Report of Rossi Sighting in Sweden

There is such a scarcity of information coming from Rossi and Co., so it’s refreshing to get a short but interesting report posted on the Swedish forum about an independent sighting of Andrea Rossi.

English Google translation reads:

“Restaurant Sven Duvfa in Uppsala (2013-10-04 12:55)
Saw first Giuseppe Levi, then after a while, also Rossi and joined the group. Is there anything special going on in Uppsala?”

The original post along with follow up comments can be found below

  • Maks Blavatniy

    Ufo sighting, Rossi sighting….Rossi says….
    P.S. How long lenr saga from Rossi will be . It starts to irritaite ,it is no Tokamak mega fusion reactor which hard to buid and which will not work. It is simple reactor ,so what the problem? With manufacturing or with realy stable working device-ready for market?

    I am actualy believe in LENR interactions!

    • bachcole

      Maks, by my count, hot fusion has been dissappointing for roughly the past 53 years. LENR for only the past 2 years. Plus, LENR has already gotten COPs greater than 1 too many times to count, while hot-fusion is still stuck on zero. I am still enthusiastic about LENR.

    • Omega Z


      Contrary to what many say, I highly doubt this is a simple process.
      This is much more then a simple pipe with powder heated up in it.

      That Pipe likely has to have very specific design in it to help propagate the reaction. To bounce & reflect Energy in a specific manner to keep the reaction in balance.

      The Powder needs specific isotopes to reach a point where decay takes place thus producing the excess heat. Those various Isotopes likely need to be in specific percentages & dispersal to propagate progressive decay in a stable manor from 1 stage to another in a continuous chain reaction fashion. Any disruption in this chain cause this process to Stop or Runaway with itself.

      Thus, it is likely that every change in Grain size, Every change in Isotope percentage requires a change on the internals & even the heat & frequencies used. Simply Quite Complex.

      Considering the complex possibilities ” ^ ” If Rossi is where he claims, this is miraculous in the given time frame. Especially considering that Rossi for the most part, (in the past) has been a 1 man band.

      Every time Rossi has made a change in the powder’s composition, he has had to do this himself. All I have read says this in itself is quite complex & Expensive if not using off the shelf ready made products. And Dangerous. Nickel powder is toxic.

      It’s Complex enough that Should Rossi get a product on the market within a year or so, it will take many years, possibly Decades for the Scientific community to Optimize the effect.

      Something that 1 would expect to be simple. Man has been making Maps since, Well forever. Yet Apple maps can land you in the Ocean. Google maps is not perfect. Both have Billion$ & the best IT people in the World at their disposal…
      Rossi has Not.

      • Omega Z

        To Add, My understanding is that Rossi is manipulating the Powder, Etc- mentioned in above post, to obtain Higher COP’s. Higher COP is possible, but there are Instability issues to overcome at COP>6 at present. Or as Rossi says, Safety issues.

      • bachcole

        Looking at it from a strictly deductive angle, we know that LENR+ is real. We know that this could be the most lucritive discovery in the history of the world. Since it is taking longer than we expected, therefore it is difficult and complex to commercialize.

        Frank, what happened to the spell checker. Does every added feature cost you money?

  • bachcole

    I know that this is WAY off topic, but it is a slow day and I just had a major intellectual breakthru in my other favorite topic, which is health and diet.

    For 600 generations, my wife, sisters-in-law, and their ancestors have been eating fish,
    rice, green veggies, etc, typical Filipino food. Most paleo thinkers that I have read say that the last 12,000 years doesn’t matter because that is too short of a period of time for human beings to adapt to
    agricultural foods.

    However, the genes in our cells are not the only genes that matter. 12,000 years is far more than enough time for the genes in the bacteria in our guts to adapt. And scientists and others interested in health have become more and more impressed (read: blown away) by the importance of our gut
    microbiota, as they call it. I have seen numbers like 90% of our health and immune system depend upon our gut microbiota.

    My ancestors very gradually changed diets from the dawn of the age of agriculture to the present, perhaps 12,000 years. One generation after the other, little changes, were made so that our gut microbiota had time to adapt. Even when they crossed the Atlantic from the 1600’s to the early 1900’s, they kept their diets with them and made very gradual changes. Plus food preparation adapted. For example those families that adapted to including fermented foods in their diets lived longer, were more vigorous, and had more children.

    My wife Loribelle, her sister, and their ancestors ate traditional foods, what could be called cooked hunter-gatherer diets, for 1,000,000 years, and then in 19 hours, the time it takes to fly from Manila to San Francisco, they switched diets to modern American food. Both Loribelle and Nennette were lucky enough to land husbands who were both health nuts. But that is not enough, especially for Nennette, who just fainted and hit her head she is so sickly.

    Both the tradition food Weston A. Price people and the paleo people are right. It is because of this
    failure to realize how important our gut microbiota is and how rapidly it adapts that there has been confusion between these two schools of thought concerning diet. Both must be taken into account, and I have to encourage Loribelle and Nennette to get back to a tradition Filipino diet.


