Preparing the Ground

Thanks for the many interesting responses on the earlier thread about building awareness about LENR. The point about the need for a working LENR device for mass acceptance is a good one, and has been made many times, notably by Andrea Rossi himself. And for real popular acceptance — having Cold Fusion, LENR, E-Cat, etc., become household words — I would agree.

But I think there is merit and use in preparing for an eventual grand announcement by trying to raise the profile of the subject so it may have an easier entry into the mainstream consciousness.

As I have said before, as far as I am concerned, the May Elforsk report provides solid evidence of the reality and usefulness of the Rossi Effect, and I am sure I am not the only one who has been so convinced. Whether you stand to lose or gain from such a technology, as some have mentioned here, there are most likely people carefully and quietly observing what is going on in the field, ready to take some kind of action at such a time as they see expedient.

If, as Andrea Rossi has said, two new validation reports are to be published following long term testing (one from an independent body, and the other from his partner), along with a news conference by the partner, there is likely to be a lot more public debate before too long. My guess is that we won’t get much significant news from Rossi & Co. until next year. If the news turns out to be positive in terms of E-Cat performance, there probably be a mixture of shock, delight, fear, skepticism and uncertainty. My hope is that people will recognize the benefits of this technology to the human race and that there will be few significant obstacles thrown up to prevent its dissemination.

I hope too, that when important announcements come, there will be people ready to enter the public fray who are knowledgeable and informed about the subject and who will be able to help educate the wider public. So for the moment I see that preparing the ground for those times is one of the things that supporters or LENR can do — and that is a role I see for E-Cat World at the moment.

  • LENR4you

    Look at the last revolutions (like the Arab Spring). They all are triggered via facebook. Why not the LENR revolution also?

    Elise Andrew runs the most popular Science page on facebook, she has gathered nearly 5 million followers:

    Here is the facebook page:

    Why not use facebook for the LENR Revolution?

    • bachcole

      Go ahead, go for it. But remember that you still have to convince Elise Andrew and all of the others.

      I hate Facebook with every fiber of my being. I will stick with email and comment sections.

  • JIP

    If the cost/benefit ratio was easily developed and clearly indicated a huge advantage over conventional power, there would never have been a delay of almost two years between Rossi’s container demonstration and dissemination of tangible results or products. Instead we have development partners withdrawing due to significant questions about measurements, sites with gaps in updates regarding product development approaching a year, and open source research approaching a year without clear results.
    It seems more and more likely that incremental progress over a number of years will be required to make this a commercially viable product – ie. wind or solar power, fuel cells, heat pumps, tidal and cellulosic products. Rather than a game changer of mythic proportions, it seems much more likely that the energy released is generally much more ephemeral. Time will tell,

  • dissident_opinion

    Andrea Rossi is in possession of possibly the greatest scientific discovery ever. Mega congratulations to him. But he is not doing so well on the self-publicity front. This says great things about his character but leaves people who are anxious to get on with the Cold Fusion Revolution dissatisfied. Andrea have a look at the life of Thomas Edison. He “lit up a city” to advertise his light bulb. You can provide “free heat” to cold coffee bars in the northern cities in the winter months, and also run their expresso coffee machines. You will get so much publicity that you will sell ten industrial e-cats in ten minutes! I guarantee it.

  • otto1923

    I think the hotcat should be on MythBusters on the discovery channel. This would get it the biggest mainstream audience and much street cred. It would be on reruns and youtube. Seriously.

  • Dan Woodward

    I think a way to raise public interest by an order of magnitude would be to get the History Channel to make a 1 hour TV special about “Cold Fusion”. The story would be very interesting due to the highs and lows, the intrigue, the possible “big oil” resistance (and possibly EPRI). It could wind up with a very positive viewing of an actual successful application of an E-cat, such as a comparison of cost to heat a shower for an hour with gas then with E-cat.

  • will

    rossi arrived at the “no comment ” state. what about the other players dgt + bruillion, does anyone know what’s coming up the next weeks?

  • Omega Z

    Thought I would post some background on the following to allay some concerns.

    Robert Duncan Leaving U. of Missouri for Position at Texas Tech

    Don’t concern yourself with the Big Oil association. Oil will forever be needed even if in smaller quantities. Also these Corporations are about return to Investors of which in the Oil Industry, 50% or more goes to Pension Funds. When LENR prevails, they will be invested in it. They may even have been Instrumental in TT’s Decision to recruit Duncan.

    Note that Texas took a major beating years ago in the Energy crunch. Many wrote them off as an Economic power house, but they picked themselves up & rebuilt against the Odds. Compare Texas to a guy who loses his house to a Tornado. From that day on, he keeps an ever vigil eye on the sky. That Be Texas.

    Don’t Kid yourself. Universities/Tech Schools are about Money & Prestige.
    Texas Tech is an Underrated school that is fast rising in the Educational Ranks.
    Involves: Plasmonics Research Group, Nano-tech, Etc… Very similar to the fields that U. of M. is involved. With LENR Applications. Check the Link.

    Texas Tech turns out a lot of Engineers in the Energy Field of which there is a World Wide shortage. LENR Technology will need a lot of these Graduates. Being on the Cutting Edge will make it the Go To School of Choice. Money & Prestige comes to Texas Tech Along with many new patents.

    They also Provide schooling in Lab View. That be National Instruments (Headquartered in Austin, Texas) who also has many TT Graduate Employees. Who are very aware of Duncan’s work.

