On the Eventual Press Conference

Andrea Rossi has mentioned that at some point, once the internal testing of the E-Cat that is apparently currently ongoing, there will be a press conference held. I asked a few questions of Rossi on the Journal of Nuclear Physics, and followed up with an email for some more details about this event, and got a few answers, but not many details.

Here’s what he did say.

The conference would be held once the results of the long-term internal testing are published. He provided no firm time frame but said it would be months away. (Probably because long term testing is still going on)

‘Maybe’ the theory behind the E-Cat operations would be revealed at this event. (I would guess that means it probably won’t — since he said the same about the October 2011 demo)

That he could not say whether there would be news about business or commercial aspects (“It will not depend on me. Surely will give the results of the validation tests we are making internally”.)

That I will get an invitation to attend.

It may be instructive to realize that a press conference with a demonstration of the E-Cat took place back in January of 2011 in Bologna, Italy, when Rossi and Focardi first went public with their discovery. Apart from the relatively few people interested in the subject, the event was basically ignored by the world. If we hope that another media event will finally wake up the world to the reality of the Rossi Effect, we may be disappointed.

However, there could be a difference this time, especially if the US partner is revealed at the conference, and it is a respected and capable company. Many who are skeptical about the technology have often called for more credible and respected backers of the E-Cat (and LENR in general) to step forward before it will be taken seriously. (Personally, I’m satisfied that the necessary evidence has been provided, but I know I’m not the typical person in this regard).

Maybe this event, if well thought out and providing strong evidence, will finally provide the backing that many are seeking for, and help launch the E-Cat further into the public consciousness.

  • Michael H., Germany

    Rossi got his patent. This is either strong or weak thus protecting his idea good or bad, nothing more to do legally. One test is done by two universities reporting positive results about Rossi’s technology. So why the hack is he waiting, why these stupid secrets? Why not put a webcam on the ongoing experiment, why not invite journalists to report about this experiment? Why isn’t the patent published yet?
    It all looks to me that there is simply nothing to report about. The effect doesn’t exist, the scientists doing recent experiments and writing their report were fooled. No such thing as Rossi effect.
    Proof me wrong, Mr Rossi, then I’ll apologise. But I think I will not have to do that.
    Michael H., Germany

    • AlainCo

      He have no reason, on the opposite, to make the mainstream aware of his product, except clients like Elforsk.

      see http://www.lenr-forum.com/showthread.php?804-Why-Reactors-demo-and-proofs-are-so-weak

      His known patent is worthless probably, and I just hope he or his investor, own others patents.

      In that domaine he feel to having been viction of IP stealing by DGT, DGT feel some ideas stollent by him, and “guess who1” recently let a friend of them report that “guess who2” (not rossi) tries to spy IP…

      Rossi try to block piantelli patent.

      LENR-cars try to occupy some free space, beside what Defkalion have patented/published. somes patent trolls try to patent all.

      ST Micro patent a complete engineered concept of reactor (I smell the taste of TRIZ, like what is said on LENR-cars patent)

      things are serious.

      Rossi, letting Elforsk test his reactor have given stronger evidence that with any demo, even real time like Defkalion…

      did you notice that whatever is the protocol, the real time TV, 24×7 cam, the third party, the number of testers, the calorimetry method, the checking, you cannot convince the skeptics !

      evidence are there, … it is impossible to convince the hypersketics, who move like flies away the evidence to any accessible dark corner…

      imagine that you try to convince the skeptics from an IP protected furnace. it would be impossible too.

