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  • georgehants

    The Guardian
    Jason Hickel
    Global development professionals network
    Basic income isn’t just a nice idea. It’s a birthright

  • Jas

    Researchers from the Technical University of Berlin are working on a Plasma Jet Engine. They say they are waiting for a breakthrough in power generation before it can be used on something as big as an airliner. Perhaps Lenr will be the breakthrough they require?
    Get Ready For Low-Cost Jet Engines That Reach Space Without Burning Fossil Fuels

  • CWatters

    I think Rossi E-Cat is 10 years old this year? Where is the party?

  • georgehants

    Destruction of a quantum monopole observed
    Scientists at Amherst College (USA)
    and Aalto University (Finland) have made the first experimental
    observations of the dynamics of isolated monopoles in quantum matter

    • Axil Axil

      Nice find. IMHO, LENR is produced with the aid of monopole magnetic field lines.

  • georgehants

    Chapman, would you agree that all the answers to your above problems lay one step below in the Quantum reality?

    • Chapman

      Without any doubt!

      The physical world is built in layers. As we observe the constructs and their actions on any ONE level, we must understand the interactions on the levels below it, as the forces at work that we observe are artifacts and reactions that are the results of interactions of lower scale.

      We did not really understand chemistry until we gained insight into atomic structure, just as atomic structure is only becoming intuitive as we peer into the quantum realm. We will not fully “own” quantum mechanics until we at least resolve the true nature of what lies beneath it.

      On one hand, it could be a physical realm, where particles join and separate and dance according to a straightforward set of forces at play. Or it could be a boundary that is the END of reality as a physical thing, and beyond it lies a misty realm of probabilities and energy potential just waiting for the dice to come up snake eyes and enable them to pop into existence.

  • georgehants

    Quantum Domain Breakthrough: For The First Time, Scientists Demonstrate Counterfactual Communication
    Communicating without the use of particles to transmit information is no longer just a theory.

  • Axil Axil

    Nucleon polarizability and long range strong
    force from I=2 meson exchange potential
    Carl-Oscar Gullström, Andrea Rossi

    During the test a direct current was switched on and off. When the current
    was switched on a plasma was seen flowing between the two nickel rods. The
    current was running through the plasma but the plasma was found to be charge
    neutral from a Van Deer Graaf test. This implies that the plasma has an
    equal amount of positive ions flying in the direction of the current and negative
    ions(electrons) in the opposite direction.
    Input: 0.105 V of direct current over a 1 Ohm resistance.
    Energy output: The wavelength of the radiations out of the reactor has been
    measured by a spectrometer ( Stellar Net spectrometer 350-1150 nm ) and was
    integrated with the value of 1100 nm ( 1.1 microns ).
    The temperature of the surface of the reactor ( a perfect black body ) has
    been calculated with Wien’s equation: 2900/λ (micron) = 2900/1.1 = 2636 K
    By Boltzman Equation the effect is: W = σ × ǫ × T 4 × A
    A = 1.0 cm2
    ǫ = 0.9
    By substitution: W = 5, 67 × 1012 × 0.9 × 4.8 × 1013 = 244.9
    The electrostatic high voltage field had induced a input current of .105V through the plasma whose resistance was determined to be 1 Ohm.

    The voltage of the electrostatic field is under that required to produce a spark.

    The length of the QuarkX reactor can be figured by calculating the length of the hot high pressure gas column needed to support the production of a plasma in hot high temperature gas in that N centimeters length of high pressure hydrogen/aluminum/lithium pre plasma gas.

  • Mats002
    • John Littlemist

      ECAT = Escambia County Area Transit 😉

      • Mats002

        Yup – a local bus company. Funny ^^

    • artefact

      ECAT = Escambia County Area Transit 🙂

  • Axil Axil

    Tantalum is my guess for the material that Rossi uses for his reactor.

    Rossi says that his QuarkX reactor runs at 2700C.

    Tantalum is a dark (blue-gray), very heavy, ductile and hard metal that can be drawn into thin tubes with high corrosion resistance and high melting point of 3000C. Tantalum capillary tubes are COTS and are used in various industrial products.

