Cold Fusion Culture

The following article is a guest post submitted by Spencer Blohm

Here are your two gigantic overstatements for today: science is highly politicized, and the public is, generally, resistant to change.

Throughout history, there have been provocative ideas from the scientific community which ultimately became ubiquitous. While it’s interesting to think about all of the ideas that have gone on to become pop culture staples (e.g., Einstein’s theory of relativity, the television programs and various catch phrases of Carl Sagan, etc.)  it’s also fascinating to think about all of the ideas which could yield untold advantages for humanity, that have yet to create the sort of buzz in the popular consciousness that they would seem to warrant. For instance, cold fusion (or Low Energy Nuclear Reaction [LENR]) hasn’t yet managed to excite (or even interest) the general public enough to merit more than one, off-hand reference on The Big Bang Theory.

Proponents of LENR tout it as a viable, and ultimately safer alternative to the more conventional, “hot” fusion method. Academic Edmund Storms, who penned the book The Science of Low-Energy Nuclear Reaction, has even gone as far as to say that LENR is the “most important discovery of the last two centuries, with applications to energy production and the understanding of nuclear behavior.”

Why then, if it could yield so much good, does LENR still have this stigma surrounding it, and why isn’t it more of a presence in the collective consciousness, and within pop culture itself?

For a variety of reasons, LENR remains a relatively obscure topic of discussion, not merely among purveyors of pop culture, but also within academic circles. LENR did generate a fair degree of hype when Pons and Fleischmann first went public with their findings in 1989. The story made the cover of several major magazines, including Time and Business Week. LENR quickly faded into obscurity, however, as the scientific community, and the U.S. Department of Energy specifically, voiced skepticism after failing to reproduce Pons and Fleischmann’s results. Since then the topic of cold fusion has generally remained in the periphery of academia, and has remained largely obscure due to the taboo that has grown to surround it in the scientific arena.

However, history has shown that television, films, and other vehicles for popular science fiction, have historically played a major role in informing the general public’s perception of scientific ideas. While cold fusion hasn’t been the topic of any huge films or televisions shows, it has popped up from time to time, serving as a reminder to the American public that the technology hasn’t been forgotten.

The most recent, and possibly most high profile, example of LENR making an appearance in pop culture was in this year’s Star Trek Into Darkness. Granted, the film is set in 2259, but the fact that cold fusion technology is portrayed as having become just another tool for Starfleet to use is noteworthy. For those who have yet to see the film, a “cold fusion”  device plays an incredibly important (although scientifically inaccurate) part in the beginning of the film (spoiler alert!). The film starts off with Kirk and Bones attempting to save the population of the planet Nibiru, who are about to get destroyed by a volcanic eruption. To save this population from the volcano, Spock is lowered into the volcano’s caldera, where he sets off a “cold fusion” bomb which then freezes all of the lava, preventing the eruption. Ok, I realize that’s not how cold fusion works and is a completely inaccurate depiction of cold fusion – but the guy was just lowered into an active volcano by a space ship, so clearly, artistic liberties were taken.

A much more relevant approach to real-life E-cat technology was taken by filmmakers Clayton Brown and Monica Long Ross in their documentary The Believers. Brown and Ross told Popcorn and Vodka that they were inspired by the passion of those involved in cold fusion technology, and decided that the story would provide a good basis for a documentary. They had reportedly been “looking for great stories that involve science, scientists, and the intersection of both with American culture. The cold fusion episode was right up our alley. It took science, pop culture, the media, greed, utopian zeal, patents, and dreams, and put them all in a blender on high.”

The Believers premiered at the Chicago International Film Festival in October of 2012 and went on to win Best Documentary at the festival. The filmmakers said that audiences were attracted to the fact that “No one has ever looked at science this way. It’s a mystery wrapped in a drama inside a personal story of greed, discovery, hope, politics, money, pop culture, and scandal.” Unfortunately the documentary never found wide theatrical distribution, but you can purchase it on DVD here.

