New Michael McKubre Interview on LENR

Here’s another by John Maguire of the J.C.M. Blog with an eminent cold fusion figure — this time electrochemist Michael McKubre of SRI International, one of the pioneers in the field of cold fusion experimentation. The interview covers a wide range of topics, from McKubre’s early days working with Martin Fleischmann, to discussions of cold fusion experiments and theory, and to the current commercial possibilities for LENR.

As always, McKubre comes across as knowledgeable, experienced and credible. He has a huge amount of experience in the field and knows many of the important researchers, having worked a good number of them over the years, and has dealt with much of the criticism and skepticism that cold fusion has received since it was first introduced by Pons and Fleischmann. McKubre is not very impressed with the level of criticism, which he says has not really changed since the early days.

The interview is almost an hour long, but very interesting well worth listening to for anyone who likes to hear intelligent discussion about LENR. Thanks, and well done, John Maquire, for another great interview!

  • Sanjeev

    What happened to the Energetics? They appeared very serious about their research and with 25x gain could have launched a product. Found this video of their stuff, looked cutting edge:

    • ecatworld

      I believe they moved their operations from Israel to the University of Missouri and are working in some capacity in the Sidney Kimmel Institute for Nuclear Renaissance

      • Buck

        Wonderful news . . . McKubre spoke very highly of Dr. Dardik and the Superwave. And, especially nice that Mr. Kimmel, who was supporting Dardik in Israel has now convinced a Dardik to move to UoM.

      • Sanjeev

        Great. This shows how much time and effort it takes to go from research to a practical product.

  • Omega Z

    I don’ know if someone is orchestrating this or if it’s of some Grand Plan of a cosmic consciousness, but it does appear that things are coming together.

    If Rossi & Partner (Regardless Who Rossi’s Partner Is. G.E, Siemens, B&W,) come forward with a press conference outing the Technology with a Working E-Cat Generator,
    There will still be detractors with all types of demands.
    More Tests, 3rd party studies & replication, Etc…

    There is already another 3rd party Test underway by the Elforsk team.
    There may be an E-cat distributed Heating System underway by Hydro Fusion.
    And, The Partner working on a Working Electrical E-cat.

    All these coming to public attention within a very short time would be a Major Blow to the detractors. The MSM would have no choice but to report it. Even if Grudgingly.
    100’s of Millions would suddenly become aware & tho many are of a sheepish nature, Many others will bring ever growing pressure to bring this technology to Society. Many delays will still come about, Some valid, Some Not, but it will no longer be stoppable. Over the next couple decades, LENR will gradually be implemented throughout the World.

    Change happens incrementally. Historically Paradigm Shift’s happen at Certain Intervals. Historically, We are Due for a Paradigm Shift in Energy. The Motivations exist. Pollution, Shortages with the inevitable skyrocketing prices & Major disruptions to Society.

    LENR will happen. We will then Once again settle into Incremental improvements until the next Paradigm Shift. In about 75 years. And just guessing here, It will probably concern Warp Drive for Space Exploration & Most importantly, the Survival of Society.
    Even tho Population will be well under control, (As in Procreating) Ever increasing life spans will negate this to a point & The need to spread out will create the need. More Livable Space & Resources.

    Another thought, Better understanding of LENR may eventually lead to a means to tap into the Ever present Energy of the Universe. And according to Science, Energy is never destroyed. Just transformed. Imagine harnessing the ability to control that transforming. Energy becomes Infinite.

    • Buck

      MSM? The context suggests a meaning, but I would like to be certain.

      • ecatworld

        Mainstream media

        • Buck

          Thank you Frank.

  • G

    The video doesn’t run…50+ minutes of the SRI sign.

    • Foks0904 .

      I just tested it G, and it seems to be working on my end (including beyond the 50 minute mark). Maybe I’m misunderstanding your issue.

    • ecatworld

      Hi G — It’s only an audio interview — no video.

  • psi2u2 This article seems relevant to the ongoing problem of attracting a fair evaluation of LENR.

    • Omega Z

      This is part of the Human condition.

      We resent when someone of a Wealthy means wins the Lottery.
      We appreciate when if not “ME” it is someone of lesser means.
      Then, should we follow said person, “We” resent it when they spend it wastefully according to our individual thinking.

      “WE” / “ME” tend to be Envious of Others Good Fortune. Regardless what we say, Down deep there is a resentment. And I think when people can acknowledge this, we are better for it. We can better compensate in our actions.

      I believe this to be a part of Our Self Preservation. Genetically Predisposed.
      This predisposition is the primary reason Society tries to work together. So that one may Gain more then one could by ones self.

      • psi2u2


  • GreenWin

    IMO, Michael McKubre with 35 years at SRI, is a brilliant leader of the expansion in LENR/CF research. He has been instrumental in organizing the yearly ICCF conferences and it was he and Peter Hagelstein who managed to convince DOE to revisit LENR in 2004. Kudos to Michael and the SRI team – the CF-Nobel should be shared by many, and Peter and Michael are two steadfast leaders (LENR Knights) who have survived a literal holocaust of opposition from the academic/industrial complex. Thank you both for your courage and compassion for the human condition. GW.

    • Buck


      His, Peter’s, Ed’s, and etc. have all helped. I appreciate the pragmatic outlook and seasoned perspective.

      Given Mckubre’s argument, I appreciate the conclusion that it is time to introduce LENR to the world by creating a product, any sort of product as “Raw Science” will not win the day.