      I’ve heard many skeptics says they would accept a protocole which is exactly the one of Defkalion… when it happend, the denied again…
      some asked for a protocol like e-cat… done, but they denied…

      as said here, serious people in sweden (MP, Elforsk) know that there is no way to communicate on that domain since it is banned from media, stigmatized… they wait for the last evidence which is The Market…

      Rossi, probably painfully or under orders, understood he have to keep quiet and wait. He manage his fanclub, because it is sweet for his wounded inventor heart. He is human…
      Defkalion tried to seduce again ICCF, but for the skeptics they failed again… Maybe they try to correct their 1.6tesla mistake too… or prepare a big show for TSX… or battle to save their company… dunno… I would be desperate too.

      we should if we were not irrational in thinking that it is possible to convince people with evidences. If it was possible it would be done since 1991.
      Most people simply follow opinion from trusted sources… they invent no opinion, they photocopy, at most patch some together.
      Serge Galam with his sociophysics idea says that opinion in groups is determined not by facts, not by initia majority, but by comparative size of stubborn groups…
      LENr started with few stubborn dogmatic physicist against, many failed open mind experimentators, and many open mind successful experimentators… nearly no believers, because no theory. Of course open minds lost facing closed minds.

  • Buck

    FYI. The following is suggestive of one of the consequences of the “Eventual Press Conference”.

    Al Gore: “Carbon Bubble” Is Going to Burst – Avoid Oil Stocks

    LINK>> http://finance.yahoo.com/blogs/daily-ticker/al-gore-carbon-bubble-going-burst-avoid-oil-121707563.html

    • BroKeeper

      Yes, the only thing in the near horizon that could cause an oil stock bust is mass production of cheap LENR devices. Does Al Gore know more than what he leads us on to believe? I think he does.

      • Omega Z

        He only mentions LENR. Nothing more.

        But it does indicate that people in position of power & wealth are aware of whats going on.

        • bachcole

          I doubt that they all belong to some club (Bilderbergs NOT) and exchange thoughts in order to continue to oppress the working class. The working class oppress themselves quite nicely. Gore may know about LENR, but that does not mean that he is an expert in the matter and it does not mean that he knows that it is real and that does not mean that he has sent emails to all of his oppressor class friends warning them and that does not mean that even if he did they would all believe him.

    • SiriusMan

      Wasn’t Kleiner Perkins previously rumoured to be Rossi’s US partner?

      …and All Gore has mentioned LENR in an interview recently.


  • Iggy Dalrymple

    Mean people suck and usually wear black hats.

    Quoth the Raven, “Never More!”

  • Sanjeev

    Please contribute your answer. I see the oil guys have already reached there.

  • artefact

    Cold Fusion mentioned by the guardian as an alternative energy source:

    British Gas: alternative, cheaper energy suggestions

    (Thanks AlainCo)

    • Sanjeev

      Its a satirical article, cold fusion is used as a joke , placed along with methane from cows and all such things.
      What else would you expect?

      • Chris I

        Cow dung produces a lot of methane, which is a bad greenhouse gas if not burnt. It actually makes sense to design cattle raising with provisions for burning the methane. There are already some small scale projects, which supply gas for household cooking in their area.

      • Omega Z


        It is satirical but the highlighted words are linked.
        This one under the Cold Fusion section- “whether practical cold fusion is feasible,” Takes you to the Forbes, Mark Gibbs article.


  • georgehants

    I am interested in why on such a wonderful Website that covers every relevant aspect of the Cold Fusion story Admin has apparently always neglected to write leaders putting the clear blame for the current situation squarely at the feet of academic science and their administrations and publications.
    It is always turned, as if the politicians or media are to blame. Not so!
    Science has from the beginning and now shown itself to be corrupt, incompetent and unprofessional.
    Politicians and the media in general follow the “official” scientific view.
    Could I suggest that much good can be achieved by highlighting clearly these faults from the past and that continue today with Cold Fusion and many other areas of pure science.

    • bachcole

      I couldn’t agree more, except the part about the big hurry. We have plenty of time to announce who the morons are. I hope that someone is keeping a list or names and handles of skeptopaths and scientists who aren’t doing their job. Notice that Al Gore, a known non-scientist, is willing to mention LENR positively.

      • georgehants

        bachcole, while Rossi et al are quiet there are a thousand questions to put on page asking how to improve a failed profession in many areas.
        This has a direct and important link directly to Cold Fusion.
        Trying to make out that science is not responsible for horrific failures is not helping the future.

        • bachcole

          George, how did you make out that I said that science is not responsible. I said quite the opposite. Perhaps your paranoia is running so fast and deep that you can’t read what I said. I just said that I don’t think that we have to be in panic mode about it since proof positive (a commercial product) is months if not years away. And I said that I hope that people are taking names and handles so that we can let the world know what contemptible people some of our science leaders are. Are you keeping names and handles?

