How to Increase Popular Awareness of LENR?

Since Spencer Blohm’s guest post about cold fusion in popular culture I’ve been wondering about the lack of discussion about the topic in the popular culture.

Based on traffic to this site, responses to polls and comments here (and other places) I would estimate that in the world today there are fewer than 5000 people who are currently seriously interested in LENR and convinced that it has the potential to be a major source of energy. For those of us follow the topic closely, there is every reason to be excited about the potential of LENR, and to see it as a world-changing technology that deserves the attention of people of influence the world over.

The problem is that we have very little clout. There are a few websites and forums out there where people talk about LENR, and the number of people active in conversation is relatively small — probably numbering in the hundreds. Most of these sites (I know this one) seem to get little attention from key decision makers.

When the Elforsk report (authored by Levi et al) was published earlier this year, there was a flurry of attention from some more widely visited websites, but that tended to be of the more skeptical nature, and while that report has done a good deal to strengthen the confidence of LENR followers in the reality of the ‘Rossi Effect’, in my estimation the net result of its publication has added very little to the acceptance of LENR in the population at large.

We’re hearing that there are two more reports that are supposed to be published after long-term E-Cat tests (one from his partner, and the other from a third party group, and Andrea Rossi has said that eventually his partner will hold a press conference. Maybe that will be the tipping point, where finally the media will realize that this is a major story and they will report it through mainstream channels.

But maybe they won’t. And even if they do, maybe there will be a flash of attention, but nothing more. Maybe a few skeptical voices from people of influence will be enough to keep people from taking LENR seriously for a long time. Or maybe the fear factor will creep in and get the upper hand — where the E-Cat (or similar technology r) will be opposed based on some health and safety or security worries.

In this day of massive information publication where there is huge competition for the public’s attention it is difficult for any topic to stand out. What I’m wondering here is what can be done to spark the imagination of the public and bring cold fusion/LENR more fully into the spotlight — where I believe it deserves to be?

I am certainly happy to use this site as a vehicle to promote  publicity of any kind — and is available as a place where interested people can communicate and collaborate. There are other sites and spaces out there, too.

Here are some of my thoughts that I’ll throw out there on things that can make a difference in public perception and awareness.

  • Convincing demonstration of a working product
  • Testimonials from satisfied customers
  • News coverage in print, TV, online media
  • Celebrity spokesperson — someone who is well known and respected who is willing to go out and champion the cause
  • Educational campaigns by advocacy organizations
  • Media interviews of people informed about LENR
  • Well-produced videos (who knows what it takes for a video to go viral)
  • Political endorsements of LENR — proposed legislation
  • Film and TV coverage (See this group at LENRConnect to discuss this:

I’d like to tap the thinking of the readership here. What do you think could bring more positive visibility to LENR? And what might people like you and I do to bring these things about.

  • AstralProjectee

    You can go on spiritual type forums and talk about it. They are usually more open minded about things in life. But unfortunately some of can also be more gullible. But hey the more people to reach the better. I’ve already done this a few times.

  • a

    LENR will gain incredibly popular awareness when real evidence of it is shown. There is no other way.

    • bachcole

      I agree completely. It is very much like the airplane. It is something new, completely and utterly new, and “too good to be true”, and has already been dismissed by (over) confident scientists. And the lamestream media is too gutless to decide for themselves.

      Hopefully this will be a much needed lesson for lamestream science and the media.

    • AlainCo

      There is already real piles of evidence of LENr as science, andfairly good (like elforsk) of industrial…

      the problem is not evidences, it is for them to be accepted.

      nothing real is ever accepted.

      do you think it is rational that the only possibility seems to be to install it in a power plant and make billions ?

      don’t you think that we have instruments, labs, that can show it is real ?
      it is psychiatry… don’t say we need evidence!

      we need brain-unwashing therapy !

  • GreenWin

    A sociology experiment: ask the editors of a variety of publications why it is, with the copious evidence at hand, they refuse to publish articles on LENR?? The stock answer will be that it is “fringe” or not “peer reviewed.” Er, since when does being “fringe” and anti-establishment censor the First Amendment? Mega-fortunes are routinely made on just such criterion. What would you wager that the responses (if any) will parrot the same stock script??

    In a real human habitat, there are ALWAYS recalcitrant editors who publish against the consensus. Only a fake (and bug infested) simulation of life would purport there to be no such reactionaries. Rather positive proof that this sim is fatally flawed!

    • Fortyniner

      As you say, they would rationalise – or simply refuse to answer. As a second question, assuming evasion or silence, I would like to ask, ‘How was it *exactly* that you came to be aware that this was a topic that you may only cover in a disparaging or ridiculing style, or better, not cover at all?”

