Cota — Wireless Charging System Demonstration

Here’s an interesting demonstration of a new wirless charging system by Hatem Zeine, founder and CEO of Redmond Washington company Ossia, at the TechCrunch Disrupt SF conference in San Francisco earlier this month.

Zeine says that his system can deliver 1 W of charging power wirelessly over a radius of 30 feet — enough to charge a wide away of electronic devices, and can send its wireless power through walls and around corners (similar to WiFi). The consumer transmitter is projected to cost around $100 and it works with receivers that are small enough to fit inside electronic devices. The system is designed to be able to work with as many types of products as possible, and Ossia is planning to work with product manufacturers so they can install their devices into their products.

Zeine says his products are in “advanced stages of FCC certification”.

This kind of system could certainly be an advance on the use of wired chargers that most of us rely on for our mobile electronics, and I can see this becoming very popular with businesses and households around the world if it works as advertised here. No mention from the CEO how much power is consumed by the transmitter — but many consumers would probably pay for the convenience factor, even if they had to pay more for powering their devices.

An interesting analysis from the Gizmag site looks into the technical aspects of the technology and can be read here.

  • bachcole

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    • ecatworld

      If you are logged in as Disqus user, you should be able to get email responses — it’s working for me. I haven’t tried signing in with my Facebook, Twitter or Google accounts, so I’m not sure if it works the same way.

  • Omega Z

    This wireless transmitting is directed. In all directions.
    They tell us that all this wireless transmitting is harmless. ???

    2400 to 2500Mhz range WIFI. My Microwave operates at 2450Mhz. If it leaks more then ?25 milliwatt, It’s to be fixed or discarded.

    I read a Russian study on radio/micro waves, Radar etc done during the Cold War.
    Military personnel are considered more expendable, But still exposure to personnel was very restricted on both continuous & accumulative exposure over a 24 hour period.
    Note: This during the Cold War Even at 1 watt. There is a reason cell phones were Illegal for a long time in Russia & it had Much to do with safety. Profits & Taxes trump safety if short term harm is hard to prove. Long term can take decades.

    The U.S Government is funding several Groups to study long term effects of all this wireless technology. To review existing data & to do long term data research.
    Within the 1st 30 days of examining existing data, The heads of these teams provided an advisory to all personnel involved in the Study. If using a cell phone, keep it to a minimum. Minimize holding them to your head. Use headsets keeping the phone away from the head whenever possible. Preferably attaching the phone at the waist. These were handpicked skeptic’s of radio/microwave’s being harmful.
    Oh well. We can sue them in 30 years. NOPE. The U.S. Government quietly passed a bill providing immunity to this. We may find ourselves with a Cap & Trade Frequency Cap in the future. LOL

    Cell Phones were Originally limited to 1 watt peak power. People weren’t happy with dropped calls. At some point, it was interpreted by the industry & Government as peak standby power. Most phones fall just short of that. In use they can easily push 2 watts, possibly more. The phone companies will not divulge this information as it could be used against them in marketing. So they say…

    Got into a discussion with a person about using these devices on Airplanes. His argument was they are frequency specific. Not a problem if properly vetted. Yeah right. Till 1 malfunctions.
    Asked to check out a microwave once. It (put mildly)interfered with other appliances.

    Went to check it for leaks, turned it on. It scrambled Everything. Sat TV, Cordless & Wirless phones, All wireless connections of all frequency, wired computer monitors. It covered most of the spectrum. Good thing I didn’t have a pacemaker.

    These products have components to keep them in specific spectrum’s. Should these components go bad, All bets are off on what effect they can have. Tho Rare, it only takes Once. Keep that in mind when flying. They’ve already started replacing physical controls in aircraft with wireless controls. In future versions, this will include rudders, flaps, landing gear, Everything. Accidents will likely be chalked up as pilot error or something else as the Black Box may not detect the real cause. There are several suspect incidences, but because it wasn’t registered in the Black Box, it’s considered inconclusive.

    Health Issue’s. There are many health Issues on the Rise. Such as allergies Etc, Mental issues as ADHD, ADD, Etc. Way to many to list. All capable of being triggered by minor genetic changes. All drastically increasing over the last 20 years or so. As has Wireless increased by several magnitudes over the exact time period. This isn’t proof of cause & effect, But it is a serious correlation that needs serious looking at.

    I’m also aware of the Argument- We’re exposed to all this in nature on a regular bases.
    Well, we’re all exposed to Radiation in nature on a regular. We know what happens when that level of exposure is greatly increased by humans.

    Several posters here are or have become aware as I have, Frequencies may be very important to ones health. Science is just beginning to study this in earnest. Some frequencies promote healing & even has effects on our mental state. This could lead to deadly anger management issue’s. Another Issue on the rise.

  • Fibber McGourlick

    That much energy flowing about the house? What effect will it have on my precious vital fluids?

  • GreenWin

    Hmmm… 30 feet of inductive energy. What are the effects on bioelectronics – hearing aids, pacemakers, medication pumps etc.??

    DEFKALION Presentation:

    That aside, on the LENR front John Hadjichristos and Peter Gluck have been talking DGT’s HENI theory – Heat Energy from Nanoplasmonic Interactions. At a recent PIM conference, Process in Isotopes and Molecules, John presented a (new) slide show and paper. I have not looked over the paper but ran through the slide show. The name HENI is given some detail as to its genesis and avoidance of the term “nuclear.”

    But the same theory DGT used at ICCF-17 remains in place. And there is little mention of the high magnetic (~1.3T) field effect that Hadjichristos reports. Basically DGT’s HENI theory, in VERY simple terms is:

    The result of HV ignited plasmonic force to warp H electron orbit to an ellipse – or a fractional Rydberg state, briefly altering the proton to null charge thus allowing some nuclei to merge – producing transmutation and heat in result. Regardless theory, their results from recent runs are quite positive, e.g 2Wh electrical IN –> 92Wh OUT heat energy. Run was relatively short, 48 hours with HV triggers approx every 6min = 1:22 COP. Not sure what portion of electrical input is HV trigger.

    Peter Gluck’s conversation with John Hadjichristos:

    Slide show here:


    • GreenWin

      CORRECTION: 16Wh electrical IN yields max 92Wh heat energy OUT = (total electric in: total heat out) 1:22 COP. Slide #33 “Hyperion Lab Prototype Reactor.”

  • Chris I

    How many chickens does it roast each hour?

  • Bernie Koppenhofer

    Thanks Admin, Great I want it, if safe!

  • Daniel Maris

    Yeah, sounds like a health disaster in the waiting. Ill heath effects on people who live close to radio transmitters are well known.

  • bitplayer

    quoting from the article

    “…focus a beam of microwaves on a receiver module – and only on that module. The inherently safe technology…”

    Puleeze! Have I ever read any more obvious PR doublespeak in my life?

  • Speculation

    Is this a hint that perhaps there is wirelessly energy transmitted to Rossi’s eCat?

    • ecatworld

      No, not a hint from me — although I’m sure some might think that.

      • Omega Z


        Wireless signals have been checked/monitored for on Rossi’s E-cat.
        None were found.

  • bachcole

    Tesla, here we come. Except this is a very inefficient system energy-wise. It also heats the ceiling and the floor and your dog and the windows and everything else. And who know what it is doing for your physical health.