Report of Coherence 2013 LENR Conference in Rome

Daniele Passerini has a report on his site of the proceedings of the 2013 Coherence conference that was held in Rome recently which included many presentations on LENR-related topics. Presenters included Christos Stremmenos (talking about the contributions of the late Sergio Focardi, Francesco Celani, Ugo Abundo, and Ubaldo Mastromatteo (of STM Microelectronic)

A Google translated overview of the conference can be found here. (Original in Italian here)

The report includes links to papers, presentations and slides which are also in Italian.

  • pg

    OT from Cobraf:

    What we do know is that a) GE has bought a [ part of ] company that makes strange metallic powders and other materials , associating it with its division of advanced ceramics, b ) the administrative offices of the company in question [ before or after the purchase ? not sure ] are located at the same address with the offices of the Leonardo Corporation, Inc. in Bozeman , Montana.

    The Leonardo was owned by Rossi and others to whom Rossi has sold its share at the beginning of the cold fusion adventure , because he needed cash. Representative of Leonardo in Bozeman is Joel Lindstrom , a young engineer who worked for Boeing [ fuel cells ] , the project of TEG [he has a patent in his own name for a generator which runs on Seebeck effect, following patents of Rossi ] and a project on vegetable oil biodiesel [ Montana seems to have been agricultural and cold and it may be that pay taxes there instead of in Ohio is more convenient for both the GE and the Leonardo ] .

    I do not know if these facts allow or not to conclude that Rossi was eaten by General Electric , and is even worth seeing if they allow to suspect this- certainly none of these coincidences were made up.

    • AlainCo

      some investigation maybe be interesting.
      any links about address, buying of powder company?

      • pg

        This is what a blogger on cobraf (Nevanlinna) wrote about it. For sure he is not making it up, but I don’t know any more than this.

    • AlainCo

      the discussion is there

      not hard evidence, but one idea of how Rossi could have discvered his LENR method, through PdCu fuel cell with CO/S impurities…

      one possibility about that story is that GE bought out Leonardo Corp’s offices because they were working together on fuel-cell, TEG, for DoE…

      More work needed… google translate is not enough for me.

  • GreenWin

    Brian Roarty and Carol Walker have filed a unique LENR patent app: “Driving phase change in a fluid flowing through a nozzle” Proposing to obtain work from fluid phase change. For those interested in the expanding commercial applications of LENR this is another, imaginative approach. Thanks to Dale B for the find.