Defkalion in the News [Update from Mats Lewan]

Peter Gluck has a post on his Ego Out web site in which he relates that John Hadjichristos, of Defkalion Green Technologies visited him in Romania as he was presenting a paper (co-authored with Peter Gluck) at the Process in Isotopes and Molecules International Conference in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. The paper includes a theoretical explanation of Defkalion’s Hyperion reaction and presents results of testing of the reactor done by Hajichristos and Prof. Young E. Kim (reported here at ICCF-18) which reported a Hyperion system producing excess heat with a COP of 3.08. A slide show of the presentation at the Romania conference can be seen here.

With regards to Defkalion, there is still an unresolved question regarding discrepancies in testing that were reported in August by CEO of Defkalion Europe Franco Cappiello, and Chief Technology Officer Luca Gamberale which caused DGT Europe to suspend business relationships with potential customers. There was supposed to be continued testing in September to resolve these measurement issues (surrounding flow calorimetry), but we haven’t heard anything from DGT Europe as of yet.

There has been considerable discussion in the comments area on Peter Gluck’s Ego Out article regarding the controversy over this measurement question, which includes a post from John Hadjichristos who writes:

I will agree that the comercialization/ industralization effort we follow, trying to define this new energy sector is complex and difficult requiring our productivity and responsibility to focus on far more important issues other than following and responding to any anonymous rumor in blogs aiming to opposite objectives .

Let’s hope that we hear more in the near future that can bring more clarity to the situation. Defkalion CEO mentioned in August that the company was looking into listing its stock on the Toronto Stock Exchange, and in order to do so one would expect they would not want unresolved questions hanging over them.


Mats Lewan has published a Q & A with John Hadjichristos conducted following the July Milan demo that he participated in. See here:

  • underscore

    If Lewan witnessed the biggest invention in previous centuries he would be all over the news. But instead he is not commenting, he is not supporting, and he is not involved. Why?

    • bachcole

      Mats Lewan? He is all over the news. He is commenting, supporting, and involved.

    • AlainCo

      note that he was supporting it on nyteknik until he was forced to change… like Gibbs who was fired…

      Consensus by terror… as usual.

      He does all he can, but he do it in a smart way. He have more to loose, and more experience of how to win the battle of information.

    • JPriest

      Maybe they made him a share holder and now he is part of their global strategy

      • AlainCo

        This ideas have sense only if Matt know these shares have values.

        Moreover he have a job… He is not desperate enough to enter a fraud scheme.
        However scientist who claims it was not possible, that all was debunked have good incentive to prevent the politicians to be aware of what is happening…
        It is Mutual Assured delusion and Roland Benabou propose to explain the classic Groupthink and collective delusion in organizations and markets…

        If someone is paid in shares or in securities, that is a sign of credibilities.

        anyway I don’t think Matt have shares

  • Ztoritz

    There is an experimental LENR kit to purchase at

  • georgehants

    Cold Fusion Now

    Global Breakthrough Energy Conference is on in Boulder!

  • georgehants

    3 October 2013

    Hinkley C nuclear plant deal ‘within weeks’ of completion

    The planned reactor will be the third to be built on the site

    Continue reading the main story A contract to build the UK’s first nuclear plant in a generation is said to be “within weeks” of completion

    • georgehants

      The operator of Japan’s crippled Fukushima
      nuclear plant said on Thursday another tank holding highly contaminated
      water overflowed, probably sending the liquid into the Pacific Ocean,
      in the second such breach in less than two months.

    • Fortyniner

      New nuclear builds involving massive taxpayer subsidies are likely across Europe if the latest EU proposals are passed. If you don’t think this is a great idea, there is a petition against it here: (some additional background here:

    • GreenWin

      This pathetic news signals a stunning decline in the UK energy industry. It appears to be founded on hubris alone. Cameron and lap dog Fallon have made a deal with the devil – a near-guarantee the Chinese will become a 49% owner of this behemoth. The cost to the British taxpayer is stupefying. Nuclear power in the West is an economic boondoggle utterly incapable of competing with combined cycle NG plants. But it appears Cameron’s Dept of “Climate Change” believes Hinkley Pt. a last stand.

      Indeed it is – for the UK’s energy industry. While the rest of the West is moving on to sustainable energy resources – Cameron’s UK remains mired in the 1960’s vision of nuclear utopia. Perhaps when UK taxpayers realize this debacle will cost them £20bn before producing a single Watt – they will throw these backward visioned leaders out. God save the Queen.

