Vattenfall Rumor — E-Cat Report in 2013?

Thanks to an alert Swedish E-Cat World reader for the following post which he found here on the Swedish Energikatalysatorn web site posted by someone with the name ‘dave333’. The original was in Swedish, but here’s an English translation:

“I had last week an interesting discussion with a woman employed at Vattenfall, she is currently working on a report / summary of information that they have linked to ECAT / LENR.

It will be published by the end of 2013, my feeling is that she was very aware of what is going on in the field, and that she has access to exciting information.”

Vattenfall is a large energy company headquartered in Sweden who are involved generation of electricity from a variety of sources. We have known that they have been interested in the E-Cat for some time, as they sent a representative to the Zurich E-Cat conference back in September 2012, and they are part of the Swedish Elforsk R&D consortium which has been a sponsor of E-Cat testing.

If confirmed, it sounds like this report would be an interesting and important development.

  • Donk970

    It seems to me that LENR research is unique because it can be done on your kitchen counter for a few thousand dollars (figuratively speaking). This makes R&D very low risk which means that small companies with small funding can get into the game. My belief is that there are probably many small to mid sized companies that are doing skunk works R&D on LENR because they see it as an opportunity to become a bigger player in the energy market. I don’t believe that publicity matters at this point. Some type of LENR device will quietly slip into the market without much notice. Years from now some journalist will wake up one day and realize that his electricity is being produced by a “Cold Fusion” power plant down the road and he’ll write about it.

    • cliff

      I totally agree. Also, the fact that LENR can be done on your kitchen table means that there is the possibility of lots of competition. That means it will be done sooner than later. Rossi’s approach is to get product out the door as soon as regulations permit and it’s driving competition everywhere. It won’t be long now before your journalist wakes up, IMHO.

  • MLTC

    I can confirm that the translation is correct. Vattenfall means waterfall in case you were wondering.

  • artefact

    From last year: Anders Aberg from Vattenfall at a Swedish documentary about Rossi:
    (it should start automatically at the interview with Anders Aberg)

    • artefact

      well, at least the written link…

  • clovis ray

    Nice work guys, this should prove interesting,

  • GreenWin

    There appears to be some interesting changes happening between the Swedish energy agency new Director General Erik Brandsma and Magnus Olofsson CEO, ELFORSK. They are far more openly discussing LENR and the E-Cat.

  • ZZ

    There are also indications of some kind of report (or at least a compilation of current scientific know-how) being published by Elforsk this month.

    • bachcole

      This is the cookies and cream ice cream on its way to the fan. Even my son and my wife who have been tolerating my enthusiasm for 2 years for all things LENR are impressed. My son said, “Wow!” And I said, “Yes, wow!”.

      And here is the translation from the front page: “COLD FUSION OR WHAT? The inventor Andrea Rossi’s Ecat mystifies”

    • Omega Z


      I have to assume that would be October 2014 as the Link you give shows a Nov 2 schedule.
      Also assume this will be shortly after the test in progress has been published.
      Fits a timeline I posted while back sadly. Was hoping I was wrong & it would happen sooner, However, a confirmation is better then hearing nothing.

  • bachcole
    • Omega Z


      Didst you notice NRL paid Mitsubishi at least $200K as part of (Phase 1) research.
      U.S. Agencies seem to be involved in nearly all these surrogate research projects around the world of which there are many.

      Yet we hear nothing. In reality, we shouldn’t have to try to inform anyone, neither the Science community nor the Public. It should already be known,
      Silence. What Conspiracies are made of.

      • bachcole

        What is NRL?

        Disbelief also causes silence.

        • Fortyniner

          US Naval Reseach Laboratory

          Disbelief causes denial. Secrecy causes silence.

          • bachcole

            There are far too many whack-job ideas for those that disbelieve them to comment on. If they disbelieve in LENR, they will put LENR into the whack-job category and not bother wasting good breath on it, at least according to their perspective. I know that it might come as a surprise to some people, but other people have a different perspective on the world. In fact, no two people have exactly the same perspective on the world.

          • B.rad

            Not to be confused with NREL, the National Renewable Energy Lab, who would also fund similar projects.

  • Facepalm

    “It is estimated that there are around 20 players
    which in one way or another are researching or
    acting in the field of cold fusion. Elforsk made a
    request to make a knowledge overview
    of the research situation, results and more.
    The compilation will be
    available in October at Elforsks website.

  • Daniel Maris

    Agreed, this would be a sit up and notice development!

  • Mr. Moho

    It sounds that the last rumor about Rossi being at Uppsala University with Levi wasn’t true, so I wouldn’t put much faith in this one as well as it originates from the same place.

    • bachcole

      Why would that “last rumor” about Rossi being at Uppsala University not be true? I didn’t hear anything about Levi being there.

      • Daniel Maris

        I think someone claimed to have seen them in the canteen.

      • Mr. Moho

        Counter-rumors from 22passi were that Rossi was in Italy at that time, so he couldn’t possibly be at Uppsala. But who knows who’s actually right.

        • bachcole

          Actually a flight from Uppsala to Italy should take 3 hours including commute.

  • will

    sounds like a perfect fit if Vattenfall is Hydrofusions pilot customer as well…..

    • tlp

      From this magazine:

      Page 4-5, at the end of the story:

      Uppskattningsvis finns ett 20-tal aktörer som på ett eller annat sätt forskar eller agerar på området kall fusion. På uppdrag av Elforsk görs nu en kunskapsöversikt över forskningsläget och resultat med mera. Sammanställningen kommer att finnas tillgänglig i oktober på Elforsks hemsida.

      Estimated that there are about 20 players in one way or another do research or are acting in the field of cold fusion. On behalf of Elforsk is now going on a systematic review of the state of research and results and more. The compilation will be available in October at Elforsks website.

      • Mr. Moho

        ……..The compilation will be available in October at Elforsks website

        It’s almost November but… this is a verifiable source, at least. Thanks for reporting this.

        • Omega Z

          I have to assume that would be October 2014 as the Link you give shows Nov 2.
          Also assume this will be shortly after the test in progress has been published.
          The compilation would likely include All data.

          • AlainCo

            the document is modified on 9th of october 2013… created from 24th of september…

            anyway, it can be late like any planned thing.