An Open Letter to David Cameron, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Regarding LENR

Dear Prime Minister,

I am writing in response to the announcement made today by Ed Davey, UK Energy secretary, regarding the decision to build a new nuclear power plant at Hinkley Point.

I certainly understand the rationale behind the decision to go with nuclear power — it is emission-free, has high energy density, and is arguably cheaper than other carbon-free alternatives. I appreciate that you are looking at the future energy needs of the UK, and are trying to find the best way to power the economy and keep the lights on.

I am concerned, however, that you may be overlooking something very important that could have enormous implications for the government’s current nuclear strategy. Low Energy Nuclear Reaction (LENR) technology is an energy source that is likely to be able to provide ample amounts of power cleanly and cheaply — without producing harmful radiation or radioactive waste.

I would recommend that you and your government’s energy team look carefully at the work of Italian inventor Andrea Rossi, who has invented a device known as the E-Cat (energy catalyzer). The E-Cat is a reactor which is able to produce anomalous amounts of heat when a mixture of nickel powder, hydrogen and proprietary catalysts is heated in a reaction chamber. E-Cat reactors were tested earlier this year by a team of European academics. Their report, “Indication of anomalous heat energy produced in a reactor device” (published here: concluded that the amount of energy produced by the E-Cat was found to have an energy density far above any known chemical source and at least “one order of magnitude greater than conventional energy sources.” Andrea Rossi reports that long term testing of the E-Cat is currently underway, and publication of these test results is expected at some point next year.

Certainly LENR is a new technology, and there are currently many unknowns involved, but after much research and careful study I am convinced that it has great potential as an inexpensive clean energy source which could prove to be of great value to Britain and the world.

As a British national currently residing in the United States, I am concerned to hear about the rising costs of energy in the UK which are adversely affecting households and businesses throughout the country. I hope that your government will take a careful look at the possibilities of LENR as an energy source and consider it as a possible alternative to nuclear fission plants which are expensive to build and maintain, require complex safety and security systems, produce dangerous radioactive waste, and require major decommissioning costs when their lifespan is over.

I thank you for your time and attention and wish you well as you seek to deal with the important issue of meeting the energy needs of the UK in a way that is best for everyone.


Frank Acland
Publisher, E-Cat World
Iowa, USA

  • Bruce williams

    Dear Frank,
    A n excellent letter! Thanks for the initiative. Bruce.

  • AlB

    I have a slightly different view. I’m 99% certain that we’ll
    have working large scale LENR in the near future. I’ve tried and failed to get others excited so I’ve concluded for now that you can’t blame anyone for
    only going with proven technology at this time. This decision is at least better than new coal
    My hope is that within a few years not much money will have been spent,
    large scale LENR has been proven and is ready to roll out and we can write off
    this whole saga for a few pounds per taxpayer (it’s entirely privately funded
    but may need a pay-off due to high electricity price they agreed on). This is
    better than guaranteeing subsidies for solar on people’s roofs for decades to
    come like Germany is trying to do. Anyway, the project isn’t final yet so let’s
    hope that by the time EDF makes their investment decision we can write more
    powerful letters that don’t talk about a single inventor (many people will just
    ignore this) but a blue chip company with a working demonstration plant that is
    ready to roll this out on a major scale. Maybe someone in government will pay
    attention but most likely advocacy will continue to fall on deaf ears until
    there is a live operational plant that people can visit.

  • AlainCo

    Jus if you don’t know it already:

    Elforsk publish a small magazine with LENr among the stars

    the pdf is in swedish, and I’ve assemble a translation…
    I hope david who find it, can make a better one soon.

