Elforsk Magazine Features LENR/E-Cat

An article in Elforsk Perspektiv, a trade magazine published by Swedish energy R&D organization Elforsk takes a serious look at LENR, and Andrea Rossi’s E-Cat in particular. The title of the article is “Unknown “nuclear” process can revolutionize the world’s energy”, and it provides a comprehensive overview of the topic. The article covers the involvement of Swedish professors Essen and Kullander in testing the E-Cat, and also the 3rd party tests published earlier this year. The information in the article is not really new to those who have been following the topic over the years, but to my mind, its significance lies in the fact that an important national industry organization is taking the topic seriously.

The original Swedish version of the article can be seen in PDF format here, and a Google translation of the text can be read in English here.(Thanks to Alain!)

What I think we are seeing here is the realization by qualified professionals who look at this phenomenon with unbiased eyes, that there is something going on with LENR that should not be ignored. We know that Elforsk were sponsors of the recent third party E-Cat testing, and that they have budgeted 230,000 Euros per year in 2013 and 2014 for further investigation of the E-Cat — showing how serious they are about their investigations. To my mind, this is a very rational and responsible approach to take by an organization with the responsibility to improve the energy industry in its country. I look forward to learning more from Elforsk on the subject — it may turn out to be an organization that sets the pace in the industrialization of LENR.

  • bitplayer

    from the Elforsk description, my emphasis using asterisks (thanks to admin for link):


    Only projects that are guaranteed sufficient funding can be carried out. Elforsk has no fixed source of financing for its operations, not even for staff costs, which is rather exceptional for an R&D organisation. The underlying idea behind this model is obvious: *** only projects directly demanded by the customers are pursued ***.

  • bachcole

    There is a whole “layer of incredulity” that this article is going to break through. This means that no matter what someone thinks about the 2013 Levi et. al. report, serious people think that LENR+ and said report are real.

    • Buck

      Roger, I’m with you.

      To expand on your thoughts; what I really enjoy about this story is that Sweden is showing itself as a country open to the implementation of LENR.

      > Elforsk is a respectable politically connected business acting in an open socially correct and responsible manner
      > Elforsk is part of the national energy infrastructure of Sweden with established credibility
      > Elforsk has done and continues the testing of LENR technology in a manner that fulfills its responsibilities to provide and protect Sweden’s growing need for responsible safe energy
      > Elforsk has spent significant $$$ on LENR R&D testing
      > Sweden is a credible 1st world country with relatively large energy needs due to its climate and infrastructure

      The above is all common sense observations. But an important point is that it can act as an “International” negotiating chip and domino pressuring countries which might stand in the way of LENR implementation due to what Al Gore pointed out:

      “”This trend toward ‘distributed renewable power’ is unstoppable. But the legacy industries of the past are trying to hold it back by using money and lobbyists and raw political power. Now is the time to push hard to tear down those walls…” Al Gore on nuclear

      Once the World sees a respectable responsible country implementing LENR, it becomes increasingly difficult to stand in the way of LENR technology. It becomes an irrefutable lightning rod for discussion.

      • Jaja6984

        You could add that Sweden is a country with a lot of heating needs. There are a lot of district heating systems which are an ideal use for 1MW e-cat heating.

        Most family houses also have water based heating distribution which would be ideal for connecting a domestic e-cat to.

        • Daniel Maris


    • AlainCo

      you got the point.
      Normal people will not believes their own eys on a scientific papers, but seing serious people taking it seriously is really convincing.

  • bitplayer

    From the report: “NASA also conducts cooperation with Boeing with the target to drive the jet engines with LENR.”

    Where’s the ticket office?

    • Doktor Bob

      There are a lot of people from NASA working with Boeing
      I heard they are way far ahead on their schedule

  • Frankie

    This makes sense of the recent outpouring of positive spin from hot fusion interests. They are truly worried and may be seeing the writing on the wall.

    • bachcole

      I doubt it. Funding discussions came up in Congress and many congress people are starting to say bad things about how long hot-fusion is taking and how freaking expensive it is. I believe most if not all hot-fusionists believe that their theories cover EVERYTHING.

      • psi2u2

        These are not mutually exclusive explanations.

    • psi2u2

      I agree.

    • Fortyniner

      The trick that the ‘hot fusionists’ now need to perform is to come up with a theory that shows that ‘cold fusion’ is in fact ‘hot fusion’ in some way – for example a process that involves very localised extreme conditions that allow fusion according to **their** rules.

      They might then solicit funding to investigate this ‘new’ way of acheiving **their** objectives, without any need to admit their own approaches have been profoundly mistaken (providing enough spin and partial truth is applied – something they seem to be quite adept at).

      • stefan

        No way to do this. As soon as no neutrons “hot” guys have no option to get the foot in the door.

  • artefact

    On JONP:

    “Andrea Rossi
    23rd, 2013 at 9:03 AM

    Tom Conover:
    I cannot comment, because I am not and never have been in
    contact with Elforsk: the only thing I know of them is that they have funded the
    Swedish Professors in regard of the third party validation. Obviously, we are
    honoured from their attention to our work.
    Warm Regards,

  • Owen Geiger

    This seems about as irrefutable as one can get. Very good news.

    • AlainCo

      no news but confirmation.

      will it be enough for the usual delusioned… I bet no.

      • bachcole

        It will not be enough for some, especially the skeptopaths and all of the skeptics with vested interests (remember that we all started out as skeptics). But it will garner much more interest and it will sway many to look more closely and help to get past the skepticism of many.

