Rossi Now in Florida Real Estate Business

It appears that Andrea Rossi is branching out in the business world. He is named in a filing on (the state of Florida’s register of corporations) as an officer/director of REFC Real Estate Corp — with the address listed (1331 Lincoln Rd, Aprt 601, Miami Beach) being the same as the one for Leonardo Corporation.

The original registration of the company took place on June 12th, 2013, and lists Andrea Rossi and his wife, Maddalena Pascucci as directors. See original filing documents here.

REFC Real Estate Corp. is listed as the owner of eight properties in the Miami-Dade County’s register of property taxes. According to the tax records, the assessed value of the properties amounts to almost $1,180,000 in total.

It’s hard to see any connection between Rossi’s E-Cat work and these properties — they all seem to be small residential apartments. However it does indicate that Rossi now have funds to invest. For a long time when he operated solo it seemed that money was very tight for him. Now, possibly Rossi has used some of the proceeds he received from his new business deal with his US partner to invest in real estate.

  • For a long time when he operated solo it seemed that money was very tight for him.

  • They all seem to be little personal flats. However it does indicate that Rossi now have resources to invest

  • Ace

    This is a very interesting development. Why on earth is Rossi buying condominiums? These are all small, older properties at the bottom end of the market. Some of these appear to be purchased out of bankruptcy/bank-owned type situations. Seems like a lot of work for a busy physicist.

    On Aug 16 REFC filed an amendment to remove Maddalena Pascucci as a director, so it’s nothing to do with Rossi’s wife apparently.

    And on Aug 28 Maddalena Pascucci sold her 1331 Lincoln Road condo. According to, it was not sold to Rossi or REFC. If that was the intent, you wouldn’t list it on the MLS.

    Very puzzling.

  • Man

    What about the famous and moving promises to help children for their cure of cancer?
    It seems that he think only of own accumulation of money.
    Maybe are the money from licensees?

    @ Admin
    I hope that you not delete again my comments.
    I know, talk about this matter here could give bother to the believers.

    • bachcole

      Profits mean funding for research. Rossi is in no position yet to be giving away money. I don’t give much in the way to charity because I am always one paycheck away from being among those people who need charity.

      “Believers” implies stupidity. However, if given the right evidence, non-belief is either ignorance or stupidity. I have the evidence. I am hoping that you, Man, are merely ignorant.

      • Man

        He promised publicly on JoNP many times to give a lot of money (around 50%) for charity and all the believers said:
        “oh, a so beautiful, generous man…”

        You said right:
        “believers implies stupidity” and I remember to you that I’m not a believer.

        Dear “bachole” you said that I’m a ignorant but are you able to understand that purchase of houses, villas and swimming pools aren’t funding for research?
        Probably you aren’t.

        I hope that you will never need of charity in your life, but we can never know…

        • bachcole

          Sarcasm by non-newbies is not even appreciated here, so how do you suppose sarcasm by newbies is going to fly.

          When you look at the evidence, then get back to us: et cetra, et cetra, et cetra

          Everyone probably likes a little cushion in case things go wrong, like he gets tied up in litigation with Defkalion or Brillouin beats him to market. He seems salaried now, and salaried people can’t save the world financially. You are way too quick to judge other people when we don’t know much about what is going on.

  • Man

    What about the famous and moving promises to help children for their cure of cancer?
    It seems that he think only of own accumulation of money.
    Maybe are the money from licensees?

    @ Admin
    I hope that you not delete again my comments
    I know, talk about this matter here could give bother to the believers.

  • stefenski .

    It’s if he signs up with an Electricity supplier for the home is when I will worry 😉

  • Omega Z

    In case anyone is interested, Fulvio Fabiani is still working with Rossi as Tech Director of LEONARDO Corp.
    Fulvio Fabiani is presently living in Miami.
    Also, there is no work being done in the Italy facility. It’s all being done in the U.S.A.

  • soot

    Mark Dansie is pointing to a new player in the LENR field coming out with a new novel approach. Does anway have any more information on who he might be looking at?

  • Lexi Mize

    As Snagglepuss (a cowardly lion) would say “Exit, stage real estate.”

  • Udi

    He received some money for his shares, and invested some in real estate.
    Nothing wrong or strange with that.

    Several people I know invested in real estate as well.

    And I don’t believe he did the apartment hunting himself, either his wife done it, or they hired an agent.

  • Redford

    “It’s hard to see any connection between Rossi’s E-Cat work and these properties ”
    Is it really ? That seems typicaly like the kind of real estate a company buy when it want to host foreign specialists for extended periodes.