  • GreenWin

    The goal of clean, green, abundant power was once the dream of nuclear fission fans. Unhappily we discovered the waste & by-products carry a destructive price tag. Same goes for hot fusion which has had 62 years of discouraging, costly failure. Yet out of failure, corruption, greed and pride, comes the New Fire of cold fusion. A source of energy available to the benefit of all humankind. Perhaps the demise of nuclear fission is natural evolution to real, clean, green, abundant energy. And perhaps PM Cameron should listen to what former US Chair of the Nuclear Regulatory Committee has to say:

  • freethinker


    Very much appreciate the initiative. Well written. Jolly good show.
    Hope it will not just be like water on the goose…

  • humblemechanic

    I see that several of the commenters here could not get a reaction from the powers that be
    to their queries and propositions. I am trying to bounce a much simpler and compact notion
    off individuals and groups, letters to newspapers and the like but my query was either ignored or twisted and the replies were always trying to draw my attention to alternative,
    renewable and other commendable sources of energy. How ever, my question is different.
    Do the monopolistic Energy Generators that feed the National grid and the various administrative layers of Suppliers employ economist with technical expertise who could see that there is practical limit of price rises to forestall competition? Maybe, maybe not.
    The actual query is: ‘On what scale or size of operation could it be possible to undercut
    the Grid by laying an equivalent but separate and independent
    supply of Electricity? Perhaps a large new housing development
    or industrial site?

    There may be an opportunity for some entrepreneurs here or perhaps large Standby Generator manufacturers to go the whole hog and sell Electricity. not just machinery.
    I have looked up their websites but the initial form filling requested and the oozing Corporate
    Image daunted me, the humble mechanic from emailing them: I know when I am up against
    The Authority of Established Usage (my own phrase).
    I have sometimes cited the rise of cut price Airlines using regular planes and equipment
    (as opposed to manpowered flight, dirigibles, etc.) and filling a gap in the market.
    I have never drawn considered comment, my question was always railroaded into simplistic calculations of very small scale wind and solar electricity generation in I need no instruction. I had noticed a few ‘anomalies’ before but on this one I may well be wrong; perhaps someone living in England had reasons to look into this and asses midscale generation and could enlighten me on this question.

    • AlainCo

      the power that be are not better or worse tha most people… (just better than physicist). when they receive any message about LENR the say

      “oh noooo not again” and put to the bin.

      they need to have a reason to switch to the “what the F**k is that… I don’t understand… seems to be not like the B******T I imagine…”

      for me to trigger that mode swhitch you have to give

      – simple clear evidence tha someone serious take it seriously

      -> a photo of Truchard at NIWeek with the transcript of his talk

      (and url to the NIWeek2012 programs and video)

      -> a copy of Elforsk press release on e-cat, on their budeg, on who they are

      -> a copy of NRL paragraph where they admit anomalous heat is real (not the best)

      -> a copy of EU report content table on material science research direction, with LENR chapter and URL

      -> quick reference to recent stmicro/mastromatteo, toyota/technova,mitsubishi/iwamura

      -> quick ref to startups like defkalion, brillouin, lenrcars (just apetizers)

      then say you have more and make a real report, a bit like what I did awkwardly with my executive summary

      you can add some quick comments about scienc

      – saying tha 20 days after F&P pare APS declared it was pathological ? who is pathological ?

      – that 3 experiments decided it was erroneous. one contrainted a doubtful tweak which triggered the MIT editor to resign and accuse of fraud. one containes what apear today as loose calorimetry… all were just failures which are explained by what we know now on LENR condition as, ENEA today have syynthetized

      – that APS claimed that it was physically impossible, which is not rational since they use free space assumption inside a lattice… collective behaviors, resonance and screening mays cause unexepected effects including LENR

      – that using failures as evidence to cancel successes is not scientific… if we used others plane crash to dismiss wright plane reality, it would have been an error.

      – that there are peer reviewed papers is serious journals Note that Naturwissenschaften have LENR peer-review. Admit thet is is hard to publish anyway because of LENR stigma.

      I nearly did that there

      and make links to Ed Storms Naturwissenschaften peer reviw, papers by Pam mosier boss, quotes of the skeptics as gathered by Jed and kowalski on their old wikipedi articles…
      rejection letter of report41 deninno, and the report…
      Miles He4/Heat reports…
      Nasa Fralick, and replications stories…

      • humblemechanic

        Oh, the Cadences and Decadences of Education.
        I have asked you to desist
        From further instructions
        But you could not resist
        My soul is afire, lavalike
        I do not need you to
        Show me the light

  • clovis ray

    Hi, frank.
    i will keep this letter in case, when sometime in the future, and when we i hear , O we didn’t know about LENR, we can post your well written letter, to the newspapers.