      Of course, I wouldn’t expect a meaningful answer to that question either.

  • anonymous

    Just make it work? Sounds obvious to me

  • Lexi Mize

    If someone, anyone, had a real, working, documented, verified LENR device that *could* be commercialized all they would have to do would be to start a project. If they showed a truthful, expert supported video of the device in action with honest testimonials by physicists, chemists, and electrical engineers, within 24 hours they would have more than $10million in public supported venture. (Look at that silly game console Ouya. That pointless bit of tech got $8.5M in a month. Of course all they did was controller design, packaging, circuit board design and software – nothing earth shattering like a new energy source.)

    For instance, if the MFMP group, the only honest team in the race, come through, and they build such a productizable device and follow the outline above, LENR would be a world-wide household word in a week. Honest results are all LENR needs.

    • bachcole

      I think that the problem is control. MFMP doesn’t even have LENR yet, so they have not yet encountered the control problem. I doubt if Rossi has a money problem. Probably also not Brillouin, perhaps Defkalion. When this thing hits the market, it has to be PERFECT. Remember, this is new. Completely and utterly new, but with a name with a really bad reputation: “nuclear”. So it has to be perfect.

    • Doktor Bob

      A kickstarter is a lot of work and the people who invest they do not only invest in the product but also the team behind it.

      Let say I have a product …

      I agree with you Lexi, if so I would need testimonials by some recognized and trusted names to give credibility to my company / product . Reaching through to people is quite hard actually… at least when you have to start from the bottom as I have done.

      Maybe someone her have some contacts that could be useful for trying to put a product on the market? If so, pass them my way because in an ideal world, where dreams come true, we should commercialize cold fusion already this year and it should be done in a public and open fashion .

      (non of this: “I have a military customer but I cant say his name and I am not allowed to prove my information is correct”)

  • Allan Shura

    The public veiw of the running e-cat making practical operations talked about for a long time would bring an increased change to the perception.

  • E_man

    DGT had fantastic chance to end diskusion, if LENR is real. Instead of dancing with vakuum, argon, displeyed data and diskutable measurments, they can use only three things.
    Mats Lewan can bring cheep China wattmeter (cca 20 USD), kitchen thermometer and in show room could be a 1000litrs barell covered with isolation foam.
    At begining they can put about 300 litrs water to barell and all coolant water can flow to barell trough cooper pipe immers in water barell.
    Mats can only push null button on wattmetr at the begining, measured temperature flowing from water supply and at the end he can measured temperature in barell water.
    After final volume in barell, temperature diference and end data from wattmetr could EVERYBODY ON ALL THE WORLD KNOW, IF LENR IS REAL UNDER ALL DOUBTS !!

    • Alexvs

      Why not same procedure for E-Cat?

      • E_man

        Yes, of course. But Rossi invited 7 physicist at least. It is on them, if they bet their reputacy and let mislead himself by Rossi. They had enaugh time to examine possible fraud.
        There are only two possibility with all simmilar inventors (Rossi, DGT, Brill., and so on).
        1. There are fraud and can not prove their propositions.
        2. There are right, but do not want from any reasons to prove it. Partly, so that could smile to mainstream physicists (this belong to them), partly is too soon really to discover it.
        I strongly believe in second possibility.
        If there are right, it is absolute in their control to increase popularity and we will help them with pleasure. If not, we could be crazy to parcipate on their fraud.

        • AlainCo

          They tried to support their protocol , and Bo Hoistad make an interview, which is ignored by skeptics…

          There is no way to show evidence to someone who close his eyes.

          The paper of Pomp&eriksson is always cited by skeptics, why it is toilet paper works than the worsk magnetic free energy engine conspiracy paper…

          When you see people who claim their are skeptics, swallow that tissue as baby milk, you understand that thei are not skeptics, but true believers…

          I agree that debunking of Elforsk raised one concern : that DC offset was not checked…
          but given that it could have been tested by any of the 7 testers, who tested much more tricky details, you can rule out the hypothesis that rossi hide energy in DC voltage/DC current.

          moreover the testers installed few instruments on the same line, and with more details on those instruments supply you can maybe rulout DC power.

          I’ve tried more generally to convince mainstream scientists, and they don’t even doubt about the fact that a Nasdaq company sponsor LENr, make presentation ait they annual show…
          all is normal… they don’t even critics that company saying the boss is crazy…
          because if they started to question that point it would challenge their certainty…

          I just read few seconds ago a man saying that all LENR experiments where irreproducible, except some loose one..
          of course as soon as he see a replication, he calime it is loose…

          I also see people discuss about the credential of LENr company, and the immediately forget Xantoulis, Truchard, Aldo proia, Elforsk, ENEA, ST Micro… and focus on Rossi.. not even answering me…

          there technic is to ignore anything that may challenge their belief…
          when you raise a point they move to a darker zone and repeat their dogma.