    • freethinker

      I agree. There may be nany beign reasons why AR is taking these steps. The one you mention is a very good reason – and likely one.

      Another reason, slighly more exotic and fringe, could be that he want some appartments/houses to demo/test products in situ, and having full controll over it at the same time 😉

      • toodorky

        I think your fringe is right on…would make sense anyway.

    • Omega Z

      It would make it hard to follow Rossi to work. Which place is he at. Possible, but just kidding.

      Maybe some are for family members.
      With 1 or 2 exceptions, Most of these properties have seen assessment values near double before the Recession. If prices recover, it would be an excellent investment. Even with a partially price recovery.

  • Christina

    Something else has occurred to me.

    Someone, I believe, suggested that Mr. and Mrs. Rossi are using the money from the investors in the E-cat. It seems to me that a lot of people were sent to prison for using money for their personal lives that was given to their business.

    I propose that Mr. Roosi did sell his E-cat, did make money, reinvested in his business, gave himself a salary, and is investing in real estate because once his E-cat is public, no telling how long before it becomes outdated because the next slow fusion “miracle” has come on the market.

    So I would say that if Rossi is investing his earned money, good for him. Although, I understand that owning apartments is a huge headache unless you have a manager; maybe then too. I wouldn’t know as I’ve never had that problem. 🙂

    Have a good day and may God bless you.

  • Christina

    This document was processed back in June and all the work to buy this property could have been done by Mrs. Rossi or he could be totally a fake, but he sounds very sincere. So for now, I’m going with that he still is working hard on the E-cat. We won’t know the results until a year from now and the scientists working on lenr have got to come up to breathe and take care of their lives once in a while.

    • Asterix

      I’m not familiar enough with Florida real-estate law, though I do know that there is a homestead exemption in Florida (cf. OJ Simpson). Would any of these properties be covered under the exemption?

      • Omega Z

        Usually, such exemptions apply only to the dwelling in which the owner resides.

    • Hope4dbest

      If Rossi is not on the up and up, by the time the test results are finished a year from now, there will be no money left for investors in his licenses.

  • Pekka Janhunen

    Probably off-topic, but…

    A Finnish inventor claims that he has a reactor which burns wet wood with higher efficiency than dry wood. He says that the water is first decomposed to hydrogen and oxygen and that this somehow increases the burning temperature and thus Carnot efficiency, but keeps other details secret. In any case, he seems to have a demonstration installation already. This is the first time i hear about it.

    • John Littlemist

      There has been some discussion (in the comments) about the Hope Cell and Turos Team and their possible similarities:

      • John Littlemist
        • tlp

          Could it be that they have lenr going on in their catalytic converter, maybe just by accident? Local university has measured 137% efficiency when catalytic converter is used, about 100% without.
          Their catalytic converter is a secret, but if it is similar as in cars, including palladium, something like lenr could happen.

      • Pekka Janhunen

        The claim could make sense if he has found a way (catalyst) to split water to hydrogen and oxygen using moderate temperature heat. The higher efficiency would then arise because hydrogen flame is hotter than normal flame. If that is the case, then his invention would probably have applications beyond burning biomass (because it would be a cheap way of making hydrogen) and the invention would not be related to LENR.

  • clovis ray

    Hi, everyone , i think Dr. Rossi is moving on up to the deluxe apartment in the sky,

  • ecatworld

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  • NT

    Another question I have, What has happened to fellow commentator Roger Bird. He was a regular here with many posting – is he banned, sick or what?

    • ecatworld

      Hi NT, he’s still here, using bachcole as his new handle. I wondered for a while myself until he signed one of his posts.

      • bachcole

        I did not switch to bachcole. When Frank switched to Disqus, my other handle popped up. So I started using it. I also noticed that bachcole was not on eternal moderation, so I stuck with it. I guess I have been behaving myself so well that Frank decided to not put bachcole on moderation. See, flower remedies work; I took the remedies for impulsive hothead. (:->)

        “bach” comes from Johann Sebastian Bach, and “cole” comes from Thomas Cole, a famous US painter from 1801 to 1848 who I like a lot. I have had that handle for almost 17 years. You can find some really twisted erotic literature if you search for “bachcole”. (:->)

  • NT

    IMHO this does not bod well for Rossie’s ecat’s. If he had good prospects to make quick billions and perhaps TRILLIONS with the new ecat’s why dapple and spend his time and effort with puny real estate rental investments? It only makes sense if he is now hedging his ecat bets, meaning the ecat may not be proving out to his expectations. Lets hope this is not the case!