    Roger Bird

  • bitplayer

    (off topic)

    Where little LENR reaction sites will end up going to schoool…

    Looking forward to my 40,000+ hours of iPad battery life…

  • Omega Z

    A portion of Rossi’s post: I Place the Key part in quotes.
    This tends to confirm Rossi may be in Sweden.

    Andrea Rossi

    October 4th, 2013 at 4:55 PM

    Francesco Toro:

    What we are doing now is the rigorous research and development activity,
    strictly connected with the validation that is necessary for the
    development for the E-Cat.

    “In this very moment I am working in a very delicate and important phase
    of this validation process, which involves the third indipendent party,
    now working for the long term analisys of the behaviour of the E-Cat.”

    • ecatworld

      Thanks, OZ. Interestingly, the post you quote from above has been removed from the JONP — but can be found at (very useful site)

    • Arthur B

      I think Rossi is talking about the Hot Cat. It needs to be validated before it can be sold for use commercially to produce electricity. Once this has been done things will move quickly.

  • Pat

    Follow up post:

    “PowwaPuff » Igår, 23:18

    Utan att verka helt tokig (blänga för mycket)
    försökte jag se om Sven Kullander eller Hanno Essén var med. Jag såg
    ingen av dessa filurer medans jag käkade lunch. Dock gick jag innan hela
    sällskapet fick in sin mat.
    Rossi hade verkligen professor kalkyl frisyr (håret åt alla håll) när han kom in först hittade han inte resten av gruppen. Var nära att resa mig upp och visa honom vart han skulle”

    “Without appearing totally crazy(staring to much), I tried to see if Sven Kullander or Hanno Essén was in the group. I couldnt see any of these two characters while I ate my lunch. I did however leave before the entire group had gotten their food.

    Rossi did really have a total Professor Calulus hair style(his hair pointed in all directions) when he arrived. At first he didnt find his group. I almost felt I should get up and show him to his seat.”

    Other note. Being curios, yesterday I called the reastaurant and talked to the manager. They confirm they have an area for booked sittings. I asked about the name Rossi and Levi and he said no bookings today in that name, and he obiously didnt recognize the names. I asked if I could have their bookings for lunch today and he declined. I asked if they had any bookings from the university today for lunch. He said he could confirm he did but would not give any name.

    • bachcole

      I guarantee if I had seen Andrea Rossi, I would not have been shy. I would have walked up to him and given him a thumbs up and said, “Andrea Rossi, YOU are the man. YOU are the man of the hour. Can I do anything for you?” But I would have done so quietly, of course.

      And why would he be in Sweden? It is a data point that fits perfectly with the theory that he is busy working with Elforsk et. al. It does not fit very well with the theory that he is a scam artist.

    • Iggy Dalrymple
  • Nixter

    Giuseppe Levi is likely (almost certainly), involved with the six months E-Cat testing Rossi talked about some time ago. Dr Rossi being seen with Professor Levi could be related to the six month tests in some way. If the second longer term testing began right after the first test, we might be hearing something about them within the next few months,… early spring 2014 for sure. I think Rossi’s partners are serious about getting positive test results out into the public to prepare for their next phase, which Rossi said was getting working E-Cats going in Industrial applications.

  • bachcole

    So, I visited again and left my mouse pointer on the three links at the bottom to Facebook, Google+, and Twitter. And two of the addresses have the word “MarsCuriosity” in them. Anything to do with Mars is entertainment, even if they discovered life. Neither I nor the Earth will be shaking over that. Perhaps I will shake because I dozed off and am snoring. Perhaps that is what they mean by Earth shaking. But in the technology sphere, the only Earth shaking events that I can think of would be LENR, anti-gravity, reactionless drive, or something along that line.

    • georgehants

      Everyday, hundreds of ridiculous reports from the science pages of the NASA propaganda saying discovery does this, discovery does that, we are going to lasso an asteroid, we are soooo clever, etc. etc.
      All to try and gain false prestige and more funding to waste.

      And after a couple of trips the wheels are falling apart.
      Could somebody tell me how much one of those plastic toy wheels has cost taxpayers.

      But show them a photograph of something interesting from Mars and their programmed childish response is, our “opinion experts” know it is nothing.
      Any Scientist would say, O that looks interesting we will get a better picture of that as quickly as possible.
      Unfortunately as with Cold Fusion very few people seem to care that they are being manipulated daily by these and all other establishments, everywhere, including the media.

      In the U.K. nuclear power stations for example.

  • AB

    The timing sounds about right considering the announcement regarding the Swedish pilot customer.

  • bitplayer

    (off topic)

    For me, one of the most interesting potential applications of LENR is robots with long lasting ‘power packs’.

  • Bernie Koppenhofer

    Have we talked about Admin’s question to Rossi and his response that he is in charge of three groups of researchers working on the E-Cat? I found it interesting and surprising. First, that his partner is big enough to have three groups of researchers. Second, what are the three areas? Sorry if I missed a discussion on this before.

    • ecatworld

      No, Bernie, there hasn’t been discussion here about it yet. I remember that Rossi said once that he had one team of people dedicated to trying to build LENR devices following instructions from others’ patent applications — maybe that’s one of the three teams. . .

    • Shane D.


