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  1. Just from vortex

    >>Wikipedia self-appointed guardian erased Elforsk article in 2 minutes .

    Gee .. a very bland summary on wiki lasted all of 2 minutes :
    In September 2013 the Swedish Electrical Utilities’ R & D Company Elforsk included in their “Perspectives” report a two-page section on [[Cold Fusion]], with particular attention to Rossi’s eCat, and the test by Levi et al, which Elforsk partly funded.

    Do you mean you added this to the Wikipedia “cold fusion” article? And within 2 minutes someone erased it? They must have an automated tool telling them someone has changed the article. They guard it well, like demons at the gates of hell.

    laugh or vomit… you choose.

    1. I answered , and the guardian of truth, seems to beg for forgiving

      I kept the pdf for history

      October 2013 (UTC)AlainCo (talk) 21:54, 26 October 2013 (UTC) (NB I’m just talking, no desire to enter a battle of edit) Note that this is a semestrial corporate magazine [1]. The author is not named because it is acting as the company, and it is probably a collaborative work, and at least it is reviewed by the people in charge at Elforsk. I’m corporate and this is an evidence for us that corporate communication have more value than journalist article, committing the company. If you need a name, the magazine have a publisher : Elforsk AB, and an Editor Magnus Ologson. So factually it is signed.[2]
      Note that we should not launch a battle of edit, but convince MrBill3 that he is doing evil to wikipedia credibility by denying facts.
      That article says nothing more about the reality of e-cat than the fact that this research consortium is clearly reporting success according to their own corporate criteria, for the second time[3], and in a way which in corporate language says they invest their credibility. It may be different from what science consider as evidence, and this could be noted, but it is an important fact of corporate communication.

      About the test itself, it should until it is peer-reviewed be treated not like science but like corporate test. They asked their testers to publish a pre-release[4] on arxiv, which was followed by a critic article by Pomp&Erikson[5], which was followed by an interview of Bo Hoistad in IBT[6] (signed by a journalist. you will love it. there are transcription in english). This is fact, and all 3 documents are giving data which are needed. you cannot give only 2 of those article at the risk of being unfair. Maybe that sequence should be detail as a controversy story, detail the respective claims and answers. Wikipedia credibility is based on it’s neutrality. it is not a place to make battle but to report key facts. If there is a debate all should be accessible. I will let you all clear the situation with neutrality, in the interest of Wikipedia credibility. If there is clear evidence this is a scam story, it should be clear Elforsk supported it. Not doing it is violating the rules of wikipedia. Hiding the fact that such a consortium, funded by Swedish Energy and swedish National Grid ( Svensk Energi & Svenska Kraftnät, told at the end of the semester magazine) pay his executives, use it’s budget [7](you can find translations) to support publicly a scam artist should not be hidden. If it is not a fraud, there is no reason to refuse to talk of corporate support. What happen is not Wikipedia busines, Wikipedia business is to report public facts, and a semester business magazine is hierarchy-reviewed corporate communication. If someone start to reject corporate communication in wikipedia, as communication, not as evidences, it will be a tragedy. I let you all with your responsibilities. And please stop playing. If wikipedia is unable to report fact, fact will be reported elsewhere.
      Best regards.

        1. If it’s any consolation, I got banned from the Wikipedia E-Cat thread for insisting that using the older of the two PopSci articles was biased, plus just quoting from an unfavorable blog, then refusing to even mention the May 2013 report sponsored by Elforsk, on the grounds that LENR was pseudo science. At the time, the article stated no independent test had been run. I see the “talk page” discussing this has now been deleted. The current editors will do anything to avoid showing proof of LENR.
          Adrian Ashfield

  2. Apologies if this is double posted. First is an excellent interview with James Martinez of Cold Fusion Now! by Sean Stone on Buzzsaw show. It is a provocative discussion of Rossi’s E-Cat and its political and economic impact:

    Second is Chris Calder’s overview of LENR fusion and its major players – including two or three small-scale hot fusion projects:
    This is a great link to send to lay people to get them up to speed on the substantial government and industrial interest in LENR.

  3. Here is another link that is VERY informative. This is a short 18M RAI newscast titled: THE INVESTIGATION – detailing the infamous cold fusion “Report 41” commissioned by Nobel laureate and President of Italian Dept. of Energy ENEA, Dr. Carlo Rubbia:

    “Report 41” verifies the presence of He4 in 3 years of cold fusion experiments – confirming an unknown nuclear reaction and disruptive energy revolution. But when ENEA scientists submitted the study for publication – it was refused – by not one, but 41 separate scientific “journals.”

  4. Eyeing my news catcher, actual news coming from Defkalion and Rossie’s outfit seems to have gone into silent running. Last factual information seems to have been that both parties are now involved in long term extensive trials. Do I have this right?
    If so, does anyone have any idea when these are supposed to be concluded, or is it just a graceful means of fading away?

    1. Rossi seems on the way to market, and what Elforsk have done is probably to prepare the population, while Rossi have no incentive to communicate yet.
      Defkalion have no incentive to communicate until they start their road-show for IPO or go to sales, or seek investors (maybe even for fund they don’t need since they are well known now).

      I expect Defkalion to be late for the IPO, as it always have been late for anything their announced. optimism facing reality, not fraud.

      Last question as old ape like Jed Rothwell.suspect, is that they may have still stability/reliability problems…
      Being negative, Rossi hot-cat melted for Elforsk, and Defkalion test is too prudent to be sure they controll it a full power.
      I am not so sure it is so bad, but it is possible.

    2. Stephen, the action in alternative energy including LENR is not likely to come from either of those direct sources. Rossi has become a Chief Scientist indicating a sale of certain rights to the E-Cat, and Defkalion claims to be going IPO which rules out public disclosures prior to sale.

  5. One third of the ELFORSK R&D consortium is Sweden’s $22B (annual revenue) Vattenfall AB energy giant. Since 2011 Vattenfall has been selling off its European nuclear, lignite, and natural gas assets. It recently wrote down the value of its German and Dutch assets by $4.6B and is preparing to divest its German nuclear and gas businesses. Curiously, Vattenfall is also considering sale of its $3B investment in UK wind parks, suggesting even renewable wind may be of short term value.

    ELFORSK’s monthly magazine “Elforsk Perspektiv” published a two page feature article on Andrea Rossi’s E-Cat and the Elforsk funded study validating the E-Cat HT. Elforsk has confirmed it is investing in long term tests of the E-Cat, said to have started at summer end.

  6. Q&A from the JONP:

    Pekka Janhunen

    October 27th, 2013 at 3:57 PM

    Dear Steven N. Karels, Andrea Rossi,
    What about an intermediate solution: liquid hydrogen car, with a small continuously running E-cat which runs a cryocooler which keeps the LH2 in its liquid state. LH2 is safer to store than gaseous hydrogen and needs less tankage mass (indeed, LH2 is routinely transported by trucks on normal roads). LH2 takes somewhat more energy to produce than GH2, but with cheap E-cat produced grid electricity that wouldn’t be an issue.

    Andrea Rossi

    October 27th, 2013 at 5:29 PM

    Pekka Janhunen: the very big problem of these declinations is the certification. The idea is intelligent, though.
    Warm Regards,

    1. Pekka,
      It will be much more likely that we would see LENR used to create synthetic hydrocarbon fuels, and we would continue to primarily use internal combustion engines to power our cars.
      Gasoline, diesel (and even alcohols) are valued mostly for their unique combination of three factors; availability, high energy density, and relative safety.
      Assuming LENR works (i.e. cheap & abundant heat is available), combining CO2 + H2O + heat to manufacture synthetic methanol and gasoline is actually a pretty easy process. Also, this process for fuels becomes a carbon neutral exercise, and brings an alternative meaning to the term “carbon cycle”.
      Most people have a hard time understanding that gasoline is actually a type of battery. If it gets manufactured as I described above, it will be far greener that any other type of battery currently made.

  7. on JONP:

    October 28th, 2013 at 4:48 PM
    probably as many others, I did notice a big change more or less in the last 6 months.
    Before this last period, you were frequently providing interesting peeks on either technology or activities or results.
    I understand you sold your idea/company/whatever, and afterward the news flow dried up. Beside saying that the buyer is performing long term tests, the info flow is about zero.
    Even if I understand your position and the company’s motivations for beeing mum, I wish to share a little discomfort from a long time follower as time goes by and nothing is going public.
    All the best, Gherardo

    Andrea Rossi
    October 28th, 2013 at 5:22 PM
    Dear Gherardo:
    I sympathize with you, but our policy is not to talk until the tests of validation will have been finished.
    Whatever the results, positive or negative, we will share them with the scientific world.
    Warm Regards,

  8. Frank,

    I believe that I was subscribed to this section before the Gherardo comment, but I did not get an email notice.


    1. Hi Roger,

      Hmm, not sure what would cause that, but check your spam folder — recently for some unknown reason I found that disqus notifications were going into my spam folder. I whitelisted and all is fine now. You could also check the bottom left of this page to see if the envelope icon is green and checked.

  9. always on, now why didn’t think of that, great idea frank, seems like i’v heard that name before, oh, well this will give our partners in all the time zones a chance to join in the conversation, i will come here after i read the main page is that the way to navigate your site.

    1. Totally up to you, Clovis! This a place where people can post latest breaking news, interesting links and comments. Sort of a catch-all thread for comments that might be off topic elsewhere.

      Always Open!

  10. October 2014 Vancouver:
    The Hurdles for Adopting New Technology and Knowledge in Society: A Case Study of a Radical Energy Technology in The U.S.

    Mainstream science and technology are held in high esteem by the general public based upon a strong belief that knowledge has progressed along a somewhat linear path accumulating new ideas and data as the scientific community has gradually discovered a large portion of nature’s secret workings. For the most part incremental changes in science and technology are easily and readily adopted by society and the scientific establishment. When fundamentally new or divergent paradigms are presented that appear to contradict widely held and robustly defended theories – the hurdle rate for adoption of the change becomes significantly higher. This paper produces data about a new energy technology being researched by Rowan University for a highly controversial energy company. We describe our empirical data juxtaposed to the criticisms and controversy surrounding the research’s sponsor. When is data derived from technology and experiment sufficient to be considered knowledge? Is the scientific method still in practice in the 21st century or will data that does not agree with current paradigms be cleverly hidden from broader society in order to protect important scientific paradigms? This case study provides evidence that suggests the technology and knowledge process is not as transparent and open as society believes is necessary. The author shares scientific research validated in university labs that suggests current theory is unable to describe the energy developed by readily reproducible chemical experiments. The developers of this technology suggest that radically different paradigms in physics are the scientific knowledge underpinning their technology. The present controversy is detailed and the paper encourages a return to more rigorous debate on the topics of what constitutes knowledge in technology and science and how this can remain an open process for the broader benefit of society.

    1. It seems this is not for the 2014 conference, but was already in 2010 conference, but I couldn’t find the actual paper. Anyway, this is about Blacklight Power research by Rowan University.

      1. And I guess that the actual paper was not presented/published, though it was accepted. Too sensitive subject for somebody? I think Rowan University Blacklight Power research stopped around 2009/2010 because results were “too good”…

    2. Thanks tip for the find. Time frame is not important to this content. We are seeing more discussions of “hurdle rate” than ever before. There is also a fascinating nexus of technological disclosure happening. In this link to a Dr. Steven Greer {Disclosure Project) interview, he discusses how to introduce a disruptive technology with a “soft landing.” It is clear that more high level military people (aka “White hats”) are coming forward to confirm the presence of remarkable technologies that will greatly alter human evolution. It is now the work of economists, sociologists, politicians etc. to mold the details of transition.

  11. Dr. Robert Duncan on Tyranny over the mind of man

    Thanks to Ruby at ColdFusion Now! for posting these excellent videos of this summer’s ICCF-18 Conference. Here is Dr. Duncan talking about the European Parliament sponsored ENEA Workshop on LENR. At the 7:00′ mark he discusses the community aspects of LENR research:

    “My favorite place [in Washington DC] is the Jefferson Memorial… There’s a quote in the rotunda that says: “I have sworn upon the altar of God, eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man.” To inappropriately criticize another scientist’s work, to defame a scientist on the basis of what they find curious is a form of tyranny over the mind of man.”

  12. Announcement of the formation of the Infusion Institute Inc. (III) by Abd Lomax.

    “I’ve been talking for some time about starting an organization to

    identify needed cold fusion research, develop suggested protocols,
    obtain bids or budgets from qualified researchers, and arrange for
    funding from governmental, corporate, or other sources.

    This is for *basic research,* not commercial research aimed at a
    product. . . “

    1. Thanks US… Sarg (PhD Physics in the field of space research) is a thoughtful analyst of cold fusion and its reactions. He writes:

      “The tests of E-cat HT reactors of Andrea Rossi provided [by] Uppsala University, Sweden, (2012-2013), and the live test of Defkalion (DGT) Hyperion reactor broadcast on July 22-23, 2013, are reliable demonstrations that cold fusion energy is real.” He also discusses the potential downside to E-Cat’s trade secret catalyst.

  13. From blog: 22passi (translated)

    Protium Srl: at the start of the shareholder for cold fusion Piantelli

    “…Protium Srl of which may become part (through the purchase of shares) all those (individuals, businesses, companies) who want to contribute to the project by investing capital or other resources and will receive 20% of all revenues that Nichenergy Srl will derive the territory of the European Community. …”

  14. We have a long ways to go, people. ColdFusion the software product gets as many hits on my Google News Personalize as does cold fusion the greatest discovery in the history of the world.

  15. You left leaning folks here will want to read this: You right leaning folks here NEED to read it

    To you right leaning left brainers, there is a lot of whiny subjectivity in the article, and the fact that the author focuses on the poorest place in the USA shows his cry baby tactics. However, look at the charts. Look at what income disparity does to a nation. And remember that the USA spends 2 to 3 times per capita more than any other country on Earth for health care, 1/2 has much on food, and yet our longevity rates suck compared with ALL other industrialized nations. All of this shows severe alienation. I know the names of only about 10% of my neighbors. If their house were burning down, I might rush in and save them, and then I wouldn’t talk to them again for another 13 years.

  16. The Google mystery barges continue to fascinate me and have my LENR-senses tingling.

    There is a new LA Times article that details a reporter’s effort to get more info. They didn’t get much but they did confirm that the level of secrecy is exceptionally high and the project is seemingly of high importance to Google.,0,3834418.htmlstory#axzz2jlksmDmy

    The evidence for the barges being LENR-related includes Navy involvement, the ridiculous secrecy for its speculated purpose as a floating data center or product showroom, the shipping container construction which just happens to match Rossi’s method of delivering 1 MW plants, and an e-cat related web site that at one point redirected to Google Green (

    But rather than mull over all those points I’d like to consider things from a different angle. I’d like to put myself in the minds of the executives of the US Partner who is sitting on a revolutionary new technology, which not only apparently works as advertised, the mechanism is understood to within 5 sigma, statistically.

    How would you act if you were one of those executives? What decisions would you make?

    Well first of all you know you’ve got a potential revenue source that rivals or eclipses the sources you’ve already got. You protect it immediately. You file patents and you use legal means to limit the flow of information. Everybody working on the project will sign NDAs. This includes muzzling Rossi who is something of a chatterbox. You give him boilerplate responses to probing questions on that journal he likes to communicate through and you have somebody review all his messages.

    Next, you understand that this revolutionary technology really belongs to the world and is of profound significance. It deserves a magnificent roll out. It dramatically impacts the national and global economy and solves environmental crises. You discreetly begin to coordinate with the highest levels of the US government. You let them know what you’ve got, you let them verify it on their own if they want and you coordinate on an “event” where the technology will be revealed.

    Given the history of cold fusion you know the roll out has to be bullet proof. Your company reputation is stellar so that will go a long way but still there can be no doubt about the reality of the effect.

    In a nut shell, you need EPIC, you need SECRET and you need UNDENIABLE.

    Is that what we’re seeing unfold?

    EPIC: you get epic by creating a buzz, constructing mystery barges in plain sight on both coasts. You plan the big reveal at “Treasure Island” rather than some warehouse in Oakland (Will the “Treasure Island Event” be studied by future generations?). You invite the President to give a speech and perhaps other world leaders. You plan to announce related products and their release dates. For the event, you pick a day that has special significance. It’s a gift to the world, a “treasure” so Christmas seems appealing. But you don’t want to make everyone work on Christmas. New Year’s Day is also appealing — what a way to kick off a new year and leverage all that positive optimism! Maybe. March 23rd is the anniversary of the Pons-Fleischmann press conference in 1989. That would be interesting. Let’s go with that.

    SECRET: obviously everyone involved has to be legally bound to secrecy. Moreover the actual number of people who know what’s really going on needs to be very small. It’ll be a need to know operation. The welders won’t know jack. The people that assemble the containers won’t know much. The engineers that work the non-LENR pieces of the puzzle will not know about the energy source. In fact what you also need is plausible deniability. A cover story. You float some garbage about a floating showroom for Google Glass, but that’s just so people will be satisfied when they inevitably uncover the patents for the floating data center and assume that’s the secret and stop there. At this point you’re a little freaked out by the intensity of the publicity, but nobody seems to have latched on to the LENR angle except for a few LENR freaks in obscure corners of the Internet (I’m looking at YOU reader :). Safe for now. Of course doing the whole thing on a guarded barge makes the physical security easier.

    UNDENIABLE: You expect a wave of euphoria followed by a counter-wave of (fossil-fueled?) skepticism. You can’t let public opinion turn against you through well-financed FUD — that could jeopardize the whole operation. So you cross your T’s and dot your I’s. You test the bugger until you’re sure no mistake has been made and you figure out the science using the best scientific minds at your disposal… say to 5 sigma before you give the final green light. You unveil the technology in such a way that it’s already a working product, that the press, other scientists and eventually the public can visit. Well you’ve got that floating data center thing that was going to be powered by wave energy. Why not just use the E-Cats instead? Even the most incredulous observers seeing a multi-megawatt data center powered indefinitely by a barge sitting in a bay for weeks on end would STFU. That is, at least once the “prove it” scientists go aboard and execute their doomed searches for hidden energy sources. Within a matter of weeks any controversy should be eliminated and the public should be fully on board — with the official science crowd taking a bit longer, waiting for peer-reviewed papers and reproducibility as they are trained to do. For good measure you stand one up on both coasts. You envision these first LENR demonstrations not only as useful green data centers especially useful in disaster recovery, but also as floating museums capturing one of the most significant events in human history. Inside, people will be able to see the MW E-Cats in action, tour some rooms that include multimedia (Google Glass augmented???!!!!) presentations of Cold Fusion’s colorful history, touch the first device that burned Rossi’s finger and so on. The barges will make their way from city to city, charge a nominal fee for entrance and be the most popular attraction wherever they dock.

    So you heard it here first sports fans: a March 23, 2014 press conference at Treasure Island featuring the top executives of Google, President Obama, and Andrea Rossi. In attendance dignitaries from nations across the world. Followed by a media blitz to explain that this is the real deal and that even though it’s too good to be true it actually is true and isn’t it nice when things go our way for a change.

    If I’m right you’ll start to see signs of the lot outside Hangar 3 being used to host the event. There will probably be some construction and increased activity to enhance security for so many world leaders. You’ll see some bleachers go up in early March.

    I’m 50% sure I’ve talked myself into this nonsense and that Rossi has actually partnered with a 3 person start up — because LENR. It’s that other 50% that I can’t shake though. This could be IT.

  17. The National Geographic map highlights one of the ethical implications of doing little to nothing to prevent Climate Change: the rising sea level and the consequential inundation of habitable land and cities.

    It is fair to say that the Developed nations, which are responsible for the vast quantity of fossil fuel consumption, have not asked permission of the rest of the world to render their impacted cities and land uninhabitable or to force the migration of the local population, nor to even compensate for the cost. After all, CO2 is plant food, nothing more, nothing less.


    1. The problem is that
      – the sea level seen from island does not change in fact.
      – local change are due to geological moves, subsidence

      anyway as Darwin have explained, coral island float on the sea
      and it is the same for delta zone like bangladesh

      that the IPCC don’t account for that know fact is one in many evidence that they are not honest. They behave like district attorney, not like scientists.

        1. exactly the stupid claims I denounce.

          Darwin explained well how coral rift follow the seal level and thus teh island from deposits.
          same for delta which are designed by deposits, and who collapse mostly from water pumping…

          that those gangster of science continue to spread their lies should not surprise us if you accept that LENr is a fact, rejected despite all evidences…

          ask judith curry about the data she have…

          those are just scaremongers, salesmean of fear, preacher of apocalypse.

          for now the speed of sea level increase have decreased, and in pacific there are more island who move up than down…
          of course they did not ask to IPCC tweaked data, but to US army plane photography of the WW2.

          corruption is science media is huge.

    2. Since human beings didn’t cause the rise in sea level, why should we pretend that we can do something about it?

      And even if we stipulate that human beings have caused the rise in sea level, Rossi et. al. ARE doing something about it. So why continue with the hysteria, unless of course you LIKE to be hysterical.

        1. Drink the kool-aid, Buck. Heat also makes water evaporate faster. And the heat is not necessarily caused by the rise in CO2. A rise in heat will release more CO2 from the oceans. The CO2 continues to rise but the temperature is not.

          1. Roger, no kool-aid for me.

            You and I are just working from different perspectives, with different information, and different conclusions. And, life moves on.

          2. Buck, sorry. You are right. Sorry about the kool-aid remark. My passion got the better of my good sense.

            However, I am better looking than you are. (:->)

  18. Buck, I hate little tiny, narrow comments, so I am starting over.

    Just a few days ago I was watching “Olympus Has Fallen”. I thought that it was a good movie. At one point they showed the Washington Monument falling. I was hung up on the point at the top of the monument going in, which makes no sense. I couldn’t get perspective. Fortunately, with NetFlix, I can stop and go back and stop again and look at the dang thing. And I looked for at least 10 seconds before I could see that the point was coming out, which would be natural.

    The point (excuse the pun) is that sometimes we see data points and get the incorrect perspective. I am not giving this lecture to convince you that I am right about AGW. For exactly the same reasons I am giving you, I could be wrong. Perspective is tricky, and there is very little that science has to do with it. Personal experience helps. I have been to the Washington Monument, and I know that the point comes out, not it. So when I saw the point going in, I checked and double checked and triple checked until I could see that point coming out.

    It is just the same with hot fusion vs. cold fusion. Those hot fusion people have a perspective that they have exercised for a long time. They have seen two cities annihilated (personal experience there) because of the accuracy of their perspective. They have their careers and a lot of money tied up into that perspective. They won’t be giving that perspective up until they can buy an E-Cat.

    1. Roger, thank you for sharing your thoughts about perception and judgment.

      As you’ve shared with others, we here are brought together by the promise inherent in LENR. Our reasons are our own, but the goal of LENR implementation holds us together in good company. The gift of LENR implementation is that we all get our personal wishes fulfilled. We just need to be patient with the LENR companies and each other.

    1. My LENR meter just pegged.

      I could accept some sort of secret floating data center funded by the Navy for… what? I guess disaster recovery and providing Internet to closed societies or the good guys in nations in the midst of a civil war. It could be entirely unrelated to LENR and actually powered by waves like in their patent or plain old fossil fuels.