          It is clear Groupthink, of the worst kind, which captured 99.99 of planet brain.

          • E_man

            Look. In Ericsson&Pomp paper are only irracional arguments, that presupose fraud behavior not only from Rossi, but all 7 physicists, because Rossi could not know, what will some not fraud physicist examine.
            But I do not understand aim and pupors his show. The same is in case DGT show. To days inventions are very complex, Bulb is invented, Edison time is over. If Rossi, DGT or any other vants to say something to people, they must their report accomodate to intended public.
            We can’t expect, that DGT show will convince wide public but it cold. In Rossi case I believe much more 7 physicist than 2 opponent with irracional arguments.
            I bellieve, than 7 physicist are convinced of LENR under all doubts. But I am still waiting for my proof under all doubts.

  • bachcole

    Title: Is LENR Going to Be Too Late?

    The rising tide of autism, cancer, and other health concerns may not be so simple as vaccinations or
    eating wheat or pollution. There is an epigenetic study of Norrbotten, Sweden which is revolutionary and very scary in light of the profoundly stupid things that we are doing to ourselves: I have been aware of this study for about 4 years.

    It is revolutionary in that we did not believe that acquired characteristics are inheritable. In engineering we call that idea a 1st approximation. The 2nd approximation shows that the environment can impact genes for generations to come.

    This Norrbotten study is about nutritional abundance and paucity and how it affects not just ourselves and our children but even our grandchildren. It is sort of counter-intuitive in spots. If a male growing up has too little to eat during his period of developing his testicles, around 13 years old, his grandchildren will live an average of 6 years LONGER. If a female while in her mother’s uterus experiences nutritional paucity, while she is developing her gonads, her grandchildren will live an average of 6 years LONGER.

    But what about the dreadful things that we the American people have been putting into our bodies for
    the past 100 years. Skittles, vaccinations, pharmaceutical drugs, air pollution, excessive food, fluoride, chlorine, no raw foods (many people go weeks without eating a single gram of raw food), no enzymes,
    magnesium deficiency, other mineral deficiencies. I could go on and on ad nauseam. I foresee a tsunami of damaged babies the likes of which the world has never seen. I foresee the fall of the United States of America if not the entire modern, industrialized world. More and more money will be
    poured into caring for damaged babies and the neurologically damaged and other epigenetically and even genetically damaged people.

    My wife works with what I call neurologically damaged high schoolers; I can see that she has job security for a long time. I told my 1/2 Filipino son yesterday to be sure to marry either someone from a family who were natural health food fanatics, or immigrants from 3rd world countries. I told him that I didn’t want grandchildren who were seriously damaged. He understood.

    We are headed for a great fall, America. I seem to be the only one saying this, as far as I can see. I see a lot of people concerned about themselves and their children with regard to the unnatural lifestyle
    that we the people have adopted. But see a catastrophe unparalled in human history coming, a silent, subtle catastrophe, which will rip apart the very heart of America.

    Once we go LENR, we should work very hard at trying to eat and live in as natural and pollution free a way as possible. LENR will be a most an excellent start, but it will only be a start.

    Sincerely concerned,

    Roger Bird

  • GreenWin

    It is extraordinarily easy to invent excuses as to why a revolutionary source of clean, green, abundant energy (NASA, Chief Scientist Dennis Bushnell PhD.) is not heralded by the elite media. The reasons are IMO, infantile, pathetic, protective of orthodoxy. The battle for mindset with respect to energy is not unlike Bishop Iranaeus’ battle against the gnostic gospels testifying to the message of Jesus of Nazareth.

    Distributed Energy Resources are technologies that individuate, liberate common men from the centralized control mechanism of utility energy corporations. DERs allow human beings to access the abundance around them and to know that each and every one can create the energy they need to live a productive, fulfilling life. It is in the last 100 years an elite, self-absorbed, greedy few have monopolized energy; coal, oil, nuclear. Overseer instructed ignorance teaches humans these are the only methods of obtaining energy.

    There is only debunkery, denialism, FUD and distraction from the orthodox controlled simulation we are supposed to accept as “reality.” It is a pathetic attempt; not unlike an old school horror film from Japan. With the mountains of LENR evidence, there is ZERO reason for honest media not to cover the topic. Unless this particular simulation invests in illegal claims to “national security.” The United States does not become insecure by developing and delivering evolutionary technology to the planet. Rather, the US becomes the leader in human evolution, the key element in acceptance into a universe of the benevolent. Hello Majestic??