          • georgehants

            bachcole, I am afraid in both your reply’s you have mis-understood.
            I at no time said there was a great “hurry”, although if you ask then I will say yes there is a great hurry.
            My second reply was a general statement applying for you to read and anybody else.
            You insults seem to have spoilt your good record of late.

            • bachcole

              I had no intention of insulting you, but I also do not look to you for moral guidance, so you can refrain from chastising me because it is nothing more than a veiled insult.

    • Alan DeAngelis

      Yeah George, this Eugene Mallove interview from 1998 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=avpoIAKvYmU
      that John Maguire links to in his article at Cold fusion Now http://coldfusionnow.org/dr-michael-mckubre-a-comprehensive-dialogue-on-lenr/
      proves your point.

      • bachcole

        It distresses me that this most excellent and informative interview is 15 years old.

  • Karl

    All the credit to you Frank for keeping this interesting and
    important site reasonably alive. This also in between some real news and before
    reasonable “hard” evidence emerges (like a commercial product etc.).
    We are many waiting news that can’t be ignored by any mainstream media nor science
    community. Keep up the good work you do.

    • AlainCo

      please don’ set the “hard evidence” level at “commercial sales”…

      Hard evidence is 3 reputable labs replicating similar experiments …
      it is third party report by reputable professionals…

      There are hard evidence

      what you call, is desperatelu undeniable evidences…

      in a rational world we don’t need a sale to prove that something produce 500% more heat that getting heat…
      In a rational world experts don’t challenge IR cam, powermeter, and don’t insult 7 scientists of their own university…

      • bachcole

        Its a good thing Alain always has something valuable to say or else I would never read him. (:->)

      • Karl

        You might be right – I thought of it after I wrote it. Commercial products are of course just an example of several possible hard evidences that will be difficult to ignore.

        If the guys that are running open source project for example, could come out with a receipt how to create abundant heat (and or better significant electro magnetic energy) would be even better. This combined with drawings for anyone to build usable energy generators, would be preferred approach to my mind. I guess that this kind of independences are what most of us hope for?

        • AlainCo

          I would like that to be true.

          but SRI, ENEA and NRL are doing classically open science, publishing their results, their protocol, sure open to others researchers opinion…

          so what ? the talk to EU officials ?
          they publish video ?

          so what… nothing.

          In my dream I buy an hyperion core and install it on an e-bike to recharge it (I know an engineer who with a budget could do it)… and I travel around the world. I’m not sure that it would break denial…

  • bachcole

    You might enjoy checking this out: http://news.nationalgeographic.com/news/2013/10/131017-sexual-harassment-bora-sexism-journalism-culture-science/?google_editors_picks=true Notice the first comment at the bottom. If you can think of anyone or anything that Scientific American has “harassed”, you might include it. (:->)

  • Sanjeev

    How science goes wrong – The Economist

    Modern scientists are doing too much trusting and not enough
    verifying—to the detriment of the whole of science, and of humanity.


  • Daniel Maris

    I’m not doubting what he’s doing. But I am not interested in all this “will he, won’t he?”. Rossi has said himself that only successful commercialisation will prove LENR. I agree with that. Nothing else will satisfy the hyper-sceptics (in fact even that won’t satisfy them – they will simply slink away without an apology).

    Let’s hear what others are doing… there may be a Musk among them.

    • AlainCo

      sad but you are right.
      evidences, hard science evidence are there.
      hard business evidence are there too.

      without an apology… they commited so far in delusion, in mutual assured delusion, enforcing tha delusion with terror agains dissenetrs, first against their own mild colleagues, then agains open mind, and trying to ridicule the strong opponent if thei cannot force them to follow the delusion…

      the mechanism is well described mathematically by Roland Benabou… it is rational… when you committed too far in delusion, all you can do is force the others to follow your delusion, so you avoid the crash.

      in fact Elforsk test is already enough…
      SRI/ENEA/NRL are already enough…
      Miles He4/heat correlation was enough. McKubre isothermal calorimetry was enough. ENEA Report 41 was enough.

      first E-cat demo, despite troubles, were good enough to raise interest… same for Defkalion Nelson… same for Brillouin SRI/tanzella report… still some risk of hidden problems, but no reasonable doubt those companies were not scammer but just early innovators with unfinished prototypes.

      for those who doubt on the general delusion there is a symptom :
      did you see any skeptic really concede that it may work ?