  • Lande

    The Hinkley Point project are pure insanity. 8,1 USD pr. Watt installed capacity is insane. And the investors have managed to get garanteed income of 92 £ pr Mwhr produced. Which is Twice the present market price. A costly subsidised employment project.

  • GreenWin

    Well done Frank. The struggle for power in the UK is fundamentally religious. Cameron, like Richard Dawkins, is fighting to protect his church of orthodox science – mechanical rationality. LENR, like consciousness itself, threatens to collapse this carefully guarded fiefdom of belief. Cameron could have Oppenheimer, Einstein and Stephen Hawking deliver irrefutable evidence of LENR to his desk and still refuse to scrap big nukes.

    Pride goes before the fall.

    • Fortyniner

      GW, you assume that Cameron – a sterotypical polititcian – is acting out of principle and personal conviction. That would be a first.

  • bkrharold

    Mr Acland, I was surprised to learn that you are originally from the UK. I came over from London on Jan 1 1977. Like you I am also passionate about alternative energy, and particularly interested in LENR. When I heard the news of the famous Pons and Fleischmann news conference announcing their findings of anomalous heat, I was overjoyed, and thought that this wonderful discovery would be an historic turning point, paving the way for a bright future for everyone. I wrote enthusiastically to all my friends and relatives, and really believed things would change quite quickly. Now 25 years later, I am still optimistic their work and sacrifice will not have been in vain. I still hope to see this wonderful new source of energy, in widespread use in my lifetime. I regularly read and enjoy your blog, keep up the good work. Unfortunately for some reason they elected a conservative Government in the UK. I really don’t expect much forward thinking from these buttoned down upper class twits. hopefully they will be replaced soon by Labor.

    • bachcole

      I am a conservative, although not a buttoned down upper class twit. The Labour party is trying to shut down homeopathy, which I know from 44 years of experience works. So I don’t have much faith in the Labour party either.

      • Anthony Richards

        Absolutely, that homeopathy ban thing is ridiculous too – presumably Big Pharma is behind it.

        The problem is that many politicians have shares (maybe in their wives’ names) in wind turbine companies etc. as excellent profits are in effect guaranteed by govt, so they’re not going to willingly take their snouts out of the trough despite Frank’s excellent letter.

        No, I still think that the only thing that will make the powers that be sit up and take notice is a highly publicised working CF unit available for all to see – maybe it’ll be the one in Sweden, maybe David of Brouillon’s central heating boiler in his home, who knows, but the sooner the better.

      • bkrharold

        Bachcole I apologize if I offended you. Living in the USA I have come to equate the right wing party here with that in my old country. They are of course entirely different. Politics here has become quite divisive. After all we are individuals, not automatons agreeing with every ideological opinion of our chosen party. In fact I supported the Conservatives when I was in England.
        I can attest to the efficacy of homeopathy, as I am currently a patient of an excellent Homeopathic practitioner, after visiting 7 conventional doctors without receiving any help whatsoever.

        • bachcole

          You did not offend me in the slightest.

          I am afraid of where the USA is drifting. Not towards socialism or the other way. I see the hatred of both sides becomes worse and more strident. Fewer and fewer people are trying to see both sides of the questions. We are drifting towards civil war.

    • Omega Z


      Political leanings have no bearing on LENR. Witness the different Governments.
      Even here at ECW, you’ll find politics of every flavor.

      What’s involved is the Status Quo.

      Tho I applaud Franks Open Letter, I highly doubt it will be of any effect Whatsoever.
      Those in the so called Intellectual Ivory Towers wont willingly give it up.
      These People are already aware.

      They are Kind of like a Boss who has done the same-thing, The same-way, For 40 years.
      Doesn’t matter if you have a better Idea.
      Doesn’t matter if they would greatly benefit.
      It’s Just, My way or the Highway.

  • Iggy Dalrymple

    Great letter, Frank.

    3 or 4 years ago when I 1st started following Rossi, I emailed Florida Gov Rick Scott, urging him to support Rossi, since Rossi is a Florida resident.

    Gov Scott wrote back that energy is not his bailiwick, and that I should address my concerns to the Florida Secretary of Agriculture.