    Were this planet to be observed by non-human anthropologists, they would be dismayed by the destructive behavior of the very few energy cartel/fiefdoms wielding power. In a universe abundant with energy, the PTB on earth pretend there is a drought, whilst they secretly horde the wealth of the great lakes. This makes for a planet subject to ancient concepts of divinity given only to those elite few. Nothing could be more wrong. Divinity is given to all who care to accept it.

    Awareness of LENR is not necessary at this time. Awareness of the failure of orthodox science is. Hot fusion is a failure. Nuclear fission results in Fukushima with all its corruptive evasiveness. Oil is clearly destructive to many dimensions. We know how to obtain clean, non-radiative energy today. Only the overseers’ insatiable greed and pride prevent it from transforming the human condition.

  • Omega Z

    I think to many of us have unrealistic expectations.
    The General public will NOT react as you may think!

    Frank- Your Post below says it all. “Bloom Energy” Along with a couple high profile people. It was in the news for a short time then forgotten.
    Ask People about Bloom Energy. Few know what it is.

    Wind & Solar don’t fare much better. Many know what they are, but their comprehension ends there. They only question the propaganda it’s supposed to become Cheap, yet their Utilities continue to go up.
    Oh’well, Off to watch reality TV.

    Rossi, E-Cat, LENR, International Partner. MAJOR News MEDIA Event.
    A year Later. Rossi? Oh are You talking about Ross on that old sitcom “Friends?”

    I suspect the number is substantially higher then 5000 people seriously Interested, but like us, have little influence. Just lurking in the wings. But, Compared to 7+ billion people in the world, is just as insignificant,

    Corporate Energy Conglomerates. Many of them KNOW. Several Oilco’s have done their own research. Soft evidence includes connections with the research leaders. Rossi, DGT, Etc.. LENR articles in their Oil Blogs. They Know!

    International Energy Agencies. Many can be found involved directly or indirectly in research reports by NASA, DOD, DOE, NRL, Etc. Both U.S. & Abroad.

    Elforsk is a Good Example. Originated with 2 State controlled Energy Agencies. A Producer & Distributor system. Presently composed of several 100 businesses in Sweden. Proposals are made. Funding is secured. A 3rd party test was performed & a follow up Test in progress.
    They Know!

    The General Public. The Majority are Tuned out & Turned off.

    HOWEVER, I’ve Had A Thought, But at this point in time, It would require you to lie to them.

    A Guy named Rossi has Developed a LENR Battery small enough to fit in your Smart Phone, Tablet, I-Pad or Laptop. Never Recharge again. Guaranteed for the life of the product.
    Taking Pre-orders Now! Ask for the I-E-Cat…

    WARNING!!! Do not place Laptops in your Lap for prolonged periods of time.
    . . Prolonged Exposure to Excess Heat may Effect your ability to reproduce!!!

  • Sanjeev

    Steorn did it and became instantly popular. Well, what happened? Without a solid tangible product it can surely backfire.
    F&P did it, and it backfired, because they were not well prepared for the “prove it” crowd.
    Rossi did it, unintentionally I guess, he is now famous (or infamous), no body believes him except for a handful of people, in spite of all the mountains of evidence.

    So the lesson is, if you have nothing to show and are not prepared well, then its risky to blow your trumpets. Its also risky because it can be suppressed by powerful groups easily, as no one will question them.

    At this time only DGT has the guts and a working prototype to show it to the prove-it crowd and silence them, and they are doing a good job so far. Anyway the ordinary people are useless for advancing the field, they will simply hear it and switch to the next TV channel. If you really wish to advance the field then its worthwhile to contact the rich and/or technically capable people and tell them the good news. More the merrier. This will increase the investment in LENR field, more labs will be set up around the world, more scientists, engineers will get employed and it will progress rapidly.
    A good product will also do the job more quickly, even a small product like coffee maker will be enough to bring a cyclone in the news, but we must wait for it…. for a few years at least.

    • GreenWin

      Only DGT??? We have a documented third party report on the Rossi E-CatHT from excellent, qualified scientific personnel. The only reason for this not to excite human nature is because it is held hostage, without informed consent in an infantile simulation of “life.” Truly discouraging for those pursuing enlightenment. When will these “higher powers” actually get it together?????

      • Fortyniner

        Unfortunately, the elites *have* got it together. That is why the human race is currently in bondage to scarcity and deliberately created debt maintained by the overseers as an instrument of control. The almost seamless wall of fake reality is accepted by 99% of the literate population, and anything that doesn’t fit with this construct bounces off people’s minds like a rubber ball.

        The wall is insuperable – it simply can’t be breached because of the degree of control, and the general human inability to think outside the box that has been prepared for them. The ‘other’ knowledge of a few thousand, or even of a few tens of thousands, is irrelevant in the face of enforced ignorance on such a scale. It is only if segments of TPTB see greater profit in permitting LENR than in hiding it that the oiks will ever become aware of a development that has the potential to change the world.