      Not sure, but my first thought when I read that was that Rossi probably had a team for each of the 3 type cats he shipped to the partner last spring. As I recall he claimed to have sent them an Ecat/ Hotcat/ Gascat.

      Each would represent it’s own unique development challenge, so it would make sense that each would have their own dedicated research team.

  • Torbjörn

    Andrea will not part from his device. Tests in Sweden is a possibility
    but then he or his coworkers would be present. There are many who wish
    to steal his e-cats. So the 6 month test will be in Ferrara. It will
    however be continuously monitored by cameras so as not to be

    > 7. Will you test the power supplied to the device with oscilloscope during
    > the next test?

    This is a question for Prof. G. Levi who provides the instrumentation.
    It is desirable, I agree; everything can always be done better, but we
    have very limited time and resources unfortunately.

    > Woudn’t you think that it would be a good idea to install in the room
    > where experiment would be carried out a webcam with a live feed to
    > internet available 24/7, so that everyone on internet could observe the 6
    > months experiment live through internet?

    I do think that the plan is precisely that.

    • ecatworld

      On the other hand, Rossi said this in September:

      ” Also this long run test is being performed by an indipendent commettee, financed by institutions totally indipendent from us. Obviously the location in which the test is in course will be disclosed in the publication that will be made. I can only say that it is in the USA factory of a Customer. The E-Cats under test have been manufactured completely in the USA, in the factory of the US Manufacturer, indipendently from me: therefore also the manufacturing has been made by an indipendent- from- me party.”

      • Omega Z

        This likely has to do with Elforsk & the 3rd party tests considering he met with LEVI.
        Seems kind of early for those tests to be concluded so it must be some consultation or problem solving. Maybe they Fried another Core as in their 1st test & Rossi had to deliver a new one..

        Or-Maybe Rossi had to install a new powder charge. Word is Rossi’s Powder Is & Always has been produced in the States. In a small facility that Rossi Owns. Thus the Reason for Rossi making so many trips between the U.S. & Italy. Every time they made a change in the Powders properties, he had to return to the U.S. to make it.

        Rossi could also be visiting Hydro Fusion & consulting with them on their heat project & just visiting with the Elforsk team while there.

  • Torbjörn

    A guess is that they were talking about the long term test, and/or perhaps of a new 1MW plant in Sweden.
    “Powwapuff” seems to be a reliable source if you compare with the previous posts.

  • Guest
    • Fortyniner

      Thanks – interesting link.

      A simple stirling engine in which the “heating of the operating gases is performed by a reaction of a reaction metal with a reaction gas” – in other words LENR, although not named as such. The hydrogen (working fluid) would be compressed around the metal on each stroke, presumably initiating LENR. There is no indication of any EM or RF ‘reaction driver’ of any kind, although this would be easy to incorporate if required.

      This basic idea has been suggested before I think, although as the patent was submitted in 2011, these inventors may have got there first. As usual it is unclear whether any experimental apparatus has actually been built, of if this is just a ‘thought experiment’ with no physical basis. Perhaps one of our German-speakers could glance through the text and see if there are any clues? –

      • LENR4you

        You are right it is a ‘thought experiment” and it is a LENR patent.
        I wrote my patent in May 2011. “LENR with NiH” was not patentable at that time so I have avoided this term in the patent.
        The issue is the LENR reactor. I asked Rossi 2012 in Zurich to collaborate but he said:
        “I have no time to develop it, develop your working engine, and then I will buy it.” But without LENR reactor there is no way to build it.
        It is like chicken and egg. Who was first?
        I patented this engine to protect it from LENR opponents with big wallets. It is “only” a German patent, if it will be granted.
        For the rest of the world it would be for free.
        Some advantages of the “embedded NiH LENR Stirling engine” are:
        Heat transfere medium is only gas (working and reaction in one). So you can run the engine with higher temperatures. –> Then see CARNOT you get a higher COP of the engine.
        Next advantage is the perfect cooling of the reactor core with the working gas. –> More power less weight. As accumulator extender for mobile systems.
        Dr. Gorge Miley did some “H2(D2) load and unload experiments”. This is happening every cycle in the Stirling engine. It is like a trigger.
        Sorry for some spelling errors.
        Kind Regards

        • Fortyniner

          Thank you for the clarification, LENR4you. Regarding ‘only’ a German patent, my understanding is that new EU laws are either coming shortly or already in force that mean that a patent granted in any EU state is valid for all EU states (may be worth checking).

          Just one comment on the proposed mechanism; in the time available (milliseconds), gas loading would only take place to a few atoms in depth, even at high pressures. Assuming your reaction metal to be fine wire wool, an etched 3D matrix, sintered nanoparticles or similar, I am not sure the gas penetration would be sufficient to trigger LENR (if this is actually a factor). Likewise, the partial depressurisation phase taking place during the working stroke would probably be too short for any significant degree of unloading to take place.

          Perhaps if EMF, RF etc. are involved in plasma generation or triggering of plasmon waves on the metal surfaces, an electrical circuit analogous to an IC engine’s spark input could be devised, possibly feeding a suitable induction coil arranged around the ‘working’ end of the (ceramic?) piston and cylinder. Just a suggestion.