    I then wrote a similar email to the Sec of Agriculture and received no reply.

    In retrospect it’s probably better that politicians remain clueless. Government usually screws up everything it touches.

  • AlainCo

    Note that
    1- this is not the only player. (vive details)
    1bis- others serious company are preparing: National instruments, Toyota, Mitsubshi, ST Micro,
    1ter-some states seems to prepare something:Sweden/elforsk, china/tsinghua, Italia/Enea, USA/ArpaE-lenuco/SRI-Brillouin, Canada/Defkalion, Greece/Defkalion
    2- there are critics against that paper, but those critics after analyseis (Bo Hoistadt, IBT) are pathetic and don’t deserve any consideration by serious people. (give details)
    3- all critics (theory,replication, peer-review, reproducibility) are today absurds. (give details)

    If you don’t anticipate the critics against your position, this letter will be binned instantly.
    for me the best evidences are :
    – Elforsk publicly admit LENR works !
    – NI publicly acknowkedge ([email protected],[email protected]/rome2012), invite (NIweek2012) and sponsor LENR
    – some EU officials accepted ENEA LENR conference (2013) and in report (material research report 2012)
    – Aldo Proia of prometeon, ex-solar project manager support e-cat
    – Alexandrois xanthouis, greek economist living in vancouver, invested his own money in defkalion after partnership with rossi, and own R&D
    – NASA GRC on their website recognise LENr is real

    those people don’t trust evidence, not papers, not scientists, they trust others tycoon and officials opinion. they trust investors with skin in the game (Sunrise securities//Brillouin, Alexandros xanthoulis, Aldo Proia). they trust public agencies.

  • Leonard Weinstein

    LENR likely will be brought into practical use in the future. However, there are still many problems and development needed. Electrical power generation from the heat has not been demonstrated to be practical (COP much greater than 4 needed, and fairly high temperature at long time use needed). Development of equipment to control and distribute heat and power not yet done. While LENR is almost surely able to be used for heating in a short time, electrical power is a different issue. Also high levels of power are more difficult. A 1 GW power plant would require 300,000 of 10 kW LENR hot cats (assuming 33% efficiency conversion). Think of the numbers. I have run the numbers, and it appears small systems are likely, and large heating systems also possible, but not large electrical power systems for a long time.

    • K Shatti

      I think by the advent of PCs, mainframes became useless. Practical 10KW household units are equivalent to PCs in comparison with large power stations (mainframes). No need to put 300000 units together.
      Is it sensible to put 300000 PCs together? Distributed systems are much more industrial.

      • bachcole

        I don’t find my PC to be useless. To the contrary, I love it and it serves my needs wonderfully.

      • GreenWin

        Correct. In fact it is the growth of Distributed Energy Resources (rooftop solar, microCHP, fuel cells etc) that threatens the centralized utilities. LENR combined with microgrids will replace “mainframe” centralized power plants. The road is being prepared at this very moment.

  • Guy Thomas

    I emailed my MP about LENR – I got absolutely nothing back. Seems like she can only be arsed mailing me back with stock responses to common issues she receives from her constituents.

  • MartinCA

    You don’t drop nuclear plants off a flatbed (lorrie), so before the plant goes online, we will have long since known the whole story of Andrea Rossi and the E-Cat. If Mr Rossi can achieve his goals, the plant will never be finished. Then, we will all sit back and smile as we remember this letter and how Frank tried on behalf of all of us. Thanks, Frank.

    • Omega Z


      Highly probable as it has a commission date of mid 2023. About 10 Years from now. Plus the delays & Cost overruns that will ensue.
      Sadly However, the people will still be stuck paying for it regardless.

      What is also sad is that some of the Players involved in building it are not really on Board.
      Their being coerced under threat of major taxes if they don’t.

  • Charles

    The obvious solution to crushing Hinkley Point is for Rossi, Defkalion or Brillouin to market a well-controlled high temperature LENR after first putting one on public display. As for the display do not ask for permit-sion – ask for forgiveness. Rossi allegedly has one that is in use by the US military or some such. Pressure the government to release the data or just blow your (Rossi’s) NDA out of the water. You will be forgiven.