      • MikeP

        Germany’s moving to coal … I never quite realized that this is now considered a sustainable resource. The more things change the more they seem the same …

  • NCkhawk

    I cannot figure out how this nickel foam has such great density – it seems to be off the shelf – another researcher that I’m aware of has located a source for something very similar. Also, isn’t NAE the domain of Edmond Storms and has it been accepted as valid theory? If I understand Storms post in other forums correctly, he thinks the Defkalion folks are less than real. Being nice to people like Peter Gluck is wonderful but I sure do wish that Defkalion would submit to a true independent test – it would clear up a lot of questions and concerns.

  • GreenWin

    The rather impressive achievement of DGT is their nickle foam treatment able to present 48M^2/gr surface area for NAE. This is in part how the nanoplasmonic effect generates so much heat – it happens over a very large area per gram of Ni powder. They still use a primitive plasma generating technique – a HV frequency dependent spark. Their are better ways to do this. But this HENI definition is closer to the NASA/Zawodny plasmon polariton theory and is likely coming closer to understanding what’s happening. All in all, wonderful progress.

  • E.Moniz

    Someone is going to look stupid in 6 days.
    Oh boy, I sure how it isnt me!!!

    • Buck

      6 days? Please educate me. What is happening in 6 days?

    • GreenWin

      Ernie gonna visit SKINR?? Or announce DOE “discovery” of LENR? HOW do you spell hope??

      • artefact

        You googled, too?

    • Andy Kumar

      In 6 days, they will look MORE stupid than today!

      • pg

        what happens in 6 days?

        • vp

          6 days are up …

          • bachcole

            When I put my mouse on several links, the addresses came up with “MarsCurious”. I stopped keeping an eye on it. Somehow I got to a YouTube that had a “singer”. It had nothing to do with NASA or LENR.

    • soot

      Defkalion public launch.

  • bachcole

    You have to subscribe to each post.

  • bitplayer

    (off topic)

    Tsk, tsk, more matter behaving badly. What’s a scientismist to do?

  • artefact

    thanks to pagnuco on Vortex:

    The Athanor open-source LENR project got up to COP 4.

    Google translate: “We measured yields higher than 400% between thermal energy outgoing and incoming power, At this point we need a wide network of independent replications to validate our results, in this respect, are already in progress for five field trials to conduct external, and others will follow exponentially.”

    Interview with Ugo Abundo

    • Sanjeev

      From the dates at bottom it looks like a 1 year old news. Or is it really new ?

      • artefact

        I think you are right. Google also said it was new. probably just a small change.

  • Christopher Calder

    Technology is a progression created by many minds, not by just one mind.

    Rossi built on the work of Fleischmann–Pons, using nickel dust instead of costly palladium. Defkalion had to build on Rossi’s work as they did not like Rossi’s heat activated and controlled design which demands a chemical catalyst. Defkalion behaved very ethically during the breakup with Rossi and developed their own electronic spark stimulation system to initiate and control their reactors. They had their own chemical and heat driven reactor designs with very high COPs (20:1 plus), but they wanted something very different from Rossi’s design to avoid any patent dispute and to gain more stability. Their electronically controlled design does not use any chemical catalysts so their reactors do not have to be taken apart every six months to replenish the catalyst. As long as you keep pumping tiny amounts of hydrogen gas into the Defkalion reactors, they can stay running continuously for years, which reduces the cost of operation.

    Defkalion is a good company with a very useful reactor design.

    • Bernie Koppenhofer

      Christopher Calder……You said “Defkalion behaved very ethically during the breakup with Rossi” How can you say that, they simply stole Rossi’s IP. Here is prove from the horses mouth.

      The quote below is from the 11/29/2011 article
      in Ny Teknik written by Mats Lewan, he quotes Alexandros Xanthoulis, President
      of Defkalion:

      “Let’s say I have Rossi’s formula, but I do
      not say it officially. My scientists have found a way to accomplish it. They
      need three months. I know what is in the reactor. I know everything. It was
      done with spectroscopy at Siena University of Padova (…) They tested the
      reactor without [Rossi] knew what they were doing”

      • Christopher Calder


        Defkalion did not “steal” Rossi’s IP. Defkalion read about Rossi’s secret catalyst from a publication produced by a university Rossi hired to do testing for him. The spectrographic results from the tests the university conducted (not Defkalion) showed the clear signature of Rossi’s chemical catalyst. Defkalion did not try to duplicate Rossi’s design and did not use Rossi’s secret catalyst even though they know what it is. Defkalion developed their own improved design with a different chemical catalyst, then they changed that design, using electronic stimulation and control and dropped any use of a chemical catalyst. Defkalion has proprietary structures inside their reactor that Rossi’s design does not use. Defkalion’s design is only similar to Rossi’s in that it uses nickel and hydrogen gas. Rossi’s patent application does not give him sole rights to use nickel powder and hydrogen. You cannot patent that. Many other companies around the world are building nickel-hydrogen reactors using many different methods.