      I cannot buy that any sane executives would decide to build a “conventional” interactive center for learning about new technologies out of metal shipping containers on a barge and shroud it in top secret level corporate security. The reasons? Unnecessarily expensive, not exactly a warm inviting place for visitors either in location or construction, and interactive education is uncontroversial and not even that sexy — no security required. What, people walk through 60 or so metal shipping containers with flat screen TV’s pitching Google products at them? The only advantage of a barge would be that you could dock it at different cities but you could achieve the same with a bunch of trucks and a “Google Experience” roadshow that you could stand up and tear down at each stop. That’s routine stuff for big companies and would open up the entire interior of the country instead of just the coastal cities.

      I don’t think Google lied though. They just figured out a way to tell the truth and misdirect everyone at the same time. Their words are entirely consistent with the floating E-Cat demo and museum I speculated about below. The funny part is that they are “exploring” what to do with it and it’s “early days.” So we’re supposed to believe they just decided to build two four story things out of shipping containers on barges for no particular reason and they’ll figure out what to do with them later? But, oh, let’s sign everyone to NDAs until we know where its going. Yeah.

      I’m sorry but this strains any reasonable credibility.

      Google issued a half truth press statement to try to end the rapidly spiking speculation that perhaps took them by surprise. And these half-truths don’t make a whole lot of sense unless viewed through a LENR lens.

      The epic, secret and undeniable big reveal of the E-Cats remains very much on the table.

      The most interesting thing about Google’s statement is the specific denial of a floating data center. That takes the most likely explanation off the table (unless they’re lying). So the mystery deepens and this poster is left wondering if the interactive new technology that they are exploring includes a heavy Italian influence.

      1. I agree that the ‘technology showcase’ cover story is very strange.

        One aspect that is totally ignored by the Google press releases is the existence of FOUR barges. If you look into it further, you will see that two of them are being built in a different manner to the remaining two.

        I am currently speculating on the following scenario: two of the barges are indeed hollowed out into an open space where people can work / interact with technology etc. They may even feature a ‘party deck’.

        The other two are LENR power stations.

        They will be launched in pairs into water off the east & west coasts. The goal of this demonstration is to show that LENR can provide a portable energy source enabling people to live anywhere on earth. This is the first step towards practical ‘seasteading’ which many in Silicon Valley have been calling for.

        So, in this scenario, they info released by Google so far is not an outright fabrication. It just fails to mention what role the other 2 barges are playing.

  19. A general comment re mainstream reaction to innovators:

    “I’m reminded of the same kind of pontificators who blasted the very notion of an amorphous semiconductor. They thundered that every fool knew that a semiconductor had to be crystalline. They crucified Ovshinsky, calling him every kind of charlatan and scoundrel. Then one day they suddenly woke up to find that Ovshinsky had put his amorphous semiconductor into Xerox copy machines, under contract, and they were working just fine, thank you! Not too long after that, students began doing Ph.D. theses in amorphous semiconductors. So how many of the ardent critics then apologized to Ovshinsky? Not a one.

    You can tell a true scientist from a dogmatist easily. When the scientist makes an error, he admits it straightforwardly and corrects it. When the dogmatist makes an error, you never hear a peep from him, only more of the same, just louder.” T. Bearden, PhD

    1. thanks for the quote, I relayed it

      this man is interesting

      and wikipravda ignore totally his problem with mainstream…

      As taleb says, history written by the losers (academics).

      Looking for more data I fall on

      this guy have a vindication hall

      and a very interesting article

      talk of “Cognitive Processes and the Suppression of Sound Scientific Ideas”

      1. Excellent AlainCo! You have found excellent examples of the overt ignorance and collusion of jealous scientists and small-minded industrialists. I shall re-post some of the Milton quotes – as they confirm the hilarity of pathoskeptical hubris.

        1. Note that you seems to hard agains the industrialits.
          those greedy ambitious actors quite always done a positive job in those controversies when meaningful.

          Industry supported Fleischamnn&pons as far as possible.
          I would be more nasty against the media who are co-responsible with the physicists.

          In plane denial, in semiconductors, industrialists have defended the reality armed with their ambition, greed, and thus realism.

          the problems with academic scientists is that their success depend on the opinion of their peers, and not so much on the reality if that reality is denied by peers.

          Like taleb I think that you can trust more people who seek money, than people who seek honors and recognition.

          all that is opposed to all my education, my culture, my local media opinion, but that is what life and LENR taught me.

          trust greed (to find where is money), not people who seek honors or good.

  20. From 22Passi: (translated)

    Bartallucci und Celani on TV
    “I get several reports of an interesting debate on cold fusion, with Sergio Bartalucci and Francesco Celani, went on the air on One Television (Channel 86 DT) and SKY 897, last Friday 8 November at 19:30. You can find Him on youtube in two parts, for a total of an hour and a half.”

    ( )

    1. the video description:
      “COLD FUSION. Italy is in the front row with Japan to produce clean energy at low temperatures through the cold fusion. We talk about it with Dr Francesco Celani and Dr. Sergio Bartalucci of the National Institute of Nuclear Physics of Frascati.”

  21. For those interested in the PTB-type gaming of LENR, recall that Ansaldo Energia, the Italian power generation company that has sent its reps to NI Week and to witness Rossi’s E-Cat demos in Bologna – controlling interest is passing to Korea’s Doosan Heavy Industries via 51% purchase from Italian State Investment Fund.

    Doosan builds boilers for power plants around the world. They also build large and small scale desalination plants. Recently Doosan announced a Technology Innovation agreement with East-West Power Co. ” To that end, the two companies have singled out a total of eleven
    cooperation projects, including research and development of core
    technology for power facilities…”

    IMO (opinion) Doosan is pitted against General Electric which may have been a silent investor in Ansaldo. Time will tell. Clearly these big players are well aware of the LENR renaissance underway.

    1. GW, thanks for the reminder about Doosan. The more large players in the game, representing countries with a strong need for an inexpensive independent energy supply, the greater the probability, at least for me, that LENR will be introduced in the relative near term.

      1. The doomsday for centralized energy production is only delayed in this scenario. The very simplicity of LENR suggests the transition to fully distributed energy (municipal, district, residential) will follow rapidly. Most likely driven by foreign manufacturers like STMicro, Mitsubishi, Doosan, or China. However dark horse potential is possible. Google, Amazon, Tesla, even Oracle could keep the US in game.

        1. I believe I understand your point about the rate of evolution towards something like 90% decentralized power. However, I suggest a nuance which may modify timeframes; it is Brillouin’s stated business strategy as described in the interview below. The nuance is more fully fleshed out in another thread about LENR Retrofitting Power Stations. I copy my reply to US_Citizen71 here for simplicity. I suggest listening very closely to the very informative Brillouin interview. Wow!
          If memory serves me, I remember reading that a relatively large number of coal fired plants out of more than 1000 are facing the 12/31/2014 decommissioning date.

          As a coincidence, that is the Brillouin target date for handing off
          their high-end unit to the operation engineers for designing/engineering the actual installable commercial unit, as described in the Brillouin interview below. (The Brillouin interview begins at the 30min mark.)

          Who wants to bet a $1 that Rossi’s partner doesn’t know about this?

  22. This is slightly off topic, but I think it’s still related to the larger LENR story.

    I would like to know people’s opinion of the Magnegas technology from Ruggero Santilli. I only found out about this recently, and it seems there are several similarities between Santilli’s story and that of Rossi (I wonder if they hang out in Florida together and speak in Italian? 🙂

    In short, Santilli was originally a very well-respected theoretical physicist. At some stage (at least 20 years ago) he developed a theory of ‘Hadronic chemistry’, that put him at odds with the scientific establishment. Among other thing, he used this theory to explain the existence of the HHO molecule, which forms the basis of earlier controversial claims such as the ‘water-fuelled car’.

    The reason I bring up this story is because Santilli has now gone further than LENR with respect to actually commercializing his Magnegas product. Of course a quick Google search shows there are many people who are very skeptical about anything to do with this guy, but the fact remains that his product is now on the market as a welding gas. The company releases press releases with the names of customers and the website has a certificate showing a 3rd party measurement of the gas flame temperature of 5,859 C.

    Since that is significantly hotter than any other known chemical flame (correct?), shouldn’t the scientific establishment be jumping onto this as an amazing breakthrough to study & understand? Any physics lab could buy a bottle of Magnegas and see for themselves whether it really has these extraordinary properties. I would very much like to see that analysis done.

    On the other hand, if you claim this is all some type of scam, how does one explain this company’s existence as a NASDAQ-listed entity? I imagine someone could go to jail for making false representations under such circumstances. Like the E-Cat, we have to ask how long such a ‘scam’ can reasonably withstand scrutiny?

    I have wondered if perhaps LENR and HHO gas are both manifestations of the same underlying, poorly-understood physical phenomenon? They both involve anomalous energy release from hydrogen.

    So in that case, LENR and ‘Magnegas’ are both fighting a similar battle with respect to emerging into a hostile scientific & industrial landscape…but Magnegas shows that is possible to go ahead and market a product to people who just want to know ‘it works’, regardless of the physical mechanism.

    As I say, I will be interested to hear other opinions on this topic.

    1. The big question is whether it will be financially a good investment.

      I also notice they started off the article saying that CO2 was bad for the environment. My house plants beg to differ.

    1. back now.
      Maybe it was their normal error message when they have problems!?
      “500 Internal Server Error
      Sorry, something went wrong.
      A team of highly trained monkeys has been dispatched to deal with this situation.”

    1. I think that if he said “following the scientific method” one more time I would slash my wrists. I think that he trying to cover his rear end.

  23. 20 minutes left to vote for LENR Cars.
    But they have much more votes than the competitors and will.
    209 votes and the next competitor has 58.

  24. The Guardian suggests cold fusion energy alternative:

    Here is a recent example of a new program to educate mainstream public on re-introduction of cold fusion. The Guardian is a liberal (not conservative) British newspaper here reporting a story on alternatives to natural gas – one of which they surprisingly suggest is Cold Fusion:

    “The ideal alternative energy source would be cold fusion, where atoms of hydrogen (or, more likely, the isotope deuterium) are fused at obtainable temperatures to form heavier elements like helium, releasing abundant energy in the process.”

    This demonstrates a new approach to cold fusion in the mainstream media. Suggesting greater progress is being made for the general acceptance of LENR as a viable energy solution.

  25. an interesting article :

    “In finance, the first condition for a bubble occurs when too much liquidity is concentrated on too few assets. The second is the presence of speculators. In science, similarly, if too much research funding is focused on too few research topics, and all researchers speculate in the same fashionable scientific templates to attract funding, a potential science bubble may be forming,”

    Budtz Pedersen says and adds that studies have shown that peer reviewers and lay citizens are more likely to find explanations of e.g. psychological phenomena more convincing when they contain neuroscientific information, even when it is not relevant to the explanation.

    Incentive structures pull researchers in the same direction

    A central cause of this is, according to Budtz Pedersen and Hendricks, the institutional design and incentive structures within science funding and research management, where traditional scientific incentives such as academic capital and reputation are being replaced by monetary incentives and competition.

    “Numerous international studies of research management document how many Western universities have set up financial incentives and reward systems to encourage researchers to publish in high-impact journals on popular topics that generate research funding. This means that researchers often will have very little interest in spending time on problems that break away from mainstream or do not lead to publishable results, and they will tend to they dress their research claims up in ways that appeal to policy makers and external evaluators,” Professor Hendricks points out.

    “Even in the highly rationalised science community, people are susceptible to a social-psychological phenomenon like pluralistic ignorance, where every researcher and policymaker individually may doubt the promises made by a particular research programme but also wrongly believe that everybody else is convinced of its robustness; so they all end up collectively supporting a dubious programme which subsequently receives generous funding,”

    1. I found other avatars of that article, and made that answer…

      what you say is what I observe every day.

      you can see an explanation of the “pluralistic ignorance” in the theory of roland benabou

      Groupthink : Collective Delusions In Organizations and Markets:

      For Benabou it is possible that people are not conscious of their own delusion, and I observe that some can “rationalize” their delusion with evident lack of logic, like victims of somatoparaphrenia

      they can claim a scientific domain is disproved, have no P/R paper, while there are paper and that they organize a public blocus against any publication, even if peer-review is positive despite all manipulation… and believers of the consensus don’t even admit those public facts, do not admit it is pathological…

      more shocking, it seems that admit they refuse to read dissenters papers, and Wikipedia since about 2004-2005 get controlled by few mind-guards, making the position of naive and believers visibliy backed up by (manipulated) evidences.

      I have observed that corporate researchers are less victims of that, and that military labs can be screened from that delusion. Despite the legend, oil companies, corporates, nuke practitioners institutions, are quite open minded, much more compared to Nature, Science, SciAm, MIT, caltech, and leading academic..

      I suspect that this is a mutual assured delusion organized in academic research, where consensus is a condition to get recognition, publication, prize and funding. It is the key condition to Groupthink as Benabou modelized it.

      A agree with Taleb that the problem is the “academic” system which make reward (funding, prize, publication) linked to consensus, and not to results. I disagree with the claim that problem is pure financial incentive. my observation is that funding is part of it, but honors, publications statistics are parallel incentives.

      The problem is more than the criteria, like globalized markets, are getting too monolithic. there is less and less local criteria, local fashions, local apparent irrationality; local dissenting…

      today to be respected and make a career in academic elite you have to publish in nature, Science, be supported by SciAm, funded by UNO or DoE which follow MIT lords opinion…

      the military labs (spawar, NRL, NASA in a way is also military supported) are less dependent on academic consensus.

      The corps also are a little less dependent. Asia (japan, china) is also enough furious over western dominance that they often allow their researchers not to follow the western consensus… They also have language island for publication which allow ideas to be published and heard. some place, because of lack of government control, allowed some dissenters to be hidden in the corner (italy, france). some journals, and some corps also take some dissenters science as a long term opportunity to be recognized as innovators, benefiting from the impossibility of consensus mind-guards to acknowledge their dissent, by fear of mass to see that it is not so void. unlike academics they can invest in longterm and risk nothing. finally US concept of independent labs, garage inventors, think-tank, whistle-blowers and risk capital allowed US to stay active in dissenting domain, despite academic coverage.

      This is why like Taleb I support the “garage research”.

      Nature, Science,MIT,Caltech and SciAm should be dismantled like Goldman Sachs.

      I work on it.

      — AlainCo the techwatcher on… don’t mind it does not exist they say.

    1. The UK government assumes the unhappy defense of an outdated energy model. Like any failing empire the giant BP (market name for UK guv’ment) is terrified by LENR, Distributed Energy Resources and loss of global influence. LENR spells the end of UK fission-based nuclear (despite Cameron’s petulance) but will not be the end of BP. Petroleum has a secure place in heavy lift transport (shipping, trucking, jet fuel) and non-fuel applications. But UK puppeteers will have to give up their knowledge monopoly and windfall energy profits.

      1. The curious thing is that there is almost zero UK commercial involvement in Cameron’s new nuclear push. The original contenders were EDF and Areva, both French, the latter in partnership with RWE (German) which subsequently pulled out. Since then, apparently in desperation, he has secured financial support from Japanese, Chinese and recently, S. Korean companies, in the case of the Chinese state-run companies even conceding significant control.

        He is currently in the process of forcing through legislation that will allow government decisions to override any local objections to these schemes (and to plans to dump our already enormous stockpile of nuclear waste underground in various localities) in what is clearly an affront to democracy.

        The nuclear industry can’t compete in an open market, is inherently incredibly dangerous, and we have no viable long term means of disposing of its excreta. These things are self evident and in any reasonable system should have been grounds for ending this very unfortunate experiment. Instead, while most of the rest of the world is dumping nuclear fission, Cameron and his cronies forge ahead despite the many and continuing setbacks. This whole thing is in political terms, bizarre behaviour, that is quite difficult to explain in any rational terms.

    2. Why is everyone so angry-
      Simple. You can find someone offended by any technique to produce energy.
      LENR will be the cleanest & technically least offensive,
      But Mark my Words- When LENR comes to Market,
      Environmentalists of every color will complain.
      We will be digging more holes for the resources to produce them.
      Oil, Gas & Coal will be required to produce them.
      Standards of living will rise all requiring more of everything.

      NOTE: Tis A Famous Hollywood-er who supports Green & Green housing(Most of which I consider a joke).
      It’s been proposed to build a 6,000 unit Green Housing Development.
      Right Close to Him. HA- NIMBY, He says. Now you know their mentality. Green is good for everybody else. Not Them… They’re Special…

      1. OZ,

        The reason for raising the question in the first place was to highlight how populations are eager and apparently motivated to accept a solution like LENR. LENR does a good job of avoiding essentially all the pitfalls of the existing sources of energy.

        What do you think the BBC would say about the recent Elforsk LENR report? If they want to stir up a hornets nest, then it would fill the job quite nicely. (This may be a question better suited to 49r, our resident Brit.)

  26. As this year’s Edison Inst. report warned, utilities are fast becoming an anachronism. A recent Wall Street Journal article titled <b<"Companies Unplug From the Electric Grid, Delivering a Jolt to Utilities" describes a massive move off-grid by major corporations. The move by market leaders off-grid presages the same by small business and, yes, residents.

    “Utility executives, meanwhile, are asking themselves a disquieting question: “Am I going to just sit here and take it and ultimately be a caretaker of a museum, or am I going to be part of that business” that’s emerging, said Nick Akins, chief executive of American Electric Power Co., a big Ohio-based utility. AEP is considering helping its customers install their own generating facilities.”

    THAT is the reason IMO for Rossi’s quiescence, and a look at what is happening in the halls of big energy playmakers today.

    1. It is amusing to see the work of scurrying gremlins – as with the WSJ title above: ” Companies Unplug From the Electric Grid, Delivering a Jolt to Utilities”
      Oh dear. Failing fiefdoms of frailty. 🙂

    2. Remarkable quote from Akins of AEP. I am wondering if we are down to the last 18-24 months before a public LENR implementation occurs.

    3. GW

      Large Corporations & big business going off grid will have the single biggest impact. They use over 50% of the energy.
      In fact Not that Big of operation has impacts.
      A Single bearing manufacturer where I live, Employs a total of about 800 including Corporate staff. It Purchases it’s Electric & NG directly from the producers. Then pays a separate fee to the Utility for Transport thus cutting out middleman. So Producing their own on site would have a big impact.

      There is 1 upside to this for the local community under the present arrangement. They require duel line feeds both Electric & NG, So Outages when they occur are usually a local issue. As in lines down locally, not dozens of miles away. The city nearly always has incoming power.

  27. This was in the news recently. It is claimed that BP hired trolls via another company to zip the online lips of people complaining about their oil spill. The trolls harassed, threatened and intimidated all those who said bad words for BP.

    I could not resist imagining a similar scenario about lenr, seeing that the negative comments almost get published instantly whenever a story or query appears on the net. These comments are always of a very low character, directly accusing the lenr researchers of crime and calling lenr a psuedoscience. It may or may not be paid trolling.

    Here is the link:

    1. It looks like big PR firms like Ogilvy & Mather, are hosting “digital influence teams” who are these trolls. Far from protecting their clients, Ogilvy opens a Pandora’s box of bad PR heaped upon themselves and clients like BP. PR and ABC agencies regularly pose as sources of expertise in politics and sciences. Just request their credentials – they have none. “Influence team” members like Mary, popey, et Al.. show escalating desperation lately, unable to stop the transition from fission/fossil to Distributed Energy Resources and LENR.

      1. GW,

        Many dislike the notion of “Conspiracy Theories” and would ascribe that term to the story put forth by Al Jazeera. But 0.5% of $137Billion of Net Annual Income from Big 5 Oil buys an awful lot of PR. If the PR delays public recognition of LENR and/or its implementation for 1-2-3-5 years, you are talking about a huge upside for a ‘very small’ investment.

        IMO, it is naive to think that Big Oil/Gas/Coal is not actively managing the situation. Too much money is at stake. And, past behavior shows their willingness to place profits before society as a whole. It is not their job to be the moral compass of society.

        1. Buck, you leave out the deeply corrupt nuke villagers. IMO, it is this nasty cabal who have perverted national security and nuclear/energy industry. DOE is one responsible party; failure of Congressional oversight another. Intelligence and DOJ have also done little to counter the mess. Fortunately, that is changing and white hats are stepping up at government keystones. It will realign.

          1. GW, I stand corrected; I was being too narrow in my focus.

            I guess it should now be Big Fossil Energy, as at times the Nuclear Power industry has categorized themselves as a fossil fuel. The top 5 nuclear power companies likely add an additional $10B of annual net income to the pile.

  28. America’s largest independent power company, NRG Energy CEO, David Crane:

    “The fundamental relationship the American citizen has with energy is about to change,” Crane told Barrons magazine. “Right now, it’s a one-way street. But when you have an electric vehicle charging in your garage, solar [panels] on your roof, and appliances in your home that turn natural gas into energy, you can become a producer as much as a consumer.”

    With the Vattenfall/Elforsk LENR Report just released, more and more utilities are coming to understand their monopoly on electricity production is coming to an end.

    1. “Will-the-rise-of-distributed-energy-spell-the-end-for-traditional-power-companies?”

      Aside from the new “positive skepticism” LENR campaign, there is now a constant flow of industry-level discussion re utilities need to adopt Distributed Energy Resources. This IMO pre-paves the energy market for transition to distributed resources of which LENR (NanoPlasma Generators) is the major dark horse. As Wall Street forecasts lower utilities earnings, these articles on DER point the way for energy executives and investors.

  29. e-CAT Scratch Fever in New Hampshire?

    In light of my posts below, HERE is a story that seems to leak an NRG Energy/DEKA R&D product called “NRGBeacon10.” This is a Dean Kamen designed Stirling engine capable of producing 15kWe plus space and hot water heating (specs TBD.) The unit is presently fired with NG. Could Dean Kamen be Dr. Rossi’s partner??? Leonardo Corp is incorporated in Bedford, New Hampshire. DEKA is in nearby Manchester, NH.

      1. It is impressive that NRG Energy – a $9B diversified energy independent is sponsoring the product development. And its CEO David Crane is wildly enthusiastic about distributed energy. Lately, LENR players are well established, deep pocket manufacturers and service providers. Little wonder there is a license buy-back underway.

        1. I wonder what Rossi or Brillouin would say about this Deka Stirling engine.

          Also, it should be noted that with a max rating of 15kW from the Stirling engine, this places this CHP unit as being more suitable for a small business or small apartment building. IT is my understanding that the average US house goes through about 2.5-3.0 and in EU about 1.5-2.0 kW.

          1. These Averages thrown around are very misleading. Just as Average monthly use.
            Consider- The hand held blow dryers depending on model use 1.2Kw to 2.0Kw
            Averages are spread over a long period of time when In Reality, A home may use most of that energy within a short period.
            This is why in the Early years of LENR, It is highly likely to be used in a Local Energy Grid system. Then Possibly Large Apartment buildings & such. Not individual homes. It just wont be cost effective.
            Down Side:-Simply put, The LENR tech needs much improvement as will all the necessities to go with it. Generators/exchangers all.
            UP Side:- Once in the Market, All these issues will be gradually improved & likely eliminated.