One of the earliest appearances of cold fusion in a popular film, however, was in 1997’s The Saint. In the film, Simon (Val Kilmer) is a professional thief who is hired by a Russian oil and gas oligarch to steal the formula for cold fusion from an American electrochemist so he can use it during the Russian fuel shortage to gain political power. The formula, however, is incomplete when it is delivered to the Russian oligarch and he orders his henchmen to bring him Simon and the American scientist, Emma (Elizabeth Shue). The couple escapes and hatches a plan for Emma to complete the formula so they can give it to the Russian president (who the oligarch is attempting to overthrow) in an attempt to save themselves from the powerful oligarch. Their plan works, and the formula is completed and given to the president. At the end of the film the cold fusion process is a success and the oligarch is arrested. Granted, it’s a typical Hollywood plot that’s wrapped up nicely in a bow, but what the film does seem to take seriously is the idea that cold fusion could be an inexpensive solution to the world’s energy shortages. It is also, arguably, the most accurate depiction of what the real cold fusion process would be like in film or TV so far.

While it would be unfair to place blame for the obscurity of LENR squarely on Hollywood, it is fair to assert that mass media plays a huge role in shaping public opinion, and it also plays a huge role in taking complex (even esoteric) academic concepts, and making them accessible to the general public. A star vehicle or blockbuster film could work wonders in terms of advancing this technology.

But if we can’t rely on Hollywood, perhaps we can rely on the academic community to reinvigorate the public about the potential benefits of LENR research. NASA physicist Joseph Zawodny is one public figure doing his part to advocate for LENR in the public forum. He recently stated that if the scientific community can produce cold fusion at scale, that it “would be the sort of technology that would fuel our future growth and expansion and have the ability to raise the standard of living of the entire world.”

Sound too “pie in the sky” for you? Think about it this way: Vince Gilligan and the rest of the Breaking Bad staff could craft a narrative that artfully reintroduced pioneer physicist Werner Heisenberg, and other principles of chemistry and physics, to the pop cultural collective consciousness, with a starting point as lurid and unpopular as meth production in the American southwest. Surely, there’s a writer out there capable of crafting something which promotes awareness of cold fusion, which could offer a safe and efficient means of generating energy. And hey… Bryan Cranston is probably looking for new work right now…Just sayin.’

Author Bio: Spencer Blohm is a technology, entertainment and pop culture blogger for Follow him on Twitter at @bspencerblohm.

  • deSitter

    I think it is precisely the opposite. Relativity did not need a press campaign – its manifest correctness was found out by the large world and became part of its knowledge. The real thing came first. And it should, and will, come first here. More tests will demonstrate that it is real. We are also at an interesting crossroads of theory on all fronts. Supersymmetry is all but ruled out. With it goes string theory. The plain old Standard Model of particle physics seems confirmed, and no new ideas are on the tip of the fingers. Astrophysics can make no headway with galactic evolution, ideas have come to dominate that are on the face of it, absurd. Observational evidence is ignored or re-interpreted. It’s time for a new step forward, and let the popular culture follow that one, too!


    • AlainCo

      As I say problem is scientist are aristotelician.

      Einstein proposed a theory…

      LENR are experiments without a theory…
      Like the hygiene of Semmelweis,
      like the matching shapes of Wegener
      like the planes of the Wrights

      there are counter example, but it is because it is much harder to claim it is a faked evidence, an erruir :
      – quasi-cristal took a decade and a death to be accepted by all
      – campylobacter ulcer forced the doctor to infect himself.
      – wright plane get accepted when the french bought it
      – germs of semmelweis and pasteur get accepted when pasteur made a show manipulating the media and the crowd
      – hot superconduction of Celani get rejected as impossible as long as it was anomalies, but get accepted later when it started to cause levitation.

      the worst is that some pseudo-science survive because they have a good theory, yet experiments does not follows…

  • bachcole

    I just sent this to a homeopathy lady, and I would love some feedback from you’all.


    Dear Christine,

    LENR: Eventually, EVERYTHING will be effected by LENR. All power generation will
    become LENR rather than any other source, including coal, oil, natural
    gas, new solar, new geothermal, new wind, and new conventional nuclear.
    (eta 10 years) Your furnace will be replaced by an LENR that generates
    electricity and heat (eta 15 years) and you and most others will be
    disconnected from the grid (eta 20 years). The metal that makes up the
    LENR and ALL other metal that you buy will be made much more cheaply
    because of heat and electricity made with LENR (eta 15 years). The car
    that you drive to Home Depot to get an LENR $25 recharge once every 5
    years will be powered directly or indirectly by LENR (eta 20 years).
    The factory that built your car oh so much more cheaply will be powered
    by LENR (eta 15 years). Most homes and most appliances will be switched
    to direct current and away from alternating current (eta 40 years).
    [The only reason that we use alternating current is because it is more
    efficient when transmitted over long distances. Most appliances have to
    convert that AC back into DC to work properly, like your television
    set.] The whole issue of global warming will disappear. CO2 emissions
    will drop 99.9%. All other pollution will drop 99%. Conventional
    nuclear, solar, all other renewables will eventually be phased out or
    reduced to specialty purposes.