        However, IMHO, if continued development is allowed, it will only be behind the walls of the energy monopolies for at least a generation to come. All indications are that China, India and Russia at least are to some extent in the ‘club’ these days, and those who are hoping that some kind of free for all will release cold fusion into the wild are probably being rather optimistic.

        • Owen Geiger

          I highly respect your opinion and realize you may be right. But let’s not forget all the amazing, unexpected developments that happen quite frequently. The game isn’t over. Rossi is playing a shrewd hand for instance. There are rumors of companies developing LENR in the shadows to avoid unwanted publicity. There are thousands of people researching, designing and/or building LENR reactors. The stakes are enormous. Inventors know they could make billions. Most inventors also know to avoid publicity until they’ve got it figured out and are ready to bring a finished product to market. All it will take is one reliable/verifiable product to ignite a huge LENR race. Once it’s recognized by the general public as something real and tangible then the race is on. Keep in mind the NWO isn’t all power. Imagine a swarm of ants or bees driving off a large bear for instance. There’s power in numbers. I’m waiting for a big product release in the next few years.

          • Fortyniner

            Owen – Of course you are right that cold fusion devices will now be quietly under development in labs and engineering facilities across the world. There may even be a covert race going on between some of the big boys in energy (the most likely group to break ranks with the decisions taken at Bilderberg and the other elite talking shops). I hope that you turn out to be correct that with so many moles, TPTB will not be able to whack them all.

            Ultimately though, with so many captured politicians at their disposal, it would be a relatively simple matter to have legislation enacted in all capable countries that places cold fusion in the same category as nuclear fission – i.e., out of bounds for any but the favoured few – in order to create a monopoly. The mechanism would of course be an orchestrated fear campaign to follow on from the first serious ‘outing’ of LENR, conducted through the usual media channels, and the host of disinformation trolls available for hire online. If a serious ‘incident’ involving a CF demo or development lab is thought necessary – then this would not present a problem. There don’t seem to be too many limits on what various government ‘agencies’ will do these days to further the interests of their masters.

            I sincerely hope that I am wrong and you are right, and that such a seemingly paranoid apparaisal is giving the corporatocracy way too much credit for effective action.

            P.S. Roger – that is not your cue…

            • AlainCo

              your fear campaign scenario is one I proposed since long…

              To be honest as French I think the manipulation will came from the lobby of utilities workers, not from the industry itself…
              They will push the governement to help the utilities…

              The neo-malthusians who want to send us in dark caves, will be exploited by governements and utilities to block LENR and block it inside the utilities…

              my hope is that, like with CD, first the thrid world, then poore people, will get arround the blocus…
              there will be smuggling of LENr reactors, like there is smuggling of music, tobacco, …
              and despite the lobbies, the government will have to surrender to the mass, like it happens on CD/peer2peer, first with hypocrisy, then totally…

        • GreenWin

          Excellent dialog. Might I reduce the thoughts to one continuing idea – energy produces money. More money than ANY other industry. Extrapolating then, beyond political influence which as we know bows to monetary interest (lobbyists) – IF the mindset were to reckon that design, manufacture, installation and maintenance of LENR district and local resources was an ever LARGER industry than fission or fossil – the wall is readily breached.

          That is, IMO, the fact. Deploying energy technology to 6.5 billion human beings is far more remunerative than to a paltry 2B. The other wildcard in play is the PTB on earth have opponents, frankly FAR more powerful than PTB. Their overseer status is tenuous at best as the human race obtains knowledge of consciousness and their own immutable power.

          My scenario is we will see a ignominious departure (think Saigon 1975) of PTB once they realize their charade is over. It appears universal that once the corrupt PTB are busted – they rapidly repair to intergalactic Argentina. Energy is abundant throughout the universe. Accessing it is little more than accepting the fact. The key to acceptance is disbelief of the utter BS the orthodox PTB “consensus” would have us believe.

          Were we to believe scientific “consensus” we’d all still think the sun revolved around a flat earth.

      • Sanjeev

        Yes, so far only DGT has openly invited all (including pathoskeptics) to check their reactor. With this attitude life becomes difficult for skeptics, most do not accept the challenge. They are in a good position to call a press conference and declare it to the world, alongside their (named) partners.

        Third party Ecat report, although historical, got buried under a ton of doubts, easy target to shoot at, if its not open to inspection. It takes only one small doubt to ruin a love affair, common people stick to doubts rather than to evidence.

  • Daniel Maris

    Er…just get a working unit out there. I can’t believe Rossi is coming out with this “Oh I’m not sure if the tests are going to come out all right.” K rap. He’s been running these systems for about 5 years. Surely he knows by now whether or not they produce excess energy.

