New Always Open Thread for E-Cat World!

I’m always grateful when readers here post interesting news and updates here on ECW, but sometimes those posts can get buried in posts where they may be missed. So, I have tried to come up with a new way for readers to post interesting news and links which will be easy to find and readily available.

My solution (I hope it is a good one) is to create a permanent page here titled the Always Open E-Cat World Thread. I’ve put a link to it on the top right of the front page. My intention is that it will be a page which can serve as a place where people can post, and read the latest news of interest on topics we cover here. I will likely create feature posts from interesting content posted here.

I see it as something like an always-on chat room, or Twitter-like feed with useful information that is off-topic in normal posts. E-Cat World’s posting rules will apply, and posts that are way off topic, insulting, overly repetitive or obnoxious will be moderated.

This is somewhat of an experiment, and we’ll have to see how it goes, but I hope it will be a useful new feature at E-Cat World.

Thanks to all participants here, and I look forward to chatting in the Always Open thread! (I wonder who’ll be the first poster there)


  • Joseph J

    Rosch Innovations: Preparing the Biggest IPO Ever

  • Gordon Powell

    Florida has a large lumber industry. Lumber is cured with sustained heat.

  • Enduser

    I see that Ceramic Fuel Cells has gone in to administration. They have probably seen the writing on the wall as Rossi’s work progresses.

  • Carl Wilson

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    “2015 could be year of LENR breakout and
    legitimacy. Cold Fusion vindication possible ” From the
    nextbigfuture Web site.

  • curiosity

    Who is john Hadjichristos and Alexander Xanthoulis? Are they going to change the world?

  • GreenWin

    I posted two links which seem to have gotten lost. Apologies if this is double posted. First is an excellent interview with James Martinez of Cold Fusion Now! by Sean Stone on Buzzsaw show. It is a provocative discussion of Rossi’s E-Cat and its political and economic impact:

    Second is Chris Calder’s overview of LENR fusion and its major players – including two or three small-scale hot fusion projects:
    This is a great link to send to lay people to get them up to speed on the substantial government and industrial interest in LENR.