    A person who got imprisoned today
    may hear about LENR, but if he were to get out of jail for the first
    time in 50 years, he would not recognize the world. Trips to the Moon
    and Mars will become so much easier, cheaper, more frequent, and less
    time consuming. Exploration of Venus would likely have happened, but
    the colonization of Venus will NEVER happen since you can’t fight Mother Nature.
    Flying cars would be likely (but not certain). Suffering that is the
    result of lack will be almost eliminated. Suffering that is the result
    of excess will increase; how much is uncertain.

    Any questions?


    • Doktor Bob

      Great Stuff, lets make it happen 🙂

  • Ken

    Great article… thing I believe needs to happen is the development of what you’d call seed labs or fab labs. These labs would would allow R&D to go on while technologies such as LENR could be brought in for validation attempts. A good write up on this can be found at

  • Heath

    Good article. I for one want any potentially disruptive energy technology that is announced to the public either through commercialization or the scientific community to be done so very very carefully and slowly if need be. The consequences to the global economy in the short-term could be horrific and I think most nations understand this well.

    • SiriusMan

      I am interested in your definition of ‘very, very slowly’. Does that mean 1-2 years or 10-20 years?

      As this story progresses, it will be increasingly difficult to explain to the population of the developing world (i.e. most people on earth) why the Western powers have denied them access to a technology that could radically improve their quality of life. Each year, millions of people die because they do not have access to clean drinking water. LENR-powered desalination could provide these communities with access to water in a way that no fossil-fuel ever will.

      So, while I am sorry that the stock markets in USA & Europe will take a beating once LENR is announced, the overall benefits FAR outweigh those concerns.

      That is the thing that ‘most nations’ understand.

      • Ascension

        You know, I have to agree with you. World war two brought us into the atomic age at the cost of over 100 million lives and this next step will only cost some dollars and cents and frustration. Not to mention the correction required is already taking place.

        In my opinion they did a damn good job with this in the way they handled it.

  • clovis ray

    hi,spence, good article, thanks, and please write more .

  • georgehants

    Wonderful, how will capitalistic power company’s stop this.
    Time for a tax on sunlight I think.
    Solar-powered cooker puts local clean energy start-up on the global map

    • AlainCo

      don’t joke on that George. Serious affair . I’m french. ( ;-> )

      We tried to tax the moonlight.
      Serious, tax on streetlight companies, on the days of full moon…
      Had to solve debt and deficit.

      abandoned after a coup d’état.

      We also tried to tax the sunlight in houses (measured through windows numbers…). abandonned after probably another revolution.

      do you know two french word we exported in indonesian :
      – kudeta
      – politik fiskal
      our best success in export :
      – VAT
      – Pol Pot

      sorry for OT

  • pg

    Ot. Anything happening with Defkalion? the 6 days have passed…

    • bachcole

      The 6 day thingie had nothing to do with with Defkalion, LENR, nor even NASA. It had to do with some “singer” who I wouldn’t listen to for more than 17 seconds.

  • georgehants

    This could be the answer as to why science in most areas has fallen so far.
    It is clearly more widespread than thought.
    According to an article published by CNN on October 9, brain-eating amoeba have been found in the water supply in DeSoto Parish, Louisiana.

    • Fortyniner

      I think I may need to have my water supply checked as well…

      • georgehants

        Peter, only a very sane person would spend a lot of their time looking after a wonderful old tub cruising at 2 knots down a canal.
        Saw a lovely print of narrow boat on canal in charity shop other day thought of you, would have brought but problem getting to you.

        • Fortyniner

          A kind thought – thank you, George.

  • MasterBlaster7

    How could you leave out “Chain Reaction” 1996 with Keanu Reeves which pre-dates “The Saint” 1997.

    • bachcole

      How could you have a picture of a mass murderer as you avatar?

    • Fortyniner

      The central topic of ‘Chain Reaction’ is sonofusion or cavitation fusion, which appears to be a real phenomenon that has the potential to be developed into a power source.

      The depicted reaction of the ‘authorities’ to the development of such a technology in a research institute is probably not that far off target.