    • ecatworld

      My guess, Daniel, is that Rossi is doing long term testing that he hasn’t done before with hot cats. I don’t think he will declare victory until the test has run it’s course — 6 months or more as I understand things.

      Remember last year the November hot cat test ended in a meltdown. In some ways that was proof that excess energy was produced, but not that it was stable at the time. If these things are going to be run in industrial settings, stability over the long term at a desired temperature is going to be key.

  • Lexi Mize

    In a world of instant information and viral news and topical subjects that are exposed to millions of people within just a few hours or days, maybe there are reasons the subject of LENR or Cold Fusion is not a popular one. For one, it’s an old and worn out subject. Two, when tantalizing expectations are continuously dash to the dirt people tend to discount any future advances. Three, LENR’s association with ZPE, anti-gravity, alien tech, perpetual motion schemes result in it being labeled ‘fringe’ at best and ‘wacko’ at worst. Four, lack of credibility. And five, lack of results.

    Dream as you may, nothing is going to push LENR to the forefront of human consciousness without a knock-your-socks-off, fully vetted, fully verified, free from fraud, stand alone demonstration. That or maybe Rossi could self immolate on the Capitol lawn.

    • Fortyniner

      The skeps would still demand that he demonstrated a COP in excess of 1 as he combusted.

      • AlainCo

        they will claim the cam was not well calibrated, that the water was in fact gasoline, that it was wet steam, a fake video, fake event, false media coverage like 9/11, Apolo and Keneddy assasination…

        why ? because COP>1 is not possible with Rosssi… even his barbecue have a COP<1… his barbecue is not bruning coal, just matches… he is hiding DC matches, his coal cannot burn…

        • Fortyniner

          Ah, but he may have his pockets full of ‘secret sauce’!

  • bachcole

    This is how I do it. I have Google News set to find articles about “LENR” and perhaps “energy crisis”. Whenever I find any suitable article anywhere, I try to comment, if possible, about LENR. It can be as short as “Have no fear, LENR is here.” And then people can go search for “LENR” and do their own investigation.

    I also ask myself, how did I get interested? Some dude left a message on a kefir interest forum and I checked it out. This was October 2011. So, why not leave messages on any fringe site where people are not afraid to look outside of the box. We could increase our 5,000 to 10,000.

  • GreenWin

    Until the simulation this program runs under is corrected – there will be no making the owners of academia, mainstream press and nuke/fossil energy accept LENR. The program is VERY buggy and getting more so.

  • Marcel Baumann

    Dear Frank
    People are so much afraid of believing in unbelievable things. No one likes to confess that he used to believe in an idea, which is too good to be true. Your facebook like click could reveal one day, that you used to be naive like a little child. The same is true for UFOs and crop circles. It could even end your professional career as a reporter.
    For that reason LENR information will alway be published as: “this could be a sensation, if it turnes out to be true.” instead of: “This is a sensation.”

  • Buck

    I think we should accept the evidence in hand; AllainCo outlined some of the basics here, just about an hour ago. Regrettably, LENR will gain no traction until there is a solid commercial product, evidence of satisfied customers, and a PR/Marketing campaign by the LENR companies outlining why their product fulfills all the promises of very inexpensive energy with no environmental consequences.

    I suggest that until this milestone is achieved, PR campaigns will be essentially fruitless as they are only effective at the fringes. Look at the overall consequences of the 2009 60 Minutes piece on Cold Fusion; it informed many people but the information seems to have gone ‘underground’ waiting for more news like a product introduction. Until then, there is essentially nothing for the ‘non-vested interests’ to act on.

    My suggestion is to plan for that day and the days thereafter. And to add to the growing list of good ideas, I suggest reaching out to the PACs focused upon environmental stewardship (Sierra Club, Climate Reality Project, CELDF, and other community rights groups) AND active in the local, regional, national political arenas. LENR would be an extremely motivating tool to the rank and file once it is commercialized and in the open.

  • John Littlemist

    What about this:
    Frank could you ask Rossi about the pilot plant?

  • AlainCo

    I have a stupid idea, a really nasty stupid idea :

    Did you notice that from the point of view of mainstream :
    – National instruments boss, and company, support scam artist like Defkalion, Brillouin, takahashi… they sponsored a scam artist convention ICCF18
    – ST Microelectronics fund LENr researchers, thus scam artist, and file pathological patents
    – Swedish energy research consortium Elforsk fund a scam artist called Andre rossi
    – public money is wasted in Navy, NASA, ENEA to research on pathological science, file absurds patents
    – University of Missouri, and the physics boss, Robert Duncan invited ICCF18 and use the university website to propagate pathological science

    just trying to cut funding of Celani without noise…



    soon people will start to look at those evidence and will realize those crazy guys are not crazy… that there is evidence, that critics are absurds…they will question …

    of course not the physicists, not the politicians, but the populace will ask WHY DID YOU FOOL US !

