Geopolitical Changes in the Energy Arena

I came across a couple of articles today about the changing face of the geopolitical energy arena. First, the EU is preparing to sue Russia for up to around €15 billion because of what it considers to be price-gouging on the price of natural gas sold by Russia’s energy giant Gazprom to Eastern European and Baltic countries. There is tension in EU-Russian relations in other areas, with many former Soviet states seeking closer ties with Europe — and a proposed free trade agreement between the EU and Ukraine is particularly troubling to Russia.

Lithuania, for example, claims it is charged 35 per cent more for gas than Germany in its contract with Gazprom. Lithuania’s president  Dalia Grybauskaitė said, “Unfair gas prices harm the competitiveness of Europe as a whole. In the absence of alternative gas supplies and competition, energy consumers – people and businesses – are compelled to pay the prices dictated by the monopolist. This impedes the sustainable economic development and growth, undermines the well-being of people.”

In related news, the Wall Street Journal is reporting that the United States is overtaking Russia to  become the largest producer of petroleum in the world (natural gas and oil combined). The main reason for this increase is due to new extraction technologies such as hydraulic fracturing that are being employed in the US — which Russia has not yet adopted.  One would expect that European countries would be happier to buy natural gas from the United States rather than Russia, but the exporting infrastructure does not exist to allow that to happen in large quantities at the moment.

Saudi Arabia is still the largest oil producer in the world, but with Russia and the US close behind.

One of the great hopes for those who see LENR as a viable rival to petroleum as an energy source is that it will allow greater energy independence for individuals, communities and nations, and provide energy at a highly competitive price. If you are dependent on only one energy supplier, or one energy source to meet your needs, you have little choice but to pay the asking price which can be very steep. If LENR hits the mainstream, one would expect that European countries would be excited to discover that there is an alternative to paying high prices for Russian gas. 

We could be seeing much more disruption and change in the energy geopolitical arena if LENR is shown to be viable. Andrea Rossi said this week of the current E-Cat testing that is being done behind the scenes:

“What we are doing now is the rigorous research and development activity, strictly connected with the validation that is necessary for the development for the E-Cat.

In this very moment I am working in a very delicate and important phase of this validation process, which involves the third indipendent party, now working for the long term analisys of the behaviour of the E-Cat.”

Exactly what he means here is very much open to interpretation — but to Rossi, at least, what is going on is very important. If it turns out that the current testing shows that the E-Cat is stable and capable of outperforming petroleum in terms of energy and power density over the long term, as indicated in the May hot cat test report (see below), we could well be seeing in the future much greater geopolitical changes than those taking place right now.

ragone chart

  • Babble

    Countries like Russia will lose their influence and power if e-cat or similar energy sources become prevalent. Their main source of income is from energy and its doubtful they can change their economy much. The USA also need this cheap, non polluting source of energy to reduce its debt.

    • Omega Z


      The U.S. will never reduce it’s debt.
      When Bush Jr. came to office, his intent was to divide the so called projected Revenue surplus between tax cuts & the other half for debt reduction. Thus saving the Tax payers Billions in interest every year.

      He was told in NO Uncertain Terms that he could not do that. None of the projected surplus could be applied to Debt Reduction. ??? Scratch head… WTF.
      This was only said publicly once. It was never heard again. The Public was blinded by the tax cuts. No one asked why the rest couldn’t be applied to the debt..

      Something stinks & apparently certain people in power have some grand scheme that few are aware of. There will come a day of reckoning & I suspect this doesn’t bode well for the Citizens.

      Until the People say enough & vote ALL the career politicians out & replace them all with new blood, Nothing will change.
      Wont Happen. There to busy waiting for the new Cheap Health Care plan. Yeah, the one financial experts project to cost 33% of GDP within another 10 years. Or basically 50% of everyone’s Income.

      I actually call these projections B.S.. Before this happens, The Economic system will collapse into a Major Depression Making the So-Called Great Depression seem like a mild recession.

      For my International Friends, For what it’s worth, I Apologize. We’re going to take you down with us. Hopefully, Rossi or DGT will have E-cats to market before this happens, We’ll need it for the rebuild.
      If this Economic calamity should come to pass, I Have some Investment advice.
      Any Funds you have should be invested in Companies that Manufacture Scaffolding & Rope. Then Take your Profits & invest them in a manor that benefits the People as much as it benefits you. This isn’t a legal requirement, but I feel it is a moral obligation. Give some back…

  • morse

    Russia made contracts with some countries in the EU so I don’t understand why the EU wants to sue them. There is now a direct gasline between Germany and Russia, so it strenghtens russian’s power on the EU market.

    Anyway I came across an interesting video about the future of nuclear power (Thorium reactors)

    Could this pose a threat to LENR in some way?

    • bachcole

      Probably not. (1) LFTR still requires an enormous amount of upfront money. (2) It still has significant waste and safety issues compared with LENR, although MUCH better than uranium nuclear. (3) It is still not as distributed as LENR could potentially be. Given the improvements over conventional nuclear, society will rush to LFTR until they discover that LENR will be a much better deal.