  • Dr Munch

    Dont believe a word of that crap, its all a lie. we were told ten times to wait for results. nothing happened. make an open source project out of it or go home. mr rossi would win the nobel prize anyway he would become rich and famous without manufacturing it. the only reason this shit is still going well is that rossi is notorious liar

  • Karl

    I think especially Rossi and Defkalion made the right desision to go to market with their slightly different approaches. E.G. go for market introduction. Massmedia and showbiss will not follow this adventure before the products are available on the market, to my mind.

  • Sean

    What impresses the public and investors is something big. They want to see power and lots of it. Something like the demonstrations of the Saturn 5 rocket engines / 747 Jet engines on the 6 o’clock news. Until we have a massive LENR that rocks the world, the public will be drawn to massive engineering reality shows. Even the Hot fusion news is not that impressive to the natives. Give these LENR researches some more time and I think we will have something big. It is still early days. Massive power is yet to come.

    • Allan Shura

      People were frightened when they saw the Atari ST computer with something called “windows” on the
      screen. I saw this reaction myself.The were used to
      big organizations with gymnasium sized mainframes and simple lines of text. It took a couple of years and a massive media campaign and a few years to accept the idea but only if in IBM style computers.

      • Sean

        People are wary of change but life is ever changing. I imagine a scenario in
        which the best scientists for hot and cold fusion combine new physics to make
        safe, scalable power for all. Imagine on the 6 O’clock news when the new LENR
        powered rocket with 46 million pounds of thrust starts the new Man to Mars
        mission. This is achieved by water in the tanks rather than oxy/hydrogen fuel.
        The water explosively flashes to steam inside the LENR activated thermal passage
        generator and exhausted via the nozzles. Water is extracted from mars for the
        journey back. Inexpensive and money making for the private rocketeers such as
        SKYLON or Space X.

        • maozhijie

          there are other companies in USA which engaged in hot fusion, such as tri-apha, MSNW, maybe they will get the goal soon.

  • bitplayer

    The Saint
    Chain Reaction

    I sent Bruce Sterling an email encouraging him to look into MFMP; no response.

    However, there are hungry young writers out there, and mature ones, too.

    Follow us now, as we unveil the sacrifice, the drama, the skulduggery and the thrilling action as LENR makes its way out of the shadows and into the consciousness of the world!

    This is a topic for … LENRCONNECT!

  • GreenWin

    Here is the review of “The Believers” published by Scientific American. It is generally positive but takes the orthodox view that P&F were “guilty” of announcing too early. P&F were opposed to the timing but were pushed by University Utah due to patent concerns.

    The behavior of the “press” with respect to Rossi, indicates a militantly closed environment. That is, one controlled by orthodoxy especially fearful of abundant low cost energy. The news blackout following Rossi’s 2011 October demo holds tight across mainstream and alternative press. Were this a functioning democracy exercising the Bill of Rights actively, what used to be the underground press (street weeklies, monthlies, leftist and even conservative pubs) would love this story. It is filled with intrigue, secret agencies, political and social chicanery. Hollywood would dine on LENR, were they given permission. This is not a functioning democracy; rather a buggy simulation thereof.

    On the lighter side, LENR is taking the commercial route which essentially circumvents the orthodox control mechanisms. Academia and mainstream press (one in the same) have no influence over commerce. With USPTO logjam broken by the Navy/JWK cold fusion patent – there is legal gateway for business to go to court and win patent protection. And the best thing for LENR is business’ recognition that energy is the top prize in technology. Trillions of dollars in business await. Billions of disenfranchised human beings do as well.

    In the end we may discover that none of these overt mechanisms have been necessary. That as anthropologist Margaret Mead famously said,

    “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change
    the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”

    • bitplayer

      “rather a buggy simulation thereof”…

      Democracy is a front for the competition for power. Until a broad public dialog takes hold about the suffering caused by the over-concentration of political, economic, social and physical power, we’re going to be living in demo-capito-feudalism.

      • AlainCo

        democracy, alias demagogy, is manipulated by media… for me the problem is that this effective elite is too incompetent to control the planet power…

        Politicians are only slave of media, like most scientists.

        Recently NGO took some power and controlled the media… or Religious sects of similar style, in place where religion have power. I’m fascinated by their competence in media control…

        Big industry and politicians are kids compared to them.
        NGO have created industry, subsidized trillions of their dreams, controlled top power, and big money is eating in their hand…


        I’m afraid LENR will annoy them.