          2. OZ, solid point on averages.

            However, focusing on the bright side: the changes you suggest describe more economic activity adjusting to and capitalizing on the LENR effect.

    1. An extremely relevant find, GW. It would be v. interesting to know the efficiency of electrical conversion, so that a calculation could be made of the cost of electricity generated this way. However the waste heat taken up by a heat store or circulating CH system is not directly relevant in a home setting, as a condensing boiler would probably be more efficient at extracting thermal energy from gas. It’s a little disconcerting that the website (that would presumably have included such data) seems to have been taken down and replaced with a static greeting. Unfortunately there is no archived copy of the site at the ‘wayback machine’ due to the site’s ‘robots.txt’ which excludes copying.

      Such a device would obviously be a perfect fit with a small CF heat source, but I remain to be convinced that such a device will see the light of day because of its disruptive nature, at least for many years to come. If that does turn out to be the intention of the ‘partner’ (Dean Kamen or whoever) they will face the fight of their lives against the vested interests of the oil and nuclear industries to get it safety certified and in production – one I don’t think they could win. However, central CF generation followed gradually by town-scale CF generation operated by the existing energy companies, I’d see as inevitable and probably reasonably imminent, and the ‘local’ power plants will need something just like this, but scaled up.

      1. 49r, I agree with your general assessment about a fight between Big Oil//Gas/Coal/Nuclear and NRG Energy about getting safety certification. However, when I look at the scope of NRG’s operations, I see a very broad foot print across multiple states, about 19, with varying political leanings.

        I suggest that an industry maverick like David Crane might show the willingness to fund the political fight in a selected set of appropriate states . . . especially as it can be justified as a Marketing Asset for the NRG subsidiary Green Mountain Energy (GME). GME sells its power to those eager and willing to spend for Climate Safe “Green” energy.


        On a different topic. I suggest a 30% efficiency for the Stirling engine. A quick search of the web suggests that the excellent engines achieve at most 35%.

        1. Buck, you and Fortyniner overlook Crane’s NRG positioning of this product. As in Japan, CHP (FCs, Stirling, ICE, turbine etc) are sold in partnership with Tokyo Gas Co. The 35M homes piped for NG plays a major role in Crane’s intent to sell these appliances to light industry and residents. Few to no safety issues with NG as it’s been in market for a century.

          NRG generates 46GW of electric energy, about 60% with NG. That makes a good customer for Frackers and local NG companies. Many coal producers also produce NG making these resources very interested in new revenue from thousands of Beacon10 CHP units.

          Were I Mr. Crane, I would leverage my customer base and NG purchase power to partner with gas companies and lease this “revolutionary-green” CHP device (40% lower CO2) to my customers with a promise of energy AND $ savings of xx%.

          My view has always been to build precisely this type of integrated energy appliance. Roll it out to a large customer base with the marketing strength of local gas cos and major utility like NRG. Crane/Kamen have even integrated rooftop PV and a split $ return on net metered sell back to grid. Sweet.

          Meanwhile, campus (District) level CHP developed for light industry begins to replace NG-fired boilers with large format E-CatHTs. Industrial level safety certification confirms small format certification. From there, the road leads to Oz and beyond. IMO 🙂

          1. GW, I’m not quibbling with the attractions of the ‘up front’ model of an NG-fired home CHP unit (although fuel cell technology may give this concept a good run for its money very soon) – only with the idea that a relatively small organisation like NRG Energy might be able to successfully introduce LENR packaged into this type of domestic unit.

            There is simply too much riding on the status quo for such a move to proceed uninterrupted without forcing the necessary period of adjustment (read ‘positioning’, i.e., dumping of soon-to-be stranded assets and buying into CF at almost any cost).

          2. Agreed there is much riding. It is a powerful genie that is out and with Elforsk’s Sten Bergman informing UN and World Bank (my speculation) about LENR, hard to even delay. Humanitarian applications, especially if funded by UN/World Bank will be relatively small format. There will be far fewer certification hurdles in emergent nations. Once operating in a small, non-critical market on humanitarian grounds, the model is set.

            Fortyniner, is that Copelandia bispora in your icon?

          3. Agaricus bisporus I think – I’m not sure whether or not Copelandia is an alternative name for the genus.

            It’s supposed to be a visual representation of ‘kept in the dark and fed on manure’ but it’s a bit out of step with my Disqus ID and I might try to find something of a more mining-related nature some time!

      2. Peter, see my speculation on NRG’s business plan below. Were one looking for an ideal partner to Dr. Rossi – Mr. Crane is an excellent candidate.

    1. Compare this to the Buy Gold Advertisements.
      When the Number of Ads suddenly increase is when the smart money is getting out. Their looking to increase the number of unaware buyers to keep the price up until the smart money has divested. Or ads, Be the 1st to own a Red Box Video rental when the market is already saturated.

      Contrary to what Most people would tell you, Oil Investments are extremely High Risk. Big Oil makes use of every piece of Technology they can get their hands on & make profits only off of Shear Volume, And the occasional big strike. The VAST Majority of their profits are plowed back into the next venture. Just to keep the gravy train going. Countries who Own that Oil make money because they get there share before any expense comes out of all oil sales.
      If you should own land with Oil on it & I come in & drill & produce it, aside from the lease-YOU Get $1 of every $8 dollars in Oil produced, Even if I spend every cent on production costs. You still get your share while I could go broke.

      Consider: A Guy Never Gambled in his Life- Walks into a Casino, Drops $5 or $10 bucks into a slot machine & hits a Multimillion dollar Jackpot. Collects his winnings & never returns to Gamble Again. He’s Rich. Had he returned, he would inevitably Spend/Gamble all his winnings trying to hit another Jackpot. Dies Broke.

      An Individual who tries to get Rich in Oil, Follow the above Example. Try once & if your Lucky, Walk Away. Oh, And walk away regardless.
      There is a Man, Don’t recall his name, But he is Noted for single handidly finding nearly All the Major Oil deposits in the U.S. by studying Geography. Made Billions in today’s Dollars. They Took up a Collection to pay for his Funeral. He Died that Broke.

      Keeping the Above in Mind, Would Big Oil suppress LENR, Extremely unlikely. It would be very profitable with out all the risk in Oil exploration.
      We’ve All seen the TV movie Oil Gushers. I know little about offshore deep well Production, But I know that on Land, TV type Gushers are a misnomer. Maybe 1 or 2 out of a 100 will Gush & only for a limited time. That’s why you see well pumps in oil fields. You actually have to pump it out like well water & waiting for it to pool.
      Factoid: a 40 gallon barrel of oil provides about 20 gallons of Gasoline average.

  30. LENR G writes: “Large forces are at play and my little web site is close to irrelevant.” Not irrelevant G, just not mainstream or relevant to realignment of major energy players. The “large forces” you note are multi-billion $ manufacturing and energy concerns (Doosan, Mitsubishi Heavy, Vattenfall, Toyota, STMicro, NRG Energy, etc.) not to mention the fossil/fission behemoths. Follow the NRGBeacon10 dialog with Buck and Fortyniner below to see how LENR has already galvanized the energy industry. You might discover more relevant content!!

  31. I intend to visit your site every day until I get sick of it. I am putting a link to it on my desktop and part of my start-up routine will be to visit your site. So you better stop pouting and enhance it as much as possible so I don’t get sick of visiting it every day. (:->)

  32. True story. My youngest daughter is doing a project in geography in high school where she has to propose an energy source to operate a hypothetical nation. Her choice, unprompted by me, is cold fusion. She has been asking me questions about the E-Cat and has been searching for information she can present to her teacher and classmates who are not convinced of cold fusion’s viability. Monday she will be talking about the Levi report to the class!

  33. LENR G, I just re-read your main article. I was so impressed that I have decided to present the link in every one of my LENR postings to any comment section that I usually comment in about LENR. In the past, I have been just saying things like, “Have no fear, LENR is here.” And letting the reader go search for “LENR”. But from now on, I am going to include a link to your article and to Frank’s article. Now will you stop pouting? (:->)

    1. Considering Forbes dismissed Mark Gibbs, this should come as no surprise. Arguably, it was just a matter of time before a piece came out dismissing LENR as a fake.

      1. I don’t feel that the author is a motivated $H!T-head skeptopath. He is merely applying deductive reasoning, most excellently I might add, about something that he hasn’t observed. Observation trumps deduction, but he may not realize that.

        And his thought on why doesn’t Rossi sell the energy back to the utility is a good one, but cannot and therefore is not backed up by any evidence. For all we know Rossi is selling energy back to the utility. I sure hope that he is.

        1. Roger,

          Worstall is a Fellow at the Adam Smith Institute in London. I would have expected a deeper sense of understanding for the implications for introducing a revolutionary energy source from someone who focuses on Business and Technology. To present a derogatory perspective on Worstall, he is being willfully narrow minded in this article. I suggest that this is why Forbes has paid him more than $140k over the last several years. He fits the Forbes profile.

          Also, his Forbes piece fits the bill as a ‘positive skepticism’ blog article. He is one of many who are preparing the way for LENR.

          1. Worstall’s clarity of thought is impressive. He is doing us all a service be clarifying all of the false intellectual idols that will be falling when observation takes command.

    1. After having read the conclusion from the Elforsk report, I wondered how extensive the LENR network is now for all universities.

      Your find opens a very good question.

      “Studies are going on in defense industries, space industry and others.
      Various companies are supporting tests. Some universities are beginning
      to give courses and others get to grips with other basic studies that
      can have a connection with LENR. Which companies will first
      commercialize the technology remains to be seen, though.”

    2. YES!!!!!!!! “Low Energy Nuclear Reactions” right there for God and everyone to see. Right up the road from me about 90 miles.

      On the other hand, if that school can employ Ward Churchill for far too long to make any sense, they certainly should have room for LENR.

      1. I believe it is a good thing when the list of Universities studying LENR reaches the point that one forgets who is on the list. : )

        My excitement for CU Boulder being on the list is that door to door they are about 45 minutes from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory in Golden, Colorado. I would think that scientists from both facilities talk and interact often even if it is unofficially, after all the amount of people that would understand many of the disciplines and concepts that are part of the day to day lives of these people would be small. — As a web geek working with those whose understanding of computers barely exceeds how to turn them on, it can be refreshing to talk with someone who understands truly what it is you do.

        1. And to think that CU Boulder is a mere 96 miles from an incredibly witty, handsome, and insightful fellow who will be delighted to pontificate at them about philosophy and psychology.

  34. I am shocked to discover that the UK guvmint is apparently actually looking at some types of reactor that are NOT supplied by EDF or Areva. Due to various brainless decisions made by former politicians we have ended up with a huge leaky pile of high level waste that includes a great deal of the nastiest element in creation, plutonium.

    The first ‘plan’ was to shove it under a carpet (or at least a few hundred feet of rock) and then to pretend that the problem has been solved, but unfortunately no-one seems interested in playing host to this. (Legislation is now in process at Cameron’s behest to take any element of choice away from local authories in order to ‘solve’ this particular sticking point). More recently, some small changes have been quietly made to the EPR design that is to be built at Hinkley and then elsewhere, to enable it to burn plutonium in the form of MOx (mixed oxide) fuel rods, although this fact has unsurprisingly been kept out of the public gaze.

    Finally it seems, they may be considering the obvious answer, which is to look at small modular reactors specifically designed to ‘burn’ plutonium relatively safely, such as the GE/Hitachi ‘PRISM’ design:

    Other reactor designs have also apparently been looked at, but this unfortunately doesn’t include the GEC ‘GeNiE’ hybrid design that is initiated by an LENR core.

    I’ve sent details to an appropriate individual within the UK Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA), but don’t have any particularly high hopes. In any case, the recommendations of advisors who actually know what they are talking about are likeley to be completely ignored in favour of political agenda by people such as our esteemed leaders – a virtual guarantee that the wrong decisions will be made in this case as in most others.

  35. New paper from Celani (thanks to Ian Walker on Vortex):

    “Improved understanding of self-sustained, sub-micrometric multi-composition surface Constantan wires interacting with H2 at high temperatures: experimental evidence of Anomalous Heat Effects”

    “The next step will be the use of quartz tube instead of borosilicate, at the moment in use. The quartz will allow studies at temperatures over 300°C; at the moment it isn’t allowed by borosilicate (1st softening temperature of typical borosilicate glass is around 300°C).
    If positive results will be reconfirmed with the wire made by new procedures (i.e. “second generation” of
    preparation), it could be possible to reach “regions” of operation were even the self-sustaining regime could be observed, if enough large amounts of active materials will be used.”

    1. This paper is electric and a great read.

      It simultaneously throws another log on the cold fusion fire (neutrons detected from Pd/D) and exposes the scientific censorship that has held LENR back.

      Bravo brave authors from MIT, Spawar and JWK.

  36. Upcoming papers at the 7th Meeting of Japan Cold Fusion Research Society at the Tokyo Inst. of Technology. There are ten Japanese Universities and research labs involved in different CF experiments. Given the pace of industry interest in LENR, there will be more by end of 2014. Thanks AlainCo!

  37. New paper reviewing Celani’s work with Constantan wire producing anomalous heat. Interesting to note that Celani “was invited to give a Review talk, on Anomalous Effects in LENR Studies, at the WSEC 2012 Conference (World Sustainable Energy Conference 2012) organized by the ISEO (International Sustainable Energy Organization). The ISEO is an NGO linked to several not-politic Organizations (UNESCO, WHO, ILO…) connected to United Nations at Geneva.”

          1. Here is the presentation made by Celani at WSEC2012:

            Note slide #14 detailing NASA scientists at Glenn Research Center work on LENR. Seems reasonable this conference started people at World Bank, ISEO, UN-affiliated NGOs thinking about LENR. SteN Bergman has done consultancy work in Africa, and with Swedish SIDA, KTH, and EFORSK.

            Sten Bergman, Sr. Energy Specialist, The World Bank, Africa Unit, Energy Sector, Washington, DC, USA (2001)

          2. GW, the game changes dramatically if the UN becomes aware of LENR and chooses to include it within this funding framework. However, the focus of the LENR companies on a few centralized installations rather than a broad roll out to consumers may cause the UN to baulk.

          3. It certainly does, Buck. I have tried to get hold of Stem Bergman for comment on his LENR research, but so far no reply.

          4. Buck, Frank, here is the most recent CV for SteN Bergman. His work with Elforsk and World Bank seem to indicate an ability to communicate to UN parties. It would be wonderful for the UN to announce LENR as a component part of their global electrification initiative. And a pilot project supplying clean, desalinated water to East Africa alone would be a stunning geopolitical success for the UN.


      1. GW, I can easily imagine that when a LENR H-Gas-Nickel device comes out, it will then be the different engine types which compete for efficiency and relevance in the market.

        1. Yes. The core reactor technology can be licensed from Leonardo/DGT/Brillouin etc. But the thermal conversion tech, be it mechanical, direct plasma induction, etc will distinguish product types and categories. Heck, some may even be manufactured in the USA!

          1. What – you still do all that grubby metal bashing stuff? Here in the UK we’ve long sinced moved on so we can be a nation of stockbrokers and derivatives traders, leaving the other 98% free to clean for them on zero hours contracts.

  38. IMO a small, self-interested band of hot fusion scientists have disingenuously directed international science and government to support the behemoth black hole called ITER. In the following document, former Director of France’s National Center for Scientific Research CNRS, Dr. Jean-Pierre Petit spells out the disturbing reasons why ITER is destined to fail:

    “The more powerful the machines, the more they will be unstable and the more rapid, unmanageable, violent and destructive the phenomena will be.”

    Failed pursuit of hot fusion for the past 62 years at a taxpayer cost of $250+B, is reason enough to abandon ITER and redirect funds toward clean, green abundant LENR. But Dr. Petit spells out just why hot fusion on the scale of ITER will never come to fruition.

    1. I find this quote from Tom Carnac, US president of CDP extremely telling; “It’s climate change as a line item. They’re looking at it from a rational perspective, making a profit. It drives internal
      decision-making.” Corporate principle-free operation as usual – they simply see ‘carbon taxes’ as a potential opportunity if managed correctly.

      1. 49r, I’m with you. No change in the tiger stripes.

        For me the relevance is that the political landscape has changed sufficiently so that some see the advantage of going public about shifting towards agreement with carbon taxes.

        We spend time here sharing the reading of tea leaves for sentiments about LENR and apparently another leaf has turned. Good news.

  39. The NRG Beacon10 home energy appliance developed at Deka Research is undergoing testing by Society of Cable Telecommunications Engineers (SCTE) – presumably as a backup genset for cable TV and data networks. Undoubtedly these early tests will use NG as the source of heat. If the Deka Stirling engine proves capable of long term operation at peak electric power of ~15kW, it will make a good match for a small format E-Cat. Even without the E-Cat thermal source, the advent of an off-grid capable CHP unit will rapidly expand NRG’s move to Distributed Energy Resources. All the better for LENR heat sources to “drop in” when fully certified. NRG Energy is a $9B electric utility operating in 16 States. Their CEO David Crane is an avid supporter of distributed energy solutions.

      1. Not until end of 2014 anyway – at the earliest. Godes’ apparently relaxed attitude could be subterfuge, but the apparent lack of any sense of urgency seems slightly odd. Doesn’t the man want to be a multi-billionaire by 2015?

        1. I wasn’t as disappointed as you gents. Godes seems to be following the more conservative entrepreneur approach. He is from Berkeley CA after all!! But it IS sginificant that he works with Mike McKubre who is a thorough, meticulous scientist. They seem to continue with liquid systems that offer immediate reaction control – will not produce COP multiples on order of E-Cat. Never-the-less, we wish Brillouin well.

    1. I enjoyed this presentation for what it added to the information presented in the interview of Godes and George hosted on the Scarecrow show.

      First, at the 7:30 mark the Phase II pressurized system graph shows a COP of 25 with temp of about 600C. In the Scarecrow interview Godes only showed the aqueous system achieving a COP of 2. This speaks to Godes’ confidence as he prepares for Phase III, just prior to industrial design and engineering.

      Second, Godes presented a very different demeanor . . . he was polished, he did not cough into the audience, he did not go onto wild tangents. He was calm, polite and confident. It is as if he heard the feedback on his presentation skills and was practicing in front of a friendly audience.

      It is the COP of 25 with temp of 600C that got me very excited . . .

    1. There is no and will never be a Utopian World. Utopia is within you, if you will but seek it. The physical world will always be imperfect because people are imperfect.

      It is perfectly OK to try to make a Utopian World, but it won’t ever be perfect. True happiness is to be found within.

      1. … although of course, it is probably easier to find your inner happiness if you are not freezing, starving, injured, threatened, homeless, enslaved, indebted or sick, i.e., living in a better world than 90+% of the world’s population currently experience.

        1. Absolutely, but I do know of people and I have met a person who would be able to be happy under all of those dreadful circumstances. I have also noticed that my in-laws lived under poverty that most Americans could not imagine yet they were happy. It seems to me that I am the one who has said NUMEROUS times that LENR will greatly reduce the suffering caused by the non-fulfillment of needs. And I will repeat just in case someone missed it; LENR will increase the suffering caused by the inevitable increase in desires. Americans are some of the most miserable people on Earth, yet we are the richest; we just had a school shooting just down the freeway from me at Arapahoe High School.

  40. The US is about to pass positive legislation that protects inventors against patent trolls. This will benefit little guys who are intimidated by insubstantial competitive patents issued to big companies. The fact that EFF supports this legislation is impressive, as they are an excellent citizen representative body. And the White House has also indicated support – a positive message for inventors.

    1. Using Google Translate, I translated into Italian, and then using that version translated back into English, just to make sure that it translated properly. I had to make a small alteration.

    2. I posted this: “The only questions are whether the May 2013 Levi et. al. report was true, and if human beings are driven by greed, and sometimes the desire to serve. Everything else is useless hot air.” in Italian. I translated from Italian back into English just to make sure that it didn’t get altered. Of course, this is no guarantee that the Italian speakers will read it as I wrote it. But it is better than nothing.

  41. Nothing factually new, but I paste here some sentences from Vortex written by Ed Storms and Jed Rothwell because I think that they capture some essence:

    – The heart of the [F-P] disaster was failure of the important laboratories to replicate, The failure to replicate was caused by an unwillingness to understand what F-P had done. People who did the experiment correctly did replicate, but not often enough. In addition, the physics community made the assumption that the claimed effect was
    caused by hot fusion. This assumption was wrong. It turns out F-P were right and the physics community was wrong. Unfortunately, this error is hard for them to admit. (E.S.)

    – The [F-P] press conference is on YouTube. Watch it. You will see they were very careful. They hedged their statements carefully and made it clear that
    fusion was the most likely explanation, but not a sure thing. It was the
    best explanation then, and it is far better now. The press conference
    statements were a model of responsible, clear thinking and the scientific
    process. There was nothing out of order or unusual about it, except the
    impact of the discovery, and the strength of the opposition it provoked. (J.R.)

    1. “It turns out F-P were right and the physics community was wrong” This should not have become the puerile conflict it did. We need to adopt a far broader attitude of acceptance for anomalous findings – instead of dismissing them outright, look closer, as there may well be some new, illuminating phenomena to be uncovered.

  42. Previous post mysteriously disappeared! An interesting new patent applicant Seldon Technologies Inc. has entered the LENR race. “METHODS OF GENERATING NON-IONIZING RADIATION OR NON-IONIZING 4He USING GRAPHENE BASED MATERIALS.”

    Seldon is a 12 year old nanotech company specializing in nanofiber filters to produce extremely pure water. They ran a series of experiments in 2010 in which they infused proprietary graphene carbon nanotubes with pure D2 (citing Dr. Y. Kim’s equation D+D->4He+23.8 MeV) and observed heat, UV/soft X-ray, and 4He. Note that soft X-ray and UV is the signature that Randall Mills observes in many of his hydrino experiments.

    The principle scientist at Seldon is Chris Cooper, a former member of a team developing superconducting circuits for quantum computation at Dartmouth’s Department of Physics and Astronomy. Also on staff is an active VC investor and Craig Steidle, a retired U.S. Navy Rear Admiral, is senior adviser to and
    past president of the Commercial Space Flight Federation. Most recently
    he completed five years as a distinguished visiting professor of
    aeronautics at the United States Naval Academy. Same place as Dr. Rossi’s adviser Michael Melich hails from. Imagine.

    1. That is very interesting. LENR in non metallic materials that just has metallic properties. These nanotubes can also resist very high temperatures.
      Maybe the secret catalyst?

    1. Only five? I would add:
      6. Keeps windscreens and windows clean by dissolving greasy dirt.
      7. Improves eyesight, as people strain to see through the murk.
      8. Kills all known household germs on contact.
      9. Protects from dangerous solar UV (now they’ve destroyed their ozone layer).
      10. Prevents neighbours spying on you as they can’t see across the street.

      Obviously I missed my calling as a propagandist.

      1. You are likely better off avoiding that particular PR job.

        To spin it with a sense of humor . . . it reminds me of Jon Lovitz doing some of his pathological liar comedy routines.