      NO NO NEVER… they never concede the possibility it work…
      never concede LENR may be real… the tur around the pot, saying that they don’t talk of scientific evidence, but they all assume LENr is fame, thus requires impossible evidence…

      “impossible claims requires impossible evidence…”
      that is their way to translate the extraordinary claims motto which is stupid. Like when they asked for tea kettle… like when Pom&erikson asked for an open box test, for disclosure of the technology (as if it was needed fro calorimetry).
      SO hure lack of honest should raise alerts… but the skeptics who are very easily alerted by reasoning errors (sometimes they are right) and very asymmetrically blind to their own logical errors.

      In fact
      Extraordinary claims requires good solid evidence.
      and non extraordinary claims requires good solid evidence.

      if something is predicted by theory, and you propose weak evidence, you simply have nothing more than a theory, like before… probably you a right but weak easy evidence give nothing more.

      if you have good solid normal evidence and theory don’t predict it, you have an anomaly and a theory to change or improve.

  • Lexi Mize

    Frank is getting desperate for content. Next he’ll be combing through 2010’s JONP site posts looking for allusions to whether Rossi is channeling Marconi, Tesla and perhaps Leonardo da Vinci. Hmm, there’s a thought, maybe Rossi is the second coming of Leonardo.

  • rats123

    Been waiting such a long time and have not seen anything of substance from Rossi.

    • AlainCo

      what is the Elforsk report for you ?

      you mean that some critics it ? did you analyse the critics ? read the critics of the critics ? it is desperate pahological critics… bo hoistad during his interview on IBT was not kind with his colleagues…


      don’t expect any recognition of reality by those delusioned.

      • Hope4dbest

        If Rossi has had a robotic factory running for months, why doesn’t he show ONE Ecat working, and the skeptics will be gone?

        • AlainCo

          because in real world it takes time. Moreover I suspect he simply was dreaming awake.
          He was happy recently that the US manufacturer build its first e-cat… Industrialization is in process…
          Hydrofusion proposed to build one powerplant for a client, so hydrofusion was at least panning for 1MW of reactor in few month…

          by the way rossi shown, and let Elforsk play with one e-cat working… you see how his evidence get treated….

          there is no limit to denial for desperate believers.

          the problem with rossi is that everybody treat his word as facts, while most of the time it is just hope, projects, dreams, planning…

  • Chris I

    Now, the press conference that he mentioned a while back is something I’ve been keeping my eyes peeled for. I’ve been noticing that the prospected timing has elapsed and I’ve been visiting Prometeon’s news page now and then; it remains frozen at an event in early June so far. But now I guess it will be equivalent to just stay tuned here, unless Frank is so mean as to say nothing when his invitation comes in.

    “Apart from the relatively few people interested in the subject, the event was basically ignored by the world.”

    Errrrrr… ingnored? Man it was covered in prejudice! Literally buried! I noticed it (must have been very shortly afterwards) because of someone criticizing Rossi. I started looking things up and I saw tons of ostracizing around. A bit the contrary of getting ignored.

    • AlainCo
    • ecatworld

      Hi Chris, I’ll certainly post here and report if and when I get the invitation. I’m not expecting to hear anything about it until next year, however.

  • b-v

    it is all in vain as long as there is no functioning device of any player on the market, so folks, take care about the people you love and wait until you hear about in the news……

  • Buck


    assuming the best about Rossi promising to invite you to the press conference, I suggest you try to connect with Mark Gibbs, ex-Forbes newsman. I expect he has interested contacts who may expand your reach when you finish with Rossi’s press conference.

    • bachcole

      To say nothing for doing a kind service to a talented and decent human being who happens to be out of work.