        • bitplayer

          Which is why the only hope that I can see is if
          a) the basic visceral human aversion to suffering that is caused by abuse of power
          b) can be focused on not simply the overt abuse of power, but
          c) on the over-concentration of power, which most of the time leads to abuse of power, and is in its own right a direct cause of very wide-spread suffering.

          But this is a big “if”, the catch being that the people who have enough influence to effectively launch such a movement are typically those who are enjoying the fruits of over-concentration of power too much to jeopardize them.

          Monkey brains….

          • GreenWin

            bit, I agree with your points. You however, display a disturbing prejudice in your last statement. Sort of like saying “The human race will excel if not for the fuggin nig gers.”

            • bitplayer

              Sorry about any mis-perception. I was referring to our common ancestors, whose behavior we so closely follow. Myself included.

      • GreenWin

        Still, no excuse for a buggy simulation, except lethargy of programmers.

  • Private Citizen

    When someone finally loops a LENR reactor to a generator and runs a really startling, undeniable, public “infinite” energy demo, then it either should get splashed all around the world or be seen as a media coverup, one way or the other.

    So far demos have lacked that “wow” factor for the public at large.

    • bachcole

      The word “cover-up” implies conscious intentionality. How many articles have you not read because you didn’t have time or you thought that it was implausible or you didn’t have time for something implausible, etc. etc. etc.

      • AlainCo

        right, and I agree I have done so for long on many subjects, including LENR from 93 to 2011…

        For many people informed on such controversies, awareness is often an accident…
        I fall on an articles archive around 93, and I’ve never been aware of LENR, nor of free energies…
        I was only informed until kid by SciAm & alike, then about microelectronics in college (MsC), and when reading the story of F&P/LENR controversy things get clear like crystal (ah, ah, like crystal- private joke)…

  • Marc

    I really enjoyed reading this. Worthy reads about LENR have been few and dull.

  • Job001

    IMHO, LENR does not provide “Large Market Hurdles” desired by big utility investors as nuclear does. Thus it does not have long term monopoly or cartel profit potential. Interestingly, wind, solar, and biologics are “taking away” the old nuclear market hurdle anyway.

    The resulting “lower hurdle” market favors LENR more than in 1989. Additionally, some old academic minds require a 50 year half life to absorb new information, and, while maddeningly slow, is underway.

    Additionally, Given the LENR research wealth and proof, it is likely more dangerous to ones career to be labeled “corrupt or closed minded” now rather than “pseudoscientific” in 1989.

    Further, hot fusion may no longer offer long term job security due to huge costs, research maturity, and renewables and LENR.

    • psi2u2


      Good analysis. Agreed. We are poised for what seems likely for a pretty rapid rollout once these companies bring product to market. It looks likely that this will happen within two years, possibly sooner.

    • GreenWin

      Job001, if we are to look at other consumer driven technologies, e.g. automobiles and refrigeration the monopoly demand is unnecessary. Each auto and refrigerator manufacturer had proprietary designs – but none had a monopoly on the underlying technology. Same will play for LENR. Rossi may have a lead, but we see weekly new players coming out from the shadows.

      You are right, Distributed Energy Resources DER are nicely paving the way for an LENR introduction. With entire nations e.g. Germany running on VERY inefficient solar and wind technologies – their will be a ripe reception for a high energy density, low cost LENR. Old school nukes have become an economic black hole. Savvy utilities and energy companies will create new revenue by designing manufacturing, installing and maintaining new LENR products.

  • Brent Mosley

    anytime my mind questions the existance of LENR I think of the WTC and relax knowing the tech works in nefarious ways in the hands of unscupulous people already

    • Fortyniner

      That looked like a pretty conventional (but very skilled) demolition job to me I’m afraid.

      • psi2u2

        There’s a huge amount of largely suppressed evidence supporting this conclusion.

      • Omega Z


        There is in fact information being suppressed which gives credence to the conspiracy theory..
        The experts point out certain minor details, here, there etc, you know, like certain beams lacking insulation & such. In reality, all these little things don’t add up to a collapse. Therefore it must have been Intentionally destroyed. The Conspiracy.

        Wrong. What is being Suppressed is Not What people Think.
        What is Suppressed is that “ALL” tall buildings are susceptible to this same catastrophic failure. The Taller, the More Susceptible.

        What’s suppressed is Flawed Engineering assumptions.
        All these Buildings are “Held In Place by fastener Cleats.” to Keep it aligned. These Cleats could in No Way hold the weight of these buildings.
        Point this out to an Engineer & they will tell you they aren’t there to hold the building up. There to keep it from shifting. That’s It. The Buildings stand OF their own Weight & Material Strength. Much like a house of cards. Remove just 1??? Some buildings that suffer just minor shifting can cause 100’s of windows to Pop Out.

