Univ. of Texas Releases Latest Energy Poll

Here’s something that might be of interest to readers here. The University of Texas at Austin has released the latest version of its energy poll that provides a snapshot of how engaged Americans are currently with following energy issues. There are a variety of questions that are asked and responses are broken down by political leaning, gender, and income level. From a quick survey of the responses it appears to me that the most engaged segment of the population are by category, libertarians, males and the less well off.

The interactive poll results can be read here: http://www.utenergypoll.com/

Here is further analysis of the most recent batch of survey results in an article published at the Phys.org web site:


  • Job001

    Libertarian men follow energy. Most others are in the category;
    “I don’t know and I don’t care”(i.e. ignorance and apathy).
    Logical, Given energy is not more than 15% of the median budget.

  • atanguy

    What this poll shows is that the misinformation and propaganda of the energy industry basically works. What is the impact and understanding of global warming for example, on people who work full time,try to keep their job to be able to feed their family,pay their mortgage/ rent / car/ children education… and you want these people to be able to have an understanding of a complex subject that even baffle the scientists. Same thing for natural gas production using hydraulic fracturing or safety of nuclear fission energy and renewable energy.

  • Sanjeev

    Off topic:

    Craig Venter’s Digital Biological Converter seems to be a special kind of printer which can print out vaccines and cells by simply downloading the data of the DNA, that can synthesize it, from the internet. This could end the Big pharma if it becomes widespread.
    He is supported by Darpa and Nasa.

    • Fortyniner

      I have to copy David Govett’s comment on Next Big Future (I hope he doesn’t mind):

      “Thousands of nerdy teens in basements creating new life forms with unusual features, giggling maniacally all the while. I can hardly wait.”

      And of course, not just nerdy teens – also out-of-control govt agencies, terrorists and other haters, scientists oblivious to the unintended consequences of their whims, and Dr Strangelove style out and out loonies.

      Morgellons, anyone…

      • Krish

        These “transcription errors” are more frightful to think of than prescription errors