  43. Speculation on how nanotech is opening more LENR doors from the always interesting Axil.

    “The future of LENR is ever brightening as the new nano-technologies burst onto the scene. All that is required to make this future possible is a rethinking of the old timeworn attitudes, prejudices and misapplications that have plagued LENR from the day of its birth.”

    This, IMO is why Dr. Robert Duncan has been recruited by Texas Tech – to head R&D in this new area of nanofusion physics.

  44. VATTENFALL is going to sell all its non-swedish,euroean activities -. consequences of ELFORSK ???
    It was in the radio – i will recheck on bloomberg in the office

  45. CalTech group coins “Prosumer” – energy producing customer of aging grid.

    “Customers are becoming active participants in electricity markets and grid operations. The adoption of onsite generation and responsive demand capabilities is allowing consumers to also provide excess energy and services into the market. This ability gives rise to a new class of customer, a “prosumer”, who both produces and consumes electricity.”

    But the report is stuck with the idea that the global grid will miraculously adapt to de-centralized energy production. Facts are the capability of DERs to completely replace grid service is becoming well-known. Utilities must choose to continue with the old investments, or become designers, manufacturers, marketers of Distributed Energy Resources.

  46. On JONP:

    “Andrea Rossi

    20th, 2013 at 10:37 AM

    Thank you and best wishes to you.
    Wishes are all we can give
    so far, the loooong period is necessary for a final, decisive long term
    validation after which will be decided which kind of investments and which kind
    of industrialization will have to be set up, if the results will be positive. We
    have studied different industrialization strategies, but the choice ( if any)
    will be made after the current process of validation and R&D. All I can say
    is that substantial progress has been achieved in the last 4
    Decisively within 2014 we will have a consistent response.
    you again for your kind attention,
    Warm Regards,

    1. I listened most of it, although my ability to understand German is limited. Most of the stuff sounded familiar. As a new revelation(?), they claimed at 1:01:10 that Tesla Motors is looking into E-cats as possible energy source for their cars.

      1. Its another in the series of signs that “good, strong, productive”, healthy companies do not display. They have an pleasant excuse for everything. The website shutdown follows after months of their document link being broken because of an unpaid account. The office phone number was down for awhile because of an unpaid bill. They owe people money that they are not paying. The research / marketing partner in the EU suspended their relationship after something went wrong with a demo the past summer. Too many warning signs – they usually add up to something that is less than good. We’ll see.

        1. NCkhawk, I didn’t know about all of those data points. Where can I read confirmation about those things? If true, it sounds definitely bad.

          1. You could have checked the website before they took it down. The doc links on the technology page all linked to an “account suspended” page since last Sept. . Many who monitor this group are aware that and are also aware that their Vancouver office phone was temporarily disconnected until some time last week. Why would you assume they are a good, strong and productive company? The remainder you’re just going to have to wonder about or verify yourself.

    1. Nothing much to worry, they have some explanation written there:

      Defkalion has completed the first phase of R&D for the basic reactor.

      On 20th of January 2014 we are starting the final stage to prepare the
      pre-industrial Hyperion product in our labs in Vancouver and Athens.

      Etc etc

      1. At this point, we’ll believe it when we see it. As I said earlier – wishing them the best on everything they do moving forward.

  47. Added a Business – Nichenergy/Protium section to “Are LENR Reactors Real?” Please let me know if you see any mistakes or believe I’ve left out any important information. My goal as always is to try and be as accurate as possible while giving people looking for answers about LENR useful (and hopefully unbiased) information.

    Also I added a Science -Transmutation section a while ago based on Toyota’s recent replication of the Mitsubishi experiments. I don’t think I ever announced that one.

    1. So, according to our resident whiners and naysayers, this acoustic Stirling engine should already be in Home Depot. What is it with all of these safety certifications and delay?!?! This just proves that it is a scam!!!!

      Seriously, it does look very nice for LENR, but it would have been nice if they had given us some explanations of the technology and perhaps even some diagrams.

  48. In the first Levi et al. test, the reactor melted, and people were apparently watching it without protection. Whereas nowadays we are told the test is done inside protective walls. Maybe last year’s Levi et al. and Penon HotCats had also tungsten and not only steel walls. There were some indications that it might be so. Tungsten has very high melting point so tungsten walls stay firm no matter what. But tungsten might be too expensive to use in mass production, so the new models they tested are perhaps steel-only. Maybe that explains the difference in safety procedures. Of course, this is just my speculation.

  49. I have a question for the group beyond my areas of experience. If the HotCat now produces surface a temperature of 1100 C wouldn’t it be possible to cover it with some form of Thermo Electric Generator and still heat water to high temperature steam? TEGs need a temperature difference to work and from my understanding they pass heat quite well from the hot side to the cold side, so with the current quoted temperature couldn’t direct electric production be done along with steam generation?

    1. I’m not expert but from my tech watch:
      TEG are not very reliable (mechanically fragile) or efficient, but they are static and need no maintenance.
      another problem is that today they are designed for waste heat about 200C, not for 1000C…

      at 1000 C maybe some thermionic converter may be possible… not sure, since 2000C is better…

      globally , for TEG, thermionic, turbines, engines, smart grid, I feel that LENR will raise new requirements, new way of mind.

      attention should be focused on cost, not on efficiency, because the cost of LENR is mostly capital cost. (not unlike fission).
      It should take advantage of small sized units, local production of energy, mass production, easy maintenance, safety…
      not unlike car industry.

    2. I also am not an expert, but it seems to me that heating water on the so-called cold side SHOULD improve the TEG’s efficiency since the TEG would be drawing more heat faster than if it were just hanging 10 with nothing but air.

    1. I would not be blown away if Rossi et. al. weren’t interested. Too many prying eyes, too many restrictions, too much paper work. If I were Rossi and I had a $12 million war chest, I might just not care. $500,000 is for newbies, not for a$$-kicking heaters on the verge of commercialization.

  50. Fairly enigmatic statement on a Russian company that seems to sell miscellaneous non-metallic materials:

    [The company] “performs removal of debris dump, produces developments in alternative energy providers, even addressing the issue HYAS (cold fusion).”

    Still more confusing, the name of the company is “Tesla Ltd.”:

    In a radio interview that was recently discussed here, Dr. Guenter Krieg spoke of a mysterious “Mister Tesla”, who wanted to use the E-Cat in his cars; of course that was connected immediately with Tesla Motors.

    Maybe it was a misinterpretation, and the Russian company is a customer of Rossi?

    1. I was going to post the same link. One line stood out a lot, a totally white lie:

      “No serious cold fusion research is being carried on today by any reputable scientific lab. ”

      Somebody should tell him the names of SRI, U of M, MIT, STMirco, Eleforsk and many Japanese orgs and cos. With such ongoing propaganda and denial the future of cold fusion in US/UK is indeed cold. Thankfully other countries in EU and Asia will have lenr reactors installed starting from this year.

      Aren’t there any organizations/people in US/UK keeping a check on gov and media corruption and disinfo ? If yes, what are US citizens doing? How is this disinfo campaign going unchecked?

      1. Sanjeev, it is rather apparent these little academic cyberapharts are a last gasp of the fading oligarchy. Only a martian would believe the utter bullsheit published in media today. I suppose martians and alien species think infantile exercises are somehow instructional. This is why they fail markedly in human interaction. They do not understand the workings of the human spirit. All for the best most likely.

        1. It is good that the bloviating buffoons are declaring themselves for all to see. Reality is soon going to mow them down like grass. Let us note their names and make sure that their fan base is reminded of their arrogance and stupidity when LENR+ becomes widely accepted.

        2. We need a CF Hall of Shame website, where the names of these so called PhDs can become immortal with a screenshot of the stuff they wrote, just in case they elope with their awesome articles.

        3. Haven’t really looked at this page before seems to be a little more realism and free language over here, rather then the pseudo official respectability of authority elsewhere.
          The Truth lies with open Truth not in trying to conform to establishment expectations.
          Is it here where we can ask such questions as who is to blame for most of science becoming so corrupt and incompetent.
          Please don’t answer, the media or the governments, or is science nothing but a group of yes men with no gumption to think or act for themselves.

      2. Looking a little further into Stenger’s clownery we discover he thinks himself an author. He wrote a book, “God and the Folly of Faith.” He is of the Richard Dawkins atheist species. Reviewer Tessa de Leeuw says: “Stenger is not a good writer. Wherever he could use only five words, only two
        sentences, only one paragraph, he used a multiple of that. The man is
        as long winded as you would expect a professor of both physics and
        philosophy to be.”

        Not only a bad writer, but a man imbued with self-taught ignorance.

        1. Some people not only insist upon being as shallow as possible, but they also insist that you be as shallow as possible.

          The greatest foolishness is for an atheist to pretend to also be a philosopher.

    2. The inordinately infantile Huffington Post Editorial Board just changed their policy to demand a Facebook account in order to comment. A transparent intrusion This is the work of the fading oligarchy who once ruled the media. They are immature, pathetic, poorly educated and bordering on fascism. HERE is my reply to the clown “Dr. Vic Stenger:”

      “It is unfortunate when a distinguished scientist such as Dr. Stenger publishes opinion laced with egregious misunderstanding. Stenger writes: “No serious cold fusion research is being carried on today by any reputable scientific lab.”

      This is patently false. And one must wonder why it is Dr. Stenger does not know this. In fact one reputable lab hosting CF research is Instituto Nazionale Fisica Nucleare, Frascati (Rome) Italy – under the supervision of Dr. Francesco Celani. The work is well documented in publications and was presented at the 2012 ICCF-17 conference in Korea.

      Other “reputable” labs are Italian ENEA, Stanford Research Inst., University of Missouri, University Osaka, Mitsubishi Heavy, STMicro, US Naval Research Lab, Swedish Elforsk R&D, University Purdue, University Illinois, MIT Electronics Engineering, DARPA, DIA, and NASA Glenn, NASA Langley Research Center, Toyota, Teknova, etc.

      That Dr Stenger is unaware of this is perplexing. After all, he was visiting professor at the Italian INFN laboratory where Dr. Celani works in 1987.”

      Dear Huffington, phuck off losers! 🙂

  51. TWO upcoming MIT events on Cold Fusion. The first, Cold Fusion 101: Introduction to Excess Power in Fleischmann-Pons Experiments Jan 27-31. The second, coinciding with the 25th anniversary of the Pons & Fleischmann announcement March 21st-23rd – includes many of the world’s top LENR researchers. Among the presenters will be Yiannis Hadjichristos of DGT, condensed matter theoretical physicist Dr. Yeong Kim, and SPAWAR’s Pamela Boss. There are bound to be further LENR announcements commemorating the P&F Cold Fusion anniversary.

    1. Frank has been inspired by some of the Wonderful posters on page.
      I won’t put up any names, I get easily embarrassed. Ha.

  52. Why does the Earth rotate once every 24 hours? I believe that Earth’s rotation is powered by the solar wind and “magnetic ropes” that carry electrical currents from the Earth to the Sun, completing an electrical circuit that interacts with Earth’s internal magnetic field.

    “The satellites have found evidence of magnetic ropes connecting Earth’s upper atmosphere directly to the sun”;

    Our Earth is, in essence, the armature of an electric motor that is being powered by an electrical current generated by the Sun.

    A giant steel motor is being built in Gilman, Illinois by RAR Energia Ltda. ( The driveshaft of that motor is on a line of longitude (a “great circle” that passes through Earth’s north and south poles). I believe that the RAR motor works by capturing some of Earth’s angular momentum, and that the motor would not work if its driveshaft had an east-west orientation. If this is correct then we can conclude that, ultimately, the RAR motor is powered by the Sun.

    1. The Earth rotates every 24 hours because the traditional definition of the hour is defined as being 24 to the day. So, no matter how slow or how fast the Earth rotates it will take 24 traditional hours. The reason that the Earth rotates at all is because of one of Newton’s laws of motion. Something set into motion continues at that speed and direction FOREVER unless acted upon by some other force.

      I suspect that your theory may be an extension of an interpretation of a transcendental experience that you had. I embrace the reality of your (perhaps) transcendental experience, but I think that you are grasping with the interpretation and particularly with the extension. Baseballs will fly forever except that they are slowed down by air friction and other baseball player’s gloves. A bullet shot in space will continue FOREVER until it hits something else.

      1. I was not using “hour” in the traditional sense. My “hour” is equal to 3,600 seconds, as measured by an atomic clock.

        A bullet shot in outer space will not “continue forever” in a straight line if the bullet has a magnetic field, and the Milky Way is full of magnetic fields.

        My hypothesis about the RAR motor is not based on “a transcendental experience”. My hypothesis could be tested by building such a motor with its driveshaft oriented on an east-west line of latitude. I would like to know how the RAR motor in Brazil is oriented. Do you know?

        1. I have heard of the gravity engine. I don’t see how people are think that we can get something for nothing. There is always loss due to friction.

          If RAR is real, let them prove it.

          1. I too am skeptical about the functionality of the RAR engine. However, at this point I am giving RAR the benefit of the doubt because the U.S. Patent Office did issue RAR a patent. And RAR is obviously spending several million dollars to construct these huge engines in Brazil and Illinois.

            My hypothesis about Earth being the armature of an electric motor is based in part on the fact that Venus has an extremely weak magnetic field and that Venus rotates on its axis less than once during each of its revolutions around the Sun. Venus does not have what it takes to function as an armature.

            My hypothesis about the RAR engine is based in part on my understanding of hurricane dynamics.

          2. The earth in it self is something of a gravitational dynamo in theory. If you consider the gravitational field of the dense solid iron core of the planet separate from the surface and the liquid outer core. The solid core rotates faster than the outer core and the surface ( so this should cause fluctions in localized gravity in theory. Tapping into some type of potential difference could be what they are trying. Or maybe going it is magnetic from the movement of the liquid outer core alone. I would believe the power source for the Earth spinning or the RAR working is from local forces, due to the logarithmic drop off of any type of energy with distance. If the RAR works we should hear something by summer.

          3. bachcole, If we do not get “something for nothing” how do you explain where all the matter etc. in our Universe originated and then of course how what ever answer you come up with originated.

          4. georgehants, most excellent questions. So I will limit what I said. “You can’t get physical energy for nothing. It has to come from somewhere. The only exception to this is that G0D (not religion, but G0D) anything and everything is possible.” All thoughts originate in the higher realms of existence, so I got that covered also. (:->)

  53. lates news from prometeon

    6 / 1/14 – Prometeon wishes everyone a 2014 full of surprises!,it

    This year we are going to live could be the beginning of what we would like to one day be remembered as one of the greatest revolutions of human civilization, comparable to those produced by few other inventions: fire, printing, the steam engine, radio, computer. Moreover, in the field of energy, the “new fire” has “the numbers” to overcome even such inventions as the stack of Fermi and the nuclear reactors derived from it, since it can provide free and unlimited energy to Man but without any of the contraindications of nuclear energy: the pollution can use to create deadly weapons.

    The impact of technology on society as the E-Cat can be really huge.

    (© Prometeon Ltd – Prohibited the use of the site without quote)

    Already five years ago, it was the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) American to point out, in a document not listed, that LENR, once you have proved able to keep what they promised at the time remotely, would represent a revolutionary technology from potential disruptive. And now the revolution of LENR starts spreading like wildfire. We will not here a list of signs to that effect, but we will only mention the recent funding from the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) research projects LENR, which represents a new and significant “first time”.

    Among the countries that are lining up in the front row in qualifying for this revolution are, a little ‘surprise, really like China and Korea which, not having those influential lobby in the West hamper any serious alteration of the status quo in the field energy, will be doubly benefited from adopting a technology for raw or almost like that of ‘ E -Cat. Italy, already crippled by a crisis that seems more and more like the beginning of a long decline, lost a unique opportunity letting the invention of Rossi varcasse the ocean, and this error of judgment could be paid much dear.

  54. Here is a paranoid conspiracy theory just for fun:

    What if what we are witnessing is the conclusion of a worldwide secret effort by the major governments to produce LENR energy on a global scale due to some pending cataclysm such a nearing ice-age or the end of the world oil reserves. The Defkalion, Krivit, Mary Yugo and Rossi saga is nothing more than a way to gently begin to reveal it to the public. The China connection is nothing more than the equivalent to China being used to build the arks in the movie 2012, a powerhouse of labor and industrial output. /satire

    Would make a great science fiction movie plot!

  55. The introduction of LENR-generated electricity will make it possible for people to trade in their gas-guzzling automobiles for electrically powered automobiles. As electric cars proliferate, governments will receive less revenue from the payment of taxes on the sale of gasoline and diesel fuel. To offset this impending revenue decline, governments are spewing global-warming propaganda and using that propaganda to justify imposing carbon taxes.

    Don’t be fooled by the Global Warming Scam. Oppose carbon taxes. We are already being taxed too much. Instead, force the government to reduce its spending.

  56. Some thinking of potential long-term (I mean long-term) possibilities:

    Living organisms use energy and eat food to grow and reproduce. If an organism or robot would use LENR instead of chemical energy, it would have up to million times more energy at its disposal. Perhaps this amount of energy would be sufficient for the organism or device to use some inefficient but robust method to take in material such as sand, decompose it and utilise the useful atoms such as metals for growth. The process could also be reversed: the robot or organism could shrink controllably until only a small seed is left. In this way, the device or organism could change its shape and size in principle in an unlimited way. Living organisms have done it for billions of years: in wintertime for example insects exist only as eggs. With LENR, however, it could potentially be done faster, and because energy efficiency wouldn’t be an issue, perhaps it could be done mechanistically, without needing a biology type molecular machinery.

    Perhaps UFOs are such entities (robots, organisms or something inbetween) that can assemble and disassemble themselves from surrounding matter, perhaps consisting of rather small independent cells that group together besides growing. In other words, perhaps they are remote probes originally sent by some distant civilisation which change appearance in a flexible way according to their mission and can continue to operate on earth in principle indefinitely. This is attempting to be kind of “modern” or “LENR-aware” version of the classical extraterrestrial hypothesis. They would be physical vehicles, but ones which routinely and profoundly change their physical apperance and the set of atoms they are consisting of.

    Surely, it is far from clear whether such sci-fi devices are possible even in principle, even with LENR. But at least it might be safe to say that without LENR, such devices are probably impractical because of the inadequate energy efficiency provided by digestion of chemical food or use of solar power, especially in an unfriendly and foreign planetary environment.

    1. The possibility of biological transmutations has been discussed occasionally during the 20th century, especially by Corentin Louis Kervran. As far as I know, none of these approaches has ever been recognized by mainstream science. Nevertheless, if it should turn out that biological transmutations were possible, they could be exploited for the neutralization of radioactive waste by specially designed microorganisms. That would already be a progress.

    2. To my eye, many of the objects recorded in near space look and behave more like single-celled living organisms than anything else. Although often ‘debunked’ as ice particles etc (which some may well be), in many videos the ‘objects’ seem to change shape, direction and speed in a way that’s much more analogous to primitive living creatures. I wonder if they aren’t just examples of how ubiquitous life may be – in this case specialised ‘creatures’ inhabiting an environment we consider untenable for life, but which would not be hostile for suitably evolved life-forms.

        1. The second link showing a life form swimming past the International Space Station is stunning. Could these be transdimensional creatures? The Shuker thesis is fascinating. Are these life forms in the mold of the terrestrial mimic octopus – able to change appearance at will? And why still, the silly denials from government? Is the hand so deep in the cookie jar that disclosure will demand trials and penitentiary for guv’ment culprits?

          1. The continual official denial of things that are obvious is indeed mystifying. It’s possible that the psychology of power is a factor, as officials cover their own ability to comprehend with ‘explanations’ that seek to prop up their own assumed infallibility. Who knows.

            This particular phenomenon definitely seems to require some very free thinking, rather than mindless ‘debunking’. Transdimensional/interdimensional? – possibly. Personally I lean more towards the possibility of an entirely new class of ‘life’ based on EM fields and plasma rather than ‘solid’ matter, although it seems possible that such life-forms might extend beyond 3D space. Recently discovered ‘sprites’ and other phenomena above atmospheric electrical discharges indicate a far more complex environment in these regions than previously suspected, and ball lightning (which I’ve witnessed first hand) demonstrates that magnetically bound plasma ‘objects’ can be real and relatively persistant.

            The apparently directed motion of these ‘objects’, and the undulation of the ‘creature’ seem to indicate some form of traction either on the Earth’s magnetic field, or on space itself, and this alone would justify intensive research. Perhaps this is happening, but as usual the power mongers just don’t want anyone else to know about it.

  57. This straight from the BBC:

    France is looking to exit Nuclear Power significantly over the next 20 years. This is a further confirmation of the building pressure to exit all forms of fossil energy where the flip side means a significant increase in the demand for LENR energy when it becomes commercially viable.


    1. Your comment made it seem like the article contained reference to LENR or cold fusion. It didn’t. I was getting all excited, and then her father burst into her bedroom and chased me out of his house.

      1. Roger, all the expectations for 2014 is putting us on edge and giving you a hair trigger . . . we shouldn’t get ahead of ourselves even though we are close to counting the two birds in the bush.

        Let us keep our fingers crossed, while we wait for good LENR news.

    2. That’s actually quite startling news, given France’s dependency on nuclear power for both energy and industrial activity. It seems that only Cameron is left to lead the charge for ‘new nuclear’, and the UK stands practically alone on this. It’s long past time that his motives and justification were examined in detail, and the whole UK energy policy was debated openly.

      1. 49r, I’m glad you see the remarkable quality of France’s decision . . . for decades they have been equated with the Nuclear Power industry.

        Regarding Cameron, I’m at a loss to understand his actions in the face of the growing ‘Establishment’ affirmations of the LENR phenomena. The recent Elforsk report is like a beacon. For the sake of the British citizens, my hope is that another big splash event occurs between now and June, the deadline for Cameron making a final decision and signing the contract with the nuclear power consortium.

        1. I wonder if this news will affect Cameron, since he strong armed the French to invest in the Hinckley Point project – and relies on China to provide major funding. It is startling. But then the French have been quietly at work on LENR for some time. One of Ansaldo Energia’s physicists who attended Rossi demos, is based near Paris.

          1. GW, I can’t begin to imagine what the recent developments for Leanardo & Brillouin will bring; it is hard to tease out an objective perspective when I’m so firmly convinced of the relatively imminent introduction of an industrial LENR device.

            Cameron seems to be painting himself into a corner . . . my understanding is that the consortium has negotiated high prices to consumers to ensure very healthy profits. So, if the contract goes through and then an industrial LENR technology hits the world stage priced out at a fraction of the cost, Cameron’s party is over a barrel. I really wonder if the British government will just trigger a breach of contract, refuse to authorize/build the Hinckley Point plant, pay penalties, and install LENR quickly as substitutes. I can’t begin to imagine the size of the resulting lawsuit and associated penalties.

            My cynical side points to Cameron being paid-off if the contract goes through. I have to believe he is aware of LENR as Elforsk & Vattenfall operates in Britain.

          2. Well put Buck. It seems as though UK government is saying to its citizens, “Antibiotics are an unproven treatment. We would much rather treat bacterial infection with sulfa, quinine and mountain retreat sanitariums than invest in “voodoo” medicine” like penicillin.