      • GreenWin

        Here is the FaireWinds view of thorium:

        The nuke industry disputes these criticisms which effectively guarantees their veracity. Nuclear energy is in its death throes in the United States and most of the West including it seems Japan. Countries that have eliminated fission as a future source of energy most likely are aware of LENR. After all, LENR has been touted to the public now by major corporations such as National Instruments and STMicro. There are few top industry execs who are not aware of the coming transition in power.

  • Pietro F.

    no longer works google translation for comments

  • artefact

    Oh, Nobel Prize week again ….
    Tuesday Physics, Wednesday Chemestry, Friday Peace and next Monday Economics.

    • artefact

      In 1989 Pons and Fleischmann got the “IG Nobel Prize” (Nobel Prize parody). It is overdue that they (at least Pons) get what they really deserve on Wednesday.

      • bachcole

        Don’t hold your breath. Perhaps in 2015 or 2016.

  • Karl

    I think it is important to take a step aside from technology
    related issues around the E-Cat or the various activities in Cold Fusion to
    also reflect what is going on in a broader perspective, at least now and then.
    Not least because of the potential implications this kind of solutions will
    have on the society as a whole once it is ready to embark.

    Virtually all current major conflict in the world appears to be related to the
    control of natural energy resources. Just take the Syrian conflict as an
    example which seems more a geopolitical fight of resources than anything else.

    For those that have or have invested heavily in these kind of natural resources,
    no wonder clean and cheap energy solutions like Cold Fusion would be a threat. The
    obvious reason we clearly notice that Cold Fusion is deems real is because of
    the heavy resistance to let it out.

    The list can be long of activity has been prevented but a few major points are

    – Ridiculing and debunking of the research and researchers,

    – Suppression of news and encouraging stories in main stream media which is not
    impossible as it is owned by few,

    – A fairly fierce resistance from the established scientific community hiding
    cowardly behind a dogmatic view of current physical theories,

    – Influencing of patent organisations to prevent funding and protection of
    research and development.

    These people have so far seems been able to delay an intensive research and
    development which normally should have been the result after Fleischmann and
    Pons announcement 1989.

    If this was resistance was not the case, we should probably
    by now have been using this energy solutions to heat and supply electricity directly
    in own homes or from small scales local community energy generation supplies
    much less dependence of the main grid, in comparison to sun and win with is no
    real threat. Perhaps we could already have used CF energy to run cars, trucks,
    ships and airplanes.

    • bachcole

      You are about 95% off base with your dialectical materialism.

      “Virtually all current major conflict in the world appears to be related to the
      control of natural energy resources.” Does this include the Rwandan genocide, the Islamist war against the West, the fragmentation of Yugoslavia and the resultant wars, the continuing conflict between India and Pakistan, the Islamist war against EVERYONE, etc. etc. Yes, economics and energy play a role in war. But notice that the USA is not invading Canada or tar sands. Notice that the USA is paying exactly the same for the oil that we “conquored” in Iraq as all other nations pay. Notice that Germany and many other countries got oil producing contracts in Iraq AHEAD of the USA and that we got a very small share. Notice that Japan, Philippines, China, Viet Nam, Taiwan, and the USA have NOT gone to war and it does not seem like that they will over the oil in the South China Sea.

      The “Ridiculing and debunking of the research and researchers” started out with a blend of theoretical and economic bias by young, stupid MIT researchers. But understand the theoretical bias can stand on it’s own leg; witness the history of science. My favorite example is the vicious bias against Alfred Wegener and his silly idea that the continents drifted, for 50 freaking years. The history of science is strewn with such ugly embarrassments. Who is it that said that science changes its mind one funeral at a time.

      Pretty much your entire comment is also strewn with economic bias, completely ignoring psychological and emotional and sociological issues.

      • Karl

        So you say that that because of some young unexperienced researchers, the scientific community have been misled during 25 year?

        Further, you seems to be over sensitive and read in too much in regard of US involvement regarding fight for the natural resources. I’ve never mentioned any country.

      • Omega Z


        The U.S. has taken certain actions to maintain the free flow of resources.
        Which benefits all the World.

        Most Wars do involve resources, Directly or Indirectly.
        The circumstances may be started by Idiats or Wacko fanatics, But both have 1 thing in Common. They gain most of their followers from the down trodden. Those who have nothing left to lose. Those willing to fight for a few dollars to feed their families. This is due to a lack of resources, The means to live a reasonably comfortable life.. And without these Followers, these Idiats & fanatics are just that. No real power without followers.

        Lets face it. It’s hard to get someone who lives a comfortable life, is Fat & sassy to get off their Azz and fight. Hey, They don’t want to miss out on their next Kardashian or twerking Fix. Hey! Leave me alone. Can’t you see I’m tweeting! I have to hurry. X-Factor is coming on! 🙂

  • Omega Z

    Read this article-

    Japans Prime Minister has put out a call to the World:
    They are now Open to Suggestions & Help from All Nations on how to deal with the Fukushima Disaster.