        The theory is That Slabs weights so much, they aren’t going nowhere & if they do, Nothing is going to stop them. Free-span Bridge/highway over passes are built the same way. Slabs placed on Pylons. Plates are just to keep it from shifting. In alignment. If an Impact or Quake causes the pylon to shift. Well we know what happens. Tho the vast majority of the public don’t. And That Is Intentional. If the General public New this, Few would use these bridges or go up into tall buildings unless you literally drag them.

        Had the WTC’s been hit 10 or 20 stories lower, There’s little doubt they would have collapsed sooner. This was actually the intent of the 1st attack on the WTC a decade earlier. Take out a couple supports in the basement & let the building come down of it’s Own Inertia. This is actually the same principles used in intentional demolitions, Thus it is easy for Conspiracists to draw comparison conclusions.

        This is 1 conspiracy I don’t buy into… However, If I didn’t have certain knowledge, I might be persuaded to think there was something to it.

        • Fortyniner

          OZ – probably not really the place for extended discussion, but just one point: Building 7 was not hit by planes or by significant amounts of debris, and simply suffered various apparently low level office fires – yet it suddenly ‘collapsed’ into its own footprint very neatly, and in free fall (no sign whatsoever of ‘pancaking’). AFAIK no other multi-storey building that has caught fire has ever done the same thing – without the assistance of high explosives. If one building was deliberately brought down…

          • GreenWin

            It is amusing to see the shills still at work on this one. If ever there was evidence of “reality” failure – it is September 11th, WTC-2001.

  • georgehants

    Like a lot of garage-hatched, wannabe-groundbreaking energy generating
    schemes, the WITT device sounds eminently sensible and a little bit
    ridiculous. It converts motion – motion in any direction – into
    rotational energy … and it can do it for almost any purpose imaginable?

    • Fortyniner

      Fascinating device – it looks like a miniature automotive differential gearbox! I’d like to know more about its principle of operation – something to do with gyroscopic precession possibly.

  • georgehants

    Good article but I would think that the question to ask before worrying about public concern is why, as you have said below, establishment science has from the beginning shown nothing but corruption, incompetence and contempt to Cold Fusion as with many other equally important subjects despite the Evidence.

    When Cold Fusion has articles and editorials in popular science magazines then it would not take long to transfer to the media in general.
    An answer to this question is long overdue from scientists on page.


    “Since then the topic of cold fusion has generally remained in the
    periphery of academia, and has remained largely obscure due to the taboo
    that has grown to surround it in the scientific arena.”

    • bachcole

      There is a LOT of fear in American society since middle school and high school and perhaps even elementary school over the issue of acceptance in our society which does not exist in many other countries, like the Philippines. Fear of rejection also expresses itself as rejecting others quickly so as to not look like one is out-of-step by association. As much as I am unhappy with our school system of the past 25 years, I think that they are turning this problem around, but we won’t see the results of that for decades to come, when the more accepting and inclusive children grow up to be in positions of power.

  • peter gluck

    A good paper written by an expert in popular culture. However the truth is that

    we live in memecracies and all these movies etc. were unable to convert LENR

    in a meme. It is useless to try – the only solution is a commercial LENR based

    energy genarator- to be or not to be question.

    As I have repeatedly shown on my blog Ego Out cold fusion was discovered

    much before its time, in the worst place possible- by geniuses- therefore it

    survived. It will resurrect soon as a technology.


    • Alice Wonderland

      By who? When?

      • peter gluck

        By Defkalion Green Technologies in the first half of the next year.
        Have you read my papers about them at my Blog Ego Out?

        • Bernie Koppenhofer

          Peter, About your interview with, “DGTG management”, could you tell us exactly who you interviewed?

          • peter gluck

            Dear Bernie,

            First I have spoken with the commercial director, then I had many very relevant discussion with the General Manager, then (3 interview based editorials) with the Chief Technology Officer and this has
            included his very nice visit at our home see the HENI Architect paper
            on my blog. What I am interested in is their thinking, principles and strategy see: please:

            (chronological order)








            PROPER NAME


            9. New Energy trends paper aboutDefkalion Green Energies


            11. A VETERAN’S VOICE






            • Bernie Koppenhofer

              Peter….thanks for all the info, but I meant who did you interview, names of real people, not corporate titles. Thanks.