    NASTY PLAN… yesterday I see V like VENDETTA… it game me ideas.

    send that crazy ideas to the anonymous… Idiot utile, of good friend… whether they support LENR or attack it, be simply need people look at the evidence…
    we don’t need arguments, we need people to look at evidence.

  • bitplayer

    Think of the audience in terms of layers. If there are currently 5000 actively interested people, then the next layer is 50,000. This would include people interested in science, technology, the environment and geo-politics. Make the goal to be engaging the next 50,000 people.

    Between and, plus all the other online information, there is ample evidence of the reality of LENR that can be used to appeal to these people.

    So the trick is getting them aware of LENR at all. This is a straightforward marketing awareness problem.

    Here is a formula for that.

    Use LENRConnect, combined with Google Docs, to coordinate the following activities:
    1) Gather “participants” who will do the following
    2) Compile a list of names of people in science, the media, environmental movement, entrepreneurs, and so on who would have a motive to be interested in LENR.

    > Make the list as long as possible.
    > Label these by category.
    > Compile initial contact emails (or best “who might know” emails) for each of these categories (could start with “[email protected]”)
    3) Create a set of short paragraphs (“messages”), customized for each of the categories in #2, that:
    > Introduce the message
    > Briefly describe LENR
    > Describe why the people in that category would be interested
    > Provide links to LENR-positive information sites
    4) Create a few variations on each paragraph in each category

    5) Send emails with the paragraphs to the people on the list
    6) Log what is sent
    7) Log responses
    8) Notice what works and add to / delete / adjust paragraphs accordingly
    9) Stop sending to people who have responded with action or who really complain badly.
    10) Don’t stop sending out the emails

    Note this is not “spamming” because it is personal communication from participants to individuals.

    This type of marketing works; it’s been used countless times to sell countless products and services. And it can be the base for a wide range of e-awareness initiatives

    If anyone sincerely wants to accelerate the advent of commercial LENR, they should seriously think about doing this.

    Admin, I recommend that you start a LENRConnect Group and Discussion with the above information to kick this off.

    • AlainCo

      I’ve done a little on that but not targeted.
      maybe that is the key.
      Targetting groups who create trends in opinion

  • David Linebarger

    Frank be patient, LENR has it’s timing in the near future. There is not a whole lot that can be done for the masses right now. Perhaps once this conference comes then it would be a great time for people to start going to and telling others. But like all things one can’t force something to grow when it’s not ready.

    Many people are so busy that there would have to be big news for it to take off. So lets wait for the big news that will get peoples attention. LENR will be ready to grow for the masses once we start getting some good conferences and respected people start to recognize. I am sure all the LENR believers on here have already done the best they could naturally do to bring this topic to the attention of friends and people online.

    Unless you want to start something new Frank. A program or something to bring more awareness.

    • Owen Geiger

      It will take more than just studies. has thousands of studies. People want to see a fully functioning machine by reliable, name brand entities.

  • I say prepare until the day when one of the companies rolls out a shiny new product that is proven without a doubt then have multiple press releases. Prepare for that day, have your press release paid for and ready.

    • Get Warren Buffet or Larry Ellison to endorse it and its a done deal. A new age will begin.

  • Donk970

    It is my belief that because of the nature of this technology there isn’t any need for more awareness. The mere fact that experiments can be done on the kitchen counter suggests that it’s just a matter of time before the technology arrives on the scene as a commercialized product. Because of the nature of the technology, nobody will be able to control it’s spread because nobody will be able to control a key resource or idea. I believe that one day in the not too distant future people will become aware of the fact that their electricity is being generated by a LENR power plant down the road or they will notice a LENR home heating unit on sale at Home Depot. There will be corporations with the financial means to do the R&D and the ambition to be bigger than they are that will see the light and start building a LENR product. It may not happen as fast as we’d like and the science may take decades more to figure out but it’ll happen.

    • AlainCo

      if you accept to wait 5 years there is no problem I agree.

      If you are tired of waiting, desperate to find growth because you are getting poor or losing your house, then there is a problem.

  • Venno

    Hi Admin
    May I suggest that a article is written that enlightens/ tells people about LEnR and we can all use it to send to our local newspapers small or big and who knows maybe we get to the 100th monkey situation and the message spreads.You can leave it on your web site for us to send to the newspapers in our areas (all over the world – I got South Africa, Pretoria) with references pictures etc and I am sure some papers will use it.

    • ecatworld

      Good idea. I will probably deal with this in a separate post.