  • E_man

    I am certain of Cameron (his Secret Service) well know about LENR posisibilities (can not imagine if not). Even I think, their effort is way, how to help faster realization of LENR.
    Look. They can not now announce building LENR plants. This is way, how to be prepared for it. Thay can exchange fission reactor for LENR reactor at any time. The same is in US. I do not believe, they want really distribute radioactive material to many litle power stations. But in LENR case we can not be afraid of it.

    • bachcole

      “(can not imagine if not)” Your (or my or anyone’s) inability to imagine something doesn’t make it so or not so. That is more a matter of projecting you or your experience or insight on to others. People like Cameron live in a shell (of advisors) of their own making. These advisors don’t really like to pester the boss with trivial matters. It is hard on their job security. The advisor’s number one concern in life is keep their job and present their boss with information that will help him get re-elected. Fringe matters won’t be a big concern for them, whether true or not. Their concern will be whether a majority or near majority of the public think that it is important or true. LENR does not yet qualify as being known by a near majority or even a lot of people.

      Perhaps we should go to the local mall and run a survey and ask people if they know what “LENR” means. I bet we might get 1 in a 100, and not all of those people would believe it, yet.

    • Omega Z

      Once a Nuclear Plant is in Operation, There is no retrofit possible. The plant is already contaminated.

  • Grek

    The letter was great. I could not have framed it better. But I believe as Andrea Rossi that only working units that are sold can convince.

  • Fortyniner

    I am normally quite cynical about the likelihood of governments responding to reasoned argument in a meaningful way, but in the case of Camoron’s agenda-driven rush to new nuclear I am 100% certain that any such input will be ignored completely. I have contacted my local MP and three senior people in the Energy Department with similar missives, and apart from a couple of acknowledgements of receipt have not received any replies, meaningful or otherwise. Objection groups and even local authorities are given the same brush-off treatment – it is impossible to get any traction at all with these utterly undemocratic powermongers, who simply don’t give a t*ss about the opinions of those they purport to represent.

    Hinkley point C is a ‘done deal’ now that the finances and taxpayer guarantees have been stitched up behind the scenes, and as I said in an earlier thread only the ousting of this ‘government’ or the intervention of the EU can even slow the juggernaut down now. My kids, their kids and probably generations beyond will have to pay for this folly in money and in deadly risk.

    Thanks anyway, Frank, for the initiative!

    • bachcole

      Although I think that the letter is excellent, I agree with 49er completely. I have no hope whatsoever that Camoron will even hear about this letter. This sort of thing is trying to do battle with windmills using a broken lance.

    • Gordon Docherty

      I’ve also been writing to the Department for Energy and Climate Change, contacted my own MP, contacted the Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change, and a whole raft of others. Alas, to date, I, too, have received the same brush-off treatment – not that I’m going to stop! Pester power can sometimes be very effective… and every once in a while someone with a conscience slips through into government. I am a big believer in the power of prayer, and it looks like we’re going to need an awful lot of it to turn the establishment around, at least here in Britain – or, rather, Blighty, given what is now being visited on us by those supposedly elected to listen to us but who sadly seldom do.

      For those not living in the UK, I might add that the latest decision to “invest in nuclear” (i.e. Uranium Fission) through building the first of 8 new “Uranium Elephants” (ready first in 10 years time) has gone down like a lead balloon (which is just as well as we will need that lead to encase all the nuclear waste in!) As someone has pointed out, the UK government have managed to privatize the profits (admittedly, to the Chinese and French governments) while nationalizing the debt.

      “You couldn’t make it up” is becoming a very familiar phrase round this parts.

      Finally, what I don’t understand is this. If the UK government are willing to make such a spectacle of themselves in going ahead with the Uranium Elephants using Chinese money to pay EDF (a quasi-national French company) and its shareholders, whilst incurring huge debts for the “consumer” to pay (whether we want to or not) whilst all the while saddling industry with high costs and debt, so damaging(!) competitiveness, why doesn’t the government here in the UK even talk about the possibility of LENR, with its much lower costs, super abundance, safety and scalability? I suppose it just goes to show once again that the love of money is the root of all evil. I would not wish this fate on anyone.