              • peter gluck

                Dear Bernie,
                The names are in the text and on the Web:
                Symeon Tsalikoglou (commercial)
                Alex Xanthoulis (CEO)
                Yiannis Hadjichristos (CTO)

                They all are newcomers in the world of LENR
                (Rossi was there starting from 1994 approx. so
                the names have no long CF/LENR history but a very
                fast development starting from August 2011.

                • Bernie Koppenhofer

                  Peter……You said, “They all are newcomers in the world of LENR…… long CF/LENR history but a very fast development starting from August 2011.” Do you expect us to believe they developed LENR technology in a few months when others have been at it for 20 years, and Defkalion’s President was quoted, “Let’s say I have Rossi’s formula, but I do not say it officially. My scientists have found a way to accomplish it. They need three months. I know what is in the reactor. I know everything. It was done with spectroscopy at Siena University of Padova (…) They tested the reactor without [Rossi] knew what they were doing, he continued.”

                • peter gluck

                  Dear Bernie,

                  Sincerely and not very politely, I don’t care much what do you think
                  and I don’t try to convince you to believe anything. But I know their strategy and mode of thinking. They went on a completely new way (and I have described it), they had no standard prejudices from LENR classic. The divorce from Rossi has happened due to their dispute re. CONTROL of the reaction.
                  Rossi applies Pitigrilli’s dictum: NON DATEMI CONSIGLI, SO SBAGLIARE DI ME. (do not give advises yo me, I can err myself)

                  And DGT gave absolute priority to the method of starting, stopping, adjusting the reaction and only when this was solved they went on with the intensification. Being focused on principles I could watch them growing and it was admirably fast.
                  And their system is different from Rossi’s, and their engineering
                  (this is the key, the truth and he life of productive LENR- seems to be better than Rossi’s.

                  Perhaps you know better what Rossi’ problem solving methods are;
                  however his association with some mysterious and powerful US organization and the continuous hints to a long verification process
                  seem to be indicators of problems.
                  Defkalion’s way is (I predict) only one of the more possible ways
                  to well controlled excess heat however a good one.
                  I have not the slightest intention to enter in a dispute with you
                  it is unwise to consider complementary things, methods, ways as contradictory.

                • Bernie Koppenhofer

                  Peter, you said “I have not the slightest intention to enter in a dispute with youit is unwise to consider complementary things, methods, ways as contradictory.” I gather that means you do not want discuss Defkalion’s “use” of intellectual property of others without permission or recognition. I am ready to discuss it because I think IP is important to our free enterprise system. People who disregard IP, like the Chinese, are attacking that system.

                • peter gluck

                  Dear Bernie

                  I am ready to discuss about IP in this case. My problem is that what
                  you wrote today is identical in wording with what you have told months ago, even in wording e.g in a “rather optimistic interview” so I fear facts are not changing your memes/certainties. The dispute I was speaking of was about the similarities/differences between the Rossi and the DGT process. The two companies have different technologies
                  different approaches, DGThas explained this very clearly.Rossi wanted them to fde away and they have survived by an original technology.
                  Can you please explain why Rossi is unable to get a patent? I have no idea who you are how extended your experience is ergo I hsve no idea if you are able to understand that a technology ia so much more than a “catalyst” or a “recipe” and to judge the originality of the DGT process as much as it is described for example in the PIM paper at which I am coauthor with Yiannis Hadjichristos (I have not contributed to the technology but it confirms some of my old ideas and concepts)
                  Rossi on his turn was inspired and perhaps more by the Piantelli technology- but has the great merit to have discovered enhanced excess heat. Unfortunately he has problem with control and with development. When I have tried to give Rossi a simple advice re measurement I could state he is a know-it-all and I became persona non-grata at his website. Sorry for him.

                • Bernie Koppenhofer

                  peter gluck… OK lets take this one step at a time. Are you disputing that Rossi was granted a patent for the energy catalyzer on April 6, 2011, by the Italian government?

                • peter gluck

                  Dear Bernie,
                  No, dear Bernie, I am not disputing this but I think you are aware
                  of the very limited value and significance of that TYPE of patent. It is just registered, pure bureaucracy, no more. And where is the “catalyst” in it?
                  As regarding Rossi’s patent strategy my personal opinion is that
                  he can get one only if he tells- more or less- what he is actually
                  doing- his secret recipe plus procedure- and he will not tell this
                  well knowing that people good in creative engineering will be
                  able to develop it better and faster than he and his associates,
                  who knows who they are?
                  For the gods of technology sake, please do nothope in simple solutions- spells, formulas, recipes, catalysts. I wrote a paper
                  explaining that LENR+/HENI is not a song, but an opera and
                  Yiannis Hadjichristos told it is not a photo but a video.