    • Garry

      Who says this is an investment? Maybe it’s for family members. Gawd… if he were going to doing something scurrilous he’d create a shell company. Give the guy a break.

      • NT

        Garry, where do you get the scurrilous aspect from my comment??

        • Fortyniner

          “It only makes sense if he is now hedging his ecat bets, meaning the ecat may not be proving out to his expectations.”

          The implications of your words are fairly scurrilous. Your statement appears to be just another (rather tortured) way of accusing Rossi of fr*ud, while attempting to avoid being moderated for doing so.

    • Omega Z


      Rossi, or Likely his estate may make Billions in the Future from royalties, But he will never obtain what many here think.

      Lonnie Johnson who Invented the Super Soaker water gun, today has his own research center. The Company that manufactured them Sold over a Billion dollars worth wholesale. Lonnie Johnson recieved a whopping $20 Million in Royaties all said.

      Of Course, a snippet I come across a while back is that Rossi has already beat that. The Number bandied around was $47 Million on the front side. Royalties will follow once they go to market.

      Numbers I’ve seen indicate Royalties fall in the neighborhood of 2% of Gross factory sales plus/minus ones negotiation skills.

      The Numbers, Billions & Trillions that people post are market value. That’s everything. Engineers, laborers, Turbines, Steel/concrete Etc… That is a far cry from what Rossi will receive. He’ll have to settle for the small change from the manufacture of E-cat’s. Which by the way is just the heat source. Similar to the use of burners in a furnace. All Important, but just a small piece of the overall product.

      Rossi’s investments are likely to do with Taxes. Certain Investments allow for right offs, Exemptions etc. Some are beneficial. They Create Jobs. Others not so much. That’s a Topic in itself. However, 1 thing is certain. Without proper investing, Government Entities will take about 50% once income exceeds a certain point. Even with investments, The Government will take a good chunk.

      • NT

        Yes Omega, I get the tax shelter angle, I hope that is what is happening here…

    • bachcole

      It is possible that he is buying these properties for friends, family, and/or employees. Right now, it is all speculation for us.

  • Bodros Afamos

    Maybe he is going to sell the factory he told us was making e-cats back in 2011.

  • Sean

    Off Topic. Here is an article on sky news about 3D Printing as discussed August 1st 2013. Possibly getting closer to wide manufacturing practise such as LENR.

    • bachcole

      So, let us compare the reception of 3D Printing and LENR. 3D Printing: No one is opposing it except perhaps a few anti-gun people and the like. LENR: Most people think that it is a joke.

      3D Printing is proven and commercialized and there is nothing to do with it that is outside of the currently known “laws” of physics.

      LENR: is proven, but given that it is outside of the currently known “laws” of physics, it is not accepted.

      • AlainCo

        3D printing is really not a scientific breakthrough, but an engineering achievement, with impact on some the society and the economy… compare to internet…

        to understand LENR, compare it with similar experimental results withou facing existing theories:

        – quasicrystals

        – hygiena and germs

        – hot superconduction

        – darwin evolution

        – Wegener continental drift

        (forget about QM and relativity which had/was theory)

        you see it is not always rejected, but sometime it takes decades or centuries…

        the huge problem of LENR, darwin, semmelweis, wegener is that they were facing an existing theoretical paradigm, shocking unscientific intuition, and proposing no “mechanism”

        wegener could not find a mechanism for his drift, and the required evidences were much huger than rational…

        for semmelweiss, he had no evidence of germs, except statistics and what any practitioners not blinded by theory could see.

        the hot superconduction get more lucky, despire the denial of Celani anomalies that he describe

        it get accepted because, first it was visible by a kid of 5 who could bash a physicist if he denied that. One key condition for deniers to swallow the crow : that kids of 5 can bash them.

        second it was not causing crazy expectation, and press did not overhype it too much.

        thirst this domain, with the time it tools to discover a theory (BCS) is used with unknown…

        the two problems of LENR is that it got over-hyped, and experimentally dishonest people can always find a place to hide a rabbit in a hat.

  • Z

    Apparently Rossi just recently sold his apartment. This is an apartment at the exact address mentioned above.

    • clovis ray

      hi Z ,
      I believe this apartment and 7 others is a good investments

    • Omega Z

      Likely just a transfer of ownership from Leonardo to REFC Real Estate Corp.