    Shortly After I come across another Article:

    Fukushima worker accidentally switches off cooling pumps, backup kicks in

    The News just keeps getting better. 🙁

  • Skiman

    I wonder if there is going to come any e-cat out on the market?

  • Nicolas Chauvin

    Russia is expected to become the largest oil producer in the world this year:

    And USA have doubled production since 2009:

    The major oil producers are selling has much crude oil they have in stock while the price is high.

  • Susan Corrigan

    Yes…we will be talking about the economic and geopolitical effects of LENR for a long long time. It will be a good thing, but it will affect everything. Someday we will laugh at the idea that we thought smartphones were the most important technological development of our generation.

  • Omega Z

    I would Note that the above diagram is based on the Run time of the 3rd party tests.

    As They pointed out, The E-cat was shut down. It had not run out of Fuel.
    Thus the Energy Density is likely higher then shown.

  • Daniel Maris

    I really don’t know what a story like this is doing on E Cat World…can’t admin find any stories related to the E Cat?

    • ecatworld

      Hi Daniel — lots of things are related in my mind 🙂 Just the way I think!

    • dickyaesta

      Sorry Daniel it seems related to me and after all Frank can do with his Ecat world what he likes. And up to now Frank has done an EXCELLENT job to make this an interesting place with many very expert opinions a joy to read in these bleak times.

      It seems to me in this time of waiting for news on Rossi’s Ecats, one has to work around a little. I am tempted to reopen the discussion on UFO’s again here but let it be, because this blog should be open to technological opinions related to LENR and the discussion of the fact that science at this day is very closed to any subject out of the ordinary has been discussed ad infinitum here.

      But for me critisizing Frank for deviating a bit from the ‘holy’ path seems to a bit too much, or are we at it again? Only the righteous can do and say righteous things (ahum) :). Saludos from a still very bleak Spain

  • Joseph J

    At the address of Leonrdo Corp. is another company based. Namely ASELEF2009 LLC. But I think it’s a private security matter.

  • Barney Holmes

    Look at Breakthru Technologies docs. Projection to prove Ecat over next to
    10 to 20 years by selling to oil companies.

  • Frechette

    Recently an oil formation was discovered in Germany which has potentially more shale oil reserves than the North American Bakken situated in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Montana, and North Dakota. That being the case Germany could be energy independent unless of course the fanatic Green Party has it’s way. One reason the gas pipeline between Germany and Russia was built under the Baltic Sea is political. Neither Russia nor Germany trust the Poles having their hands on a shut off valve else the pipeline would have taken a more southerly route.

    • Buck

      1st world nations are desperate for energy supplies.

  • GreenWin

    I am intrigued by recent papers discussing the operation of nanoplasmonics – one of the plausible effects seen in the DGT reactor “fuel” and likely the STMicroelectronics patent. It appears the LENR effect can be made to occur in very small spaces suggesting a solid state chip capable of 300+C. This will find a welcome reception in emerging nations where the primary fuel is burning wood.

    The immediate benefit will be to retard human destruction of forest for fuel. It will also vastly reduce the carbon particulates and CO2 released to the atmosphere. A microwave sized cookstove with no need to “plug in” is a huge step forward in environmental and human health. Continued support for Rossi, DGT, Mills, and new entrants like STM are needed. Thanks to our indefatigable ADMIN Frank for his excellent support, writing and leadership at E-Catworld!!

    • Omega Z

      I’ve noticed a lot of Nanotechnology research that appears to be related to LENR type research.

      I can’t say this is directly related, but one has to wonder if behind the scenes awareness of LENR is somehow connected to this recent development.
      Maybe Science is already trying to play catchup.

    • purplepartyguy

      LENR solid state WOK…gotta love that idea

  • Maks Blavatniy

    I am from Ukraine, and believe me i am very interested in LENR (Gazprom is a kind of weapon from Russia), but how many years we wiil be wait? It is like Hot Fusion on the market every 10 years……

    • astralprojectee

      It seems that LENR is way past the stage of hot fusion. Hot fusion still has yet to break even, with the same amount of energy put out as what went in, much less make more energy that what is put in. So the e-cat is way past them. That is if the e-cat is real, and I and many other are betting it probably is.

    • tomandersen

      Start fracking now, and your country will have lower gas prices in 18 months.

      • GuessWho

        …as well as all kinds of ecological problems in couple of years. I guess Ukraine has more than enough of the latter.

  • TPaign

    Until last year, all of the natural gas from Russia to the west travelled by pipeline through Ukraine. However, Germany now has their own direct pipeline from Russia. That being said, it is one more factor which weakens the tether of Germany to the rest of the western European countries.

    • Frechette

      ” it is one more factor which weakens the tether of Germany to the rest of the western European countries.”
      That might be a positive development especially for German tax payers.

  • Buck

    Reading your piece reminded me of the PBS Frontline documentary on Fukishima disaster, for which they won an Emmy.

    It seems that in many countries, the citizens are primed to accept a substitute to existing sources of energy. Especially one where the cost might be on the order of 75% less and the environmental concerns are non-existent.

    I’m hoping we are down to the final 1-2 years of waiting for the first commercial LENR product.