        • blanco69

          Spot on Roger. We did all indeed start out as skeptics. Look how far we’ve come when we can say that. It sort of puts this amazing journey into perspective. The masses out there will never have that when this becomes mainstream. At least we can then go around nodding sagely as if we knew all along. 🙂

          • bachcole

            Which we did, at least for some time now. (:->)

      • AlainCo

        I’ve tested on few… not enough for the harddeniers…

  • Martin Leonard

    “partly financed by Elforsk”. This might have been discussed earlier and I’ve missed it: is there any information on who the other financiers might be?

    • Iggy Dalrymple

      Besides Elsforsk, the other co-sponsor of the independent test was the Alba Langenskiöld Foundation.

      • Martin Leonard

        Thanks Iggy.

  • ecatworld

    Here’s an interesting overview of Elforsk’s purpose, structure and operations:


  • bachcole
    • Barry

      Providing you’re ready to use your credit card.

    • AlainCo

      no news but confirmation…

  • brenie

    I have watched the site for as long as it has been available.
    And many thanks for your efforts, and hard work.
    Today I feel a definite ‘warm glow’.

    Regards to all e-caters.

  • tlp

    Little off topic, but interesting event announced quite in advance:


    Dr. Mills, Founder and CEO of Blacklight Power,
    will speak about a remarkable new energy source from fractional
    hydrogen which could allow a gallon of ordinary water to provide the
    energy equivalent of 89 gallons of gasoline.

    Date: Sunday, February 2, 2014

    • E_man

      I am very curious if Dr.Mills will fulfill his this year’s aim “CIHT cell 1.5kW”!!!???

      • tlp

        Me too.

        • AlainCo

          Unlike many others, his behaviors, his patents, his claims, make be quite skeptical… anyway if he provide evidences… hope so, but verify.

          • E_man

            In some discusions Dr.Mills said, he explored F&P effect and had no evidence of real fussion. He is suppose, all presented effects are explainable with his hydrino. May be E-cat is also HYDRINO CATALYZED FUSION (HCF), look on Pg.260 his GUTCP volume 1 (Atomic Physics).

      • morse

        He promised to deliver a 100W fuel cell at the beginning of 2013 and a 1.5K cell by the end of 2013.
        I haven’t heard from them since last year

  • Omega Z

    I would point out that this link shows date: Nov. 2 2013.
    So the October compilation likely is meant for Oct. 2014 & likely will include Data from the present testing taking place now. Probably very shortly after publishing of said Data as happened in/about May of this year with the 1st test.

    This would also fit Rossi’s statement of tests running longer then 6 months for longevity study.

    • pg

      I don’t really think they would come out with this kind of article if the compilation was going to be released in one year. Just my opinion…

      • Sanjeev

        I agree, it shouldn’t take 1 year to write a 1 page report (most of those 20 or so player are top secret anyway, little info).
        So I guess this article was written before Oct and some report was expected this month. Hopefully it will come out.

    • tlp

      It is not Nov.2 but number 2, so the second magazine of 2013.

      • bachcole

        Is it a quarterly magazine or a monthly or even a twice yearly magazine? Inquiring minds want to know. If it is quarterly or more frequently, then we are kind of late on the news.

        • artefact

          that sounds better.

        • AlainCo

          last change for PDF: this 9 of october…

  • graham bell

    Really good news

  • Gerrit

    If Elforsk wanted to publish such an article, I strongly believe they would wait with publishing this until results from the 6 month test are available and unambiguous. Therefore I think it is very likely that the 6 months test is running and the results so far are promising and in line with the results of the May report.

    • Sanjeev

      This article does make a strong statement officially, so yes it reflects their confidence.

      Apparently the last results were totally unambiguous and beyond any reasonable doubts for Elforsk. You can say that because of their decision to fund it and go public with it.
      The results are ambiguous to those who were not physically present there and read about it in some corner of internet from some random users, which naturally would make it doubtful, but these are only doubts and biases not facts, and do not count.

      Anyway, excellent progress here.

      • AlainCo

        even for those not present it is not sincerely ambiguous…
        given what is finnally tested.
        what could be tested but was not, thus could not be manipulated by fear of being caught
        given the lack of control by Leonardo Corp and rossi on what is tested, what is touched, what is looked at
        given the real or even assumed competence of the testers
        given what could be the competence of the testers, given that Rossi did not know who they will be exactly, or at least how competent and curious they will be…

        there is not the least chance tha rossi tried to fraud what could be measured :
        Rossi could fraud only what is inside the boxes and the reactors… like using fairy powder or Pu238 or alien unobtainium – but sure input and output were sincere….

        this is what they say in one paragraph… as business entity they know power of deterrence and game theory.

        as a corp I also know that they are really sure of themselves… that the boss is trusting them. but that the manage the consensus by claiming their are prudent…

        *if their were not sure, they won’t be prudent in their words… they would simply have stopped the program, or not have funded it.*

  • bachcole

    The dam is just beginning to crack.

    • Buck


    • Fortyniner

      I think the water may be starting to run *around* the dam as the level increases. Soon, all those obstructionists who make themselves a part of it may find that they have become irrelevant King Canute figures standing waist-deep in the flood. (Although unlike dinosaur scientists and cynical vested interests, it is supposed that Knut/Canute knew that he could not hold back the tide and was making a gesture to demonstrate the limits of earthly power).

      • bachcole

        I think that perhaps the skeptopaths are doing because of psychological imbalances.

      • GreenWin

        Even Algore admits to “…legacy industries of the past are trying to hold it [distributed energy resources] back by using money and lobbyists and raw political power.” But no direct mention of CF.