Communication from Elforsk

I recently wrote to Magnus Olfsson, President of Elforsk, the Swedish energy R&D institute, to see if he could provide any further information regarding the current status of testing of the E-Cat, and the level of interest in LENR at the company. This was the response I received:

Dear Frank,

Thanks for your interest. Unfortunately, I have not much to tell at the moment. Elforsk is currently discussing how we best can monitor the developments regarding LENR. I hope we can provide more information on how we will proceed in early 2014.

Best regards


Dr. Magnus Olofsson
Elforsk – Swedish Electrical Utilities’ R & D Company

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  • GreenWin

    This is a boiler plate response. The “Elforsk Perspektiv” provides a better insight into the players and experts they are investing in. For further on Sweden’s $22B utility giant Vattenfall (Elforsk partner) and their sell off of coal, nuclear and NG assets, check the Always Open Thread here on E-Catworld.

    LENR is still under most radar. But there are huge movements in the global energy business which are likely informed by Elforsk/Vattenfall’s lead.

  • Bob

    Some positive and some negative here.
    Postive – He answered your email and at least acknowledged that Elforsk is aware of LENR and has not immediately shot it down as “bad science”.
    Negative – He uses the words “Unfortunately” and “monitor”. The first is a subconscious slip that not all is “gung ho” at the present time. I take this to mean that while there may be some research going on, there is no “hit it out of the ball park” results yet and that perhaps this type of result was expected.
    Using the term “monitor developments” implies that they are not actively involved in actual testing or research. It appears they have seen enough to be interested to keep an eye on the field but possibly not become fully engaged. He does not say “discussing how we can best implement LENR” or “best research LENR” or even “best test LENR”. Simply monitor LENR.
    Positive – “Proceed in early 2014” This could be interpeted (although certainly not clear) that they are aware of on going tests, that the current plan is IF these current tests are postive they will THEN develop a plan to pursue LENR.
    Negative – Elforsk is currently not convinced enough at this time to state “we are pursuing LENR”. A big difference in monitoring and pursuing.
    However, all in all, the fact that the term LENR is even acknowledged by a major and respected organization without the “bad science” conotation has to be positive!

    • Omega Z

      I think they merely gave a pragmatic response.
      Likely, they have a limited NDA in force. If not them directly, then those involved in the tests. Not allowed to discuss it in General, but will be able to divulge their findings once the additional tests are concluded. Also, they wouldn’t want the scrutiny from the curious until the tests have concluded. They can be a hindrance to day to day business which must continue.

      They have acknowledged involvement with the E-cat & shown serious interest in it. Not climbing on a soap box at this time is just normal Prudence. This is a new technology & should they find some fault with it in further tests, Well, No fault, No foul. No harm to their reputation. They were just following up on something that appeared Promising. Just doing their job.
      If however they didn’t follow up & the E-cat is pretty close as to advertized, Then many people would want answers as to Why they didn’t follow up. Heads could roll. All in All, they have themselves covered.

  • ecatworld

    Even if Elforsk is funding the current testing, they are likely not to be involved in it, since it is taking place in the US (according to Rossi). It sounds like they expect the test results will be published early next year, and they will likely comment on them then, like they did following the publication of the 3rd party report this year.

  • Argon

    I think relevant answer was there:
    “I hope we can provide more information on how we will proceed in early 2014.”
    If tests started on July lasting about 6 months, this answer seems to be good fit.

    • Omega Z

      I agree except that I think from whats been said, the tests will likely run longer then 6 months. Maybe until the Nickel/catalyst expires or 10 to 12 months. Which ever comes 1st. Likely they want to collect data on the longevity/energy density besides just the average Output/COP.

  • Omega Z

    Magnus Olfsson just gave a standard Corporate Answer & Answered nothing. Management receives training in how to do this. It starts at the bottom.

    Your promoted to a position having People work under you of which always will ask you Questions of which you can’t or don’t want to answer. Ever answered a question from a child who continuously comes back with- Why? Why? Why?

    You’ll have been in a training session on how to answer without answering & you’ll have been instructed to never discuss this training for your own benefit. You’ll put yourself back in the position of not having an answer.(A Put Off) There’s also the impression that discussing this could End your possibilities of future promotions. These types of Corporate Policies are not to be discussed below your pay grade…

    You’ve just been indoctrinated & Few ever become fully aware of this. It was just another day at work. Also, Each additional promotion will likely include further training with enhanced answering. B.S. does run down hill.
    To be fair, Some of this is necessary to keep the gears turning, But, Some of it is just to keep people in the dark about whats going on. Good or Bad.

    As to Elforsk E-cat Tests-
    Many here at ECW have seen the Elforsk info & are aware that Money was allocated for further tests for this calender year & next. We’ve read there Planned compilation of the Data that will be published.

    Magnus Olfsson’s Answer Translates to they don’t want to give further Information at this time. Likely because things are on going & not to be discussed until tests have run their course.

    This is a logical/typical Answer. Had he STATED that test were in progress you would end up with ever repeated quests for information. Why? Why? Why?

    Tho we would all love to hear more, we have no choice but to wait…

  • GuessWho

    This does not look like an answer to the question about E-Cat testing Elforsk should be involved with.

    • patrik

      Elforsk is funding projects, and the answer indicates that Elforsk is not funding any project on LENR/E-cat for the moment.