                • Bernie Koppenhofer

                  Peter Gluck…..Ok, then you were wrong, above, when you said Rossi did not have a patent. Now, do you dispute this statement from Symeon Tsalikoglou of Defkalion “there are significant differences between an e-cat and a Hyperion , even though both are built around the same kernel (reactor), as invented by Andrea Rossi.”

                • peter gluck

                  I do not dispute the very merits and value of Andrea Rossi’s invention.
                  He has discovered enhanced excess heat, he has added a new dimension -dynamics to Piantelli’s and Les Case system.
                  Defkalion has never denied Rossi’s merits, Rossi and his porta voce
                  Prof Stremmenos have insulted DGT repeatedly, actually for not disappearing and finding a better way.
                  Unfortunately for him he has not solved the vital problem of control.
                  The Ni core is a definitory component of all NI-H systems.
                  Bernie, please tell exactly what you wish.
                  Rossi and patenting- is a complex technical, strategic, bureaucratic
                  issue, the Italian patent has NO weight. Have yiou read it?

                • Bernie Koppenhofer

                  Peter Gluck…….DGT signed a licensing agreement with Rossi to sell his invention the E-Cat. DGT admits the patented Rossi E-Cat is the basis of their Hyperion. Within months of the licensing agreement being broken for non-payment, DGT announces they have invented this entirely new E-Cat called the Hyperion. Every licensing agreement I have ever seen states which intellectual property belongs to which party. DGT’s President admits important parts of Rossi’s invention has been stolen. The only difference between the Chinese stealing IP and DGT is that it is legal in China. It is not legal in Italy or the Western world. If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, it is a Duck!

                • peter gluck

                  Audiatur et altera pars. Rossi was not able to sustain the reaction
                  for the contractual 48 hours and has rejected any advices given by DGT better in engineering than he. It was not about payment, if you remember he hs repeatedly told about payment only when the E cats
                  will be commercial and they are not – demonstrably- till today.
                  Do you seem a rational person, IF some IP had been stolen, Rossi
                  would have been immediately strated legal actions, using law in his support. He has not done this; can you explain WHY?
                  The Hyperions work using a different process, no Rossi catalyst,
                  no Rossi style triggering but different ones. Rossi knows this, he is very angry but no legal action possible e …basta!


                • Bernie Koppenhofer

                  Peter……..mala fide

                • peter gluck

                  Bernie, this is a baseless statement, the 2 processes
                  are different
                  I know what has happened, sorry for you but Rossi
                  has made other incorrrect things re the contract.
                  And re Piantelli, also.

                • Bernie Koppenhofer

                  Peter…..I know what happened too, I know the truth hurts sometimes, but rationalization does not help.

                • Fortyniner

                  Bernie – I wonder why the status of the IP seems so important to you. All parties involved have at one time or another confirmed that they expect their IP to drift into the public domain relatively quickly following their ‘launches’, and any fights that take place to defend bits of turf are simply commercial matters of no lasting significance.

                  Surely the important thing is that the technology enters public awareness and is widely developed and explored worldwide, rather than that the laurels should be placed on any particular head or heads. In areas such as this, everyone ‘borrows’ from someone else – that is why independent inventors often come up with much the same idea at more or less the same time – rotary steam power, electrical generators, IC engines, radio, light bulbs, television – the time is simply right for a step forward by virtue of what has gone before.

                  This is something that is far more important to the human race than money, ego or any other similar consideration – it literally doesn’t matter a d*mn who brings it to market – so long as someone does, and soon..

        • GreenWin

          Thanks for your interview and comments on DGT Peter. Indeed, they appear to be making good progress. While the paid skeps will attack their ICCF-18 demo, it was very impressive for many; and focuses attention on the nanoplasmonic effect they seem to be exploring.

  • Christina

    Hello, Paramount:

    Simply ignore the “cold fusion” of the last “Star Trek” movie and pay writer(s) to explore what cold fusion really is and really will be expected to do in our time.

    Then say, “Kapla” [sp] when the lenr products come out about the same time as the movie in 2016.

    Admin, can’t you get in touch with this people and be their advisor.