      • bachcole

        Desires, one of which is greed, is the root of all evil.

        I doubt if most of these bureaucrats have even heard of LENR, and if they have their advisors have advised them to ignore it.

      • Fortyniner

        “.. and every once in a while someone with a conscience slips through into government.” What a sad but completely accurate reflection on our system of government.

        That and the fact that when the next election comes around, ALL of the major parties will support new nuclear fission plants, unless one or more spot the fact that this is a minority view in the general population. So much for democratic choice.

        • graham bell

          I too have failed to get the attention of anyone in the UK government or mainstream media. I think the lack of public awareness is the main problem and this is because of the failure of the media to educate people as to the potential and reality of LENR. When the Hinkley fission decision was announced the BBC comments site was full of people debating the rights and wrongs of nuclear v wind-farms etc like these were the only options.When I suggested that LENR should be considered I was derided with dismissive comments by people who “knew” it didn’t work . One comment was that Pons and Fleischmann had been completely discredited and that if there had been a more recent breakthrough they were “sure” that they would have heard about it.Like everyone else on here I sadly can’t see anything changing until we have a working reactor openly available.Nice idea Frank but doomed to failure I’m afraid.

          • GreenWin

            graham, BBC sites are filled with “sock puppets” – a single propagandist programming multiple “personas” to appear like grass roots consensus. Comments at all mainstream press sites are thoroughly filled with these puppets. Grain of salt.

    • Fortyniner

      LENR is not the only technology that will probably render nuclear fission redundant within a decade – let alone the 35-year life of the proposed subsidy that Camoron has somehow arranged.

      • GreenWin

        Fortyniner, here is the error message returned by that URL to my US IP:

        “You don’t have permission to access /car-runs-1-million-miles-on-8-grams-of-thorium/
        on this server.

        Additionally, a 500 Internal Server Error
        error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.”

        • Buck

          I found that if I try to open the link directly into another window, I get the same type of error.

          HOWEVER, if I right-click, select ‘copy link location’, and then paste the ‘link location’ into a new browser tab/window, it works fine.

          • Fortyniner

            Yes there does seem to be something odd going on – I had to use Buck’s ‘fix’ to get back to the page myself.

            The info (minus the rather nice concept car image) is mostly repeated at

            There is also a discussion thread at and the politicalblindspot link seems to work from there.

            It’s only an idea at the moment. I was just using it as an example of the kind of ‘blue sky’ development that will inevitably render Hinkley Point obsolete, most probably before it is completed. That still wouldn’t stop it though – too much political and financial capital will be involved once construction proper is under way.

            • GreenWin

              Thanks gents. Probably just an awkward reminder from our friends at NSA. They need to work on their people skills. 🙂

    • Omega Z


      10 years till commission assuming no delays or cost overruns, so it’s still possible it won’t go into operation.
      However as you indicate- people will still get stuck paying for it.
      I note that even the French partner in this endeavor isn’t up for it.
      They’ve been given No Choice.
      Build it or Face a Major Windfall Profit Tax.
      Which tells us how much Political BS is going on.

      Wish we could put a Hot-Cat under Rossi’s & his Partners Arse to hurry them up.

  • gbas3 gbas3

    Dear F.A.

    Grazie per la tua lettera e per il modo che hai usato per dirlo!
    Thank you for your letter and for the way you have used for say!

  • artefact

    Thank you Frank!

  • Fibb

    Nice job Frank.

  • bachcole

    Very well written and spot on.

  • Dr. Mike

    Good letter!
    Dr. Mike

  • Daniel Maris

    “arguably cheaper than other carbon-free alternatives” – no way is it cheaper than onshore wind or tidal or biomass.

    Also, this UK project has hidden costs – governement guarantee (which we have seen in Japan can run into many billions), future management of nuclear waste (unknown) and security (probably hundreds of millions every year spent monitoring staff at nuclear power stations and terrorist groups interested in attacking or infiltrating such stations).

    • Fibb

      well said

  • Roy O’Neil

    Frank: Your idea of an open letter to David Cameron is a great one, and your letter is masterfully written.

    • Buck


  • ecatworld

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