    • Used in laboratory equipment.

    • Used as a substitute for platinum.

    • Used as the filament lead tube of the cathode insulator in an x-ray tube.

    • Used in liquid tantalum electrolytic capacitors.

    Tantalum Capillary Specifications:

    Outer Diameter (OD): 0.2~8mm

    Wall Thickness (WT): 0.015 ~ 1mm

    Length (L): 1mm~1000mm

    Tolerance: OD, +/-0.003mm. WT, +/-0.005mm. L, +/-0.05mm

    • Pekka Janhunen

      According to , Corrosion resistance against gases: Oxygen and air: resistant at < 300 °C.

      • Axil Axil

        How about this?

        More About Hot-Pressed Boron Nitride Ceramics

        Stable and reliable in extreme high-heat environments, hot-pressed boron nitride ceramics are designed to excel in applications such as plasma arc welding and semiconductor processing equipment. With its unique combination of electrical insulation and thermal conductivity, hot-pressed boron nitride ceramics are an excellent choice to consider for use as heat sinks in high-power electronic applications. BN is inorganic, inert and not wet by most molten metals, performing well in molten metal processes. Available in a variety of standard and custom shapes, hot-pressed boron nitride ceramics are easily machined, thermally shock resistant and chemically compatible across a wide range of demanding manufacturing applications.

        This type of Hot-Pressed Boron Nitride Ceramics can be formed into thin tubes and then center drilled to form a tube reactor structure that can withstand a maximum temperature of up to 3000C. This material is an electrical insulator even at the top of its heat range.

        Key Properties

        Excellent Electrical Insulator
        Low Dielectric Constant
        Low Dielectric Loss
        High Temperature Stability
        Good Thermal Conductor
        Inert & Chemically Stable
        Non-Wetting to Molten Metals


        High temperature electrical insulators and vacuum furnace supports which require electrical resistivity, high temperature strength, thermal shock resistance and low chemical reactivity

        Crucibles and containers for high purity molten metals

        Insulators and source fixtures for ion implantation systems which require high temperature purity and electrical insulation

  • Veblin

    Press Release
    Escher Meets Mandelbrot in Battery Breakthrough
    May 09, 2017 11:51 AM Eastern Daylight Time
    BEDFORD, Mass.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Today’s world is run on batteries, and keeping batteries going is a major technical challenge. For decades battery improvements have been ‘recipe’ driven, searching for exotic compounds to improve capacity and lifetime. Now, Fractal Antenna Systems (FRACTAL) reports a new approach with invention of batteries that have greater performance through geometry, using fractals and self-complementarity.

    The LENR part.
    Cohen notes that the patent disclosure also discusses application to batteries by nuclear processes, which are being reviewed by the patent office. ”If LENR makes a compelling case as a practical physical process, then this would be the technology that it needs. I am objective but skeptical. This patent grant is for electrochemical batteries.”

    • Gerard McEk

      It is interesting to observe that Cohen is aware of LENR and seems to ‘wait’ for a breakthrough.

      • cashmemorz

        The break through is that which defines the exact physics for the battery or LENR or both. LENR, so far is trial and error driven. For all the theories of how it works Plasmons and the rest, no experiments have been announced to show which theory has been definitely proven.

        • Axil Axil
          • cashmemorz

            Brillouin seems to have a different idea. Randell Mills yet another. As I said, “all the theories”, not just the speculations or hypotheses. There are several. Which is the righter one? Who will win the contest? I have opinions also. The ones doing due diligence for years, such as investment houses that sift for the most likely to be true, even they have problems figuring this problem. Nobel prize is decided by mainstream groups. LENR is still too fringe to be tested by those same mainstreamers. Its all up in the air how to decide how it all works for sure.

    • Axil Axil

      The following clauses pertain to exemplary embodiments.
      1. An electrode including a surface having fractal-based features, wherein the features can be pre-existing features made prior to use for a LANR or cold fusion process.