    • AlainCo

      I have tried to relay summaries on LENR on hundreds of places, and it did not increase awareness…

      People who love e-cat don’t look at defkalion.people who hate LENT are convicend it is fraud whatever you say…

      locked opinion is the rule.

  • artefact

    On JONP:

    Frank Acland
    October 11th, 2013 at 8:34 AM
    Dear Andrea,
    Will the R&D you are currently carrying out confirm or disprove the validity of your theory?
    Many thanks,
    Frank Acland

    Andrea Rossi
    October 11th, 2013 at 9:02 AM
    Frank Acland:
    As I said, any specific answer before the end of this validation and R&D period should be premature and vain.
    The meeting regarding theoretical issues has been positive, though. But I hope I will not pass through the experience of a guy that jumps from the 30th floor of a house hoping to fly, arrives at the height of the third floor and says:” so far, so good”.
    Better wait for the conclusion of the validation process, then we will give all the necessary information, good or bad as it may be.
    Warm Regards,

  • ecatworld

    Here’s how Bloom Energy rolled out their technology back in 2010. They had all kinds of big guns to endorse their ‘Bloom Box’ fuel cell energy servers that are now installed in various business settings. In addition to the people shown in this video were Google’s Larry Page and Arnold Schwarzenegger. CBS 60 minutes also did a feature on them. A very big media splash at the time, but I don’t hear much about them these days.

  • Teeum

    My interest and participation, or current lack thereof, with LENR is not dissimilar to that in other areas of life. Preventive health care, ex: cancer prevention vs. “awareness” is one that comes to mind. The status quo in energy is tied to many other things that we do, or better yet, can’t do yet. For me, LENR holds great promise for the future of humanity. Maybe there just aren’t that may of us who are wired this way.

  • AlB

    This may be a bit provocative but why would you actually want more publicity? I come here every day and follow every update because I find this to be one of the most exciting developments in modern times but until products are out in the wild there’s little reason for the general public to take notice. That leaves a few other explanations:

    1. Attract public funding: forget about it, the environment is far too hostile environment out there. Thankfully the commercial ventures and open source efforts are pushing ahead rapidly so this is not really needed.

    2. Attract new people into the field: the existing crowd seems to be moving things forward along quite nicely, decision makers / customers still want to see real products before changing their plans.

    3. Scrap soon to be obsolete investments in renewables, traditional power and research: I would love that but leaders around the world can’t afford to let their countries suffer blackouts unless they have tangible timelines on the introduction of this technology. Shutting down NIF or ITER could save a few dollars/Euros per taxpayer but is it worth campaigning hard for? In the end it will be their loss.

    4. Position your own investments: everyone for themselves here, the fewer people who know the better.

    The early push coming from Rossi did a lot to garner excitement; there is enough momentum now to see this through to market so I’d say share it with the rest of the world when it’s ready, Rossi/Defkalion/Brillouin are doing the same.

    • Donk970

      I would add that there are still plenty of big corporations who have a lot at stake if this takes off. Too much publicity could cause a big selloff of billions of dollars worth of energy stocks. As long as this remains an obscure fringe science thing nobody cares but these big guys could stop the whole LENR advance cold if they thought it was a threat.

      • AlainCo

        seems rational, both of you…

  • Stanislas Bauer

    Simple: stop to publish such articles and convince the academic world by reliable demonstrations. For example: lend some functionnals reactors to academic teams.

    • asey

      I don’t see reason to give “functionnals reactors” to the academic world.
      The scientific world is paid do develop something new, to design something new but not to copy somebody else year of work.for free.
      It seems that Rossi himself is working on scientific theory of the process going on in his device.
      Most important now is, not only really working product, but production lines able to react for the needs of the market.

      • AlainCo

        they already have good experimental papers by ENEA, SRI, and they do nothing with it…
        Of course there is no Defkalion or e-cat plan in the library, but for an honest scientist, who contact ENEA (like NRL did), it should take 6 month to get a working experiment…

        The main obstacle against LENR is not oil baron, but academics.
        Oil barons will buy defkalion, and make trillions with it… not hide it.

        Academics just protect their ego.

        • Hope4dbest

          The main obstacle against LENR is that neither Rossi nor DGT bring a product to the market. The moment they do it, it’ll be game, set, match.

    • Omega Z

      It is the Aim of MFMP to do exactly that. Provide a small LENR device to Universities & such where they can prove to themselves it works. Thus increasing interest & additional research.

  • BroKeeper

    An epic docudrama with first class actors telling a heart story of Fleischmann
    and Pons’ CF discovery/announcement and what led to their demise followed
    by elated vindication through other LENR scientific inventor’s discoveries like
    Rossi – a real world hero saving story.