      • Buck


        You and I are on the same page, though it is my hope that he is gainfully employed. Also, it is reasonable to think he is motivated to help spread the news.

        • ecatworld

          You can find Mark posting here on technological subjects:


          • bachcole

            The keyword may be “gainfully”. However, when the cookies and cream ice cream hits the fan, Mark Gibbs will be a very sought after journalist.

          • Buck

            Thank you and good luck.

  • Bernie Koppenhofer
  • Christopher Calder

    Brillouin Energy Corporation has a computer animation of how they think the E-Cat, the Defkalion Hyperion reactor, and their own nickel-gas reactor works.


  • artefact

    On JONP

    intersting post about Rossis earlyer Seebeck device.


  • fibbermcgourlick

    Among the believers, including Frank, there’s always been a constant stream of concern about the rest of the world ignoring the development of Cold Fusion technology and/or not believing in it. But what these uninformed people think or don’t think doesn’t matter at all. It’s irrelevant. If cheap, pollution-free Cold Fusion energy is accessible, all that matters is the development and production of the devices to exploit it. If and when these devices appear on the market, then everyone–all the doubters, cynics and whatevers– will climb on board in the usual, time-honored way and we’ll all proceed together into the new age.

    • Donk970

      I think that’s exactly right. All that matters is that a commercial product arrives on the market at some point. Once that happens all bets are off.

    • Bernie Koppenhofer

      You completely ignore the possibility, in a free enterprise system, there are corporations who will be very negatively effected by LENR, and would have a great incentive to delay or bury LENR.

      • AlainCo

        For now what I see is that many corsp and startup are interested, and that scientific community is as a whole absolutely waterproof to any LENr evidence.

        the first arch-evil against LENr is the scientific community, that layer of few people who count and is followed by the sheeps, desperate for funding, recognition, or those who have something else to think about.

        the fact is that the industrial have helped LENR, are helping it… they just are not suicidal and abandoned the open battle because it was desperate, some get under the radars and most froze the work. Same for the peer-reviewed publication… not worth the battle…

        when the scientific community will admit the reality a second battle will start.

        there will be three actors :
        – the innovators, will call for development of LENR… see them as Rossi,Defkalion, Brillouin, Lenuco, LENR-cities, LENr-cars, Kresenn, Toyota, Mitsubishi, … they will try de develop their ideas, and many will crash, and some will grow at exponential speed…

        – the incumbent will try to delay the revolution to have time to adapt, and to force the rule of the game to match the way they work…. they will ask for regulation which force to use big power plant, with huge safety, huge infrastructure, huge capital need, slow moves…

        – the neomalthusianists salesmen of fear and preacher of apocalypse, will panic and will try to do anything they can to bloc that cornucopian dream of cheap and clean local energy

        my bet is that the incumbent will fund and support the desperate neomalthusianists so the government, pushed by manipulated crowd, nearly forbid LENR…

        then the incumbent will came like white knight and slaughter the dragons of doom, with their huge technology , huge safety, huge investments, huge technology…

        the question is if meanwhile the lightweight business trying to innovate will be fast enough to develop before the doomers ban, and the incumbent highjack. There will be happy consumers, and many hoping to be consumer.

        if so, the doomers will be burns like witches and incumbent will start to run and follow the innovators.

        I prepare the lighter. bring the wood.

        • Bernie Koppenhofer

          AlainCo……This is not the positive person we all know and like is it? (:

          • AlainCo

            I like barbecue.

      • Barry

        They already have delayed it, set it back at least 20 years, but they can no longer keep it from emerging into main stream consciousness.

  • mulder

    I want to believe!
    P.S F.Mulder.

    • bachcole

      My wants are not so strong that I will allow myself to be embarrassed in front of the mirror or in front of my family and especially my son. I believe because the evidence compels me to believe. Much of the evidence that compels me to believe is soft/social evidence, but for me it is compelling. In fact, ALL of the evidence is soft/social evidence until I have a unit sitting in front of me putting out more energy than is being put in and I burn my finger on it.

  • Leo Kaas

    Keep up the good work Frank.