          3. Buck, you’ve said in your final sentence what I’ve been skirting around for some time. Cameron visited EDF HQ in France within a few days of taking power (I won’t say elected, as he wasn’t) for ‘discussions’. Within a few months, all funding for a tidal power scheme in the Severn Estuary which might have produced as much power as Hinkley Point C, was withdrawn along with funding for development of undersea ‘tidal race’ turbines, and the plans for a new nuclear build were ‘outlined’. Initial contracts with two main consortia followed almost immediately, apparently almost out of thin air.

            Since then the number of proposed new plants has risen from two to three, then 9, 12 and finally to 50 (the latter not made public). A whole series of the original participant companies have dropped out, yet Cameron has singlemindedly (and almost singlehandedly) replaced them with Chinese, Korean and Japanese companies who have been offered some very surprising concessions. EDF have so far been kept on board by steamrollering planning permissions through (in fact, work began without any permissions in place), removing the ability of local authorities to object, allowing on-site storage of waste over very loud local objections, offering a ludicrous 35 year contract for purchase of power at over twice the current highest cost, and have even had their risks underwritten to the tune of billions by a State ‘guarantee’ funded by taxpayers in general.

            This is a truly crazy state of affairs and a sad comment on our ‘democracy’ when one man can operate in this way despite overwhelming (but relatively apathetic) public opposition. It is becoming extremely difficult to see why he pursues this course with such determined and unwavering stupidity, unless he has some kind of undisclosed personal stake in the outcome.

          4. “the french” are not one unit…
            very few actors , in fact one academic (Biberian), and few entrepreuneurs (Mathieu Vallat, Van den Berghe) a,d me are on the subject.

            When I asked Areva about Defkalion hyperion, they answered on Hyperiin small fission reactor… not even aware. France have a problem with consensus : we are devoted to consensus, even by force. If there is two ideas that dissent in france, the governement will force one to be legally true…

            Longchampt had to stop working on cold fusion, because his lab in CEA was embarassed by hi heresy.

            about english nuclear power plants, French and Chinese are one of the few on the planet to know how to build nuclear powerplant…
            and for french, since we have stopped building in the 80s, we had to learn the job agains fir EPR (it explains the delays on the first EPR).
            Another problem with french, is that we love big plants, perfect safety, at any cost…
            We don’t like small nuclear reactor…
            when I say We , I say the lobbies of decision makesr…

            the population is different, but we surrender our freedom to that high-caste.

            note that if you think EPR is expensive, you should recompute the REAL (it was reestimated from reality recently) cost of wind and solar energy…

            anyway, EPR like solar and wind energy are dead.

      2. Peter, it does appear that Cameron’s clinging is his last gasp to “preserve Empire.” His attachment to fission energy in today’s world is as strange as admitting the Scots have lost the Arc of the Covenant. The next global leading culture will be the one that shares this new technology – rather than attempt to corner the market. A truly global market for energy will be far larger than any predicated upon selected culture and dreams of empire.

        1. I’m sure the nuclear industry is duly grateful for his unflagging promotion of their dinosaur technology, and will express this appreciation in due course.

  58. “A large scam? The Italian Andrea Rossi is selling a cold fusion plant” (Suomen Kuvalehti/Finland’s Photo-Magazine web version Dec 29 2013, ). The tone of the article is more positive than what the title suggests. It mentions Levi et al. report. Its read count is 14662.

    (LOL: on the bottom of the page there are other science news, one of them is “Surprise news: Mankind’s morale is improving; Triumph of rationality is the most untouted discovery of the decade”)

    1. The “consensus” editorial approach for mainstream media appears to be to introduce the idea with a hefty dose of unwarranted skepticism. This, to soften the blow to “reality” for indoctrinated humans. The same mechanism appears to be employed in ET disclosure. A bit like introducing atomic energy to 19th century physicists via Jules Verne. I am not sure this caution is necessary. Consumer electronics, robotics, medical prosthesis, nano-technology all proceed at breakneck pace with no social collapse. The idea that we may have discovered a clean, non-radiative form of nuclear energy would seem to be cause for celebration for all except those who have invested in outdated forms of energy.

      1. I’m pretty sure that most people in the group you tacitly refer to would accept it without any problem at all. The news would be processed simply in ‘how do I benefit?’ terms (easily manipulated if required), and in an age when many kids don’t know that milk comes from cows, there is neither the knowledge to see any reason why not, nor the curiousity to investigate or think through the consequences. (Jaded view courtesy of my wife and daughter – teachers of English and Science respectively).

  59. Tom Whipple is one of the few US guv’ment writers who covers LENR news. Tom is retired from a 30 year career as a CIA analyst.

  60. For those with “exotic” energy technologies:

    e technologies:

  61. Thanks to Harry Veeder on Vortex:

    Low Energy Nuclear Reactions?

    by A.D. Polosa (Dip. Fisica, Sapienza Universita di Roma), R. Faccini (Dip.
    Fisica, Sapienza Universita di Roma)
    Thursday, 16 January 2014 from 16:30 to 17:30 (Europe/Zurich)
    at CERN ( 503-1-001 – Council Chamber )


    After an introduction to the controversial problem of Low Energy Nuclear
    Reactions (LENR) catalyzed by neutrons on metallic hydride surfaces we
    present the results of an experiment, made in collaboration with ENEA Labs
    in Frascati, to search neutrons from plasma discharges in electrolytic

    The negative outcome of our experiment goes in the direction of ruling out
    those theoretical models expecting LENR to occur in condensed matter
    systems under specific conditions.

    Our criticism on the theoretical foundations of such models will also be

    1. I think these dudes are saying that LENR isn’t real. I am glad that the cockroaches are giving their names and signing papers. This makes it much easier to find them after they scatter when the lights go on.

      1. Don’t be over-hasty, bachcole. Proposals for scientific conferences must be formulated carefully, especially if they deal with a “critical” subject. Otherwise, the chance that they are rejected would be relatively high. Let’s wait what they have to say.

  62. Scientists Call For Open, Informed Study of Psi Effects and Consciousness
    Is there safety in numbers when it comes to science? Some 90 scientists
    and academics have co-signed a letter, written by Etzel Cardeña of Lund
    University and published in Frontiers in Human Neuroscience, that
    calls for more mainstream support of open and honest investigation of
    parapsychological topics, and related mysteries of human consciousness.
    Cardeña stresses six points in support of his call:

    1. Andreas, good find and O so true.
      Very few sites like this, where good moderation removes the ability for manipulation by those such as have destroyed all reliability in places such as Wiki-rubbish.

  63. Admin, could you perhaps add a preview function to the comment section? Sometimes the final layout of my posts isn’t identical with the layout in the text box. Thank you.

    1. seems argumented on the experimental side.
      The neutrons are not much there. Good news for cold fusion, no neutrons !
      anyway they did not check that their cell was active ? so if they have bad electrode, bad setup, they did electrolysis…

      the theoretical part is bashing Widom-Larsen, and trying to bash LENR with social methods.

      1. Some comments…
        * Bold font choice in the PDF doc. As well as the bullet choice in the powerpoint.
        * Can people really not spell the word “lose”… aka opposite of “win?” I thought seeing people misspell “lose” on sports sites was annoying but when I saw it in a CERN document… well.

        * Seriously, the experiment results are interesting. They tried to replicate an experiment that claimed some detectable neutrons and couldn’t find any (at least after they corrected for what they figured was a faulty detector in the first run — ha! “found some… better re-calibrate”). But as far as a big knock against LENR I don’t see it. Most LENR folks don’t claim any neutron flux outside their devices at all. If the process involves neutrons they are low energy and being absorbed before they get out.

        So while the authors of the particular paper they were trying to reproduce have some splaining to do I don’t think this CERN effort is very important. I mean I guess it’s good that they are interested at all. The more scientists exploring this area the better IMO.

        1. What I discovered in Excess Heat by Beaudette, is that most of the critics, research and desire of nuclear physicist was neutrons…
          You could show kW of heat to a physicist he would not believe in it… but few neutrons, he would cry like a baby and kiss everybody around.

    2. In the theoretical part they found some calculation errors from WLT papers.

      In the experimental part they didn’t reach significant conclusions. They tried to reproduce Cirillo’s neutron result and it failed. Because there was no other diagnostics besides neutrons, it’s know possible to know the reason. Cirillo reported positive neutron results from Mizuno type cell. Mizuno himself found heat and transmutation, but didn’t look for neutrons, apparently. Thus it’s uncertain whether Cirillo’s cell was a faithful replication of Mizuno. It’s also uncertain if this new attempt was a faithful replication of Cirillo. All possibilities remain as open as they were before the study.

    1. It is amusing to hear these solar scientists tip toe around AGW mythology. If there is a Maunder Minimum underway, solar heating decreases across the entire planet. Not one hemisphere. They predict a mini-ice age in keeping with global temperature decline.

      1. inquisition works hard to burn their books, like they did on LENR

        I fall on that (the worst is that the nuclear physicist who denounce that inquisition would burn LENR books).

        “If you open the link above, you will see the official explanation why the journal – one launched by Copernicus Publications in March 2013 – was terminated a few days ago.

        ecause this wasn’t even a journal focusing on the climate, you inevitably ask: What was the reason? The reason was that a

        PRP, special issue: Pattern in solar variability, their planetary origin and terrestrial impacts (editors N.-A. Mörner, R. Tattersall, and J.-E. Solheim)

        contained an article that could potentially impact the climate debate in the “wrong way” that the bosses of Copernicus Publications would never dare to team up with. Of course, the sea-level expert Nils-Axel Mörner is an outspoken climate skeptic (I know him from a Dec 2009 meeting in Berlin) which means that “heretical” papers were not automatically banned in this special issue. My understanding is that he wasn’t an editor of PRP itself, just the special issue. The same is true for Roger Tattersall who also authors a skeptical Tallbloke blog which also carries a new story about the death of this journal.

        The “offending” paper was

        The complex planetary synchronization structure of the solar system (abstract, full PDF)

        by Nicola Scaffeta who is well-known to readers of Steve McIntyre’s blog (and many others).

        At any rate, someone in Copernicus Publications decided that he or she or they didn’t want to “risk” that his or her or their company would be connected with a heresy in any way, so he or she or they terminated the whole journal because of hypothetical implications of one paper. Well,Tallbloke publishes a letter that seems to imply that the whole journal was really killed because of one sentence in that paper (!):

        This sheds serious doubts on the issue of a continued, even accelerated, warming as claimed by the IPCC project.

        The irony of the termination due to “heresy” is enhanced by the word “Copernicus” in the name of the company – many “heretics” were treated in very similar ways because they were teaching Copernicus’ insights.

        What I find amazing is the openness of the reasons behind the executions. The climate alarmist jerks have harmed hundreds of good people by unfair decisions behind the scenes. But this isn’t one of them. We are explicitly told that the journal was killed because of the climate heresy. I think that they want to make everyone afraid. Needless to say, the extra accusations, e.g. “nepotism”, are nonsensical. Nepotism is a bias favoring family members. None of the people in the journal or the special issue is a relative of anyone else.

        As a major force suppressing the academic freedom in the early 21st century, the climate alarmists may perhaps look less organized or more diluted than the Nazis or Stalinists – the absence of a clear, single Führer or Daddy helps this impression – but what they’re doing is the same thing and they’re doing it pretty much to the same extent. That’s the reason why most papers in related subjects don’t explicitly disprove or denounce the climate alarm – even though, one must keep in mind e.g. these 1,100 peer-reviewed journal articles contradicting the “consensus”, a thousand of papers that hardcore ostriches such as Phil Plait chose not to see.

        (Yes, I modestly do think that the celebration of the list of the 1,100 articles as “Oreskes done right” is the best one LOL.)

        This is why like Benabou and US constitution, I now push an unconditional free speech (yet full responsability on hate speech, on both side, without time limit – so you can put Lewis & Taubes in jail)

        1. I’ve often asked myself what the motives of these people are who rigorously reject any new idea. They are presumably manifold. Sometimes the influence might come from outside of the scientific community, e.g. from an industrial, financial, political or religious lobby. I’m not a friend of conspiracy theories, but we all know that bribery and extortion exist. There doesn’t even have to be personal influence when a researcher could expect to get serious problems if he would publish or support an unwanted idea. But I suspect that in the majority of cases the reasons are of internal nature. There are many possible options: 1. The new theory is not understood and must therefore be “nonsense”. 2. The theory is at least partially understood, but is not recognized because there could be hidden flaws, or the experimental evidence is not considered sufficient. 3. The theory is understood and considered to be likely true, but that would require to abandon the prevailing paradigm. Particularly bad if that paradigm has been established by scientists who are still influential. And even if that shouldn’t be the case: Hundreds of publications that conveniently could be ignored until now would have to be read, textbooks would have to be rewritten, PowerPoint slides for lectures revised and so on…Not really good prospects for firmly anchored scientists.

          1. I have been following many theorie on that denial of evidence.

            Roland Benabou’s model of groupthink

            give one vision. people start with rational position. then they commit with the group into that position.
            when the group prevent the individual to take an advantage by being realist, when the individual have to admit he hav invested much and vill lose much, and gain nothing, then he will protect his brain from dissenting data. Moreover he will became a mindguard agains dissenters who can ruin his estimated wealth, even if it increase his final loses.
            New commes will believe in the group delusion, first because they will be punished else, then because they see so many people believing an evident error, that they will judeg it is their eyes who are sick, not the group.

            the vision of Kuhn is that the old paradigm supporters have been educated strongly in the current paradigm, which is they framework of their specific logic, of what they consider as evidence (see how nuclear physicist ignore calorimetry and focus on neutrons).
            There is incommensurability of paradigm, because when physicists and chemis talk of LENr they don’t agree on what is an evidence… theory is an evidence for a nuclear physicist, calorimetry is not. for a chemist, calorimetry is an evidence, not theory.
            People forget that because when the new paradigm can at last explain all, gives advantage to thei supporters, the history is rewritten to look clean an linear, so student don’t lose time with the old paradigm, it’s qualities, and the unscienticity of the transition.
            Kuhn explain that transition happen only when the new paradigm is nearly explaining all what the old explain, plus new thing, and gives great advantage to the supporters…

            Taleb see that academic world want to show that they are important, that theory rules over practitioners. When practitioners invent new things, thate rewrite the history to show theory have rued the transition.
            He also explain tha academic cannot really innovate, because when facing the unexpected, the serendipity, they have a huge tendency to avoid shocking their peers, and dump the evidences…
            Businessmen and practitioneers, however try to take advantage, over their peers, by being different…

            a great subject.

          2. “Groupthink” is an interesting concept, thank you for the link. Media often report about “swarm intelligence”, but the opposite is also possible: Put hundred intelligent people into a room and they might behave very stupidly if something unexpected occurs.

          3. This is a problem that rewriting history does not correct. That is, it takes an entire school of MIS-understanding before a new theory or knowledge is established. Merely erasing that misunderstanding by editorial fiat – is a vast mistake. It is only by learning from the faults of those who are mistaken, we can look for and try to prevent similar mistakes.

            Johnnie Huizenga is a perfect example. Steeped in old nuclear physics, convinced “he knows it all,” and utterly unable to accept new discoveries that contradict — he continues to pontificate long after the facts and evidence prove him wrong. These are self-aggrandizing egotists. People who cannot see the value in truth or learning if it challenges their little world view.

            Starting at the earliest stage of education we must teach students it is okay to be “wrong.” We might even teach there is no “wrong” when it comes to learning. Since all learning is evolutionary. If university graduates had been taught that they can follow a theory or academic field that may turn out to be incorrect, it should not be shameful (provided they did not hide the contrary evidence as we see with the MIT cold fusion experiments.)

            To make this work to the benefit of mankind, we might reward the experts who readily accept new theories and evidence. It takes high quality minds to see the benefit in replacing the old with new. Those who do so are valuable leaders and should be rewarded as such – if only in prestige.

          4. It’s 3. of course, as I think you may imply. The people concerned are not dim, and are fully able to understand the deluge of reliable data that falsifies the AGW theory. In fact it was never any more than a theory, and was busted so long ago that it’s hard to see how anyone could genuinely cling to it.

            The origin of the scam appears to be the ‘Club of Rome’, a group of Global elite wealthy financiers, bankers and politicians: “In searching for a common enemy against whom we can unite, we came up
            with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming, water
            shortages, famine and the like, would fit the bill.”


            Once the message was received by a small number of self-seeking individuals and anti-human green fascists unhampered by moral scruples, and the world’s politicians realised that it could be used to squeeze out ‘green taxes’ until the pips squeaked, it quickly became a runaway gravy train that none of the passengers now want to stop:

            “We need to get some broad based support, to capture the public’s imagination… So we have to offer up scary scenarios, make simplified, dramatic statements and make little mention of any doubts… Each of us has to decide what the right balance is between being effective and being honest.”

            “We’ve got to ride this global warming issue. Even if the theory of global warming is wrong, we will be doing the right thing….

            “The models are convenient fictions that provide something very useful.”

            (see link above for full quotes and origins)

  64. Videos from Sterling’s Visits to Brillouin’s facilities in Berkeley and the SRI
    International set-up

    1. Inventor, Robert Godes’ tour of Brillouin’s Berkeley lab
    2. Chat in car with Bob George, CEO; and David Firshein, CFO —- pending
    3. SRI Round Table —- pending
    4. Francis L Tanzella PhD tour of Brillouin’s SRI International set up5. Interview with Mike McKubre about Brillouin at SRI International

  65. Transmutations and STEAM 🙂 from another spark device:

    The Open Physical Chemistry Journal, 2013, 5, 17-27
    Confirmations of Santilli’s Intermediate Controlled Nuclear Fusion of
    Deuterium and Carbon Into Nitrogen Without Harmful Radiations

    Thanks to Harry Veeder on Vortex.

    “Abstract: We present five independent confirmations of the intermediate
    controlled nuclear fusion of Nitrogen from Deuterium and Carbon without the
    emission of harmful radiations or the release of radioactive waste, first
    achieved by R. M. Santilli [12] following extended mathematical,
    theoretical and experimental research, and preliminarily confirmed by
    R.Brenna, T. Kuliczkowski, and L.Ying [13].”

    1. The “Articles of Incorporation” of Thunder Fusion Corporation (previously named CCJ Acquisition Corp.) were amended in October 2013 to provide for the issuance of “Series ‘A’ Convertible Preferred Stock”. So it appears that Dr. Santilli is preparing to take his corporation public.



  66. Francini contated H>uizen ga who continue in his story

    16 gennaio 2006
    Dear Mr. Franchini,
    The claims made in Iwamura’s paper of significant yields of very-low-energy 4-body-deuterium nuclear reactions on elements Sr and Cs are so preposterous and contrary to well established nuclear theory that they don’t require or deserve further comment. I’ve experienced similiar mistakes with SIMS analyses previously (see pages 152-156 of the Oxford Edition of my book).
    Best regards,
    John Huizenga

    26 gennaio 2006
    Dear Mr. Franchini,
    The 2004 DOE study consisted of 18 individual reviewers submitting individual reports. The DOE report does not recommend setting aside government money for research into cold fusion. Rather, it identifies areas of research that “could be helpful in resolving some of the controversies in the field”—specifically, characterization of deuterated metals and the search for fusion in thin deuterated films—and recommends that agencies consider funding individual proposals in those areas. Considering individual proposals is nothing new, says Jim Decker, principal deputy director of DOE’s Office of Science. ” We have always been receptive to research proposals. We make decisions on funding research proposals on the basis of peer review and relevance”
    Low-energy transmutation of high-Z elements by fusion with isotopes of hydrogen, e.g., deuterium or protons, is nonsense as it neglects the sizable Coulomb barriers (in the MeVs). “Cold fusion” will not solve the radioactive waste problem! Such pathological science is not worthy of any financial support.
    With best regards and success in stopping the funding of such unscientific projects!
    John Huizenga

  67. I added a Business – Brillouin Energy/SRI International section to “Are LENR Devices Real?”

    Here’s a point/counterpoint teaser:

    Point: A second tier LENR company has verified their LENR reactors with a trusted scientific nonprofit research organization. They have shown beyond reasonable doubt that they are a legitimate engineering company with plans to license their reactor technology.

    Counterpoint: Yeah, legitimately able to get $5M from people who believe in “reactors” with lots of wires and pipes that defy all known physics. McKubre is on their Board of Directors… conflict of interest anyone? And why doesn’t SRI, an organization with more than $500M annual revenue and supposedly aware of this new groundbreaking energy technology, take care of the money problems?


    1. I add short explanation here:
      The catalyst is somekind of shield for copper pouder, when water is pressurized there is is casmir higgs effect that pulls hydrogen neutron and proton together generating almoust a neutral hydrogen atom. This atom is able to penerate catalyst and pentrate Nickel bosom field to join hydrogen proton into nickel. This generates unstable Nickel isotope and wan’ts to get rid of one electron to form Copper atom. The electron is fired 10MV strike which heats the water and produce excess heat.

      1. Naturally heat is needed to be able to split water into Hydrogen atoms and oxygen. The coil he explains being there might be related to water splitting as they can drive electric in 47kH signal that will split water. So what I think that happens is that they push electric in pulses at 47kHZ frequensy which is water resonance level that brakes water molceules and the catalys makes casmir higgs effect to diexite the hydrogen atom which causes them be near neutral state which then again means that it can penetrate thrue nickel electric field and join into nickel core.

        1. This doesn’t look like a completely new approach to me. It has been proposed several times that the charges of the proton and the electron could cancel each other out under specific conditions. However, I don’t understand some aspects of the outlined theory, especially the mode of operation of the catalytic “membranes” he’s talking about.

          1. He suggest that there is membrane that H is attached when cut from H2O, while there is water pressure the pressure gives space to H to attach to catalyte membrane walls, And then Higgs pressure starts to push electron and proton together in the membrane and thus it enters in near neutrino state and can then detach from catalyte and move to the nickel atom.

          2. So far I had understood it. But what kind of membrane he means? A metal lattice, a non-metallic crystal structure, or something else?

          3. Anyways it cannot be plastic, too much heat going on, it can be metallic that attracts H2 or some mixed metallic that can stood hard heat. Anyways it hast to have somekind of holes to enable Casmir Higgs pressure to press electron and proton together.

        2. I do not think water is used in the ECat for two reasons. Water inside the reactor would become steam in short order and at 1100 C it would develop considerable pressure, you could consider an ECat loaded this way essentially a pipe bomb depending on the volume of water. Not a good thing for your device to be if you are trying for a safety certification of any type. The other issue is oxygen is said to poison the reaction, which could develop if both H atoms are freed. Air in the system was Dekalion’s blame for the low COP during their live test.

          I am also of the mind like you, that the frequency is exciting the H atoms. I believe movement in the water atom is the explanation for water splitting by a 47kH signal. That movement or something would still be likely to happen without the oxygen atom. 47kH or maybe a harmonic might be what adds the extra bit of energy to start the process.