        • Bernie Koppenhofer

          Christopher Calder…..sorry but you are very naive if you think Defkalion suddenly acquired all that knowledge in one month. At that point all Xanthoulis said he wanted was a distribution agreement. Read the quote, Defkalion’s president said “my” scientists. Are you suggesting he stole from the people who stole Rossi’s IP and that is acceptable?

          • Christopher Calder

            You are uninformed and you do not have your facts straight or your timeline straight. I cannot debate you if you make remarks that do not make any sense and do not fit the facts.

            • Bernie Koppenhofer

              Christopher Calder, I have been following this since Rossi’s agreement with Defkalion was announced, I am wlling to debate the timeline with you whenever you are ready. If any of my statements do not make sense to you please ask, I will attempt to clarify.

          • guga

            We don´t know what really happend. We also don´t know what agreement Rossi and Defkalion exactly had. We don´t know what the real reasons where for both sides to split up. We don´t even know in detail how Rossi´s or Defkalion´s reactors work. Also, I doubt that they had anything really usefull after just one month. They made some bold statements, just as Rossi does too.
            So we really have only very limited information, not enough to claim theft.

        • Omega Z

          Defkalion defaulted on payments to Rossi from day 1.
          They couldn’t raise the money promised.

          As to how often these devices need recharged, that is yet to be seen.
          Frankly, there isn’t enough known for ANYONE of them to make a Factual statement. They are guessing. Rossi says 6 months officially & leaves the door open that it may be longer. Rossi’s is likely the only 1 speaking from experience having run many for at least that long. Current, ongoing tests are in progress to better determine this.

          Regardless, All of them will likely require annual service as there are several other components that require it. Last we new, DGT was having problems with their spark plug. To my knowledge, They have never announced that they have fixed this problem. It may be that they intend to leave this problem for the manufactures to work out.

          Also, DGT did steal Rossi’s technology. They in fact would not even exist if not for Rossi. DGT was formed/Incorporated for the specific purpose of marketing Rossi’s E-cat. But as you say, They did create their own design & precisely to try to avoid legal intanglements. As to a catalyst, We don’t know that either. They have remained vague on this point.

          Defkalion have claimed very high COP but shown no proof as of yet. Brillouin has also proclaimed high COP-100, but are still developing a system to reach a COP-3. This may just be speculation(Very Likely) as to their expectations more then reality.

          Rossi has stuck with Guaranteed COP>6 leaving higher numbers to the speculators. Mostly US. Only Focardi has said Rossi can exceed COP>200. Some numbers put it as high as COP>275.

          A Rossi competitor, Celani, who was present for 1 of Rossi’s tests said:
          When Rossi activated the system, It went instantly off the charts. Rossi immediately stopped it, then restarted it bringing it back to a state of gradual start up. It’s a safety concern/issue.

          To me, This is a GOOD indicator. Two Things…
          1. It indicates this process may/can greatly be enhanced. Short start up periods instead of 1 to 4 hours. This is a major draw back to all these systems.
          2. After an Initial Kick Start, COP may be Infinite until the fuel is exhausted.
          All that may be needed is Engineering & Time.

      • wapiti22

        Anyway stolen IP or not , the first company on public market will win. And if Rossi has a competitor, this can only accelerate the devellopement of eCat

        • Omega Z

          History says- Being 1st provides zero guarantees.

      • JCM

        Be sure, they have nothing.
        They cheating.

    • Pedro

      Try googling stremmenos… He brought rossi and defkalion together and now is very negative about how defkalion behaved.

  • NCkhawk

    Seems to me that they should be giving credit to some of their research sources. This almost reads like a ICCF18 rehash. The reference to Storms work is most noticeable – no credit given whatsoever. I don’t think these guys know what they are doing.

  • Pyrion

    The central question remains: Is Defkalion all hot air? Since they obviously stole Rossi’s secret (if they have anything at all) their reputation is not the best to say the least.

    • Fortyniner
    • AlainCo

      stolen E-cat ? no! different technology.
      Hot air ? at least hot water ?
      perfectly industrialized, near market, all going fine ? probably no, maybe not far,maybe still far…

    • bachcole

      What a biased, agendized comment. It is not obvious that they stole anything, other than the idea that LENR+ is possible, but we have all participated in that “theft”.

      Why is it that skeptopaths can read sparse datapoints as scams but fail to read dense data points as success?

      • Fortyniner

        Probably because it’s much easier to deliberately misinterpret sparse (or selected) data.

    • cliff

      They may have stolen the secret sauce, but I believe that once the LENR cat is out of the bag, people will find different ways to create the effect. I don’t think we can say anything is obvious at this point.

      I believe that many teams will be competing with Rossi and that it will be good for Rossi, to keep him safe from the forces that want to stop LENR and to drive him to make better products, faster.