      The fractal antenna acts to gather light in a process of concentration and focusing it similar to the way that a aggregation of a pile of mixed sizes micro/nano particle operate. Unlike dynamically forming nanoparticles, this fractal based antenna technology is limited because all the antenna structure is prefabricated in a static configuration.

  • kenko1

    Is there any way to easily find the latest post in Discus?
    Some articles are quite long and wading through posts from 3 days ago
    is tedious.

    • Veblin

      I am not sure exactly what you want.
      On the main forum front page there is a widget that shows the 15 most recent comments.
      E-Cat World – Conversations – Disqus
      On either site at the top of the comments for any topic posted you can select to sort by Best – Newest – Oldest.

      • kenko1

        If one clicks on one of the 15 it only takes one to that topic. I somtimes have to wade through several messages to find the latest.

        Is there a setting that lets the topic be sorted by newest message, permanently?

        The LENR Forum seems easier for me to navigate.

        • Veblin

          If you set it to sort by Newest it should stay that way while on this site at that time. You may be going to some other site with Disqus that changes your sorting and you may have to set it back each time you visit.

          • kenko1

            I think that a local news site uses disqus for a comments section for articles. But if I don’t read the comments, it shouldn’t affect MY settings? Right??
            Sometimes I select “best”, then “oldest”, then “newest” and it doesn’t get it correct. Is it sorted on the server or locally?

            • Veblin

              Sorting is done by Disqus and a site has no control, other than they can set a default sorting. It sounds like that other site may default to Best. As soon as the comments load that will be your setting until you change it. I don’t know if ECW has a default setting.

              Also if you select Newest or Oldest, that only sorts by the time of the original comment and not replies. A new reply to an old comment will still be where the original comment is sorted.

              • kenko1

                “A new reply to an old comment will still be where the original comment is sorted.”
                And that is what I have to navigate thru. Just call it a feature? Eh?
                Thanks for your help

                • Veblin

                  The only other tip I have is to use your browser find function Ctrl+F.
                  minutes – this hour
                  an hour – last hour
                  hours – last 24 hours
                  2 hours
                  3 hours
                  1 day
                  2 days

                • kenko1

                  Already been doing that. And that’s what has become tedious. Also take from the list of 15 the name of the poster and search on that. And that’s troublesome when the poster is very active.
                  I’ll just have to live with Disqus’s foibles. Thks again.

  • Gerard McEk

    Peter Gluck needs our support.
    One of the greatest fighters for the recognition of Cold Fusion/LENR is ill and our support is needed. Please see:

  • Gerard McEk

    There is a rumor that Jeff Bezos (CEO van Amazon), Paul Allen (co-founder Microsoft) and Peter Thiel (co-founder PayPal ) have invested in LENR projects?
    Can that be proven?

  • Gerard McEk

    Nice new song for AR:

  • Dods

    More good news on CRISPR

    Excision of Latent HIV-1 from Infected Cells In Vivo: An Important Step Forward.

  • Kevmo

    11,562 comments to Andrea Rossi’s United States Patent #US 9,115,913

    • bachcole

      What patent and what does it mean?

      • Kevmo

        It’s from 2015, I was mistaken thinking it was just recently granted.

  • nietsnie

    This is waaay off topic, but I believe that nerds will appreciate it’s significance. Someone has created a 1/8 scale model of a tachikoma – a futuristic battle-tank from the second season of an anime called ‘Ghost in the Shell’ (somewhat related to the movie of the same name) that looks a little like a mechanical spider. In addition to controlled movement via smart-phone, the model is capable of being connected, Siri-like, to a central server being maintained by the company which does voice recognition and is capable of conversing with the toy’s owner. In addition, the tachikoma has a camera – and that same server can do object recognition through it. It is a sign of the amazing times we live in that all this is not very extraordinary save for one additional feature.