    1. old story, but great and maybe to re-consider (what happened)

      which follow the episode of NASA/Boeing SUGAR plane study

      the sugar study is interesting because it explain what are the technology (densities) required on LENR reactors, turbines and batteries to allow an hybrid LENR-electric plane, or a full LENR-plane

      what you show is that the adventure of Doug Wells continue, as NASA seedling fund.

    1. I’m wondering if it’s completely ruled out that the energy could come off as energetic charged particles (proton or alphas for example). Hagelstein seems to consider it certain. If it’s so, then the reaction should involve several nuclei simultaneously, cannot be a few body reaction.

  68. In further revelations that lead one to begin to understand how acrimonious experimental science has become, this is an email sent from UCLA scientist Seth Putterman re Journal Nature writer Eugenie Reich. According to S Krivet, Ms. Reich conspired with Putterman, University Illinois chemist Ken Suslick, and Purdue University head of Nuclear Engineering to discredit Oak Ridge sonofusion scientist and Purdue Professor Rusi Taleyarkhan’s research. Here is part of Petterman’s email to Suslick:

    “Ken, I was contacted by a Eugenie Reich freelance for Nature.

    Her goal is to write a newstory that will cause an investigation of RT.

    We need to have a position in this matter before it spins out of control.

    Best would be if Lefteri announced an investigation.

    She keeps asking me why hasn’t Lefteri initiated an investigation?

    I say ask him. She asks me if I believe the data and I say it’s wrong. So she says why don’t you accuse him of fraud?”

    The conspiracy only gets more sordid with further FOI-obtained emails published recently by Krivet’s NETimes.

    1. The formatting of the quoted Reich email above was corrupted. Here is a better version:

      “Ken, I was contacted by a Eugenie Reich freelance for Nature.
      Her goal is to write a newstory that will cause an investigation of RT.
      We need to have a position in this matter before it spins out of control.
      Best would be if Lefteri announced an investigation.
      She keeps asking me why hasn’t Lefteri initiated an investigation?
      I say ask him. She asks me if I believe the data and I say it’s wrong.
      So she says why don’t you accuse him of fraud?…”

      Any wonder Nobelist Randy Sheckman wants nothing to do with these science “Journals.”

      1. the other pages of the article are open…
        mega stinky

        “In 2013, New Energy Times investigated the 2001-02 Oak Ridge conflict and revealed publicly, for the first time, key documents that reverse the erroneous public understanding of the outcome of this scientific finding and correct the historical record.

        For 10 years, the public’s understanding of this research has been that 1) Shapira and Saltmarsh made their own independent replication of the Taleyarkhan group’s experiment, 2) in doing so, they failed to replicate the group’s work, and 3) by this disconfirmation, they proved that the original experiment by the Taleyarkhan group was wrong.

        The New Energy Times investigation found that 1) Shapira and Saltmarsh did not perform their own experimental replication, 2) they measured data from an experiment set up and operated by the Taleyarkhan group, 3) the data they took was positive and confirmed the group’s claim, 4) internal documents revealed how Shapira and Saltmarsh attempted but failed to hide the data from Oak Ridge management and 5) Shapira and Saltmarsh attempted to hide and succeeded in hiding the data from the public.

        In 2002, Shapira and Saltmarsh published in Physical Review Letters their (false) disconfirmation and (false) representation that they had performed their own independent experiment. In a 2012 interview with New Energy Times, Shapira admitted that he and Saltmarsh did not perform their own independent experiment. After New Energy Times published the recovered documents and the recorded interview with Shapira, members of the Taleyarkhan group attempted to publish a correction in Physical Review Letters.

        In an e-mail, Daniel Kulp, editor-in-chief of Physical Review Letters, wrote that the journal did not consider an editorial correction by the journal or a corrective response from the Taleyarkhan group to be appropriate. When asked by New Energy Times what form of correction would be appropriate, Kulp did not respond.”

        remind me Bockris tragedy and what Mallove said beside the fraud, at MIT.

        1. Here lies the heart of the research problem. It is just as President Eisenhower predicted; the military industrial AND academic complex has deeply disturbed scientific research – especially in the USA. The telling quote is Prof Ishi of the Purdue Nuclear Engineering school: “I am a distinguished Professor who has brought in 10 to 20 million dollars to this University, and she is a little fish.”

          This is the same attitude we see in many of the LENR critics. The more government /industrial money they “bring in…” the bigger their egos swell. Unfortunately, a very human flaw: PRIDE. It makes one consider that perhaps humanity does not deserve remarkable technology – as they fight over it like children with candy.

  69. I was just reading the entries over at rossilivecat and a couple of exchanges between Rossi and the posters really caught my eye. The first pair discusses why the past third party test likely short changed the Ecat on COP.

    “Martyn Aubrey
    January 20th, 2014 at 7:17 PM
    Hi Steven,”

    …”I take your point, and agree, about the heat from the e-cats in the previous tests being almost totally transferred by convection and by thermal radiation into the local surroundings.

    I also think that we would all agree that in a complete working system there is always the need to get the useful heat out of the e-cat reactor (i.e. the Cat, as the Mouse only acts as a driver and controller for the Cat reactor) and into the place where it can do useful “work” such as boiling water for steam or heating oil for heat transfer to other systems.

    My main concern was that during the current testing, that the control system would restrict the Mouse drive so that the Cat would only produce just sufficient heat to maintain the 1100 degree stable temperature, and would not be pushed to provide the extra power to drive a full load.

    The output power measured would not have reflected the full capability of the e-cat to drive a real load, and would have been misleadingly low, which would be unfair on Andrea and his team.

    However, Andrea says that “The former heat is irradiated and conveyed” which I take to mean that the heat is dissipated externally and not allowed to build up in the reactors, so I think my concern was unnecessary, which is always good news!
    All the best,

    “Andrea Rossi
    January 20th, 2014 at 10:10 PM
    Martyn Aubrey:
    Your conclusion is right.
    Warm Regards,

    I interpret this as meaning we may likely see a large increase in the COP report in the next third party report. This would be wonderful in itself but below it there was another exchange that hints in my opinion on commercialization of the ECat beginning as soon as this year.

    January 21st, 2014 at 3:34 AM
    Dear Dr Andrea Rossi:
    I understand it is not your duty as a chief scientist, but to you think that after the end of the third party measurements the plans for the commercialization of the E-Cats in big scale will begin?”

    “Andrea Rossi
    January 21st, 2014 at 2:08 PM
    I think so,
    Warm Regards,

    It is good to live in interesting times.

  70. The mainstream media in the United States is, for the most part, ignoring the impending introduction of LENR technologies. Why?

    LENR technologies will free the U.S. from dependence on petroleum provided by the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC). If that dependence disappears, the U.S. will no longer have a strategic reason to keep dozens of military bases in the Middle East. And the U.S. will no longer have a reason to maintain a “special relationship” with Israel. So the U.S. might cease giving Israel billions of dollars in foreign aid every year. The U.S. might also cease launching wars against Israel’s enemies. The Zionists would then be alone in a region full of very angry Arabs.

    Most Americans are reluctant to admit that the mainstream media in the U.S. is controlled by Zionists. But it’s true. And now you know why the mainstream media ignores LENR, and why a group of successful LENR researchers was driven out of Israel, and why researchers at MIT sabotaged their own efforts to verify the work of Fleischmann and Pons, and why the mainstream media often condemns LENR as pseudoscience.

    “Do Jews Dominate in American Media? And So What If We Do?”
    Philip Weiss, February 17, 2008

    The Zionists will try to keep us dependent on OPEC. They will do everything in their power to make sure that we are continuously at war with the Arabs. They will even help the Arabs to attack us.

    “These investigations disclosed in late May of 2001 that an attack was to be made against certain specified targets in the American cities of Washington and New York. But it was apparent that the Mossad was not only fully aware of these attacks well in advance but actually, though their own agents inside these Arab groups, assisted in the planning and the eventual execution of the attacks.”

    “Suppressed 2002 German Report on 9/11”

    1. I’m somewhat surprised that they are still using a “powder”. That looks similar to Defkalion’s system with nickel powder and a spark plug, except that Mills generates the hydrogen from H2O. Could it be that Rossi’s “internal heater” produces sparks as well? I had always suspected that “heater” could be a cover name. I would be reassured if all these devices should make use of same effect.

  71. I just learned something that leaves no doubt of Cherokee’s involvement with the E-Cat. I can’t say quite what right now, but hopefully more will be revealed very soon.

  72. LINK>>

    Industrial Heat Has Acquired Andrea Rossi’s E-Cat Technology

    RESEARCH TRIANGLE, N.C., Jan. 24, 2014 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — Industrial Heat, LLC announced today that it has acquired the rights to Andrea Rossi’s Italian low energy nuclear reaction (LENR) technology, the Energy Catalyzer (E-Cat). A primary goal of the company is to make the technology widely available, because of its potential impact on air pollution and carbon dioxide emissions from burning fossil fuels and biomass.

    “The world needs a new, clean and efficient energy source. Such a technology would raise the standard of living in developing countries and reduce the environmental impact of producing energy,” said JT Vaughn speaking on behalf of Industrial Heat (IH).

    Mr. Vaughn confirmed IH acquired the intellectual property and licensing rights to Rossi’s LENR device after an independent committee of European scientists conducted two multi-day tests at Rossi’s facilities in Italy.

    The published report by the European committee concluded, “Even by the most conservative assumptions as to the errors in the measurements, the result is still one order of magnitude greater than conventional energy sources” [referring to energy output per unit of mass]. The report is available online at In addition, performance validation tests were conducted in the presence of IH personnel and certified by an independent expert.

    Since acquiring Rossi’s technology, IH has engaged in a broad-based effort to protect it by preparing numerous patent applications related to the core technology as well as associated designs and uses.

    Tom Darden, who co-founded Cherokee Investment Partners, a series of private equity funds specializing in cleaning up pollution, is a founding investor in Industrial Heat. He is one of a small group of like-minded investors who are supporting this technology because it could significantly address a number of social and environmental challenges. They have committed to make it broadly available because of its potential for impact. IH is considering partnerships with industry participants, universities and NGO’s to ensure the technology is developed in a thoughtful and responsible manner.

    JT Vaughn manages Industrial Heat. He is the founder of Cherokee McDonough Challenge, an accelerator for environmental startups, and a leader in the startup community in the Research Triangle.

    Companies or organizations interested in partnering with Industrial Heat should reach out to JT Vaughn at

    CONTACT: JT Vaughn,, 919-649-5299

    SOURCE Industrial Heat, LLC

    1. The price of crow just jumped mightily!!!!!!!!! This is very exciting.

      Notice that IH and Darden jumped on this because of the May 2013 Levi, Essen et. al. Report.

      Please, all of you skeptopaths, please no rushing to the crow buffet. One at a time, please. . . . . . . . . (:->)

  73. Email from Rossi today:

    “Dear Friends,

    Please inform from your blogs that the JoNP is under attack and has been cancelled from the internet. Our IT guy is working to win the battle.

    Warmest regards,


  74. Some of your data isn’t correct, but that doesn’t matter.

    Problem is people see 1.5 billion Chinese & freak.
    China has a limited work force for expansion. Like most of the world their looking at a manpower shortage in just a few years.
    They also have massive national debt. Not as bad as some but heading in that direction.
    They have limited resources. More so then the U.S.. Resource wise, the U.S. is in Excellent shape. China needs to import them. Even with LENR, These imports are expected to increase in costs thus future trade deficits will gradually evaporate. That’s exactly the reason they are on a buying spree in order to keep costs down later. To Avoid Bankruptcy.

    Realize, One of the Primary reasons for buying Smithfield is for the Name Recognition. The Chinese Trust the name in pork production. Not so much in their own Pork Producers.

    Most of what China does is not with Ill Intent. It is done in order to avoid internal collapse. Internally, they are a Fractured Nation struggling to maintain stability.

    Things are seldom what they appear.
    Many here think the Chinese could flood the World with E-cats. There is no Validity to this. Like Every Nation, Only a small percentage of GDP can be directed at anyone thing.
    Infrastructure needs to be maintained & expanded. Housing needs to be meet. People need to be fed & the young & old need to be taken care of. Only whats left can be utilized for other projects. They would have trouble building enough for themselves. All requires Importing more resources to accomplish this.

  75. For those who like speculation:

    Johannes Teyssen, CEO of the German energy provider E.ON SE, made the following statement in a newly published interview:

    „Woher wissen Sie oder ich denn, welche Technologien oder Effizienzmaßnahmen morgen den Durchbruch bringen, so dass Klimaschutz auch für sozial Schwächere bezahlbar ist? Es ist gut, nur ein Klimaschutzziel und nicht den Weg dahin zu beschreiben. Wer das tut, kann nämlich auch die falschen Wege aussuchen. Ich glaube noch an Markt und Innovation und meine, dass die besten Wege vielleicht noch gar nicht bekannt sind.“

    “How do you or I know, what technologies or efficiency measures will bring the breakthrough tomorrow, so that climate change is affordable even for the socially disadvantaged? It’s good to describe just a climate protection target and not to describe the way there. Those who do can in fact choose the wrong ways. I still believe in market and innovation and believe that the best ways are perhaps not yet known.”!131699/

    I’ve mentioned E.ON SE some time ago at this blog. There were some joint ventures between them and Siemens in the past.

    1. Mr. M, this is a great video. IMO, Dr. McKubre is far more comfortable affirming Cold Fusion’s place on the world’s stage because of the recent happenings. Certainly is he still precise in what he communicates and does not over promise. He just seems more emotionally at ease in how he presents his opinion.

      Very enjoyable to watch . . . thank you.

  76. relayed from JP Biberian blog:

    This Thursday, February 6 at 6PM in Marseille, Jean-Paul Biberian will give a lecture on cold fusion, under the patronage of the French Society of Nuclear Energy.

    Some people of CEA and AREVA will be present.

    The address of the conference:

    ‘La Fusion Froide”
    Amphithéâtre Jean Pastor
    Faculté de Pharmacie
    27 Bd Jean Moulin 13005 Marseille

    1. The plan is to improve existing electronic devices making them more efficient. Switches, Inverters Etc…
      Note this is also the location of Siemens Hugh all component Energy Generation Plant. Co-Generation systems.
      This is a Major Zone for large Corporations in the Energy segment. They Can Not be unaware of whats going on.

      There is much more to the Story besides Cherokee/Industrial Heat.

  77. For those looking for real data that wikipedia REFUSED to publish (they prefered to DELETE the Andrea Rossi page rather than admit it )

    the statement of dismissal of pursuit… because the facts does not exists.

    for those interested in making a real story, I’ve gathered many articles in that thread…

    if someone want to correct wikipedia.

  78. Posted this in response to a skep on NextBigFuture on a forum for the Gizmodo article (

    I’d be interested to know what your “LENR score” is…


    If you are familiar with probability, you know that the overall probability of a set of independent assertions being true is the product of the probability of each of the elements in that set being true. So let’s frame the issue this way…

    The chance or probability that this is all a scam and E-Cats don’t work, looks something like this
    A. The chance that Rossi is lying
    B. The chance that Fioravanti lied or was mistaken at the first E-Cat product acceptance test (Oct 2011)
    C. The chance that Penon lied or was mistaken in his Aug 2012 E-Cat test report
    D. The chance that the Levi report (May 2013) was either in error or part of the scam
    E. The chance that Cherokee/Industrial Heat’s performance validation of the E-Cat was mistaken

    The probability that E-Cats are not real will be A x B x C x D x E. This should not be controversial. If you don’t know what B & C are you can look them up.

    For me the equation looks something like this:

    0.3 x 0.2 x 0.2 x 0.01 x 0.3 = 0.000036. That’s a negligible chance that the E-Cats aren’t real.

    Now if I put myself in your head for a moment, I imagine your equation might look something like this:

    0.99 x 0.99 x 0.99 x .9 x .99 = 0.86.

    Maybe I even underestimated D for you… but I’d say you have an 86% or higher confidence level that this is all a scam.

    And I find it really interesting that people — not just you and me — can so wildly disagree about the probability of specific things being true. I suppose the crux if it is that if you start from the assumption (based on observations, behavior, etc) that Rossi is a liar and a scam artist then it’s possible to convince yourself that everything associated with him is also a lie. So if he’s a liar, then acquaintance and nuclear engineer Fioravanti must be in on it. Penon too. And then a clever ploy by having fellow scam accomplice Levi lead a team of nominally independent testers validate the device. Followed by the coup de grace, an IP buyout by Cherokee/IH, fooling their independent expert.

    So, you know, if you are insistent that Rossi is a scammer you start to see scammers and/or incompetence everywhere you look. I’m not saying that’s impossible — I watched “Leverage”… good show… I know con artist “teams” are possible. But is it likely? Even remotely likely?

    Well no it’s not. The more perpetrators, victims, time and money involved in a large scam the more likely it is to unravel. This one has supposedly been going on for many years now and the number of supposed scammers has risen to at least four, the number of victims now in the dozens (including the 6 non-scammer scientists and IH’s independent expert) if not hundreds and the number of observers in the thousands.

    Furthermore, as we concluded earlier in the thread, this can’t really be about money any more. At this point Rossi is risking jail time and all his money if he is acting fraudulently. OK, some people do that (Madoff) but that lone nut scenario does not match the supposition that at least 3 others are in on the scam with him.

    Add in the larger context of a number of other companies claiming to be working on commercializing LENR reactors and the large amount of peer reviewed science that supports the basic LENR phenomenon and I’d say you’re on thin ice except that’s not true. I think you’re already in the water.

    So my questions about how you will interpret the next set of independent test reports, if they do in fact happen shortly after March go to this question about how you assess probability and credibility. I suspect that you and other skeptics will be very quick to jump on any conceivable weakness in the report and discredit it to support your initial assumption or belief that Rossi is a lying scammer.

    There’s nothing wrong with skepticism. But there’s comes a point where the facts are pretty clear and that’s what we have here IMO. Maybe the next set of performance validation reports will clear things up for you.

    Or maybe only a working product that you can touch will cause you to reevaluate.

    1. The character who appears to be “a Program Director” at ARPA-E Dane Boysen a CalTech grad, has a curious background. His DOE CV says in 2004 Dane Boyle co-founded startup called Superprotonic Inc. based in Pasadena CA. The company purportedly raised several rounds of funding to develop methanol-based fuel cells. There have been no products produced or announced and funding reports ceased on 2009. Several items look very sketchy:

      1) Online business summaries state that Superprotonic was Founded in 2003 by Calum R. I. Chisholm.

      2) The company website appears to be involved with electronic cigarettes.

      3) The Acting Director (and top Manager) is Cheryl Martin. “Dr. Martin is responsible for oversight of the Agency. Additionally, Dr. Martin leads
      ARPA-E’s Technology-to-Market program, which helps breakthrough energy
      technologies succeed in the marketplace.”

      What do e-cigarettes have to do with fuel cells?? Why is this guy Boysen in charge of taxpayer monies intended to invest in disruptive energy ideas “too risky for the private sector?” Something does not smell right with Boysen. Melvin Miles should write to Cheryl Martin to clarify. Boysen is the wrong guy entirely.

  79. Does anybody remember this:

    The past three days have been holidays for most, but for us have been a
    tremendous period of work during which we made a historic page for what
    concerns our tech: for the first time, an E-Cat module, entirely
    produced by our USA Partner in the new factory ( a magnificence),
    charged with the charge made by the Partner’s CEO, using the materials
    we teached to buy, prepare,manipulate, treat, to make the charges,
    assembled , insulated, has started its operation, and the results are
    the same of the E-Cats built by us. This event means that for the first
    time an E-Cat not built by me, not controlled by me and not charged by
    me, not tested in my factory, but manufactured from third parties upon
    our instructions and know how has worked properly.
    This is the first
    unit of the plant that will give to the factory of our USA Partner all
    its necessary thermal energy, and is also the school ship for the
    employees. It is very important that it has been completely made by the
    Customer, not by me: it is the first of millions, but the first is
    always special. We celebrated with Coca Cola ( alcohol is forbidden in
    that factory). All the former plants, even if built in the USA, had been
    supplied with reactors cores made by me, so this is a very important

    If the partner is Industrial Heat, then its CEO is Thomas Darden.
    So, Thomas Darden knows how to build an E-Cat and make it work!

    1. As I read this I could hear Judy Garland singing ‘somewhere over the rainbow’. That never happened to me before while reading about e-cat but I expect it will from now on. Anyhow I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

  80. John R. Huizenga, a Key Figure in the 1989 National Review of Cold Fusion Claims, Dies at Age 92


    Newswise — John R. Huizenga, Tracy H. Harris Professor Emeritus of Chemistry and Physics at the University of Rochester and an internationally recognized leader in the field of nuclear science, died last Saturday in La Jolla, Calif. He was 92.

    The U.S. Department of Energy appointed Huizenga co-chair of its Advisory Board Cold Fusion Panel in 1989 to investigate the claims of electrochemists Stanley Pons and Martin Fleischmann that they had produced excess heat in a laboratory experiment that could only be attributed to nuclear processes. Huizenga’s panel concluded that there was no convincing evidence to support the claims of achieving cold fusion.

    Robert K. Boeckman, Jr., past chair of the University’s Department of Chemistry, once called Huizenga “an ardent and vocal champion of quality science and the integrity of the scientific enterprise.”

    Huizenga’s interest in nuclear science was fueled by his work on the Manhattan Project in Oak Ridge, Tenn., shortly after earning his undergraduate degree in mathematics and chemistry at Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Mich. He earned his Ph.D. in physical chemistry at the University of Chicago in 1949 and immediately afterwards held joint appointments at Chicago and Argonne National Laboratory, where he studied nuclear reaction processes with an emphasis on the production and study of transuranium nuclei.

    At Argonne, Huizenga was part of a team of researchers that examined the residue from the 1952 detonation of the hydrogen bomb “Big Mike” on Enewetak Atoll in the Pacific Ocean. Based on their analysis of concentrated neutron flux around the detonation site, two elements were added to the periodic table—99 (einsteinium) and 100 (fermium).

    Robert Vandenbosch, professor emeritus of chemistry at the University of Washington, worked with Huizenga for six years at the Argonne National laboratory. “John was an excellent colleague and mentor,” said Vandenbosch. “He had an excellent ability to identify new areas for investigation, but also encouraged his collaborators to explore other ideas.”

    Huizenga came to the University of Rochester in 1967 as a professor of chemistry and physics, serving five years as chair of the Department of Chemistry starting in 1983. Using the University’s new Emperor Tandem Van de Graaff Accelerator, he began a systematic study of the excited states of actinide (radioactive metal) nuclei by high resolution reaction spectroscopy.

    “Throughout his 50-year scientific career, John Huizenga conducted research at the forefront of nuclear physics and contributed a host of exceptional insights to nuclear science and technology which stimulated vigorous research then and are still valid today,” said Wolf-Udo Schrӧder, professor of chemistry and physics at the University of Rochester who considered Huizenga to be a mentor. “John took particular pride in having mentored numerous students and young investigators now teaching at great universities around the world. His former students and associates, in turn, have expressed their appreciation with several scientific symposia held in John’s honor.”

