Allen is asking. But remember, we are the peanut gallery. We can’t even organize a collective effort to spread the news. We count for next to nothing.

    • bitplayer

      Peanut shells?

  • malkom700

    It is clear that the company is not interested in other researching strengthened, it will continue to be more secretive.