    The AI residing in the server is capable of learning from tachikoma owners via it’s camera and microphone. The way they describe it is, that the tachikoma already knows what an apple looks like. But, if you tell it that an apple is sweet – then, from then on, all tachikomas (read: the server AI) also know this. This two-way capacity of direct mutual influence between the public and an AI is the first instance I know of this happening (although it has been a subject in sci-fi for decades).

    Well… actually there was one other, at least similar, attempt at this recently: Microsoft’s ‘Tay’ chatterbox AI which interfaced with humans via Twitter. It’s Twitter account was closed after only 16 hours and 96,000 tweets when Tay developed inflammatory political and sexual views due to association with bad hombres who took advantage of it’s naivete and desire to project a greater understanding of the world than it actually had. To be fair, this sometimes occurs with people too.

    It will be interesting to see how Ceravo avoids this potential problem in its developing tachikoma AI.

  • LT

    Alan Fletcher on the LENR forum recalculated the ECAT-HT test and came to a conservative COP value of 2.3

  • Veblin

    The Great Energy Transition: Brilliant Light Shifts Course
    APRIL 27, 2017
    By Tom Whipple

  • Jas

    The Lenr Forum sinks to a new low. You get a two week ban for arguing or slagging off Darden and co but if you call Rossi a C*nt you get away scot free.

  • georgehants


    A more than 100% quantum step toward producing hydrogen fuel
    The article, “Multiple exciton generation for photoelectrochemical
    hydrogen evolution reactions with quantum yields exceeding 100%,”
    reports on the investigative work that Yan carried out along with
    colleagues affiliated with the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, the
    Colorado School of Mines and San Diego State University. Essentially,
    they created what is known as a quantum dot photoelectrochemical cell
    that catalytically achieved quantum efficiency for hydrogen gas
    production exceeding 100% — in the case of their experiments an
    efficiency approaching 114%.

  • Dods
  • Veblin

    Scientist claims dark matter-powered device can create nearly limitless energy
    New Jersey scientist says his research is a revolution, but it flies in the face of accepted physics.

  • Jas

    Hello Frank. Would it be possible to update the FAQ section of ecatworld? I just took a look at it to copy and paste onto a discussion on Facebook. I noticed that certain parts of it need updating.

  • Jas
  • Gerard McEk

    A very open and balanced article in a Danish paper placed on LENR-Forum:

  • DrD

    At last, Andrea has conceded operation from a battery after all these months (years even) of oposing the possibility.

    Mario Alexander
    April 19, 2017 at 4:15 PM
    Dr Andrea Rossi:
    Do you think that it will be possible to use a battery as the power source of the QuarkX?

    God bless you,


    Andrea Rossi
    April 19, 2017 at 6:58 PM
    Mario Alexander:

    Warm Regards,


    • Engineer48

      Hi Dr. D,

      This is NOT NEW news. Guess you missed the discussion of my Remote Area QuarkX powered system?

      Here a battery powers a 3 phase inverter that powers the QuarkX reactors and the battery is trickle charged via the direct electrical output from the QuarkX reactor.

      • DrD

        Hi Eng,
        NO I didn’t miss it, I followed it closely and contributed.
        However, if you look back through his replies you’ll see he continued to express doubts, usuallly on safety grounds. In fact there was such a reply only last week where he at least implied “yes” but with reservations and that was a move forward but I don’t recal ever seeing a simple categorical, unqualified “YES” until today I think. Most of us never could understand his concerns. I tried to convince him long ago but failed.

        • Engineer48

          Hi Dr.D,

          Rossi told me that as long as the inverter can deliver the required peak energy to the reactor, it matters not what powers the inverter.

          I understood his concerns were what would happen if the input energy source could not deliver the max energy demand.

          To me this suggested Rossi uses a max current surge into the heater coils to cause a massive E & H field overload that kills the reaction.

  • sam
  • sam
  • Veblin

    The Great Energy Transition: Another Milestone for the SunCell
    APRIL 14, 2017
    By Tom Whipple

  • sam
  • Christina


  • sam
    • artefact

      He picked the videos from the Suncell with the lowest lightoutput. He could have chosen much better ones…

  • sam
  • georgehants