    Huizenga received numerous fellowships and awards during his long career, including a Fulbright Fellowship (1954-55), two Guggenheim Fellowships (1964-65 and 1973-74), the Department of Energy’s E. O. Lawrence Memorial Award (1966), the American Chemical Society’s Glenn T. Seaborg Award (1975), Calvin College’s Distinguished Alumni Award (1975) and the Leroy Randle Grumman Medal for Outstanding Scientific Achievement (1991). Huizenga was a member of the National Academy of Sciences and the American Chemical Society, and a Fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, the American Physical Society and the American Association for the Advancement of Science. He is the author of Cold Fusion: the Scientific Fiasco of the Century, his scientific auto-biography Five Decades of Research in Nuclear Science, and co-author (with Robert Vandenbosch) of Nuclear Fission and Damped Nuclear Reactions (with Udo Schröder).

    Schrӧder says the book Nuclear Fission “remains a standard for its thorough review of the nuclear fission process.”

    Huizenga is survived by his four children, Linda Huizenga of Los Angeles, Jann Huizenga of Santa Fe, N.M., Dr. Robert Huizenga of Los Angeles, Joel Huizenga of La Jolla, Calif., two sisters: Gertrude Drew of Colo., Kathryn Disselkoen of Mich., and three grandchildren. He was married for 54 years to his wife, Dolly, who died in 1999.

    1. Too bad we cannot sue him alive for crime against science and humanity.
      On both side people are … expiring… as Peter Gluck said.

      anyway a new generation may be less afraid to be insulted by that old mindguard.
      Lewis is still up, and moaning.

    2. Too bad he didn’t live long enough to realize that he was wrong. He realizes it now, but he can’t do anything about it.

    3. Charkes Beaudette blame the tragedy of LENr denial on that generation of Manhattan project nuclear physicist, who were deified by the establishment, who found very high position in the administration, and could not be questioned (It remind me a generation of Marechal Petain – hero of the war, uncriticable).

      They were used with projects having infinite resources, stable budgets, high repeatability, good theory (at least bad theory assumed good and corrected afterward). They had a culture very far from the chemist ….

      LENR will deserve a Nobel of Chemistry. not of Physics. I would feel it as an insult to the memory of the ruined careers of Bockris, Miles, Fleischmann, Pons…

      1. LENR will deserve Nobel Prizes for: Chemistry, Physics, Economics, and Peace. Any one of these will serve to reverse some of the terrible injustice done to science and humanity by pathological skepticism and greed.

        1. greed, craziness, irresponsibility, have caused much problems, but much less than what you describe among current groupthink, which desire to avoid the first…

          about you greed I think it is not the same as the “evil greed” I talk about, which lead to frauds, risk taking,… the “nice greed” you talk of is more about conserving economic rent, status quo…

          I’ve heard somewhere today someone sayng that when russian LENR scientists proposed to oil lords to finance LENR, they answered it would kill their business…

          And I imagined how stupid it was… those guys instead of lords of oil would be mega lord of cold fusion…

  81. Not quite up to date, but IMO interesting:

    The Russian nuclear physicist Jurij Bazhutov reports that in the Soviet Union under Gorbatchev there have been attempts to commercialize cold fusion, which were later abandoned due to general budget problems. He says that a lack of money is as well the main problem in the Russian Federation. Ironically he had sent a request to Rosneft, a major Russian oil and gas company. They told him, as might be expected, that all their business would collapse if that idea would come through…

  82. I have been and continue to be a harsh critic of Prof John R. Huizenga, who recently passed. However, I offer my humble condolences to his family; may he rest forever in peace. It saddens that this scientist receives a fitting obit carried in the mainstream press, yet it took the compassion, rigor and influence of Nobel laureate Dr. Brian Josephson, to have a superior, far more capable scientist, Dr. Martin Fleischmann’s obituary – printed at all. It is my opinion that Huizenga actively retarded investigation and understanding of the LENR/CF excess heat anomaly. This was a disservice to science and humanity. From Rothwell’s review of the definitive book, Excess Heat: Why Cold Fusion Research Prevailed by Charles G. Beaudette, ISBN 0-9678548-1-4, Oak Grove Press, 2000:

    “Heat plus tritium minus neutrons adds up to a mystery, not a mistake. Beaudette wants to escape the sterile, circular reasoning in the closing sentences of Huizenga’s book: ‘If the reported intensity of nuclear products is orders of magnitude less than the claimed excess heat, then the excess heat is not due to a nuclear reaction process. Furthermore, if the claimed excess heat exceeds that possible by other conventional processes (chemical, mechanical, etc.), one must conclude that an error has been made in measuring the excess heat.'(1) Huizenga’s logic makes one feel like an ant desperately seeking the exit lane on a Mobius strip. Beaudette says the only way you can conclude an error has been made is to find an error. “

    And from the Clinton White House-requested memorandum on Cold Fusion, written by the late MIT D.Sc, Eugene Mallove:

    “One of the 22 ERAB panelists had thought at the time: “Just by looking at Fleischmann and Pons on television you could tell they were incompetent boobs.” (Professor William Happer of Princeton, quoted by G. Taubes in the book Bad Science.) So much for the claim that the ERAB panel was “unbiased.” The head of the panel, Professor John Huizenga, was initially opposed to having any investigation at all, yet he was allowed to lead it!” White House Memorandum, prepared by the late Dr. Eugene F. Mallove for President William Jefferson Clinton

    “A new scientific truth does not triumph by convincing its opponents and
    making them see the light, but rather because its opponents eventually
    die, and a new generation grows up that is familiar with it.” Max Planck

      1. Possibly. As you well know, Beaudette has written an exceptional overview and expose of the greed and corruption surrounding the suppression of LENR. Mallove’s White House Memo, was suggested by no less than Arthur C. Clarke FRAS, CBE. Clarke was a honors graduate in physics from King’s College. Unfortunately greed and corruption continued to thwart CF progress until around 2009, when SPAWAR data came to prominence and more attention was given to CF research.

        1. Sadly, this lobby on denying CF and the credibility of F&P took also place in Europe. Especially Cern was one of the major players in this. So who organized this, who was behind this and why? Can their role be proven?

          1. True Gerard. And very well known EU scientists, for example Nobel laureate Carlo Rubia at Italy’s ENEA – were told to “shutup” about confirmations of nuclear products in Cold Fusion. Mob style.

  83. Actually Mills’ theories contravene Quantum Mechanics in many ways. Outside of the hydrino, he tries to adhere to classical physics. This is one reason his work has received some 65 international patents. IMO Huizenga was wrong about everything to do with CF.

  84. In effect Rossi *has* been shut down.

    Industrial Heat can’t let him speak untruthfully about its products/activities and they now control when and if products, validations, science etc happens.

    In the shutdownrossi world all he’s doing now performing continued R&D on his scam device under the noses of his latest victims and spewing corporate filtered platitudes. No threat to anybody else even if he is lying his butt off.

    So either Industrial Heat terminates him with prejudice when negative long term validations are published after March or…………………. the pathoskeptics are terminated with ultimate prejudice by everyone here and elsewhere that tried to reason with them for the last 3+ years.

    Guess they need a new web site…!!!!!!

  85. He’s opened a different website called “Free Energy Sc*ms dot com” where he blogged about Industrial Heat LLC too on January 26th.

    1. I found these too:

      Calling all makers, thinkers, doers and dreamers:
      this one’s for you, the never-disbelievers.
      On February third, it’s going to be a big day;
      — please come on out, if you can find a way.

      At 11:00, visit Research Triangle Park headquarters
      Bring along your friends, bosses and co-workers.
      There’ll be cookies and coffee; hope and good cheer.
      As we announce a surprise & make our plans clear.

      Please RSVP. Seating is limited for this special event.

      TLDR? On Feb 3 – 11:00 am, you’re invited to come see us at 12 Davis Drive, RTP HQ, to hear a historic announcement over cookies and coffee.

      I wouldn’t hold too many hopes on this event yet, however.

  86. STMicro NV STUNS Bank Analysts

    In a curious turn of events in the EU, STMicroelectronics NV (symbol STM), the world’s leading manufacturer of semiconductor fabrication equipment reported last week record income and profits. Curious because following STM’s publication of their LENR/Cold Fusion patent on September 19. 2013, many of the world’s leading market analysts severely downgraded STM stock from consistent “BUY” recommendations to “SELL.” STM stock is a component of the Dow Jones Industrial average – a key market indicator closely watched by investors worldwide. The downgrades arrived abruptly and without explanation from analysts Barclay’s Capital, Exane AM, Moody’s, and Berenberg – all leading investment bank advisers.

    Contrary to these “expert” bankers opinion, STMicro reported fourth quarter profits of €481M – a 62% INCREASE from year earlier. Revenues rose from €1.02B to €1.85B, and STM will INCREASE their dividend from €0.15 to 0.61 per share. This is a rather stunning slap in the face of analysts sudden and inexplicable “sell” FUD. Does this have something to do with the growing awareness of LENR/Cold Fusion as a disruptive technology? Not necessarily; STM has not announced an LENR product. But the timing and wildly incorrect predictions of major investment analysts suggests more is in play than meets the eye at STMicro.

    1. CORRECTION: The above story is incorrect. The profit and revenue data refers to Dutch semiconductor maker ASML – a company in the same sector as STMicro. STMicro is predicted to return to profitability in 2014 by its management. Apologies to ECW readers for my poor reading of Google translation from Italian. Here is a link to STMicro’s conference January call: ADMIN – please delete above if necessary.

    2. Financial analysts usually don’t care about novel technical developments, as long as they don’t lead to revenues. But I had often the impression that their ratings were used as a tool to manipulate stock prices, especially if big investment banks or hedge funds were involved. There are a number of cases where analysts have been convicted for corruptibility, and that’s surely only the tip of the iceberg. However, I don’t want to apply one standard to all, there are serious people in this business as well.

  87. First we had the E-Cat (1st Gen), followed by the Hot-Cat (2nd Gen), Dr Rossi could well be on his 3rd and 4th Generation designs by now. I thought it might be fun to take a guess at some of the possible names for the “next to arrive”, E-Cat models.

    El-Cat (Electro e-Cat)
    P-Cat (Plasma e-Cat)
    Shot-Cat (Super Hot e-Cat)

  88. You all probably noticed that the amount and tone of comments by Andrea Rossi has changed dramatically since about 6 weeks. For nearly a whole year he limited himself to as little comment and news as he could. Once in a while he would make an announcement but then quickly afterwards it was back to silence again. We all had the feeling that there even might be a ghost writer doing the “no comment” responses, or at least that Andrea Rossi was passing all comments by some PR-person for checking prior to publishing. As if AR was kept on a short leash.
    In the last 6 weeks, Andrea Rossi has opened up a lot, and it even looks like he becomes “chattier” by the day, more or less like in the old days. Any suggestions why this could be? Notice that this all started even before the Cherokee connection was discussed here on ECW.

      1. Agreed, except that I for one didn’t feel that there was ghostwriter or PR person involved. Maybe the reason was that in June 2013 when the silent period began, they knew that low-temp E-cats are repeatable/scalable (1 MW) and long endurance (6 months), but regarding HotCats they had only demonstrated short-term endurance. The low-temp COP=6 E-cat is much less interesting commercially than a HotCat because the latter can produce rather than consume electric power, so the whole future business strategy probably depended on 2013 autumn’s long-term testing. Probably they have done internal tests as well as 3rd party tests; the 3rd party ones are those whose results can be “positive or negative”.

    1. “It is coming – very soon. The political battle to stop it will be awesome and eventually futile. The world is going to change.”

    1. Interesting. Evidence of continued optimism on the part of investors I would say — important in light of ongoing validation.

      Though all of these positive things can still be “positive or negative.”

  89. The Roanoke Times gives LENR a rave review:

    ” LENR, in the form of the E-Cat, or something similar, is a world
    changer. It ranks right up there with the invention of the use of fire
    and the invention of the wheel. It is small, simple, safe and produces
    no by-products or radiation. It uses only nickel and hydrogen, both
    extremely cheap and available. It is greener than the greenest greenie
    could hope for.”
    Calling all greenies.

    1. They keep Hagelstein around because they can’t stand the thought of hurting him and having him cry. Sweetness and vulnerability are powerful. (:->) In fact, you think that I am joking about the sweetness and vulnerability, but it is those qualities in most women and all children and some men that keep society together, the glue of society. Hagelstein I am sure is sincere in those qualities, but that makes him the perfect person to be hanging out at MIT promoting LENR.

  90. Some Mills tells:

    > Dunno about a car that runs on H2O, but also has a tank you need to
    > fill with powdered silver every 100 miles. Actually, catalyst
    > reclaimation is the one of the biggest engineering challenges I
    > fear. I’m having trouble seeing how the powdered CuO or whatever
    > won’t end up being carried with the plasma into the MHD. Dr Mills,
    > you indicated that early generations of BLP technology were shelved
    > due to catalyst reclamation/regeneration issues. Do you regard this
    > as a solved problem for the current SF-CIHT design?

    Yes, as shown our simulation, the solid fuel is rehydrated and
    recirculated. We tested this, and it works beautifully.

    1. As mills’ apparatus has to be set up for an individual explosion of a small sample of his ‘solid fuel’, it’s hard to see how he could have tested the ‘recovery’ part of the proposed process. Perhaps he just means the rehydration system has been tested using bulk chemicals.

      Even if the ‘catalyst’ part of the solid fuel is not vapourised in the arc, it would probably be blown out as dust that would end up distributed on all of the internal surfaces of the reactor. If it is vaporised, I think it would subsequently condense out of the plasma and form nanoparticles that would adhere to these surfaces, including the working parts.

      1. The guy who wrote this is NOT the director of the ARPA-E program and does NOT necessarily represent ARPA-E’s position. DOE is in an uncomfortable position with the former Secty Steve Chu wildly accusing LENR researchers of “pseudoscience.” Maybe Ernie Moniz will be courageous enough to admit DOE has been wrong all along.

  91. ExchangeMagazine Morning Post:
    Disruptive Energy Generation

    1. Not only a kick in the pants to current theory but potentially incredibly useful.

      To me it feels like we’re at a turning point in history that’s being held back by entrenched interests, greed, ignorance and reactionary forces. But I think the logjam will break soon on a number of fronts.

      Aggressive government investment in science and R&D will pay for itself in spades in future revenue and quality of life. We just need to vote in the people that will make that happen.

  92. some things from Randell Mills:

    “ welding metal does not produce an energetic shock wave due to an explosion that experts have assessed is more violent per volume than any high explosive that they know.”

    ” We have host four academic validation teams and several from industry. They all agree that we are making millions of watts at a power density of at least 100,0000,000W/liter.
    We will be posting reports in the future.”

    “These are easy experiments to reproduce, and we are willing to assist others to do so. These are exciting times. The economic race has already begun.”

    1. As I said earlier about Blacklight, what happened after their demo was going to be far more important than their demo (which proved nothing). So far they have seemingly continued to scrounge for investors and there is no imminent product announcement or announcement of backing by a major player — even though they are partially owned by companies that could turn their technology — if real — into a product quickly… and would gladly do so as it would spike their profits (I’m looking at you PEPCO).

      This contradicts their stated level of progress.

      It’s still early, but if Blacklight has the breakthrough they claim they need to get it out into the public someway somehow soon and that should not be difficult.

      End of the road for Blacklight. Kings of the world by summer or safely ignored. No reason for continued R&D on the down-low.

      1. Rather than proposing infeasible devices and hyping them through the roof, Mills just needs to demonstrate progress to potential investors. Perhaps a more sustained reaction using a ‘stick’ of solid fuel being fed into an arc, or something similar. Otherwise the far simpler setup described by Purratio looks like a better bet for development – although it unfortunately seems to have sat dead in the water for several years. Perhaps some ‘angel’ investors reading these pages might want to contact them to see where they are with this.

    1. Nice find, Andreas – one more emerges from the woodwork! This time an apparatus that appears to produce pulses of D-D fusion within an (uncontained?) water/heavy water plasma, using palladium and copper electrodes (copper seems to crop up very regularly these days) and a relatively low electrical starting current. The neutron emissions make this another candidate for large scale industrial use, but not for private individuals.

      Base technology: water vapour operated plasma jet discharge
      Cathode material: Palladium
      Anode:Copper with a central hole
      Water vapour generation:heating slab withtangential vapour inlet into the discharge volume, swirl stabilized
      Water vapour: normal water H20, heavy water D2O,mixtures of these two types
      Electrical current: about 5 – 10 A
      Voltage: about 100 – 150 V
      Plasma burning time: several seconds

      They are also claiming patents relating to their system at home (they have addresses in Germany, Austria and Hungary) and in “all important and decisive industry and economic regions”. Hopefully they will attract suitable ‘partners’ to help take this forward soon.

      1. Found one: United States Patent #8129656 – Method for producing thermal energy – March 6, 2012 Reichmann, et al., assigned to Purratio AG. I can’t get the images to load (they appear to be protected), but the text looks pretty comprehensive.

    2. I should add that FOCUS is one of the two most important news magazines in Germany. More mainstream you cannot get. The author of the article, Michael Odenwald, is a very popular science journalist, who had studied physics, astronomy and molecular biology before he began to work for the media.
      The tone of the publication is objective, with no ironic undertones. By the way, FOCUS belongs to the compulsory reading of every German politician. I hope that some of them will recognize the importance of the subject.

    1. Graphene has been shown to be an effective crystaline lattice for LENR as well. NEW theories? Can’t we cling to the old ones for another century??

  93. Have a look at this video, it’s of a guy who on Youtube goes by the name of AlienScientist (who apparently has a relatively popular channel – 59k subscribers). He attended the MIT 2014 Cold Fusion IAP course, and quickly recaps what he’s learned and what’s the status of cold fusion research right now. For starters who just got interested in CF/LENR, it’s a great video in my opinion. It might also help build up mainstream awareness on the subject.

  94. Google Enters Home Energy Management

    I have been tracking and reporting here on the accelerating Distributed Energy Resources (DER) market for over a year now. That market has just exploded with Google’s $3.2B investment in little known startup Nest Labs. What does Nest do? Outwardly it makes “smart” home appliances, e.g. a “learning” thermostat and smoke/fire alarm. But there is a LOT more at play here, and Google is driving barge. Nest Labs is closely partnered with progressive utility giant NRG Energy ($8.1B annual.) Recall that NRG Energy is field testing the NRG Beacon 10 micro-CHP energy appliance centered around a DEKA / Dean Kamen-designed Stirling engine.

    Why has Google invested $3.2B in a three year old startup with only $85M in 2013 revenue? They have a strong relationship with NRG which is installing the Nest Labs learning thermostat and smoke detectors in thousands of customer homes. Home Energy Management, HEM, is how intelligent gadgets will manage demand loading in district and neighborhood micro-grids. This provides distributed security, off-grid backup power, and load leveling for subscriber-based micro-grids. It is the future of distributed energy. And all the right players are on the field now.

    Where does this leave Cherokee and Industrial Heat? Right where they are intended to be, IMO. Focused on R&D, retrofitting an industrial power plant, and deflecting attention from a micro-CHP appliance powered by E-CAT thermal energy. HEM is the H O T new VC investment arena. And it’s getting hotter.

    1. This is a very good observation. So it seems Google is investing heavily in a range of new industries…and common to all their eventual successes is the emergence of a new, high-density, untethered energy source:

      1 Robotics – Boston Dynamics, Schaft etc.

      2 Distributed home energy – Nest Labs

      3 Flying car (!) – Zee Aero (unconfirmed)

      4. Google barge – maybe a showroom for all of the above?

      Hmmm… combined with Astro Teller’s claim that ‘Google was about to disclose a new invention of incredible proportions’ makes me wonder if there is something Google is not telling us about their interest in LENR….?

      1. Good points SiriusMan. Google’s VC unit was an early investor in Nest. And all these energy appliances need a real world customer base for field tests. That’s where David Crane’s NRG Energy comes into play. Crane is very enthusiastic about distributed energy and is steering NRG and its customer base to lead the sector. These are precisely the steps needed to introduce “home energy appliances.” Now with Google’s substantial financing, the Nest/NRG partnership can afford to test all manner of “appliances.” I would be rather surprised if the NRG Beacon10 did not find integration with a Nest HEM control system.

  95. I cannot see one comment on this page for days that should not have been put up on the main string.
    I like many I am sure do not read this page very often as I am a confirmed lazy bugger.
    I have missed some good reports because people thought they where off topic.
    If a post is on the main string then if people are interested they will reply to that post if not it will just fade away.
    That apply’s to all posts because of the different interests and thinking of individuals.
    Moan over, thank you.

      1. Hi artefact, I can think of almost no subject that would be off-topic to Cold Fusion as it will have repercussions in almost every area of life.
        The scientific position regarding the UFO problem is so relevant because the same incompetence is being shown as with Cold Fusion.
        Do you agree science must change it’s ways.

        1. I’m not saying that one of your post was missplaced here.
          “Do yo agree…” NO!
          Just kidding. I think the abuse of power in science should be better controlled.

          1. artefact, If you can understand, with the incredible confusion of life, ECW has saved my sanity.
            Once I believed that sciences need for FACTS and TRUTH was the answer but the incredible distortions in science have removed my one hope of Honesty in life.
            I pray (spiritually) that some sanity can be returned to the World with Cold Fusion.
            Best wishes.

    1. George, you can subscribe to this particular thread and receive email notifications of all postings. Just go to the very bottom of the page; on the left side, you can see the envelope icon, click on it to work the subscribe process.

      1. Thanks Buck, I know I am being lazy, but I prefer to just read down one string of comments rather than having e-mails and many different strings.
        I am sure I am outvoted, never mind. 🙂

        1. Hello George, nothing lazy about an “executive summary” or ONE thread idea. However, Frank has responded to the influx of news and comments by creating this thread. You should try to check back here often as there is much happening tangential to E-Cat that appears only here.

          Buck’s tip is good. Another tip is to watch the main thread RECENT COMMENTS (top left page) for posters you like. Clicking on those items will take you directly to wherever the post/page the comment was made.

          1. Thanks GreenWin, my computer, both P.C. and tablet intermittently advise new comments on page but very often just stop working.
            Do I have a software fault.
            Found recent comments but it only takes one to the page. if many comments, hard to find latest post.
            Please read and give your “logical” view on my above comment”
            Many thanks

          2. George, I think the feeling here is this may not be the right place to discuss the economic model you suggest. It would make a *very* interesting simulation for sociologists / economists though.

  96. Now something that should be on the alternative thread.
    Peter, GreenWin, Admin, anybody, I have talked about a new system of “economics” to change the World.
    I have failed miserably to get my points across.
    Let me try again —-
    Just one single point, not to be confused by any other considerations.
    Take just the U.K.
    Forget imports exports and assume that all our imports are made or produced here.
    Forget raw materials, etc.
    Now stop time today, remove every job that is not producing, growing or necessary services at base.
    Remove all finance, money, etc.
    Let everybody stay in the same residence they are now.
    Remove all bills, everything is free to an agreed basic level.
    One needs a points system simply to maintain the purchasing power, above the basic, for those earning above the agreed basic allowance for all at the current position.
    Now restart time.
    Please no complications, can you see my point?
    Every single person that is not working in a growing, producing or needed services position (health etc) is now out of work.
    Just for ease I say 40% of the population are now unemployed.
    I am only asking, forgetting all the problems etc involved, can one see my point.