    Texas Tech would be completely Aware Of Robert Duncan’s Pedigree.
    His Scientific openness. His Hands on Experience & His management credentials. His knowledge of how to bring in both Private Donations & 10’s of Millions in Federal Research Grants. What He has accomplished at U. of M. in just a couple years likely makes Even MIT Envious.

    Note that Texas Tech also made a position for his Wife on the Faculty.(This is what they do if they really want you.) They Wanted Him for a Reason. My Guess would be Organizing the School Curriculum for the Coming of LENR Technology & Research. The Future Place to be.

    You may be able to find Individuals better in 1 area or another, But You would be extremely hard pressed to find ANYONE more Qualified overall for the Position he is taking. As to those who may be better qualified in some areas, I’m sure he has the leeway to Hire them if he deems them necessary.

    In No way do I see this as bad. In Fact it seems promising. There are those preparing for the inevitable.

    • bachcole

      I couldn’t agree more.

    • Barry

      Oil will probably drop down from its greedy, inflated price of the last 10 years. Perhaps closer to a dollar a gallon.

      • Omega Z


        I strongly expect the price of Oil to experience little disruption for many years to come.
        However, I could be wrong. I base this on the U.S. circumstances. Less then 2% in the U.S use heating Oil & that number is dropping fast due to N-Gas being so cheap.
        LENR will have little impact on transportation for at least 20 years.

        However, as I said I could be wrong. Other Countries have a totally different Energy mix then we do. And depending on that, Oil could be more effected then I’m aware of And Oil prices are Primarily a World Commodity with World set Prices.

  • Christina

    They introduced the “solar systems” we have now by putting small solar panels on hand-holdable radios.

    Wouldn’t it be something if they start out with lenr by selling small-scale appliances running on their own power.

    That would convince pretty quickly; but I get it: they will have the ability to make the big stuff first and the small stuff will come later. Or will it? Hmmm

    Well, if I’ll take the scientists word for it that it’s hard to organize lenr so it works, perhaps replacing defunct nuclear power stations like San Onofre in San Diego County with lenr would convince the people that lenr works.

    Question: Instead of calling it “cold fusion,” could it be more accurate if we’re calling it “slow fusion?” I may have read that somewhere, but I don’t remember. (Bad memory)

    All of you have a great day and may God bless you.

    • bachcole

      I like “slow fusion”. But, of course, we can’t give the impression that we mean slow to come to market, like hot-fusion which is definitely slow to come to market.

  • astralprojectee

    You convinced me Frank that LENR believers should help the public at large understand this technology a lot more. On the other hand most of our initial convincing will mostly be done by a working commercialized LENR product. We ourselves can’t do much without evidence and proof. Most preferably in a commercial product.

    • bachcole

      But how did we get here “without evidence and proof”? Did we just project here, or did we take someone’s word that it was something worth looking at closely. I say that if we can expand the believers from 5,000 to 10,000 that this will help a lot when the cookies and cream ice cream hits the fan. (:->) We should comment on every news article that might be appropriate, like “energy crisis”, “pollution”, “global warming”, “energy”, etc. etc. Leaving links and comments will get people’s attention, just like it got our attention.

  • Pekka Janhunen

    Most information concerning the subject is false or misleading. The best education of the public is the spreading of provably correct information, once such information becomes available. To many relevant questions the right answer will probably be “don’t know” at least for some time.

  • clovis ray

    hi, everyone,
    again another good article, frank and i agree with you, but we will have to wait for the go ahead, from Dr.rossi, and company, the thing is what are we suppose to do in the mean while, not much i’m afraid, it would be great if Dr. Rossi would give a little and charge this great web site, with some substantial task, to keep us more involved, we have been loyal subjects in this new revolution of his, come on Dr. rossi, there must be loads of things we could help with.

  • Donk970

    This whole LENR thing reminds me of Apple Inc before they switched to Intel processors. Back then I told a number of people that I’d bet money (should have) that Apple had a skunk works project to put the Mac OS onto intel processors. The thing was that you never heard a peep out of Apple on the subject and very clearly Motorola and IBM were unaware of it. One day, out of the blue, Apple announces that they are going to start shipping Intel based Macs the next month. Apple really understands the ABC’s of invention.

    A) Don’t talk about it until you are ready to deliver it.
    B) Don’t talk about it until you are ready to deliver it.
    C) Don’t talk about it until you are ready to deliver it.

    I don’t think Apple is the only company in the world that knows how to keep secrets and I don’t think Apple is the only company in the world that has secret skunk works projects to pursue new ideas and technology. I would bet money that there are at least half a dozen companies that have been paying attention to LENR and have skunk works projects to explore brining something to market.

    • Asterix

      Well, it depends upon who your drinking buddies were. The fact that IBM had no “official” notice doesn’t mean that there was no awareness of what was going on in Silicon Valley, which is a lousy place to do work if you want secrets kept.

      I don’t think anyone on the technical end was really surprised when Apple made the jump–it was logical and PPC development was lagging behind x86 seriously, mostly due to fab issues, which Intel excelled at. Moto had already spun off the silicon business as Freescale, which was the subject of a LBO saddled with huge debt, so there was a lot of concern about Freescale’s survival. IBM had spun off much of the PPC IP to AMCC. For Apple to continue with PPC, would have been silly.

      And rumors had long persisted that Apple had Intel-based versions of OS X in-house long before the switch was announced.

      So not quite the same thing.