    1. George what you propose is not far from what Lenin proposed and how many small aboriginal tribes operate. On a small scale it seems to be workable but once society reaches a certain size it seems to fall apart. Greed is what destroys it. Greed seems to be part of the human DNA and seems to rear it’s head once a group reaches large enough in size, likely once it becomes big enough that you can’t remember everyone’s name.

      1. Yes, I like that idea of remembering everyone’s name. My family is completely and utterly communistic. But that dude down the street, I don’t know his name. I don’t trust his judgment and his discernment about what are his needs vs. what are his wants. The guy living across from us probably thinks that his marijuana is a need. For the lady with cancer down the street, marijuana IS a need.

        The more that we trust each other and the more that people understand that the fulfillment of desires is NOT how one becomes happy but rather how one become miserable, the easier it will be for socialistic ideals to work. Right now, in America, in the modern world in general, we don’t trust each other much and we think that a bigger big screen television is going to make us happier.

        1. Roger I appreciate your input but I am just looking for anybody able acknowledge they can absorb the point I am making with no reference to implications etc.

      2. US_Citizen71, I would not want anybody to think that I was trying to steal Mr. Lenin’s ideas.
        I do know that the evil bastards that took over his system in China and Russia etc. where no better than Hitler.
        I understand your DNA analogy but that has all been superseded now by Epigenetics proving Darwin wrong and Lamarckian evolution correct, after 150 years of debunking and denial by science.
        I am still waiting for one person to acknowledge the logic of my above post disregarding any exterior connections.
        The Biology of Belief Lipton PhD

  97. I agree. Personally, I much prefer on topic threads on this page. The last few days had been fantastic up until today. Put “WAY off topic” threads somewhere else please.

  98. Undoubtedly the toadies at mainstream press will scream and shout about this total NON-EVENT; which appears about as genuine at MIT’s doctored cold fusion data in 1990. 2MJ pumped IN and 17kW OUT. wow

  99. The attached story on Coal & Coal Ash pollution provides some understanding of the relationships between Industry and Regulators which must be overcome. IMO, it helps to flesh out the context the LENR companies have to address in their efforts to successfully get to market. The notion that a $100k fine to a $50B company is economically punitive underlies the criminal investigation.


        1. Sort of like the pharmaceutical companies and the various fines that they get. I wish I could get that kind of “punishment” for bank robbery. Of course, the fines are in the millions, and the unthinking public thinks “Oh wow, that’s a lot of money!”, when their profits are in the tens of billions.

  100. The too-big-to-fail and too-big-to-jail banks have used their public bail-out moneys to create a supply and price bubble in the nickel market. The bursting of that bubble may lower the cost of implementing LENR technologies.

    “Then there’s nickel. Thirty-seven percent of the global stock is now classified as canceled. Five years ago, 0.5 percent was. One industry insider, who is very familiar with and utilizes the nickel market, says that despite the fact that there is a massive global oversupply of the metal, prices are being artificially propped up as much as 20 to 30 percent.

    “He blames the banks’ speculative weigh stations, saying that nickel producers, despite low global demand, are cheerfully selling their stocks to bank-run warehouses, which are paying above-market prices to put raw materials into the merry-go-round. “They are happy to sell to the banks and to the warehouse supply, while they pray for demand to pick up,” the insider said.

    “This leads to the next potentially disastrous aspect of this story: What happens if the Fed suddenly raises interest rates, and the banks, their access to free money cut off, can no longer afford to sit on piles of metal for 16 months at a time?

    “Look at nickel,” says Eric Salzman, a financial analyst who has done research on metals manipulation for several law firms. “You could see the price drop 20 to 30 percent in no time. It’d be a classic bursting of a bubble.”

    “The Vampire Squid Strikes Again: The Mega Banks’ Most Devious Scam Yet; Banks are no longer just financing heavy industry. They are actually buying it up and inventing bigger, bolder and scarier scams than ever.” By Matt Taibbi, February 12, 2014, Rolling Stone magazine;

      1. The rational behavior is for retired physicist to go private in a venture.
        He enjoy the funding as long as possible, then keep the pension, and meanwhile enjoy the value of realism.

        I know one case. Dunno if it is done today. not in US.
        Only older scientists are free. Guess why so many are heretical on consensus position! the problem is they have a short career of freedom.

  101. It was Hot Fusion at LLL, not Cold Fusion at LLL. And it was pathetic, still highly dangerous, and very deceptive. Even if the reaction per se is supposedly clean { D + H -> He3 } or something along that line, the walls of the reaction chamber will be glowing for thousands of years. So the whole thing is a Big, Fat Lie.

    1. Exactly. I suggest we deluge the story publishers with this fact. The cover-up regarding “clean” hot fusion has to stop. It’s like saying burning plastic only makes water and CO2.

  102. “Coup de gueule” as we say in French. (I know the PTB are no more following that absurd consensus, but anyway that make me furious)

    Today I found that article reporting the announce of Cherokee fund and industrial Heat, about buying E-cat technology… Nothing worth new except that astounding closing message :

    “Reminder: Cold fusion has not been verified by science and has been rejected. So I do not allow cold fusion advocates to post claims that it’s being verified all over the world.”

    So since censorship is announced, I publish here that open answer. The occasion to answer many similar believers in consensus.

    “So I do not allow cold fusion advocates to post claims that it’s being verified all over the world. ”

    This sentence resonated like one of the most awful, anti-scientific, and consensual position about the cold fusion. So forgive my extensive response, nothing is really personal and feel free to escape from the box.

    A good synthesis of the scientific arguments about old-school cold fusion… the one which was proven about in 1992, without the least honest doubt. A good reason to read the book of Charles Beaudette, Excess Heat. THE BOOK!

    hop it can help people carve arguments in their own discussion.

    1. I’ve update tha article, with few comments from camillo franchini, showing how antiscientific they fall

      “Ascoli65: To me, though, it was a good opportunity for the Ministry of Education to investigate what had happened in the field of Cold Fusion in the last 25 years and especially since 2011, and inform, through the Parliament, all Italian citizens.

      Camillo Franchini: … I guess you mean the establishment of a commission similar to the two panels of the DoE. Who would consist of? Someone would have immediately proposed to apply the Beaudette’s doctrine . It may on the other hand a Ministry decree authority if a 25-year research must cease or continue, when they are involved in the DF of a University, a Polytechnic, INFN, ENEL? I think not. More than the Ministry of Education would be a task of the Ministry of Energy.

      The most appropriate thing would have been to encourage internal defense reactions such as those put in place by INFN, but Ferroni and Dosselli have been described as two reactionaries who suppress the free search. Even in this blog frequented by people who are mature and prepared someone is inquietato.By a government to end like that of Letta you would not expect an intervention on cold fusion, run by almost all characters “in share”. Now there is an establishment in Italy oriented Cold Fusion to the right.”

      they know they are weak and they admit it… weak scientifically, and politically


      “Join us for this presentation to learn about Low Energy Nuclear Reactions (LENR). This relatively new technology was discovered in 1989 by two electrochemists at the University of Utah. A few determined scientists around the world continued this research to fully develop this technology with a few small companies who are on the verge of commercializing products that use this technology. This technology allows controlled fusion of hydrogen into helium in small modular reactors that can fit on a table top. The result is abundant thermal energy, with no radiation dangers, no radioactive byproducts, and no combustion of fossil fuels. The cost of the hydrogen, the necessary materials and the catalysts are but a small fraction of the cost of traditional fossil fuels. Could this be the possible energy solution of the future?”

      1. Thanks very much for posting, artefact. This meeting is only a few hours from me — I have contacted the organizers and hope to be there.

        1. 101 miles away from my home. I should be able to be there. There is no mention of a registration so I guess we just show up. It’s a LENR meeting so I guess seating should not be a problem.

      2. Finally we are seeing a glimmer of hope for the environmental movement. And from a College of Humanities, Arts & Sciences – a fitting place. Perhaps the realization that LENR is more than just a clean power plant – but a portal to spiritual, social and geopolitical change – will encourage more Humanities departments to sponsor lectures and seminars. The door is wide open for academic innovation.

        1. Green movement is multiple.
          The most political part, is Malthusian and will hate LENR as much as the Talibans hate bathsuits.

          However there are business green who simply love green as an opportunity of business.

          Part of it is desperately tied with soon to die energies like solar and wind (or geothermal, biogas…) and will oppose like an incumbent lobby of subsidies junkies. They will oppose like electric grid utilities, oil companies, …

          The last part, of those not yet committed financially into solutions, will see LENR as their dream technology. We have to base our green strategy on those guys.

          1. Good observations AlainCo. Biggest threat is to petrodollar and nuke industries – the two most powerful lobbies on Earth. I can see a very few utilities (e.g. NRG Energy green services) and real conservationists – possibly Audubon Society – joining hands to promote clean, green energy that does NOT scar landscapes (solar, wind) or damage wildlife habitat. This will cause a schism in Malthusian greens – and “subsidy junkies.” – but in the long view protect habitat and wildlife far better than ANY other green solution.

  103. Frank. Could you possibly implement word-wrap so I can increase the size of the font and not have to use the horizontal scroll bar? My eyes have become old with age and I can’t see the small print. Thanks

  104. @ecatworld:disqus
    admin, please check out your Google Mail mailbox security. Either you’ve got hacked or you’ve got some nasty virus on your PC which is sending phishing emails to other addresses. I was lucky to recognize that one in time, but others in the recipient list might have not and might currently be at risk of identity theft.

  105. John L. Casey is a climate scientist and the author of “Cold Sun”;

    In “Cold Sun” he wrote, “A historic reduction of the energy output of the Sun has begun. The most likely outcome from this ‘solar hibernation’ will be widespread global loss of life and social, economic, and political disruption. You must begin to prepare for this life-threatening event now!” Page 1.

    I hope and believe that the introduction of LENR technologies will prevent “global cooling” from causing widespread deaths due to exposure and starvation. In addition to building millions of E-Cats to keep our homes and greenhouses warm, we might use LENR-powered aircraft to drop black coal dust onto glaciers. That dust would capture sunlight and heat the glaciers, thereby keeping them from advancing toward and eventually smashing our cities and towns.

    Interview with John Casey:

      1. To tie in with my post on Nanors above, if MFMP has been offered Nanors for testing then that should be their highest priority — even if the nickel powder stuff is also exciting.

        The Nanors should be easy to test and MFMP says Swartz has already made the offer. What’s the hold up? Something about resources?

        MFMP, please test the Nanors so we can find out if they work as advertised. If you need money, tell us what you need and the community here will get to work on solving that problem for you.

    1. Perhaps adding a sound and visual beam effect would add to the shock and awe. The density of Mills’ technology would be appropriate in this type application. It would avoid the need for bulky supercap banks.

      1. IMO, if the military had a functional LENR system going through R&D work, then it would be in the skunk works. If it were operational and in live system testing, it would still be a Secret/Top Secret.

    2. I have been saying for years LENR would be perfect to power these systems. I think that is why SPAWAR had such latitude.

      1. IMO, the military knows that LENR is the real deal because of SPAWAR. This suggests that many of the large contractors to the military know that LENR is the real deal which is a mixed blessing. Those which are the major Nuclear Power Systems suppliers recognize they will lose untold $B’s in annual revenue for potential future contracts. Tough decision . . . get on the train or derail it for a time.

  106. About 10 days left for Dr. Swartz of JET Energy/Nanortech to fulfill his promise to price and distribute working Nanors by the end of February (according to MIT Short Course attendees).

    Anybody hear anything or have any updates?

    It would be a huge development to have over-unity testable devices widely available.

    1. I think that AGW started out as a legitimate theory and then generated some excitement among the environmentalists and hysterians. Then when government money became involved and it became politicized and then it became impossible to disprove since anyone who did not believe in it could not gain employment. I do NOT believe that it was ever a hoax; I believe that government money made it impossible to disprove. (:->)

  107. Navy Surface Warfare Center, financed (partial) 10kW Cold Fusion solid state power supply from D+D fusion. Simple enough to build in a college physics lab? Patent application : – Remarkably simple, home AC unit sized, utilizing thermal diodes for heat to E conversion. Looks like there will be a LOT of competition in the home energy appliance sector. Another reason for Google’s $3.2B investment in Nest/NRG Energy partnership.

      1. Williams’ idea that the neutron is formed by a proton that is orbiting around a “virtually static” electron reminds me of the theory that the sun orbits around the earth. However, in the microcosmos such strange things might be possible…

  108. Looks like some of the walls are coming down now. Navy SWC Indian Head helped finance the Deuterium Reactor patent applied for by Pharis Williams.

  109. In a severe blow to centralized solar thermal plants the Wall Street Journal reports “The $2.2B Bird Scorching Solar Project.” Yet another reason for real environmentalists to get with the LENR Program. If Audubon Society lets this unfortunate development pass without withdrawing support for thermal solar – they are as dead as the birds in the desert. AND this gives the Google/NRG Energy partnership yet another reason to fastrack work on the NRG Beacon10 micro-CHP energy appliance. District and residential distributed LENR energy will not kills birds or scar the landscape.

  110. University of Colorado Boulder scientists have found a creative way to
    radically improve thermoelectric materials, a finding that could one day
    lead to the development of improved solar panels, more energy-efficient
    cooling equipment, and even the creation of new devices that could turn
    the vast amounts of heat wasted at power plants into more electricity.–+ScienceDaily%29

  111. I threw my 2 cents in to PM-

    I’m amazed how science writers often rely on outdated news like 1989 or 2004. Cold Fusion or LENR is like astronomy or technology which must be updated. Just recently Hawkins declared black holes are not what we thought they were.

    As far as LENR and the Department of Energy look a little further down in Wikipedia and you’ll see the 2014 statement- In Jan, 2014 Forbes reported that “The Department of Energy included low energy nuclear reactions—which NASA scientists have said could fuel home nuclear reactors—among other representative technologies in a $10 million funding opportunity it announced last fall.”[16] Figure 3 of the FOA includes : “3.6 chemonuclear reactors, low-energy nuclear reactions, nuclear fuel chemistry”.

  112. “Cafe Sciences” a French publication seems to reflect the last argument of cold fusion skeptics: there is no peer review. In the future “trials” of media opposed to LENR, it will be interesting to hear why editors do not cite the hundreds of scientific peer reviewed studies published in OR the Elforsk-Levi study of E-CatHT. AlainCo, what are your thoughts about this?

  113. OK Barry. BUT there is NO suppression of LENR in mainstream press. That’s all in your unicorn-filled head!! /sarc Glad you have this documented. It will help the “purge.”

  114. Superconductivity
    Maybe some of you are interested in this article:

    Like LENR, superconductivity is also not well understood. In contradiction to LENR, the scientific world has accepted the phenomenon, but why it happens and when and what limits and initiates superconductivity is not really clear. I would be not surprised if the reasons for the lack of understanding of both phenomena have the same ground namely that possibly our
    understanding of matter is wrong.

    Lately I have read quite a few articles suggesting that this may be the case. i.e. Professor Santlilli (Thunder Fusion Corp) thinks that atoms can be toroidal shaped and has this worked out in impressive theories. See the website of this company.
    Dr. Mills of Black Light Power has developed a theory that electrons can be in a much lower sphere than the lowest assumed by Bohr, making the size of the atom much smaller. See his site for details. Of course there are many more theories. All these models have one thing in common: They explain some phenomenons better than what is possible with the existing Bohr model.

    I believe we are on the brink of a new era of great discoveries. We will start to understand what matter really is and it will lead us to to a new world and I hope a better world. One thing is for sure: If superconductivity at room temperatures and LENR becomes reality, these two developments will amplify each other and lead to things we cannot even imagine right now.

    Interesting times!

    1. Charles Beaudette in Excess Heat decribe the two stories.

      High-Temp superconductivity was accepted quite quickly because it could be tested easily by physicist, and because the material was quite available, and the formula was working well… It was confirmed in few weeks

      On the contrary LENR was a pure chemistry experiment, where physicist were incompetent. like many chemistry of catalysis it was very sensible to details, and there was many unknown requirements. moreover the experiment itself was taking 3 month each run, 1-2 years for a good paper.. it was using chemistry competence in calorimetry, while physicist had became simply incompetent after the 50s. physicist are very bad to diffcult experiments.

      note that Celani describe how physicist ate CERN denied his experiments (for lack of theory) when he found anomalies.

      1. It is about time physicists start to investigate the numerous anomalies that cannot be explained by their atomic model, instead of putting money in enormous machinery to prove their fringing theories.

    2. I am having a mental block about there being maybe mathematically two possible n=0 states for H. Is there one between n=1 and n=1/2, as well as one below n=1/137? That doesn’t make sense, especially since the one between n=1 and n=1/2 (bare proton) is more energetic than the one below n=1/137.

      Can anyone work out the error in that thinking?

      1. They would be the same zero. The step sizes are different between the two series. 1/n takes smaller and smaller steps toward zero. There is no 0 between 1 and 1/2.

        n=1 is considered the ground state (not n=0). Even with hydrino theory, at that energy level (not considered lowest possible energy state) something important happens there regarding photons and energy transfer (above that level photon excitation/emission is possible and below it is not; kinetic energy transfer is still possible though). Not saying that’s reality — just what the hydrino model puts out there.

        n=0 doesn’t appear to have any meaning in either model (except perhaps a proton with no electron at all).

        1. The normal n=0 I would certainly reserve for a bare proton. It must be a real state.
          If the hydrinos exist between normal n=1 hydrogen (proton with electron, ground state H) and a bare proton state, I fail to see why they would go dark. Protons are small, but not invisible. A relatively confined proton with extra kinetic energy it can’t release might be a rather jittery thing, though, and hard to truly nail down.
          If hydrinos were less energetic and smaller than a bare proton, then I can see how the appearance of going “dark” might happen, which is probably where I am having trouble digesting the theory.

          1. Well they go “dark” because according to the hydrino model the 1/n forms of hydrogen can’t release photons. And photons (light) is how we see stuff.

            They still have mass (and thus gravity) and they still do undergo some reactions such as energy transfer kinetically with certain molecules that have the right energy profile.

            So as far as seeing hydrinos they can block light from other sources, if there are enough of them, and they can warp light with their gravity. But they won’t emit light (according to hydrino theory) and are essentially transparent to light except in very dense collections. They are also generally unreactive with surrounding matter (though not completely) so any side effects are difficult to detect.

            All this makes them attractive candidates for the dark matter that astrophysicists believe is out there (mainly due to gravitational effects they have observed and have no other explanation for).

            But there is much to be wary about concerning the hydrino model. I think wary skepticism is the justifiable position right now. There is a model that has some interesting things about it… there is some experimental data that exists to support it. But the science needs a lot more work and replication and the scientific establishment has not given the hydrino model any credibility as yet (not that that proves it’s wrong, but we’re not scientists so we have to factor in their position as a very significant data point… just as we do on LENR).

            The bottom line is that over decades now the hydrino model has not been accepted by the scientific community.

  115. Fusion Breakthrough or More Boondoggle? 2/21/2013

    In a journalistic curiosity we find the latest “Breakthrough in Fusion blah blah” jubilantly reported last week in hundreds of mainstream media publications – oddly timed. This is the story that BBC reported back in October 2013 – referring to a test done in September. Why did the US National Ignition Facility (NIF) wait five months to crow about their breathtaking “success?”

    It all has to do with nuke weapons funding and a dramatic change in personnel at Lawrence Livermore National Labs – the DOE unit that manages NIF. After the colossal ignition FAIL in 2012, heads began to roll. Penrose Albright, Director of LLNL replaced NIF founder and Director Ed Moses in May, 2013. With funding on the chopping block, new NIF Director Jeffery Atherton was charged with saving NIF face and funding. Suddenly, fortuitously, at the end of September 2013, NIF had a “miraculous success!” By carefully tweaking the numbers, a tiny (150picosecond) measure of tinier excess heat appeared!! Hallelujah!!

    But this miraculous news was quarantined by all but the irascible BBC, until it blossomed last week in an explosion of hot fusion JOY! Why?? It seems Congress is on the verge of cutting funding to this DOE boondoggle. And much of its real purpose is to simulate nuke weapons explosions – a DOD program. Hence a new guy, Dr. Omar Hurricane blew in to announce the NIF hot fusion miracle. Omar is a weapons specialist who has worked at LLNL AX-Division for a decade, focused on the W-87 nuke warhead design used by ICBM Peacekeeper missiles.

    Penrose Albright quit LLNL and his position as President of LLN Security (a NNSA unit) at the end of October to “pursue broader interests.”

    1. I think LENR makes something like this possible, but I can almost guarantee you it won’t look like that with a parachute. Drones can already do the jobs they suggest with remote piloting and whatever cameras or sensors are needed.

      Plus there’s no way it’ll be allowed for general use because the last thing we need is people taking off and landing on roads. Maybe when (if) personal transportation becomes completely automated there will be an airborne component.

      I’d rather see the opposite happen though, with most transportation of goods and people happening underground and we can get all that land back. Surface transport could be reserved for travel from hubs to endpoints and sightseeing. If LENR makes underground tunneling really easy lots of interesting things become possible. Underground garages for everyone that connect to an automated out of sight car transport system? Completely road free cities?

  116. Bad all around.

    At least it doesn’t assert Jesus riding a dinosaur and firing comets through his wormhole shotgun at ancient aliens intent on founding Scientology.

  117. Not that we don’t have enough secrecy and innuendo already, but I thought this comment by Jed Rothwell over on vortex-l was worth calling out here, mainly due to the claim of additional testing he has seen that is not publicly available. Seems to me that Mr. Rothwell has a pretty good reputation in the LENR community so this is not insignificant:


    “…There are FAR better reasons for believing the E-Cat than this! It has been
    tested independently when Rossi was on another continent. Those tests have
    not been published but I have seen the results. The heater in the factory
    was also tested.

    The latest version was tested again by the people from ELFORSK, using their
    own instruments, with a time lapse video camera set up to ensure that Rossi
    did not interfere. This is better proof than most cold fusion laboratories
    provide. It is much better proof than, say, Mills has provided.

    Replication may be the best method to confirm a claim, but it is not the
    only method. Independent verification by experts is also valid.

    No one has “chosen” to believe in anything. We have good evidence from
    three sets of tests performed by the ELFORSK people. In the first test, the
    steel cylinder melted. There is no way the electric power from the mains
    could have done that.”…

      1. I suppose so. Maybe he was asked to be one of the reviewers.

        Could also refer to earlier informal tests. We’ll just have to wait and see. I presume he’s bound by some kind of formal or informal non-disclosure agreement. Otherwise he just would have told us.

  118. Hello Fibb are you still trying to hide the Global Warming conspiracy by science, that is just as bad as their corupt and incompetent conspiracy against Cold Fusion.

    1. This is now the largest petroleum trust fund in the world – exceeding even Abu Dhabi. Norway has done little to use this enormous wealth to invest in and support non-fossil/fission alternative energy IMO. But they preach a lot about it. When LENR replaces fossil, will Norway have had vision enough to invest? Or will they continue to march in lockstep with the rest of the oil States – trying to prevent clean abundant low cost energy?